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  1. M1m2 is better than the tompson...bur u wont earn shirt with it,in best case scennario.
  2. Because asking for some reasonable buffs to make the STG perfect is too hard...... But wanting to completely turn the remaning balance upside down selfishly ignoring game balance is acceptable.
  3. Medium fighters completely outclass heavy fighters. Thats why.
  4. Another balance thread by me...

    good ideas +1
  5. to all the HE OP nerds...: i snipe inf with AP or APCR.....
  6. God.....that's just too much. I only used trigger and sight. but i can imagine that full rpm repair bill....
  7. but there is the British Commonwealth..the powerhouse of Brittan...even if you get the Island, they just leave ,save the navy.
  8. i had higher repair bills with the Grease gun than with the M1M2...so no its not misleading, thats experience
  9. he would have waited 10 years until the Navy is completely built up a correction, if he would have wanted to win, he wouldn't have gone to war at all and just win by economic growth and Navy power under 10-15 years. And if SU attacks,they are the bad guys,and looking at there military they would have been kicked back home
  10. 1919 as intended

    yeah..i just left one particular thread were some guy was selfishly asking for something not recognizing how it affects other factions and overall balance what i said was a little overboard,yes max rpm US bolt action with the 1911 pistol costs even more than the Grease gun repair,but its twice as fun but fun is not allowed
  11. 1919 as intended

    i tried using the Grease gun in Gold MM, and it was great and enjoyable, and i actually got amazing scores.......But than I saw my repair cost (have not touched it since) It shouldn't be frustrating or credit punishing, it should only require more skill
  12. 1919 as intended

    iam getting another moderator visit after this, i can feel it...fukin forum KGB
  13. 1919 as intended

    yes the RTS problem is a big one.....but you fight war with weapons, the weapons that are totally fugged. which is easier? complete RTS rework,code rewriting? or adjusting numbers on weapons while doing the big reworks? THAT WAS PROMISED by reto! That they continually pay attention to weapon balance and adjust it. right now they say that overall weapon balance is fine............i fukin cried inside...... knowing that SU fresh players leave SU grind because how bad the player experience is in SU faction,caused by the weaponry. So they go GE to play with the less nerfed,more enjoyable guns. Aiding the overpopulation issue. But its not just SU weapons. you know what causes me to rip my hair out every damn match? Russian servers, shirt weapons, repair cost punishing good scores...etc..etc War is made up of battles fought by players with a salary, using weapons,with repair costs, playing on servers..........Iam complaining about the foundation,which makes battles,factions unenjoyable =>makes me stop playing, makes me avoid WAR like it is the Devil
  14. 1919 as intended

    well that is balancing the game moving weapons to their correct place were they dont cause imbalance,and making them competitive, and not credit blackholes All Reto did in the past is nerfs....would be nice if once in this life they would listen to the community,and to constructive threads....but they still dont. They dont even react to them. They didn't even show the stats that were asked for and promised in QnA 2-3