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  1. RussianSniper01

    Bunker down

    that's the problem no one is deploying the Sov and GE faction were killed off, it cant be just a few people deploying, we need all the players to come back so its atleast a stable war map lasting a few days. until then the US will play 1 or 2 battles then AR the rest of the war map As a general I cant deploy my ATs anymore because of the US factions AR the past 3 wars ive gone from 1.2 million to 400,000. I'm broke The soviets are in turmoil
  2. RussianSniper01


    Best Gun soviets have right now modded for an all around build is max rate of fire SVT-40 with max damage and no scope
  3. RussianSniper01


    ive already made a ticket on reto support asking for a full refund of all my warfunds because of this BS
  4. RussianSniper01


    past 3 wars ive gone from 1.2 million war funds to 400,000 I cant even deploy all my ATs now.
  5. RussianSniper01

    Please change the STG.

    I thought we were too
  6. RussianSniper01

    Please change the STG.

    AVS shoots a full size cartridge, was made with a lighter spring so of course its gonna have a higher rate of fire and lmao it is not more accurate than the STG, so yeah its gonna have more damage and rate of fire. But I don't know what your smoking that makes you think its more accurate, whatever it is may I have some?
  7. RussianSniper01

    Petition to turn AR off again

    anything with 2.0 kills the game, where did they say they were creating an Rts 2.0?
  8. RussianSniper01

    Heroes and Generals: 5 Years ago

  9. RussianSniper01

    Petition to turn AR off again

    +1 Turn AR off, its tearing this game and community apart
  10. RussianSniper01

    Feedback Hotfix 23.10.

    M2a2 nerf? No? Worthless hot fix.
  11. RussianSniper01

    Please change the STG.

    Lol it doesn’t even matter anymore, the games dead
  12. RussianSniper01

    Bunker down

    Conclusion: This is the end of war mode, it will not recover. Also Im tired of keeping things to myself, US players heres a message to you, your all a bunch of hyppocrites, you guys always give soviets shirt and then you go on to AR and soft cap the whole map yourselves, I clap to you.
  13. RussianSniper01

    Bunker down

    Update, cmon yankees im waiting for ya, cmon and kill me
  14. RussianSniper01

    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype

    I have never seen you before, are you new to reto?
  15. RussianSniper01

    Bunker down

    Im tired of sitting by being the bandwagon, im holding my ground and fighting, join me. We will never win a war if we continue to boycott and stop fighting. Are yous gonna let the game die or will you be the one who stands above the rest and keeps it going. So come on im ready for all my ATs to die defending. What will you do?