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  1. Soviet PTRD

    just another kid who wants to nerf the SU more than we already are.
  2. Give to SU paratrooper LIGHT MACHINEGUN

    Then by that logic all weapons that shoot full size cartridges should be 1 shot kill, im all for it
  3. Give to SU paratrooper LIGHT MACHINEGUN

    I mean the STG is german infantry that shoots ridiculously accurate and does god damage, but beings the Federov Shoots the Japanese rifle cartridge its gonna do more damage plus it has the wood grip on the front so its gonna be a stable while being very accurate and very damaging
  4. Give to SU paratrooper LIGHT MACHINEGUN

    Again give us Federov Avtomat to infantry and para for the sake of balance....
  5. Tier 2 Soviet LMG Idea: The RPD

    yeah that's another good option
  6. Tier 2 Soviet LMG Idea: The RPD

    no, not really considering its for the sake of game balance.
  7. Tier 2 Soviet LMG Idea: The RPD

    I like the idea but trolls are gonna day some bs like no proof of it being used It was developed and produced during the time and it’s an arcade shooter I personally think this is a good idea man
  8. Hackers kicking players off the game server.

    There aren't any hackers in the game, the best likely scenario is a lotta people reported you and you got booted or your internet died on you or the server just died, that's the most common scenario
  9. im sorry I highly disagree with this, from my experiences the Johnson can easily keep up with the STG and AVS also @Reto.Millan I would close this thread before things get out of hand from what ive noticed with previous comments
  10. Name your Top 3. biggest gripes with HnG.

    Balance Balance Balance
  11. Why are Johnson and M1/M2 only 6ep?

    make my AVS 6 Eq points PLOX im glad that there are others who think the way I do
  12. Get your facts straight man, because it was used as one
  13. The federov Avtomat...
  14. Adding Avtomat and FG to infantry are a great idea, but Rainbow only cares about "Historical accuracy" funny thing is though the winter war was technically a war that got its own label, it was still a war of world war 2 and a front of ww2
  15. The true reason GE Is Hated by US/SU players

    Why do you hate SU? I see you a lot on forums, ive never seen you in game so I wouldn't know.