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  1. Didn't see any threads about this, maybe I missed it. Looks interesting
  2. seeking a clan

    US TeamSpeak:
  3. latviesu clans?

    your English seems fine to me. I would sugjest a international clan like DB, 4th or PIB. if you also speak polish there are some more options aswell.
  4. [Forum Game] Ban the User Above You

    banned for not playing seriously.
  5. Russia winning the war too fast

    What are you talking about, they're not winning fast enough. When they win, we all win. Until 30 november ofcourse.
  6. Banned for no reason

    i know for a fact that they do their homework very thourghly before banning anyone, but who knows maybe your the one that is the exception. if you are and do get your account back, look me up and ill apologise to you formally.
  7. Banned for no reason

    yes 436 hours is a life time. The thing that gives you away is that you can't actually buy credits.... you can buy gold but not credits.
  8. Banned for no reason

    you already know why, and yes it happend to other cheaters before you.
  9. Banned for no reason

    this thread will be locked. you can't apeal bans on the forum. you can appeal bans on You will get banned for using 3th party software, maybe you used some keyboard software or something. I doubt that you'll get your account back.
  10. Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    thanks for taking the time to apply for the clan. The way it works is simple, you report to the Senior officer in the teamspeak(Allied teamspeak: and we observe you for a couple of battles. If we like what we see, you start your recruit periode. This will last for 1 or 2 weeks, if you managed to prove your contribution to the clan, you become a member and start at the first rank. You'll rank up by contributing to the clan.
  11. Photos from Reto Insider Summit

    hardcore m8.
  12. I am seeking clan

    Like bas said, we need a bit more info. age, time zone, country, languages, experience and characters in game for starters. US TeamSpeak: Get on teamspeak, play some games with clans that are active in your timezone and take a pick. If you need any help, don't hasitate to poke me in TS.
  13. Remove SCOPES

    like the poll you made about the US/SU merge, i support the idea. Its brought up hundreds of times before, but its never gonna happen. People spend gold on unlocking scopes, so RETO is not gonna say no to that money. With the free to play character of this game they are not trying to make the best game to have a better chance at selling it, they are trying to increase profit by luring you to buy stuff. That, and don't forget the "silent majority"...
  14. Allies vs Axis ( wake up RETO )

    It was brought up when SU got introduced, it was a huge milking cow for hem to get people to spend gold. They didn't go for it then, i don't think they'll go for it now, but who knows. +1 (yes.)

    I was bored and browsed true the bundles when i saw this: Its a "special light bolt", it even has a wierd red line on it. Wat does it do? Does it have "special" powers? more RPM? More damage? Magic? So many questions come to mind, but not enough to buy it though.