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  1. donni-

    The Angry Farmers

    Its sad to see you guys go, but i wish you GL. Its been a pleasure gentlemen!
  2. donni-

    RTS Quickfix 2018

    The lack of player can be compensated by dropping the amount of battles that are played at a time. You can do this by deleting/turning off an X amount of cyties. The map we use now is based on the old player amount, there are just to much battles right now.
  3. donni-

    War is now broken.

    lol, you don't have to tell me.
  4. donni-

    War is now broken.

    In that case you might be right, havent used steam for years so i havent recently compaired it. Still, al lot of players like me use the standalone and that makes the steamcharts less reliable.
  5. donni-

    War is now broken.

    My stand alone game runs better than the steam version, plus i don't want any extra programs running on the backgroud. i know, in my clan at least, that a lot think the same way.
  6. donni-

    RTS Quickfix 2018

    maybe delete a large number of cities to keep the battles more limited, this would result in les AR. the battle to player ratio is just way off now....
  7. donni-

    War is now broken.

    I think its time for your pill again, grandpa!
  8. donni-

    War is now broken.

    Steamcharts are only a indication, loads of players use the standalone including myself. Only new players use steam and if they try the standalone for better results they usually don't use steam anymore. Not saying this game is blossoming instead of dying, but we the steamcharts tend to give a worse idea of reality. Probably all of the above, there is only so much disappointment one could handle before throwing in the towel. On the other hand, i would think GE would be happy. They got Underdog successfully removed and even won some wars because of it.
  9. donni-

    tank or thompson?

    normally i'd say thompson, just because tanks are not that effective. but like bocaz said, maybe the time of the tank is just about to begin and you have a front row seat
  10. nice post, for me I was able to overlook all the issues with the game solely because I had hope for the future. If you believe the problems are just temporary they aren't as imported. when you lose that trust that the problems will be solved in due time they became permanent and that was the point when i lost interest in the game. On topic, if you don't have enough players to pop all battles you need to limit the amount of battles. For instance deleting half of the cities on the map, this way the amount of AR'ed cities will decline. obviously the amount of spawned AT's would also have to be cut. Its like playing a 2 vs 2 footbal match in a huge statium, you get no player to player contact....
  11. donni-

    Last offer

    ill have the unicorn plz.
  12. donni-

    so 600 battles and soviet w0n

    i think i've seen him, once or twice.
  13. donni-

    Last offer

    I'v always been against alliances, but in some situations it can be just what you need to get the motivation back. Back in the day when GE was dominating every war people stopped sending AT's. When the US/SU alliance took place people got their confidence back to send AT's and things began to change. I was against the alliance then because i thought it was just a temporary solution to a permanent problem.
  14. donni-

    Smaller force wins AR?!?!

    how many games do you play?
  15. donni-

    Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    thank you for your application. The way it works is simple, you report to the Senior officer in the teamspeak(Allied teamspeak: and we observe you for a couple of battles. If we like what we see, you start your recruit periode. This will last for 1/2 weeks and if you managed to prove your contribution to the clan, you become a member and start at the first rank. You'll rank up by contributing to the clan. ill add you in game tomorrow, and maybe we can play some games.