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  1. Jacky95

    New player experience in HnG

    well about that ohk BA rifles...2 tap SA with a scope on encounter is the same..even worse cause its SA and its semi...no wonder SA rifles are regarded as best weapons in game
  2. Who said 20 euro? And if you dont want it, dont buy it. Many will gladly do. They could become free after a year. I would rather spend money on a finnish dude with a lahti or on a french with a chauchat than on some pointless veteran that makes the game kinda pay to have major advatages over others.
  3. Note: this video is only here to show the possibilities, so don't bust my balls for some sentences in it.
  4. So people want new factions and Reto needs money. How about premium soldier packs? Below is an example but it can be separated into smaller editions too. 1st faction enlargement pack: 1 British infantry soldier, 1 primary gun, 1 secondary 1 grenade, added to US 1 Itallian inf soldier, 1 primary gun, 1 secondary, 1 grenade, added to GE 1 Hungarian inf soldier, 1 primary gun, 1 secondary, 1 grenade added to GE 1 French inf soldier 1 primary gun, 1 secondary, 1 grenade added to US 2nd faction enlargement pack: 1 Finnish inf soldier 1 primary gun, 1 secondary, 1 grenade added to GE 1 Polish inf soldier 1 primary gun, 1 secondary, 1 grenade added to US 1 more weapon to existing sub-faction soldiers And then there are the Czechoslovak's too, the Indische Legion, and the Arab soldiers from the Deutsche-Arabische Lehr Abteilung battalion that fought in the Caucasus in 1942 rinse and repeat. Only subfactions are viable, that are added to mother factions. This does not screw up development or the player base, Increases income for Reto, and No faction has to wait in queue for addition. multiple sub-factions should be added one solder at a time, in bulk. This lays the foundation for the future in the character model aspect too. Also, this game should switch to the Allies vs Axis ASAP. that would help RTS and SU too. this threesome faction idea has more cons than pros. Reto can source character creation out anyway,(might not) so they only have to do weapons and coding. @Reto.Hades Is this a possibility? Or is this ship long gone due to the financial situation?
  5. last time a faction was added the Soviets happened. So no. No thank you, new factions. New soldiers from not in game factions being added to existing mother factions gradually in soldier packs? Yes pls. 1 soldier with 1 primary,1 secondary and a grenade. Brittish soldiers, French soldiers to US, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish to GE, and merge SU with US And when there will be enough players way down the road these soldiers can be merged into new factions. But soldier packs is not just the only viable option but it is the most profitable for reto.
  6. Jacky95

    Armor tweaks feedback

    some internals were merged so even if you look at manuals you wont know much because with a jeep you can avoid all of that except when there are 13 GE meds up in the air and pull up without sound and use your 7 rockets+3 H3's on them. with a tank, the one HE spammer will switch to Apcr and the other will spam HE at you so you won't even get one accurate shot of again why? Or you want 7 rockets and 6 h3's
  7. Jacky95

    Armor tweaks feedback

    what HE shells? and i only need 4 H3's for heavy tanks that are already engaged in a fire fight with friendly tanks also 1 H3 is enough for me to cripple an enemy tank, kill the commander and its effectively destroyed..maybe 2
  8. Jacky95

    Armor tweaks feedback

    I would like to ask one question. Why should i bother spawning a tank and proceed to carefully plan my approach to take out other tanks and than employ skill to take them down, when i can just get in a car with 2 stacks of H3 and an ammo box, drive up to them and place 2 H3's before they even notice me ? i can't even hear a damn tank driving up behind me when I am infantry, but at least i don't have to spawn a sluggish big tank, be the target of every enemy and i can just shirt on everyone's parade. @Reto.Hades played a battle, it starts i drive a 150 meters and there is a german placing h3's on my unbelievably trash KV-85 that bounces of on the front of a tiger 1 when using apcr on 100-150meters. So i switched to my PPS+H3+RPG dude, ruined their game experience and had a great time.
  9. Jacky95

    Armor tweaks feedback

    that would be nice and probably people wouldn't be spamming 14 h3's on heavy tanks than and be upset
  10. @dat.duck could you add this suggestion to your monthly report?
  11. Jacky95

    Armor tweaks feedback

    well, hop into a tank to destroy other tanks faster than before the patch...So epic disappointment is far from reality.... At weapons are going to get more tweaks soon but they never will be the 3 h3=dead tank shenanigans
  12. Jacky95

    Armor tweaks feedback

    except when you are on GE and half your team is on mountains jacking of on enemy tanks that are not spamming HE trying to fight your top-notch GE tanks and then your team loses because hardly anyone is playing the OBJ OR You are on SU, you have no tankers because GE is the enemy team and everyone is forced to fight the STG guarded King Tiger spam and GE clans instead of fighting for the obj... God i can wait for the skill-based MM....hopefully no more 5th Jager vs red SU teams in staged...fuckin stat paddling cun.t clans.
  13. its sneaky because it does not take a minute for the smoke to form it's not on the ground so it's harder to notice for the marked one, but its more visible for everyone else, especially for pilots. And i don't understand how the hell would it be hard to shoot the flair above the target. Its literally a low-velocity pistol which has a fuse time. If you are 40meters from the to be marked spot, you should be able to shoot the flair above the target easily. If you want to spot from further away you should need a radio and a recon. Cause that is the job of the recon unit.
  14. the two does not necessarily exclude each other. Flairs would be a more primitive way, but available for everyone, and recons would have their own more intricate spotting/reconnaissance system too.
  15. Fedorov for paratroopers! C'mon Reto! For how long will the SU paratrooper class be the pajama gimmick of HnG? @Reto.Hades