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  1. And players love the AVS so much that it is the most used SU weapon right? LoL The AVS is a very distinct gun, usage of it is limited to mazoistic veterans. The FG 42,Johnson,Stg are a lot more used and a lot better. On another note the Fedorov's irl rpm 600, so that should be its max rpm. Dmg can be tweeked but on close and medium range it should kill just as fast as the FG
  2. Stick to IRL max rpm...600rpm, the gun needs it. the recoil amount should be like the FG 42's or Johnsons, but no horizontal recoil since the Fedorov doesn't have that
  3. max rpm with the precision/accuracy ammo+sight..........But note: you will either lose money or earn a couple of 100 creds with it. because Reto loves balance
  4. we need a gun that works, a gun that will not get nerfed to hell because it committed the sin of having a box magazin. So the Fedorov is perfect
  5. alright we get it, you dont like the idea of adding a gun that served in the winter war which is arguably part of ww2...okay.............But than Un-nerf the PPsH-41 and my PPS ..... P.S. why would anyone want another semiauto? (SVT40)
  6. why is it that developers never aimed a gun? When someone is aiming, he is focusing on the sights so visually the receiver is blurred out.
  7. Because of the sight and ammunition type, and because of the grip it should have low recoil that is not too jumpy.....nice controllable recoil..... similar to the BAR's recoil but not that wild, and better sight picture retaining while shooting. The Federov should be a good weapon for close and mid range. The cartridge is a 6.5x50SR (STG uses 7.92×33mm) Stock dmg should be around 33-35 dmg/ 33.dmg as Brosky said + having the higher dmg Federov cartridge with higher dmg, more recoil but no accuracy loss maybe going up to 40.dmg. With a cycle rate of 600 rpm Caliber – 6,5 mm Length – 1045 mm Barrel length – 520 mm Weight – 4.4 kg (without magazine), with the store – 5.2 kg Rate – 600 rds. Min. Sighting range – 400 m The maximum range – 2100 m Magazine capacity – 25 rounds http://www.forgottenweapons.com/early-semiauto-rifles/fedorov/
  8. that DDhK is a beast and it was a designated AA too
  9. i need a scope on it
  10. another suggestion for tank tier system and complete TD tech tree
  11. approvement level over +99999
  12. Dont forget the DShK AA truck
  13. just no.....keep it clean and simple the only thing that could use some rework is the Squad aux seat selecting part..nothing else