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  1. (Mountain) Factory

    I like the new Factory map, i think its awesome..particularly D line. altho A line is still....lame
  2. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #13

    agree and when there is not enough dmg output in that small window of opportunity while you are on target for a couple of seconds. even if i hit the target i have to disengage-> by the time iam back 1. am engaging someone else 2. the first guy is already repaired somewhere
  3. The problem is not the matchmaking! The problem is the uselessness of low tier weaponry! Low Tier weapons do not have any advantages over high tier weapons! Since the LMG's are the submachineguns and AR's are everything else Give actual gameplay advantages to low tier equipment and Un-nerf submachineguns.
  4. Some buffs talks - briefly

    Agree and buff the dp28 and mg42
  5. PTRD Fixs.

    I couldn't hit the side of a greyhound from 15 meters in prone.,after the nerf...............
  6. Iron sight kar

    Since max dmg BA does not ohk HSG there is no reason to use it. A max rpm+sniper bullet BA is much better
  7. For the same reason germany has king tigers,mg42's ,fg42's,and STG's
  8. you need the sight and ammo to counter the negative drawbacks the full rpm mods give to the already S.HI.T gun That's how bad it is without mods. Now put a light bolt on it and a trigger and it becomes way-way worse
  9. seriously? Who the flyng fuk uses any ammo on these smg's other than factory and green ? Not to mention if you use ammo on these smg's you get a loss of -2000 credits
  10. Rare series of pictures: Hungarian Turán II crossing a pontoon ferry somewhere in Hungary during a field exercise.
  11. I like the idea...if the prize is lower+1
  12. LOL.. that is okay... but there is a line that should not be stepped over....and unlocking APC trolling is well over that line