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  1. Sir_Joje

    No helmets for 2019

    If you downloaded the game in 2019, then you are not a veteran, therefore, you do not get a veteran helmet. Hell even 2016-18 should not get one but i guess that's why they get cat and a cock as symbol and not a eagle or wolf.
  2. Are you, by any chance, familiar with TS3?
  3. Sir_Joje

    Winter Update

    Are we from the same universe? Reto don't stand a chance to complete all that in under a month. They're not even done with Soviet themed assets, suddenly now they gon make winter assets just because it's winter? Try again next year, or after that more likely. Sorry.
  4. Plane vs. plane is generally balanced now with the recent balance changes from my experience. A good pilot is able to outmanouver a FW tail if he gets enough time to perform these maneuvers, so the biggest factor comes down to the aim of the FW and how fast he can shoot down his target and vice versa. Both planes have strengths and weaknesses that weigh the same so a good pilot is able to see when to engage when his strength will be in favor and when to break off when his weaknesses will start affecting him.
  5. Sir_Joje

    Operation Barbarossa 2019! War Log

    We had to pay for every centimeter of that land with our blood, hopefully it was worth it.
  6. Sir_Joje

    dev overview

    It's always at the end or the beginning of a month, cuz that's when they usually update with a new build aswell. Why on earth would they suddenly update it on the 20th???...
  7. Sir_Joje

    Para plane xp bug

    If you shoot out the pilot of the paraplane then you get the normal xp reward, i think that proves that this is a bug and not a "intended feature".
  8. Sir_Joje

    ╬ 1ST. JÄGERS ╬ International Clan

    Well we have that in our recruitement forms if you join the discord and look in the "become a member" chat or just search 1st jagers on the web.
  9. Sir_Joje

    Opinion on shared image, please :)

    Don't play recon. Play something which is effective INSIDE a cap point.
  10. Sir_Joje

    Germany Loses War, again?

    Squad linking is postponed due to limitations which the new MM framework will solve. RTS refactoring has been completed months ago and been handed over to QA, donno what happened after that.
  11. Sir_Joje

    Idea for PZB-39 (GrB-39)

    We will get it prob at the end of the month or early next month. And no, you can't convert your current PzB into GrB, they are entirely different weapons.
  12. Sir_Joje

    Where'd you get these from again?

    Yes, you would get those if you met up personally with RB and JM at Cologne. Everybody else got the normal Cologne helmet in a public voucher code.
  13. Well its that position and alpha window which is most important in Church Objective. Not rly a window tou, more like a giant hole, works both ways.
  14. If you have played in a experienced clan you will quickly learn that there already are call-out names for every position which is important in every Objective and Cap Point in every map. Much similar to how it works in CS:GO. Long stairs, red stairs, alpha-window, spiral window, alter ect.
  15. Fixed it for you.^ Also when it does pop it does not let the german clans in, Matchmaker thinks those 48 recons and 20 tankers will defend or attack that town more efficient and alot more fun will be had that way.