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  1. If the real world was like Reto’s forum…

    So if the real world is like reto we would need a leader who dictates all, who would that be?
  2. Where is my KV-2?

    Here the thing tho, when everyone says the 85mm can 2 shot tanks that’s just an over glorified statement, all 3 tier 3 medium tanks can 2 shot but have smaller guns than the T34-85, which makes no sense
  3. Where is my KV-2?

    The T34/85 and IS2 are currently quite trash in their current state.
  4. War Map rotation

    So basically attack lines are going to be different every time regardless from where you attack from?
  5. How to Soviet tank

    That and the T34/85s speed
  6. Burned out

    ive been playing since 2015
  7. complain about support

    They are a small dev team man, calm the hell down.
  8. STG44

    but its your forum post, I want to voice my opinion on the subject
  9. STG44

    lol you don't care what I think? then why are you still arguing with me @bocaz gimme a hand here, this kid seems to let his bias consume him
  10. STG44

    lol your just biased for Germany bud. its the forums of course I talk to much that's why its here, to talk.
  11. STG44

    lol ive been playing since 2015, I play all 3 factions bud heres a nice pic of my soviet arsenal
  12. STG44

    lol no just because you cant play because your pc is bad dosent mean it needs to be buffed
  13. STG44

    lmao there guns are fine, the fact that you think otherwise is quite funny
  14. STG44

    oh look at me I'm a german player I cant use a gun so I'm gonna cry and whine on the forums and ask reto to buff it
  15. Auxiliary-slot Solution

    WAY TO GO RETO, stuff like this is what I love to hear