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  1. Don't MM a recon pansy boi. How many times do you hear ; "Don't spawn Recons please" "Don't spawn recons!!!!!" ... ect ect Recon's you do realise that when you MM as recon you are cutting your own throats right? Reto has destroyed the recon game. Any Tom, duck, and Harry can now spawn a recon asset as normal inf ... if people see that they can spawn a recon rather then their grunt ... they WILL.. you cannot ever stop them .... E...V...E...R.. They will 'waste' all the recons and you cannot spawn into that match till you leave and MM as inf and maybe get back. SO STOP DOING IT YOU ENTITLED FLOWER SNIFFING NUMBSKULLS. MM as reg inf and then take the recon skin for a drive. At least you will be able to be useful after all the recons are gone. Do something for yourself and think about it before your panties get twisted into a knot and your vag's fill up with sand ... Want to win? Dont MM (not spawn..MM) as recon /peaceout
  2. Try Aussie war battles 160-150 .
  3. Willing to fight... nuff said
  4. Please dont allow shooting when jumping ... just another bunny hopping game ... In reality ya shouldnt be able to even reload when jumping up five feet in full combat gear.
  5. Aetor1

    A T-20 Komsomolets issue....

    G'day mates, I have a question about the T-20 Komsomlets and was hoping someone from out in the vast internetz could answer for me. When in the T-20 and you pull the covers down (ctrl) to protect you from small arms fire ..... it makes the vehicle almost unusable (makes it ineffective as any kind of Armoured fighting vehicle). The T-20 (by the very graphics alone) show looking bino's so that you can see out without getting shot. The gun mount as well does not need anything 'open' for it to be used , even if the modelling in-game makes it unusable. So my question is ... is the programming going to be introduced to allow this vehicle to be utilised as it was meant to be? I mean recon gets 8x scopes, so why cannot this vehicle me modled correctly..... Thank you for your time and consideration ...
  6. Aetor1

    D-Build Discussion

    Dont have to say much ... it sucks. Cant get into the weapons of other vehicles.... xp is shyte .... just all round feked....
  7. Ditto...... Hates the plugin. Steam wants to shoot it in the face.