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  1. We still honer this agreement, i think most AHQ clans that were part of it still do. I went and looked at the agreement, and i think we need a new one, a lot of (spawn) mechanics changed. A lot of stuff that was put on there is now outdated.
  2. gg SU, weldone. cheers
  3. Perhaps some US clans can join axis again.
  4. Its like claiming greese gun is better than STG.
  5. Congrats on your win soviets.
  6. hood to see you found the ts, makes my job even easier. PIB recently started recruiting again. Please have a look at the recruiting thread and hop in our TS when you have the chance.
  7. I think the allied win streak is close to its end. The signs are there. I wonder who the new OP faction will be. personally i hope its axis. They have the AT ability, they just need the clans and cooperation.
  8. very nice! lets get spending!
  9. I'v been told that it wasn't about the length of the johnson, but more about the skilles of the playah. prolly lies, to make me feel better....
  10. if so, please start deploying again.
  11. lol. Glad you agree with your own idea.
  12. I've seen em, thats why i said it.
  13. Welcome to the big boys. Its really not about the amount of posts, but more about the content. Everybody can post sh*t on the forum, valuable content will give you respect that's not shown in silly ranks or post numbers, its worth so much more.
  14. wouldn't it be easier to give the m2 one EP extra?
  15. your that quick to trow us a side huh? whats next? your gonna make love video's for sbv too? Your such a flusie.