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  1. this year was about nefring DP, AVS, Tokarev, Johnson, M1919, Yak
  2. on 150+ meters, HVAP(apcr,not sure) and the target was that shirty tier 1 german medium........i might be wrong it might have been with AP
  3. Buff the SU.76M's speed and damage that will make it competitive........because right now i need 4+ shots to kill a PZ3......speed buff would be the most important buff
  4. hmmm...just dont want to end up loosing money bcus iam grinding for the new planes
  5. than you must be new on the forums, .....you might not have seen the epidemic of german f. players asking for nerfs regarding every damn competitive SU and US weapon. But i have to say that i did not see any threads bitching about OP MG34 or OP STG or OP MP40...HMmm must be because SU and US players would rather see equipment buffed than enemy equipment nerfed, we might be decent..who knows
  6. might actually do this today and avenge the horrible SU heavy tank battle of yesterday...should i use bazzoka or H3's against Tigers? to be cost effective
  7. why u such a pinecone in the butt.......you could have just been a normal person and tell him that HnG tank mechanics are retarded and real life stuff does not work here in HnG...even tho after games like WT and WoT and others it would seem normal that a game that has tanks would start out with decent tank mechanics and destructible envivroment..... ............................. i really hope HE will actually work after armor 2.0......the devs sounded like its gonna work
  8. Indid, what we need the most are people who have good intentions and good posts 1 here i fixed it for you...bcus he is kinda right about what he said...the German player posts in the past till this day were almost all about nerfing other factions equipment...so I too had enough of their bulls.hit.
  9. thats bulls.hit. it was miles better than the M1919 is now, besides the M1919 is not OP it was a laser gun on distance because it's not OP, this German hysteria is because the Johnson is available for infantry so German players want to nerf the gun NOT because it's too powerful BUT because of its available for inf. and the FG is not.... The same reason they nerfed the PPS because it was slightly better than MP40 was capable of competing with the FG 42 and it was available for both infantry and paratroopers....... If going up against a Johnson is not a problem for Soviet equipment than you can be damn sure that this hysteria is not about the gun being OP..because it is not OP.
  10. yeah..tankers hate dense vegetation walls.....
  11. Mountain Town C line attack...germans defending
  12. shooting the roof....Sir do you capisce that being able to pen the roof means that my tank has to be on an elevated position.... today i was in a match where my team had 3 IS-2's 1 KV 85's and we got totally raped.... against 3 King tigers and one Tiger I Iam not going to rant about the bich asz King tiger drivers who drove around with STG+panzerfwufmine wielding rambos, but who ever says the IS/KV versus KT/Tiger is balanced is seriously needs to play the game more and with guys who are not of the 2% elit God tanker of the community may these fasszopó King Tiger drivers rohadnának meg ott ahol vannak a eggyáltalán nem OP tankjaikkal eggyüt....meg a ánusz agyú fasszopó rambo haverjaikkal eggyüt
  13. if you did not hack than contact support