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  1. donni-

    Real squad play US discord ?

    Reconcc, Have a look at dirty dozen: Ill share your request with active players, they will contact you. Regards, Donni P.I.B
  2. donni-

    Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    thanks for the application, ill pass it on to the playing members. please report to our Discord: Cheers, Donni-
  3. Wel played GE, you gave us some good games. Cheers, Donni- PIB
  4. donni-

    Thanks for supporting Vets

    Well said @Neznan, I completely agree. Good steps towards more 5 star matches.
  5. donni-

    Witam :)

    Grafit96, Welcome to the US faction! Here is a discord link of a polish clan. Ask for @Sigvall_2, he can help you get in. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to contact me. Regards, Donni- PIB
  6. donni-

    Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    The US ts got terminated due to low usage. We moved to discord. Your welcome to have a look.
  7. donni-

    Getting our shirt together.

    Well I've been seeing a lot of old names back in US. Hopefully those guys will stay and help US after the "guests" return to their own faction. Or maybe we will fall back in the pit we just crawled out of. Whatever the case, I'm happy with these wars and hope for the best.
  8. donni-

    Getting our shirt together.

    I'm very happy to see we can stand our ground again. It's a great first step and results in a fun war. I'm hoping we can keep this up and even get inter clan cooperation back again, because we are still only minding our own priorities. That said, I'm very proud of the US faction again and thank you all for this proper war! Donni- PIB
  9. donni-

    Active clan atm

    Ah yes, don't worry you'll be talking English in no time when you play often
  10. donni-

    Active clan atm

    Hey, Good that your looking to team up, you'll do much better in a coordinated team. That said the team benefits from coordination via VoIP, you can call out enemies and warn teammates for incoming danger. That is why most(if not all) clans don't take in players that don't have communication. If you decide to get a mic, I could recomend you some clans and help you get in touch with them. Our discord: Best regards, Donni- PIB
  11. donni-


    So there are a couple of clans I could recomend depending on you play style and time zone. BAD: only take in elite players. Big Red One: mainly Russian players. Dirty Dozen: pretty all round, mostly EU. Rya: French speaking. PSZ: polish. PIB: my clan, mostly EU, alot of Dutch. There are probably some more clans active, but these could give you some choice. I can help you get in contact with any of them. Helpfull would be to share some info on your ingame performance, ingame character, experience etc. Donni- P.I.B.
  12. donni-

    Jointjedraaien [NL]

    @[ORB]Mobster01 @raphoux PIB still exists, barely. Like all clans its hard to keep people motivated nowadays. @MyNameOwns super goed om wat nederlandse groepjes te zien. Als jullie is af willen spreken om een avondje met zen allen te spelen lijkt ons dat erg leuk. Je kans ons vinden op de US ts(, op ons discord( of je doet een privé berichtje. Btw, dit heeft niks te maken met zieltjes werven. Meer met hoe meer zielen hoe meer vreugd. Groetjes, Donni- PIB
  13. donni-

    Sacral sense of Johnson LMG

    The way reto does business is by introducing a new gun that is superior to its counterparts, this way everyone wants to buy the new toy(with gold preferably). If the majority bought the gun it's time to nerf it to the be on par with the other guns, introduce a new set of guns and repeat. To comment on your specific question, I don't think you should use the match ammo, use the stock ball ammo and the chrome lined barrel. You should find that the Johnson is somewhat better in close quarters and the bar at distance. The reload time and clip size is obiously a lot better for the german mg13(for now😉) Donni
  14. donni-

    Looking for a US clan

    Your very welcome, maby ill see you on TeamSpeak and you Can get me some warfunds on my troops 😉