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  1. Last offer

    ill have the unicorn plz.
  2. so 600 battles and soviet w0n

    i think i've seen him, once or twice.
  3. Last offer

    I'v always been against alliances, but in some situations it can be just what you need to get the motivation back. Back in the day when GE was dominating every war people stopped sending AT's. When the US/SU alliance took place people got their confidence back to send AT's and things began to change. I was against the alliance then because i thought it was just a temporary solution to a permanent problem.
  4. Smaller force wins AR?!?!

    how many games do you play?
  5. Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    thank you for your application. The way it works is simple, you report to the Senior officer in the teamspeak(Allied teamspeak: and we observe you for a couple of battles. If we like what we see, you start your recruit periode. This will last for 1/2 weeks and if you managed to prove your contribution to the clan, you become a member and start at the first rank. You'll rank up by contributing to the clan. ill add you in game tomorrow, and maybe we can play some games.
  6. bubba! True bromance indeed.. You and i used to be like that, back in the old days... That's over now, but the heartache remains...
  7. I like to know what i'm gettong into before i start "ROMANTIC CLOSE QUARTERS FIREFIGHTS".
  8. Would you say you'r a dog person or more of a cat person?
  9. US Forces....we need to talk.

    how disappointing.
  10. Looking for a mature, disciplined clan

    Good to see you took my advice. like mentioned above. Join the Allied Teamspeak: Here you find all the US clans, you can play with a couple of them and join the one you liked most.
  11. Looking for a clan

    Join the Allied Teamspeak: Here you find all the US clans, you can play with a couple of them and join the one you liked most.
  12. US Forces....we need to talk.

    you should find people with the same fanatics, normally found in clans. the US TS is a bit cluttered with rooms nowadays but there are still clans active. Give it an other chance if you need any help you can PM me, i don't play anymore but i led PIB for several years. i would be happy to introduce you.
  13. have not played for 2 months, couple of questions

    did she ever leave? I'm not playing anymore my self, due to some carreer changes in my personal life. i stepped down from clan leading and made room for the next generation.
  14. US starting to WIN!?!?!

    I don't know about staged(who cares anyway), but the war map looks all but ideal for our beloved faction.