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  1. RussianSniper01


    i did, I came on to test the update just to see how it is and I gave my opinion here on the forums, its trash.
  2. RussianSniper01

    Do you like the Stronghold update?

    No because it’s bringing back the laser 1919 and mG42, good job reto you made the game point and click simulator
  3. RussianSniper01


    This updates gonna deter even more soviet players to play the game because the SU has to put up with the laser 1919 and MG42 again
  4. RussianSniper01

    Jagdpanther good?

    I hear the SU-100 is trash and cant even pen a hetzer
  5. RussianSniper01

    Things that really pisses you off

    I don't play H&G anymore but if I may ask, what part of the SU arsenal was OP?
  6. RussianSniper01

    Im done playing.

    Im quitting for good guys, not because of reto but because certain members of the Axis community are constantly harassing me. I aint gonna put up with it everyday. Hope you retos and the community as a whole make H&G a better game for everyone.
  7. RussianSniper01

    Hit Markers

    I don't see how the hitmarkers are affecting people so badly. I'm doing fine with em, what seems to be the problem with everyone else?
  8. RussianSniper01

    Hit Markers

    wait when did hit markers get added?
  9. RussianSniper01

    IS-2 BUFF

    biased plebs such as yourself?
  10. RussianSniper01

    IS-2 BUFF

    Your right it isn't so can you please stop
  11. RussianSniper01

    IS-2 BUFF

    lol no they aren't, AVS has 15 bullets and DP28 is the worst LMG in the game, can you get your german bias out of here please?
  12. RussianSniper01

    IS-2 BUFF

    lmao, your 488 is cute
  13. RussianSniper01

    Wining is a rare thing in this faction

    this thread makes me smile and laugh atleast the forums are still entertaining and fun
  14. RussianSniper01

    Unable to have fun

    ill try that
  15. RussianSniper01

    Unable to have fun

    Honestly guys I don't know what to do anymore, there are so many problems with this game I just cant have fun. I honestly don't know what to do.