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  1. Westonro


    I am not sure if this is a bug, but I noticed on the 1.21 update page that there is an image showcasing all the new uniform and helmet varieties. The Soviet soldier, fourth from the left, is wearing a white helmet without a cover. I cannot seem to find this helmet in game to purchase. Is this intended?
  2. Before 1.20.1 you were able to hold your turret's rotation direction by holding right-click while in third-person. In other words, while holding right-click and in third-person, you could look wherever you wanted with your camera without your turret trying to rotate to face the same direction. Does this functionality exist still? I tried it, and it's not right-click. Is it another key? Or has this functionality been removed?
  3. Westonro

    HnG weapon calculator

    Just found this. I am also curious where you are getting the data from. Not sure if you could also pull the recoil/accuracy stats as well. I know RETO once used to post all this data.... Things might have changed since I last looked into the weapon stats, but from what I understand, damage is rounded down to the nearest integer. So a weapon that does 33.5 damage would be rounded down to 33 and thus be a 4HK and not a 3HK. As it stands, it looks like your calculator does not round (for example the MP40 with Wulff Engel is listed as 3HK at 33.92 damage against HSG). I specifically recall a discussion I read wherein people were discussing that the STG could not 3HK HSS with the bullet and barrel mod despite it doing 33.63 damage. Again, I could be wrong on this rounding thing, that's just what I heard. You could very well be right as you have it. Thanks for your contribution.
  4. Not sure if anyone said this already, but I feel like tying headshot capability to fire mode might be an interesting solution. In other words, if it isn't full-auto, it has headshot capability, whatever the multiplier is. I feel headshots shouldn't be random, but aimed. Using semi-auto firing modes is a good way to assume the user is trying to aim somewhere specific. Unfortunately, you'll have those people who might just use some sort of auto-clicker and leave their gun in semi-auto, but I don't think games should be balanced around what cheaters have the capability of doing. Of course, this comes with the downside of asymmetrical balance. The Thompson has selective fire but the MP40 and the PPS do not, but the Thompson does have the worse velocity. The US and GE LMGs have access to select fire, but the Soviets wouldn't.
  5. Westonro

    Captured Weapon Repair Cost

    I am aware that captured weapons cost much more initially (4-6x according to the patch notes), but, do their repairs cost equivalently more? I am talking just the base weapon and base ammo. I am considering upgrading my Bazooka on my Soviet (which I had before even the Ampulomet existed) to the better one. On a similar note, does my Bazooka (again, that I had before the Ampulomet) count as a "captured" weapon like all the other ones that were added in 1.16.2?
  6. So, at least once or twice a day, I get this annoying bug where, after my first match, I close the action game as I normally do and then go to queue up for another match (the "To Battle!" button turns green and is clickable), but when I choose a mode (War, Staged, etc.), it throws an error saying the action game is still running. Despite this, the "To Battle!" button and the mode buttons are still clickable (not grayed-out as they would be normally if the action game was still running), and I must close the game entirely and reopen it in order to queue. Similarly, sometimes when the match is over and I close the action game, it takes a while for the main menu to recognize that I've left. This is especially annoying when queuing with friends, because I cannot search/ready up and everyone must wait for my client to catch up. As I type this I am verifying the integrity of the game files, so we will see if this issue persists. What can I provide to help fix this issue?
  7. I always thought it should be almost the opposite. Fuel and ammo should be unrepairable, and the damage done to the base structure by destroying these would be unrepairable. Other components have effects, like treads or breech, so just make it so Fuel and Ammo increase maximum "health" of the tank, so destroying them permanently removes it.
  8. I assumed some people would not like this idea, so I would have proposed a conservative 5-10 sec, but yes, I agree, at least 30 seconds. What would be nice is if you repaired modules you were looking at, or at least on the side of (front, back, left, right). With the current system, however, repairing one at a time would be awfully obnoxious. If I wanted to repair the left tread but it arbitrarily chose fuel or ammo or something first, then I'd be screwed.
  9. Not sure if someone suggested this before, but I'd like to see implemented an inability to repair a vehicle a short time after it has been damaged. In other words, I propose the solution of preventing anyone from repairing a vehicle if it has been damaged recently in order to solve the problem of "indestructible" tanks with one or two or more dedicated repairmen. One of the major reasons I don't really like playing tank crew much anymore is because some enemies will group up and work together to simultaneously repair one tank while it absorbs damage and destroys enemy tanks. Before Armor 2.0, this wasn't much of an issue since tanks died in only a few shots as long as they penetrated, but now, depending on the angle of attack, it could take many more. (Don't misinterpret me here, I like the concept of Armor 2.0 but this is one of the few areas where there needs to be an improvement.) You could say "just HE them", but this often isn't an option due to the position of the enemy tank (such as on a hill). Imagine if infantry were invincible but had a little off switch on their back, but it would move around his body to hide from any enemies, and could only be killed by flanking around the map at a very long range and sniping him, or chucking an explosive behind him. You could also say "but they are using teamwork, are you against teamwork?". Yes, they are joining together to solve a problem as a team, and no, I am not against teamwork. I have no problem if a tank crew spawns on a friendly tank, guns and spots for him, and helps repair between combat, or spawns in their own tank and works together to flank an enemy tank. But being able to repair mid-combat is just silly. So, again, my idea is to prevent repairs to a vehicle that has been damaged "recently". I am not sure exactly how much "recently" is, but I would imagine this would be based on how slowly a vehicle could be consistently damaged, such as the longest reload speed of a tank. Lighter tanks have a faster reload speed, and heavier tanks have a longer reload speed, so if I single universal value would be used, then it makes sense to use the slower speed. This, however, ignores the PzII and starter tanks, as their reload speed is significantly lower due to having more than a single shot before reloading. Another option would be to have this cooldown time be dynamic, and based on the specific damage source. In other words, slower reloading/firing weapons would result in a longer cooldown while faster ones would apply a shorter cooldown. While this fixes the issue of ensuring that a vehicle cannot be repaired if under constant fire, no matter what is firing upon it, it also has the downside of the cooldown not being a consistent amount. You might say "but this isn't realistic, if my turret is being shot why can't I repair the treads?" and to that I say: a more complex solution would be, rather than having any damage prevent any form of repair, have each individual component (including base structure) have its own cooldown timer. This would mean that if your tread gets disabled, you can hop out, repair it (assuming the enemy started shooting at your vitals), and make a quick getaway. Thoughts? TL;DR: I propose that, shortly after getting damage, your vehicle cannot be repaired, to prevent teams of repairmen from making near-invincible tanks.
  10. Westonro

    APC Spawn Blocking

    Ever since the way APC spawning worked changed, I've been unsure exactly how it works. When can someone spawn in an APC? When will someone be unable to spawn in an APC? I thought it was if you were looking at it nobody could spawn, but that isn't the case because just yesterday I killed the driver of an APC and watched it, hoping that a nearby teammate would see it and steal it (he did) since I was too far away. The driver spawned back in, and I killed him again before my teammate got to it. I also thought maybe you couldn't spawn in the vehicle for a certain time after it being damaged, but that also isn't the case, since, again, just yesterday, an enemy was throwing PWMs at his team's APC (must have thought it was ours, or maybe the owner of the APC pissed him off), yet the driver spawned on in and killed me before I could take it out. I speculated that it was dying near an APC would disable it (like back in the day when you could spawn on points, if someone died nearby it would disable it temporarily), but that certainly isn't the case since there have been countless times I've killed someone who spawned in it, only for more to spawn shortly afterward. I know for a fact that one cannot spawn in an APC when it is being stolen, however. From my perspective, I once had a time where I spawned an APC and drove it somewhere, and then died some time later. I couldn't spawn back into my APC, so I waited (maybe someone was stealing it and an ally would see and shoot him). I waited a good while and so I figured it was useless and spawned another and put it somewhere else. After I died again, I could spawn back into my first APC again (it was mine, I was in the driver seat). So, again, how do I prevent enemies from spawning in their APC while I am on my way to steal/destroy it?
  11. Westonro

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    Mosin has the highest bullet velocity, so if you want to just go for headshots, this would be your go-to weapon. This is the only reason I see for using the BAs.
  12. Westonro

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    Did you buy the PPSh when it was available before the Soviets were released? Maybe the "Captured" FG is a different weapon than the original FG.
  13. Westonro

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    Someone mentioned this already, but, do Infantry First and Iron Fist still work while in vehicles (Tanks, Planes, IFVs, etc.), or was that fixed too? Similarly, do either work for planes? Also, are captured weapons more expensive to purchase only, or also more expensive to repair?
  14. Westonro

    Infantry First work in Vehicles?

    That's how I got my PTRD on my first soldier back before Squad 2.0. Grab a Faust off my GAZ, drive it to a tank, Faust>Faust>Bazooka and that was usually enough. That, or H3>Faust>Faust. I think the bigger issue is that the current "best" soviet AT weapon is probably the Ampuloment, and it pales in comparison to the tier 1 Bazooka or the Panzerschreck (and maybe even the Granatebuchse). Sure, a good player can do just as good or better with a PTRS, but when it comes to quick kills/disables, you need a hard-hitting explosive. If you only have a small window to take out an APC, you do it with a Bazooka, not a PTRS. Of course, this ignores the throwables and the H3.
  15. Westonro

    Infantry First work in Vehicles?

    I cannot remember who the other guy was, but I tried to provide feedback on what he did. The other guy focused on weapons, while I made a spreadsheet for the pre-Armor 2.0 tanks. I have no idea if any of that info is still applicable, but it was silly just how much better some tanks were to others, such as the Chaffee to any other light tank (2-3HK and IIRC the slower reload didn't matter even if you had to 3HK). This is what I do not understand. If developers hide data and information from players because they fear that players will abuse it, doesn't that imply that the balance is flawed inherently? If the information is released publicly, and players do abuse it, then they can just fix/balance it. If it is not released, then only a select few who found it out via happenstance or excruciating testing would know the info and have, essentially, an unfair advantage. I believe this same thing happened in Fallout 76; the devs didn't want to release the statistics or mechanics behind something, probably legendary enemy level and spawns, because they were worried players would find a "too good" way to farm for legendary equipment. The simple solution would be to just release it, see what players do, and patch it out. Similarly, going back to Heroes and Generals, when the PPS was released, it was just like it is now but with a bit more damage. Essentially, it had slightly higher damage than the MP40 (but due to the MP40 being 4HK HSG stock, the extra damage on the PPS didn't really matter), more recoil and spread (makes sense, more-damaging mods and weapons tend to follow this trend), and 3 more bullets, with the same RPM. But, it cost more and unlocked later. According to their statistics, players using the PPS were outperforming those using the MP40, so it was nerfed to its current state, having one less damage than the MP40. This means that the PPS was not 4HK HSG stock, and had to have a bullet mod, making it even more innacurate and having even more recoil than it already did in comparison to the MP40. Then, later, come to find out, the PPS had 5 less RPM the whole time (TBH this doesn't really matter). Even if their statistics were true, their are two major flaws with their interpretation: first, since the PPS cost more and unlocked later, this meant that a player, on average, would have more experience (like, physical experience, not XP) to purchase it; and second, since the Soviets were otherwise stuck with the PPD/PPSh with their horrible recoil, accuracy, and damage, they had to learn to get good with these wepaons, and when finally given a proper SMG, were really good. In other words, the Soviets SMG users were, on average, good players with bad guns (and then good with the PPS) while German SMG users were, on average, average players with good guns. I've never used Heavy Set, and I'd say I score above average to top every game. Hell, if I can top-score with a shovel or a new soldier, I'd say that says more about me than not using heavy set.