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  1. RussianSniper01


    Dosent matter now because everyones just gonna use M2, no reason not to use anything else lmao.
  2. RussianSniper01

    Modded captured weapons (Trello, FEB 2021)

    lol the only guns your gonna see are STGs, m2s, MG34s/42s and an AVS here and there.
  3. RussianSniper01

    AVS 36 Not playable

    lmao, you clearly know nothing.
  4. RussianSniper01


    welp, US are getting an M2 Carbine now, not an M1/m2. Which was literally Cold War post war gun. I think with that being said soviets can have AK47 now, and no, this aint a joke. if US are getting a postwar gun, why not GE and SU?
  5. RussianSniper01

    AVS 36 Not playable

    funny how it use to be the most Competetive gun in the game and redbjarne dubbed it as the best
  6. RussianSniper01

    Let's make it done with MG42

    not you, the person who made the topic
  7. RussianSniper01

    Let's make it done with MG42

    wehhhh wehhhh my crutches are nerfed wehhh i cant play this game because im bad and my crutches were taken away wehhhh
  8. RussianSniper01

    AVS in new patch

    yeah AVS is a lot better than it was but compared to M2 and STG it is very subpar in its current state
  9. RussianSniper01


  10. RussianSniper01

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

  11. RussianSniper01


    Here i go bumping again
  12. RussianSniper01

    ANTI PERSONNEL MINES Now is useless

    PMKs are useless because of Whiney bitches that don’t pay attention
  13. RussianSniper01

    Next round of weapon balancing

    can i have my PMKs back please?
  14. RussianSniper01

    Next round of weapon balancing

    i dont understand why you nerf the PMKs, noones using em anymore.
  15. RussianSniper01

    Belgium faction (Updated Frequently)

    funny how this topic pops up, im in the process of working a deal up with a guy on buying a belgian rifle, Model 1935