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  1. yeah but i also have to deselect and select every damn time. its way more clicking than it should be. having a separate global selection is just cleaner and simpler. yeah something along that, that is selected as default.
  2. it just adds one more icon. thats not much of a change, you can even just place the global faction icon above the 3 faction ones and than you dont need to widen the sidebar
  3. Jacky95

    Effect of Updates on some players

    i think its just broken......if i can gun breach a KV by not even shooting remotely towards its turret, than there are big problems. either the post pen dmg line is glitching out,changing direction or the internal hitboxes are messed up reaching to the bottom of the hull even
  4. isnt it easier to just add a 4th global faction selection icon that is set as deafult ? and that way both sides have what they want, and dont have to mess with multi selection.
  5. Or it bugs out and places another faction on top because I just de selected the faction I wanted to bring up. It is way too much clicking. '............................................... Here is another idea. Roll back to the previous, and add a "global" faction selection that is set as default. This would solve it for new players and for us too. This would make everyone happy and no more dubble clicking is required. Is it good? So we have a global, a Soviet, an American, a german icon. global is selected as deafult. and just one click is enough to switch between these. pic from themackerel, this is just an ilustration. So @Reto.Hades is this an acceptable change? having a 4th default "global faction"
  6. Well I just get lost in it, especially if I want to browse my soldiers... Maybe a tutorial is better for new players. Cant a video be added that pops up for new players and talks about all of these ? That would be way more efficient and wouldnt affect others negatively. EDIT :Better solution below
  7. @Reto.Hades the new soldier/faction selection sidebar is very bad. I don't have 17 soldiers per faction but its already a chaos when i want to find my germans, Americans or Soviets. It took me minutes to figure out that the sidebar is not broken but that I have to double-click the damn faction logos to deselect them. What is the point of this feature? Its just complicated makes it harder to navigate. can this be removed? It is a downgrade compared to the previous simple and easily understandable one. Furthermore, it is an unneeded one! Why is it that the UI has to be redesigned every year at least 6 times? If it works just leave it as it is! Besides, that yellow selection thing on the faction logos is ugly as hell. ....................................... Its BF 5 level of bad UI. the number of clicks i have to do is too much, its a chore to find the soldier i want to play
  8. Jacky95

    Effect of Updates on some players

    well i reinstalled today, preparing for the new update. ONE ST grenade on my frontal hull or on the ground under my frontall hull plate, destroyed my cannon barrel, 50% dmg on turret ring, 60% on engine. That was the last battle i played. Its fuckin restarted
  9. /M 1077076003171158045 /P 6298636228818420944 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 2676267415222653993 /V 153880 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=2676267415222653993::SkxMbxnBMsuaomEUH4mK8pPk4Ac" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" In this battle i had 1 ST grenade on the front of my hull, that took out my cannon, caused 50%dmg to my turret ring, and 60% to my engine. Or the internal dmg indicators are not working
  10. Jacky95

    Fix the dognamb PPD.

    i have to be honest that saying is from Kotton who used to describe various aspects of HnG with that.
  11. Jacky95


    its not rocket sience
  12. Jacky95


    and the gun being light is going to really help paratroopers win engagements......when this gun is effectively worse than a PPD. There is no point in having bad guns in the game. If they dont want to fix it, than remove it.
  13. Jacky95


    while you are at that, could you also please get a more solid reply from the devs, as to why the semi-automatic carbine is still a useless gimmick? I mean, even BF Vgana made the semi-automatic M1 carbine useful.
  14. Jacky95

    Fix the dognamb PPD.