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  1. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    well there are a lot of clans from other games interested, squad and PR. I also talked to some other H&G clans that showed interest and that's quite a lot. I hope to maybe get a H&G community server up with a common teamspeak, but that would be when the beta or finished game comes out. ( @JohanC1.)
  2. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    Do you know what kind of helmet you get then? one with the capt rank or maybe just some netting? We are now up to 18 members that backed the kickstarter. It looks like they will not let communities run servers before the beta comes out.
  3. Former Ger vet looking for clan.

    good to hear, was I right about you being dutch btw?
  4. Former Ger vet looking for clan.

    If you think only ge had moral problems, your wrong. I don't think any faction is even trying to win. I have not seen any coordination between clans in monthes. "The pride in winning is only as great as the chance of losing." That said there have been a couple of things you have to take in account, the majority of DB joined GE for a few wars and I just came back from vacation. but you won't find the 20+ people in rooms anymore as you might be used to. Having said that, my offer still stands, ill be happy to pick you up for some games. normally our nights now consists of 7 to 10 people. in weekends it's about 15.
  5. Former Ger vet looking for clan.

    looking at your avatar I would say you might be a fellow dutch man, if so I would like you to have a look at PIB. if not, main english speaking clans in EU timezones are Devils Brigade, Allied Airborne Army, Prinses Irene Brigade and BAD. best thing to do is have a look in the Allied HeadQuarters teamspeak: you can play with a couple of clans and join the one you like best. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ad me as a friend! Donni- PIB
  6. looking for fun?

    I beleave the war was reset, we weren't close to a win.
  7. looking for fun?

    event is over
  8. looking for fun?

    depot A line to Trieste
  9. looking for fun?

    yes i made some rooms at the top of the US ts.
  10. looking for fun?

    30 min until start. reminder: no scopes, 2 hit kill non heavy set. (<100 dmg)
  11. looking for fun?

    well some of them are serious but every one can join and a lot of newbies turn up aswell, some even don't know how to join a war match. I like how you chose a german with a german weapon for your explanation. just for that, I'll put it on the list.
  12. looking for fun?

    ah sounds good, but how will you know if someone is cheating?
  13. Experienced player looking for Nazi hating clan

    yeah, have a look in the teamspeak mentioned above. UDR left us for the german faction. American time zone clans are: devils brigade 4th infantry Allied Airborne Army (there are more) if you need any help just poke/PM/ad as friend and ill help you. Donni- PIB
  14. looking for fun?

    Today is bolt action day! Sorry for not making a badly edited video for you this week. I was kinda buzzy. I'll do my best to make it this evening, if not, ill put one of my minions in charge.