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  1. Become a Pilot Today!

    i see false advertising here Sir ..... poor Jimmies will pay a lot of credits for repairs in the beginning,until they learn to fly and with ~3000 xp they only will get around 10.000-20.000 and with the repair bill thats gonna shrink down to ~10.000, or even less, because they will die a lot. high skill =high reward noob skill= not much reward
  2. alright, alright
  3. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    "When you are hyped for Armor 2.0 and than Token system emerges...".
  4. with all due respect, i know of 3 separate Token system feedback, -with mine included- and all 3 separate threads address different parts of the Token system. My thread talks about making weapons worth using, so that in the Token system using low tier weaponry wouldn't be a punishment. German Soldier's thread addresses the whole concept and its faults of the proposed system, and SK1M3R talks about the matter yet again, from a different angle. These threads could not be merged because they are not the same..
  5. SU needs a buff

    i would add the exessive rng bullet dispersion too
  6. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #6

    that is coming in the armor update
  7. nice.very nice. I hope Reto will re think there opinion on Airfields. This addition is not harder to add than the current armor rework. I think Reto Redbjarne did not completely understood the idea, and the problem this suggestion could solve
  8. More AA guns used by the Hungarian Army a russian source about them: http://alternathistory.com/pulemety-gebauer-s-vneshnim-privodom mount for a twin 34/37.M Gebauer AA gun. The mg's were taken from the Ansaldo and used on this mount.It was converted to belt fed mechanism 34/37.M Gebauer used in Gunboats for AA purposes Another Gauber AA gun
  9. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    it might be the armament of the ME410....
  10. High Quality H&G Beer Steins

    this style however could portray a battle, showing the combined arms
  11. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    no, really. doesent matter how i try, there is not enough time for me to hit him,when iam coming in with full speed. Remember i cant turn after him, if i cant kill him i have to disengage, and repeate
  12. High Quality H&G Beer Steins

    you cant fir that much on one stein. you can fit the flags however on the stein style i suggested above. for using the Arms...maybe another stein could have a battle portrayed on it yep
  13. High Quality H&G Beer Steins

    the bine leafs could be used as the ornaments on the side, like on your example