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  1. Mobster01's Content

    Mobster01's latest video, please leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RP-bm7zxh0
  2. ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    Welcome to ORB, Raggnar_
  3. ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    Welcome Maverick
  4. ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    Heya, thanks for applying! Could you please join us at our Teamspeak3 IP ts.soviets.red whenever you're available, so we can talk recruitment etc. and we can give you your tags? Cheers!
  5. 42k gone, 22k left

    Thank you for your kind generosity http://prntscr.com/ihano9, going for a smaller one now http://prntscr.com/ihaq1l
  6. We're undergoing a management restructuring process until the 29th of August, so official recruiting is unavailable until then, but one can always come on the teamspeak3 server ts.soviets.red and poke any of the other Officers or myself and we can discuss further details.
  7. Our community can't play games

    Banning 70-80% of the ICafes in a country just because you can't pinpoint the cheating accounts is ridiculous. The H&G Vietnamese community is amazing and they have very good and dedicated players without which I'm pretty sure Youtube channels like Hydra couldn't exist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-mkZJlOlvFfB7HvCEzturQ . Please fix this as quickly as possible, you're punishing a lot of your players for something only a few should be held responsible!
  8. Great explanation, well done!
  9. These are the best loadouts that I've thought of* until now, please post your own as well http://prnt.sc/dbxm33 *Inspired by BurnoutDV's GE Soldiers collage.
  10. Hallowes Update - Changelog

    this is the problem that we're getting, any suggestions on how to solve it? http://prnt.sc/d5h2vr
  11. Hallowes Update - Changelog

    [wege]mini many are already playing as we speak, 10 friends are already in, it's a real issue with only some users.
  12. Hallowes Update - Changelog

    I'm also getting “server not responding” on both steam and the new stand-alone client. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?
  13. Oslo Loss

    Every Faction needs it's "Helmsdeep", a haven in which to be able to make a last stand. Scandinavia is for US or SU what Italy is for GE. The problem is that there's only one of it and there are 2 claimants. You can try to "flood" or "re-evaluate strategic values" all you like, but the reality is that if you push too hard into Scandinavia then you lose Paris or even London gets threatened in the next 24h.
  14. Oslo Loss

    Last night US landed in Norway and their attack route afterwards was Kristiansand, Skagen and then up to Oslo. Only the first 2-3 cities were defended, everything behind those was not "fun". The last part of soft-capping from Gothenburg to Oslo happened today between 9AM and 10AM GMT. The issue here is that only 5-10 people had a bunch of troops on the W coast of Norway, everyone else just went away... and more importantly is that they didn't retreated to Oslo either, because it only had 1 motorized guard in it when US got there. So next time don't go back 2-3 Capitals just because you're afraid of losing your ATs, if everybody would do that then we would all go back to Moscow. And this also has to do with some SU players whining about not having WFs, if you would leave your troops on the front lines, then maybe you would make some profits...
  15. AT reduction killed SU? Lets discuss

    The first blow was the doubling of the stockpile initial values and now they did this shirt... They just want to make US & GE feel good at the expense of SU. When they say that the stockpiles are based on the youngest Faction, that's only PR bs, these last changes are the best proof for this. Coupling these with the PPS nerf we can arrive at only one conclusion, the devs don't care about the SU Faction anymore :!: