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  1. eXtraitor

    A Serious Improvement for Air

    The air way / building proximity rearming has been discussed in past DevStream, it was said to be deleted after being time reductant
  2. Voice lines, and clan groups upgrades plz
  3. eXtraitor

    More Fun in H&G

    I can never regret the time i spend searching for free stuff around to use for fun, its really liberating feeling, not dieing in the points and horsing around
  4. eXtraitor


    I personally choose swaying, with a drop of widening... From altering firing positions to dieing, from 1st to 3rd person too. The current diying animation seems to rotate a bit too sudden... and some weird narrow firing positions become too kleistophobic.
  5. Glad we made it here !!! 😝🤘
  6. *le me patiently reading all comments * : Sooooooo........ It's aaaaaa.. yes ? 🙄 Replying only made SU stronger, it's called awootism 😎
  7. pretty much all the comments above, come on guyz, shrimp November is Over
  8. 'Sup... so... we've been in an age of unimaginable collabs, like "Yogcast Lewis & Simon" I firmly believe I have found a strong candidate for [H&G], someone who has been trialed in fps before in front of crowd, (like DOOM ETERNAL) and yes it's [Mori Kalliope] from HololiveEN, the mainly english speaking members of the group, nothing holding back Reto from e-mailing the agency is now there?!?
  9. eXtraitor


    I reaaaaaaaaly wish players could go on like this, keeping things simple, following Redbjarne's advise "...come back after a while and play the game again...", without the toxicity, buuuut that can easily kill the game, like in one semester, cause new games come out all the time. I'm pretty sure the most players play a heck lot of other shooters, including CS:GO, so keeping it simple is the way to go. from the moment we have ["Generals"] it's hard not to include anything kinda strategy wise, working or not is another matter
  10. since last POLL showed clearly the path onwards the classic fps style, let's check a few more "complicated" ways
  11. eXtraitor

    Suggestion for next step

    now we're talking.... some hot stuff "choise" that would be... but I mean, come on... we need a separate server, based on players location (server deducted)
  12. eXtraitor

    HnG's most prefered game style Poll - the 1st -

    Howdy all, I see we all .... agree* that no r.p.g. stats should be chosen by Reto, aaaaaand that more same almost iron flattened stats should exist ... I'm on the same train with you guyz, next poll will probably be for the "balance" of said "strategy elements", lots of tracers in the sky, eXtraitor. *(as of 30/10/2019)
  13. eXtraitor

    HnG's most prefered game style Poll - the 1st -

    Well i guess... It's self explanatory... Players might want to see HnG evolve to suite a specific genre as avideo game, not as a fps shooter exclusively. Ultimately 1 path will be taken by Reto.... That of self destruction, or self exploring.
  14. Howdy y'all... eXtraitor here, how about dropping a click in teh lit Poll to get a yify giphy feeling about dem player base feels 4 da !!!!GAME's!!!!! future .... Super -duper glad ya came by .
  15. BTW..... Military History Visualized uploaded a video mentioning Soviet Tanks doctrines-orders and repair costs