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  1. Prinses Irene Brigade.(Dutch)

    sorry voor de extreem late reactie! we gebruiken de Nederlandse recuit thread nouwlijks meer. jouw vragen: Maar ik speel bijvoorbeeld tanks en Recon. we hebben wel mensen met specialisme maar je blijft hoofdzakelijk infantrie. als je squad leider het nodig vindt kan je een recon/tank pakken. En zoeken jullie nog mensen die nieuwe leden kunnen leren hoe je bijvoorbeeld de Recon class moet spelen? ja, als we nieuwe spelers krijgen proberen we ze altijd te koppelen aan een ervaren speler. in het verleden hebben we vaak "workshops" gedaan waarbij ze eerst mee keken met een ervaren speler en daarna zelf aan de slag gingen. vind ik het niet zo prettig om veel via voice chat dingen te praten. ons hele teamwerk is alleen mogelijk via voice chat. je geeft de posities door, je krijgt je taktische opdragten via voice en we communiceren ook met de andere US clans via de voice. dus, zonder voice is er geen clan. mocht je nog meer vragen hebben kan je ons vinden op teamspeak of je kan je vragen hier stellen. ik heb je ook nog toegevoegd in-game. grt, Donni
  2. Any Norwegians playing?

    Stop trying to hijack the only recruit we had in a month. This (wise)man is clearly looking for a US clan.
  3. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    Here or on the HLL forums?
  4. Any Norwegians playing?

    maybe you can look for a clan names JR9, they have rooms in the allied teamspeak and are filled with scandinavian players.
  5. new ww2 game: hell let loose

    I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces on HLL forums, all looking for the same thing.
  6. mine indicators.

    Fair enough, i love the option to turn off indicators, but it should exclude the mine indicators to prevent me from trashing friendly mines. Like mentioned above, my vision is not limited to the center of my screen. So if a enemy (or friendly) is coming in my flank and he is exactly in line with the objective indicator, ill miss him completely. The indicators serve little purpose to experienced players. You can keep track of objectives at the top center and thats enough for me. My main problem now is the mines.
  7. so i have made multible threads about turning of the hud. Now that they put in a option to turn indicators off, the mine indicator turns of aswell. So we've all had the problem getting shot by an enemy that you missed because he was behinde the capzone indicator. They made a few inprovements here, To turn off the indicators or fade when centered or whatever. Its a great option but now i find my self walking true friendly mines because those indicators are turned off aswell.
  8. looking for Australian clan

    wel i the 2 i mentioned in my post ofcouse( GeneralBenDover and djdad.) other names that come to mind would be @poopyahoo and @gdub87. they have a recruitment thread here: but the easiest would be to join their teamspeak and talk to the highest in rank.
  9. looking for Australian clan

    there is only one real US australian clan, and that is silent 7th. ( @GeneralBenDover @DJDAD) teamspeak adress is:
  10. I’m Looking for a Clan

    I think i'm done wasting my precious time here.
  11. I’m Looking for a Clan

    good luck with that.
  12. I’m Looking for a Clan

    i hope your not serious...
  13. I’m Looking for a Clan

    this thread is getting out of hand, i would like to recomend the Unified allied teamspeak: its a teamspeak where all mayor allied clans got together to improve teamwork. You can hop in, play with a couple of clans and take your pick. the best thing is that you are still allowed to play with other clans aswell, in fact we urge you to do so. so really joining one allied HQ clan is joining all of them. If you need any help please don't hesitate to PM me. cheers, Donni- PIB
  14. Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    Hey Raran. Thanks for the application, and sorry for the late reply. The way it works is simple, you report to the Senior officer in the teamspeak(Allied teamspeak: and we observe you for a couple of battles. If we like what we see, you start your recruit periode. This will last for 1/2 weeks and if you managed to prove your contribution to the clan, you become a member and start at the first rank. You'll rank up by contributing to the clan.
  15. Axis slowly becoming new US

    on a serious note, a lot is these problems are in every faction. The US clans are declining and falling apart aswell. Winning wars is not the cure for keeping your faction alive.