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  1. donni-

    How to bring the fun back.

    It was a break of necessity, not because I was burned out from "going full tryhard" but because of work. I do agree with the letting of steam and take a break from tactics once in a while. That why we do the fun events, in fact you should join us, if someone would know how to use a shovel by now, it's you! I expect to see you 31 May 20:00.
  2. donni-

    The Fun Events!

    Great suggestion! I changed the post, thanks!
  3. donni-

    The Fun Events!

    War, getting all people in staged is impossible. Depending on the amount of participants we might do multible groups/matches. This is a community event. Organised by the community for the community. Reto might take an interest,they did that the last time aswell, but this event is our show. Donni-
  4. donni-

    The Fun Events!

    Well we all que on the match that no one want to play and hope for the best, no guarantees. It worked fine last time.
  5. donni-

    Returning player looking for a clan

    Hi, I'm back from a full H&G stop aswell. Good to see I'm not the only one.😁 Have a look in the Allied Teamspeak: US clans on discord: Partizans: Dirty Dozen: PIB: If you need any help, don't hesitate to PM me.
  6. donni-

    The Fun Events!

    This is your chance then.
  7. donni-

    The Fun Events!

    I see you were displeased with the way I promoted your video's?
  8. donni-

    The Fun Events!

    The Fun events are back! For the players who are not familiar with these events: in this thread, events will be set. Every event has a topic with a specific set of rules and goals. You can also post your suggestions for future events here. If you want to join the event, just show up in TS or PIB discord on the given time and date of the event. Here you will get details about wich city in the WAR is the target for the event. DO NOT JOIN YET! When everyone is ready we will join together. If you did not get in, wait for the second target city and repeat. It can be helpfull to name your squad "Fun Event", just in case randoms do get in. Inform randoms of what is going on and, encourage them to join. When prementioned random is unable due to gear, provide them with your gear or handover the gear of a fallen brother. Streaming the event is encouraged! You can find me in the Allied Teamspeak: Updates can be found on the PIB Discord: Next Event: "Shovel night!" - 31-05-2019 20:00 CEST(UTC +2) Rules: participants are only allowed 1 shovel of choice without upgrades. Participants failing to do so will be publically shamed and in severe cases banned from future events. Future Events: "Pistols Only" "Muskets" (2hk Bolt action) "Birds" (Planes only) "Rally Race" (jeep race in town map) "Newbie tanker" (beginner tank only) old thread: Vids of events: Schilli BA event - Plane event - - Shovel event - - - Pistols - Carmageddon - -
  9. Discord servers: Partizans: Dirty Dozen: PIB:
  10. donni-

    Newbie training and fun events.

    I can't make any promises.
  11. donni-

    Newbie training and fun events.

    I understand. US my main priority, however we are all part of the same H&G community and if there is anyway I can support you guys, my door is always open.
  12. donni-

    How to bring the fun back.

    I talked to most of the US clan leaders and I think we are on the right path. For the training event and the fun event. I'll be posting a thread about that real soon. If you are the guy that getting frusterated at newbies and rage in chat all the time, consider sighing up as a veteran to educate some new players.
  13. donni-

    Newbie training and fun events.

    I talked to the majority of clanleaders in US and I think I have a pretty good idea what needs to happen. For the events, I am gonna set up a training event for new players and start doing multible fun events. I would love for you to participate, as a vet for new players to ask questions to or joining the fun events.
  14. donni-

    Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    Happy to announce that we are looking for new recruits.