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  1. pm'ed you...
  2. I would hate it if they'd put a PTRD equivalent in the other factions, its a real fun killer. One PTRD is bad enough.
  3. come on!!!! I've been whining my butt of to give me back my dutch section!
  4. it was never the plan to do 506.
  5. You said that the target war(s) were 507/508. Thats next war and the one after that. You will get our awnser before next week. Meanwhile, i haven't seen any SU agreements either.
  6. I think @Baswaldo made something similar last year. Sure, you can add me. If i'm not occupied elsewhere, ill bring an angry mob of 1919's and johnsons.
  7. We've always been autoresolved, even on a far bigger scale when the timer was 35 min. The thing that kills us is moral. Its not just us, its all factions. On top of that, US was/is filled with underdog players, we feel a stranger in our own faction now.
  8. Its the biggest happening this year, children will sing songs about the 9k posts of the great RZ.
  9. Thanks, i gues. i'm not really proud of it, it just shows that i put to much time in a dying game. Speaking of dying, when are we gonna do some games again?
  10. those are only walking paratroopers. When you have won a battle with para's the remaining planes fly back and the foot para's stay. you can then send them into skirmishes on foot.
  11. Can AA vehicles be a separate AT unit, or perhaps a car or recon vehicle spawn? nobody is using them now, because a APC is worth so much more.
  12. the T post needs some getting used to, the needle sight is a lot easier but more expensive, also on repair costs(not entirely sure).