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  1. Lidérc rocket After the American bombing raids on Germany, the Hungarian government foresaw the fate of the country. To counter the huge American bomber formations multiple ideas were born. One of them was the Lidérc. This rocket was planned to be an air-to-air rocket - the second one in worldwide after Germany -, but was special of its kind. Namely, the Lidérc was equipped with a proximity fuse which was the first attempt worldwide, all other missles of that time had time or impact action fuzes. It also had an impact augmenting chemical-fragment cover. The proximity fuse was activated by the sound waves of the engines so it needed to be fired right into the middle of a bomber formation. The rocket itself was made out of two tubes to simply put it. The inner tube consisted of the propellant material, while the space between the inner tube and the outer cover was filled with a mixture of thermite and barium oxide. This mixture caused an aquamarine smoke and multiple small fragments. Americans made their first proximity fuse activated rocket in 1946
  2. Launcher tube of the Lidérc modified artillery rocket The rocket was 1430 mm long, 130 kg heavy and had a diameter of 295 mm. Shooting tests were carried out in summer 1944, the longest range it flew was 8000 meters. However the frontline got closer and closer and only 3 or 4 shotting tests were done. The Lidérc was never used as an air-to-air rocket because Hungary did not had a proper aircraft which could carry it, however it was used as a ground-to-ground rocket. Around 60 or 70 null-series rockets were made and they were all used in the Siege of Budapest, Operation Konrad and Operation Spring Awakening. They were fired from special reusable launcher tubes seen in The Lidérc was never used as an air-to-air rocket because Hungary did not have a proper aircraft which could carry it, however, it was used as a ground-to-ground rocket. Around 60 or 70 null-series rockets were made and they were all used in the Siege of Budapest, Operation Konrad and Operation Spring Awakening. They were fired from special reusable launcher tubes seen in It was either fired from the tube shown above or as other sources state: already existing rocket launcher tubes were later modified to be able to fire the Lidérc rocket. The rocket launcher tubes/pods that already existed at the time might have been the Hungarian 15 cm 43.M multiple rocket launcher(licensed German 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41) It was seen during the combat at Csepel Island, being fired from a Botond truck. Upon explosion, it had a 50m tall smoke mushroom, and the affected area after the explosion was burning with 1-meter tall bluish-green fire. -------------------------------------------------- The source also states that after the rockets were fired, the Soviet infantry charged and the Hungarian artilleryman opened fire upon them on a range of 600meters with their submachineguns..its described as hellish submachinegun fire... So i don't know yet if the Danuvia smg is effective on 600 meters but it was sure used on that range at least once. --------------------------------------------------- Furthermore, i found confirmation that during the Battles around Budapest and during the siege of Budapest, the 44.M Mace rocket system was indeed widely used on the Krupp-Protze vehicles. This truck and Mace rocket combination was very effective against Soviet tanks and had great demoralization effect on the Soviet troops. Due to the fast-moving truck platform they never know what hit them or from where.
  3. Brosky's Cooking How To Thread

    That's some Gordon Ramsy shirt,right there.
  4. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage

    Thank you Reto.
  5. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    People like freedom and dynamic balance. HnG had this in Beta , it wasnt perfect,but this token cost has the possibility to make it perfect. And to bring back why people liked HnG
  6. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Thats why the token cost of the scout II barrel,sniper ammo and of the optic should be high enough individually that, used together, it raises the cost of the 2hk,scoped SA to end game level cost, stopping the spam of it. 2hk,scoped SA spamm stoped. There Iam a genius
  7. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    People are over reacting this. Tokens for infantry is a good idea,if its done right. Basic vehicles and guns are cheap, end game weapons and apc's, special vehicles cost enough that people wont spam. This will be a good system,we just have to tune it so spawncamping wont become a problem. Also repair cost on smg's have to be reduced! This system will slow down the mindless zerg rush gameplay, encourage team work,and hopefully drive the game towards skill. So my advice for all the pessimistic people. Go on the prototype, play it and come up with suggestions regarding the token costs. How much should high tier weapons cost? How much should low tier vehicles, special vehicles,SPAA, APC's cost? I think, Jeeps and SPAA's should definitelly be cheap. I also think tier 1 lmg's should cost less than tier 2 lmg's. Also Scout II,sniper ammo and optic's should cost enough individually that ,used together,they make the gun un-spammable
  8. Heavy Tank Destroyers

    if SU gets the ISU-122S could we get a cupola DsHK on it?
  9. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    I firmly believe that infantry jeeps have to be cheap to spawn so that even during being spawn camped infantry can still spawn vehicles. Why? Because inf hates walking. Why do they hate it? Because of the planes, tanks, infantry snipers, recons. There is nothing easier than picking of walking infantry because this game lacks hardcover and a lot of the time players have to cross open areas and enemy spawns. Now I would rather be driving through areas like this instead of jogging and getting killed one by one while charging the enemy-packed objective. Make the cars cheap. They are a necessity, and essential for inf gameplay. Also, take a good look at the competitiveness and repair price of submachineguns...
  10. That is true. What also is true P38's only rule the heavy fighter mm due to more p38 pilots/battle than opposition Bf109's rule medium fighter mm for the same reason Ge heavy tanks rule the heavy t mm Ge medium and td class rule the medium t mm Ge smg's rule all 3 smg tiers Futhermore SU has no tier 2 lmg and no automatic rifle caliber para weapon. Etc..etc..etc.. So yes the GE faction's status aside from the RTS queues, does not look as bleak as you make it look.
  11. I dont cry for it and I stay constructive and dont go this bs reto is biased rute. Moreover there has been enough threads that,through stats and constructive arguement have proved that SU smg are indeed very bad and expensive. And as a result Reto has made a slight adjustments. So you see I can throw as many stones I want. ............................ Ups That first quote sounds to me as biased,slightly flaming and threatening others. So maybe it is you who should learn some respect and next time try to write something constructive instead of Reto is biased against GE
  12. Gib gib gib! We the german faction is so underpowered...big bad rpm advantage Su and US.....bla bla bla You could have wrote a constructive thread...instead this Reto is biased against GE....uhh
  13. Vehicle Despawning is Ridiculous

    When you try to kill a king tiger with cannons. Disappears faster than you can kill it.