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  1. "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    Reto can do what ever the fk they want. They can throw an office party, dump a can of gas on the rug, set the rug on fire, and go watch the Firefighters from the bar across the street if they want to. Doesn't mean I or anyine else has to agree with it. The same way you can disagree with what I write, but I can write what ever the fk I want regardless. Rero's terrible PR aside, I find their decisions more entertaining than their words. The subject of this 20 page rant was a Q&A. Not much happened alot was said. So I commented on what they said. But you can take me to task on their decisions too if you think my characterization of thier PR was in bad faith. If you can't argue with logic or reason, attacking my credibility to hold an opinion is pointless.
  2. "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    egh, servers have been empty as development drags on. Few updates here and there, a bug fix, Added recon units, but the big one will be vehicles. Its been good, just too bare bones to keep people entertained. Its alpha, so its not suppose to be entertaining, its supposed to be an experiment. And from what I've seen its got a good foundation. Now its just a long wait to see them build it up... so long... I'm fking bored. They reworked the capture point system, which was mildly upsetting as they decided to go with small cap points like H&G, small cap points force you into CQC to capture the area, in real life simply dislodging the enemy from their position is enough to contest it. Being arbitrarily forced to enter the enemy trench with the enemy inside is suicidal. Even more so when you consider that unlike H&G with it's arcade physics, and modular class system, in HLL everyone has 1 hit bolt actions and semi rifles. The semi rifles kill in 1 shot too. So close quarters isn't just stupid, its unbalanced. The Americans with their M1s have a huge advantage in close quarters. It takes a hand full of STGs and MP40s to balance it out. Unless you're part of a large 2 squad push, you won't have enough automatic weapons to compete. I could go on and on, but that's just me. All in all, I can complain about anything: out of fairness I have to say HLL is solid. H&G was never going to work by contrast. I still think the War mode was fking genius, and could have rocketed this game right to the top. But the execution was just botched in every possible way. All the issues HLL has, H&G has and then some. I mean in H&G, forget about the issues of rifles in CQC, lets just talk about how fked rifles are in general! They can't kill in one shot, but they also have to contend with everyone and their dog carrying end game assault rifles as well!?! Again, I can go on and on, but its so many layers worse! HLL has a solid base game, it just needs more depth and features to make it more entertaining and less repetitive. H&G even with all it's features just plain doesn't work. And as a side note: back in 2015 "Working as intended" was a meme floating around H&G. Its since been revealed that the root problem was a misunderstanding by the devs of whom English is a second language: When the devs said "it is working as intended" what they meant is that the game is not bugged, the program is operating properly. They thought that when people said the game was broken, that they meant it was unstable or the program crashed alot. They didn't think people were talking about whether the game worked at a systemic level, whether the gamepaly was fair or balanced. That said, they are still morons for not seeing how "broken" the system was, but their infamous line "working as intended" wasn't meant to be applied to the design of the game.
  3. "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    That's fine, I meant what I said. The name "Manifesto" is a joke. I'm comparing myself to Marx. I know this is "just a game" but that shouldn't change anything. I regularly wrote massive rants on various subjects, so its become expected of me to blow things out of proportions. Walking away from that Q&A years ago, I had so much on my plate, I knew a normal rant wasn't going to be enough. So I constructed the mother of all rants. My clan buddies who found my rants to be entertaining and were equally offended by how poor Reto handled the whole thing helped out, giving me feedback, and proof reading it. And I posted it via google docs. I know its pretentious, but how can a 20 page paper not be? I stand by what I said at the time, and still think Reto is daft. The difference between me today vs then is that I've since found other things to occupy my time, like playing better games. I'm just proud my shirt post is still alive. After years of these sort of massive rants, I really have run out of things to say. I've powderized every horse I can think of, and really can't write anymore without repeating myself 100 times. This Rant covers a huge part of what I thought was wrong with not just the game but the development process. I'm not disagreeing that this is cringe, I'm just saying you misjudge the way I view myself. I'm not posting these things from a position of self importance. I'm just a guy on the internet. I know how worthless my opinion is, but that doesn't stop me or you from posting. I prefer long form writing. That's my thing. I'm not expecting anything to change. I didn't expect Reto to change after 300 rants of this size and scale had already failed to change anything. But I still believed in what I was saying, and so I kept writing it anyway. Up until Hell Let Loose went into Alpha, and I found a chance to participate in the development of a different, possibly better game. I've now moved on. Despite this, here I am defending my useless post against useless criticism on a forum to a game I barely even play anymore. If you're argument is that this manifesto was useless, point taken. I'm still here anyway, because my clan mates told me the old post got necro'd, and that amuses me. I'm not going to fight like a Chad about who among us gives the least fks. I genuinely liked parts of this game back then, and I wanted to see it improve. I found Reto to be the biggest problem in this equation. Making mad decisions and floundering at every turn. And I still think so. If that's what you dislike about my post, then so be it, we disagree. But I'm not a try hard, I'm a nerd. There is a difference.
  4. "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    I know its overly dramatic. That's the joke. I meant what I said, but I figured it'd be funnier if I made it into a giant manifesto since I'm good at ranting. Happy to see it's corps still hobbling around.
  5. I have nothing constructive left to give for this game, please remove me from the cavalry.
  6. Old Mountain Town as a 2nd Mountain map

    mfw I realize the thing I was suggesting 2 years ago, was already a thing over 2 years ago... Also, why does it say 30m, if the #60 literally means it is good up to 60m? If it was a 30m Faust it would be called a Panzerfaust30 This is why I left you Reto, This is why people try to hurt you!
  7. Tanks are more weak than a player

    No they can't. A company of real life soldiers can't stop a suicide bomber from blitzing their line, what chance do 2 nerds with nerf guns have? The guns in this game are worse than in CSGO, that's why the tanks hang on the edge of the map, because god forbid they actually try to push the point with the infantry, they just get swarmed by AT rambos. At least driving out into the middle of nowhere will allow them to get off a few shots before the rambos start converging from every corner of the map on their position. Every tanker on their first day tries to play the game by the rules, and they all learn very quickly that Reto didn't design this game with tanks in mind. You have to play dirty, or you can't play at all. I'm not the one who designed this mess, don't have the player, hate the game. This topic is as old as the tanks themselves. Modular damage was supposed to be the golden bullet. But the more we learn about Reto's version of it, the less likely it seems it will work. For starters Reto only ever talks about modular damage in regards to tank on tank combat, and has not recognized or suggested it will solve the AT rambo problem as we hoped it would. This implies that it won't. The fact the tanks post modular will still utilize the same old HP system means all the same weaknesses still hold true. The "Modular" part of modular damage seems to apply only to armor and a few specific components. The armor itself is also HP based, and thus negatable. Although I heard they are putting a cap on how much the armor can be damaged, so the tanks won't literally be reduced to the status of jeeps after bouncing a few shells. In any case, I doubt sticky bombs will be any harder to use.
  8. Stealing guns

    I'm talking about control and UI. You have to drag and drop the desired items from the body to your inventory, or you'd have to create a prompt that automatically scavenges extra ammo from the corps. If you can just grab a gun and 200 rounds with one click, you're making it too easy, but if you force the player to go through a DayZ type menu to do it, they'll probably not want to bother. Personally, I don't mind ARMA type controls, but it won't fit this game very well.
  9. Stealing guns

    you'd have to come up with a streamlined way of doing it, that didn't make it easy, but didn't also make it unnecessarily complicated: inventory systems and menus break the flow of the game, and remove you from the experience: in world interactions are always less game breaking than interactive menus. Maybe prompt that says "hold R to rearm" when standing over a body or ammo crate. The game will automatically move any applicable ammo into your empty slots. This would also make your load-out more important, since you won't have room to carry extra ammo for a 2nd gun if your inventory is already full of ammo for your primary. There are a million ways the current system could be expanded and improved in this way, but alas, we're stuck with Reto... The game was a nice idea in the beginning at least.
  10. Stealing guns

    Personally, if I was designing it, I'd make it so you could take guns off the ground, but could only use what ammo was in the magazine at that time. Other than that, I don't have a problem with it.
  11. Should badges have negative effects?

    because you can't sell that.
  12. Should badges have negative effects?

    That's my point, the reload time isn't the problem, the guns just suck at being guns. Reto nerfs the guns so that you HAVE to use badges in order to use them. Not saying the STG is under powered... I'm saying literally EVERYTHING is underpowered. This game is some sort of Harrison bergeron philosophy where the handicapper general shoots the knee caps of every good idea, for the sake of "balance"
  13. Should badges have negative effects?

    Personally, I find the entire system to be a gimmick. There is a limited number of skills that could vary from person to person, most of which are hereditary and not obtainable. The majority of the perks in this game are exaggerations of subtle variations within a given population. They are exaggerated twice, first the effects of the badges are exaggerations of human ability, then a second time by the intentionally poor design of the equipment that demands you use the badges to utilize them. For example, Fast reload gold is stupendously fast, the default reloads for almost all guns is already adequate. The need for an endless supply of ammo isn't solved by simply reloading really fast, the answer is a Machine gun. But as I've said many, too many, times before, the MGs were nerfed for the sake of parody. Heavy set is just complete fantasy, and need no rebuttal. People don't like getting shot... no fking snit. Don't walk in-front of the fking enemy then. I have never used heavy set in 2 years, and I don't even remember the last time a sniper actually killed me first. I think I was shot in the back yesterday by someone being cheeki breeki in our flank, but IDK if that was a sniper. He was hardly more than 200m away, so I doubt anyone could call that a sniper. Same as the sniper scopes. If they were actually used for marksmanship, then I could tolerate them, knowing no one has enough marksmanship to use them. But that's the problem, no one uses them for that. They just use them like an ACOG, as a crutch for their poor aim. I outshoot "snipers" all day with my iron sights. And the biggest thing is not letting them get the first shot. I don't move till I've killed something. Because I know there are 18-20 people on that team, and snipers like to trek out into nowhere. So when ever I find myself in an unoccupided territory, I start bush-lurking looking for snipers. And I find them, every time. They are all COD-MLG-twats. They have no situational awareness, and little else going for them in life. If they had half a brain, they'd be pushing the point, or hunting like I am. Badges, in much the same way seem to just be crutches, designed to fit into Reto's purposely dysfunctional arsenal, so they can try and get more people to drop gold for those ribbons. Personally I prefer a cosmetic based economy over buyable cheats, like extra HP, or speed, or what have you. Especially when the gun is suppose to function without those things, and Reto purposely nerfs it just so I have to get tight grip gold, or something like that to use the thing.
  14. My point about the affect of spalling, is that even in a model where 1 shot kills are possible, they are not easy. Even if you pen, you're more likely to kill the crew than blow the turret off the tank. In almost every tank design I've ever seen, since WWI, the crew is the weakest part of every tank. Not only can they be killed by almost anything that penetrates the tank, but even things as simple as rough terrain, and percussion from explosives can hinder their performance regardless of whether they are wounded or not. Simply hitting a large bump at high speed can knock a crew man out, or disrupt his job cycle. Just hitting the tank with something big and scary can knock a loader out of his seat, or back into his seat if he is standing. These modular models are always a work in progress, as each facet of the tank can always be broken down into smaller and smaller parts. The crew themselves have dozens of individual tasks and difficulties impeding their jobs. As a matter of game design, adding layers, or taking layers away from the damage model can be used to shape gameplay. If you don't want tanks getting 1 shot'd all the time, reducing the effects of spalling will not only be more realistic coming from the War Thunder model, but serve a purpose design wise. Likewise, if crews being killed too easily becomes a problem, it can be negated by allowing crewmen to switch seats faster. So that the death of a single crew man does not leave you dirverless for long periods of time. These minor details do affect the tanks as a whole, and lend to strategies and gameplay value. Every detail counts. This is why I lose my shitz when Reto does something unrealistic for no good reason, as it throws everything else out of whack. Everything in this game is a collection of interconnected parts. The less parts, the more influential each remaining part is. The more parts, the more variables you have at your disposal to subtly adjust the game. But it also makes development alot of work. As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for". There is no easy victory. The harder you work, the better the result. If Reto chooses to cut corners, the game will suffer for it. There is no trick, no way around it. No "arcade" solution. Even arcade games require mountains of variables and detailed design. Arcade games are not any easier to make than realistic games. They just appear simpler because they don't demand as much from the players who play them. But under the hood, they are complicated systems of interconnecting parts just like any simulator out there. "arcade" is just a synonym for lazy. The result is not an arcade game like TF2, but rather a lazy game. This is why dev teams that pursue realisim always achieve higher standards; because they are holding themselves to a different goal. They have all the variables in front of them. They know what needs to be done, and they endlessly pursue that one goal. Arcade games fall short of innovation all to often, because they don't have a clear goal. A lead designer may have an idea in his head, a central theme, or style that he is aiming for: but the variables, the meat and potatoes are not provided to them. The devs working on an arcade game have to come up not only with the premiss of the game, but then they have to set all the variables, and invent all the complex systems themselves. All you have to do to make a realistic game by comparison, is color by numbers. All the data is given to you in the form of history books, maps, charts, all the parts are already there. You just have to copy them. You don't need to reinvent the race car, just copy a real race car. That is why Mario Kart was such an amazing thing. Its hard to come up with complex balanced systems like that. The more Reto tries to reinvent the tank, the more difficult it will be. It would be far easier design wise, to simply copy the charts and templates from the war. Gotta go, lunch is over, back to work.