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  1. GG US

    play total war arena, until then you won't be able to understand the meaning of utterly trash randoms,that have the brain capacity of a guppi
  2. 9 hour downtime

  3. Why don't more vets use the SVT?

    and you loose every CQC fight due to turn rate penalty. been there tried that did not work, for the reasons: too expensive too high turn penalty immerse disadvantage at CQC hard to control =>do only burst at range, but its not accurate enough to be used like this reliably. all in all the DP is a gun that cant do anything reliably, expensive to maintain if modded like that, and no matter the modding it either lacks accuracy or damage or controllability or turn rate. All these "lacks" will get you killed against the heavyset gold+STG steamrollers, or M1919/M1M2/Johnson/FG42. There are things that can be called as a Jack of all trade but the DP is a "jack of no trades" <= and that's the problem. Its kinda similar to the B.A.R that after the last nerf, is mediocre at best in every aspect
  4. SA Weapons

    the ultimate weapon is 1HK to the chest smg's..that's the shirt
  5. DP28 or AVS?

    i agree with that. no matter how the gun is modded the drawback is always too big. so its just not worth it.
  6. Auxiliary-slot Solution

    its going to be removed in aprox. a year, together with some other stuff and replaced by a token system that WILL be generating a snowball effect. All in all nothing will change,but i guess some freedom will be regained...but as usual new game-breaking stuff will replace the old ones..
  7. they should be more realistic. Which would also make Silver and Bronze class players more competitive.
  8. New encounter map is terrible

    i actually agree with those points.... except the Anti tank rifle point. there should be AT rifles, maybe even restricted to a separate class that hunts enemy vehicles, tanks, airplanes. But badges should not make AT rifles OHK, and no one should be able to fire these weapons while standing/crouching. Only prone and bipodded. The fault is not in the weapon,but in Reto implementing the AT rifles as they implemented SU....in an outermost catastrophic way. . They continue to show such incapability of game design that it hurts to watch.
  9. New encounter map is terrible

    isnt that farming largely happening because of the Gun "Balance" of Reto? Because submachineguns are so inferior to high tier automatics used by Heavy set gold veterans, and the only more serious low tier guns are the semi-automatic and BA guns that are hard to use for a new player and require a tremendous grind that makes the BA useless for aprox 2/3 of the grind time Fix weapons and you wont have to do all this separation because of bad gun balance
  10. New encounter map is terrible

    No its not terrible....its mediocer. its miles better than the old encounter that is absolutely unenjoyable. And much better than all the jungle skrimish maps. . Altho I too have raised concern above the bridge side,that -even tho not broken-does have a slight disadvantage. But as always Desji did not give a flyng fk about it.
  11. Added the: Anti Air, Anti Tank, Field Guns, Howitzers and Siege Howitzers of the Royal Hungarian Army of World War 2 post to the webpage https://hungarianweaponryww2.wixsite.com/hungarianmilitaryww2/single-post/2018/03/29/SPAA-and-anti-aircraft-vehicles
  12. The devs never had a clear direction for the game and they think of smg's as weapons that have to work the same in each tier without differences. The fact that Reto nerfed the PTRD stats instead of removing the badge that MADE it OP, neglected to make the gun realistic,and accurate in prone and uncontrollable due to recoil while standing, perfectly sums up their total incepability of game development.
  13. Irl the pps43 has more recoil than the ppsh, and the ppsh is more controllable on 900+ than the pps.