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  2. It's not news to anybody that the M1/M2 Carbine is not in a good place right now. However, I never seem to see any legitimate ideas for how it should be fixed. So I've decided to throw my hat into the ring and give it a shot. In the Google Doc linked below are my suggestions. Things to note before reading: I was trying to maintain the "identity" of the M1/M2 (and StG) while balancing. As such, the M1/M2 is more capable in CQC than the StG, but the StG is slightly better at/more easily modded for mid-range. The numbers listed beneath each stat change are what I think the actual numbers should be changed too. This being said, I'm not sure how weapon modifications work (nor is anyone else I feel) as that data was never released. I operated on the assumption that weapon modifications are multiplicative in their effect, meaning they multiply the stat of the weapon by a number to get the modified stat, rather than adding to it. I also have not been able to test these proposed changes (obviously) so I'm not entirely sure how it will impact the weapon (especially the recoil stat). I did not include any changes for the AVS-36 here, as I feel it is in a good spot already. I made suggestions for the StG in order to keep its identity distinct from the M1/M2 (slower, but slightly more accurate and can be modified to hit harder). I have never done this before. Any imbalance you find in these numbers was not intended. I did my very best to be thorough and complete, but I may have missed something. Please keep that in mind. Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12x7-KlD70iY_Bi2ffK3-s-Gs4eddupLFWqRNcrg4T8E/edit?usp=sharing Please be constructive in this thread rather than just "M1/M2 is only bad cuz of GE bias" or "wtf how come US is getting buff but not GE/SU".
  3. Nemotoad

    Soviets Unlock Ampulomet Twice

    Soviets unlock the Ampulomet Model 1941 at both Tank Destruction rank 8 and Tank Destruction rank 10. https://imgur.com/qr6oXaC https://imgur.com/fFGH5UR
  4. Nemotoad

    Complete rework of useless badges

    I believe this is the case, as for each ammo there are armor damage values and separate armor explosion damage values (different from explosion damage against people), but this was all before Armor 2.0 so it may be different now. I got the information directly from Robotron at the beginning of December 2017. In the thread I linked above he provided a spreadsheet with all of the information as well. But again, this was a long time ago so it's no longer accurate The issue is that the data isn't very "digestible" from the get-go. Robotron and I both spent about a month and a half working with the data before it was ready to be released. It also took several days of digging before Robotron could get all of the data as he kept getting pulled away for other things. Unfortunately, Reto is a small company (even smaller now) so it's hard to justify someone spending their time on stuff like this. We were trying to work on a way to automate the release of stats with each update (or at least streamline it) but that fell through. The stats are honestly just such a mess that if they just released them as is, it would be no help to anyone. If you're interested, here's one of the files from early on in the project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KOF2EC8QeNbJHNDhW8pbjLlH8o7XJa6d/view?usp=sharing Keep in mind, these stats are completely useless until you map them with the individual weapon stats and modifiers too. I never ended up getting the vehicle data either as it was too much of a mess and with the vehicle update around the corner, Robotron wouldn't have been able to get me all the data before it was changed again. I really wish that Reto had made a continued effort to release weapon and ammo stats with each update, but it would have been more work than it was worth
  5. Nemotoad

    1.11 Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    @Westonro IIRC the last time I was in contact with them they said that the vehicle data was way too complicated to release in any sort of usable form, but with hopefully with the vehicle update that has changed. And honestly, as long as the numbers are there I'm sure the community will be able to find a way to make sense of it.
  6. Nemotoad

    Ping Issues

    @MattAirborne https://imgur.com/a/TCObLbz Average is 47, max is 345, jitter is 29
  7. Nemotoad

    Ping Issues

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this, but I guess it's where it's going. So over the past week, I've been having serious issues with my ping. It will bounce around the 40-60 range, which is a little strange considering it used to stay within 35-40. But the real problem is that every 5 seconds or so it spikes for about a tenth of a second. It usually spikes up to around 140, but I've seen it hit 250. Unfortunately, this makes it almost impossible to aim properly, as it jerks my sight around my screen randomly. I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue, and if so, have you found a way to fix it? Thanks.
  8. @Atway Here's my up-to-date spreadsheet with tank damage: 1.11 Automated Values (Google Drive)
  9. Nemotoad

    1.11 Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    It's 2 months late, but here's my spreadsheet updated for 1.11, now including range and damage calculators and stats for tank cannons! 1.11 Automated Values (Google Drive)
  10. Nemotoad

    The Answer with 1 word forum game!

  11. Don't play too much tanker, but I would assume the wait times for heavy tanks would be a bit longer (can't confirm though). As for the HE, they both have the same blast radius of 7.5m, but the Tiger does 1,350 damage while the Panther only does 1,000 damage, meaning that the Tiger's HE blast will be deadly at a slightly further range than the Panther's.
  12. Nemotoad

    Extra info about tanks

    I'm currently working on a semi-automated spreadsheet for vehicle weapon stats. Right now I'm only focusing on tank cannons, although I can add in the mounted machine guns as well if desired. The data the sheet will show is: Rate of Fire (only needed for the early tanks tbh) Reload Time Velocity of Each Ammunition Penetration Values Armor HP Damage Values Explosion Damage and Radius (for HE) If anyone can think of some other stats for the cannons that I should show, just let me know and I'll try to work it in. Unfortunately I don't have any armor stats as Reto is currently working on the vehicle update which will change a lot of that, so there's not much point in putting it all together only to have to redo it once the update launches. As for vehicle speeds, back in 2015 (I think) ReDemon sent me this image of the speeds him and some other bughunters had calculated. It's pretty old so some vehicles are missing, and some of the info may be incorrect, but it's the most up-to-date speeds that I have.
  13. Just send me the info and I can take care of it for you
  14. Nemotoad

    Forum keeps logging me out?

    Reto.Circinus answered this question before. Sounds like the problem isn't going away anytime soon
  15. Nemotoad

    Clan pages on the wiki

    https://heroesandgenerals.gamepedia.com/RD's_Squad If any changes need to be made, just let me know