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    Soldier Classes In this Screenshot you see the pure nightmare of all Infantry players.10 enemy Planes and you can´t do anything against them. To spawn a plane makes no sense because 10 against 1 is a deadly kamikaze. The end of the battle was we almost captured the last point at 97 % but our lives runned out becasue the secound line has been closed earlier. The tankers of germany pushed instinctively their last objective. After recapturing their point the attackline was their last move to end the battle. The enemy planes were 80% all the "new" fw 190 armed with HE- ammonition and 1 hit killing bombs. Now how would you drive with your car or APC to the objectives? And don´t forget about their tankers. I think we need a function to limit the pilots, tankers and recons because they are special forms of the normal infantry soldier. Why i don´t say to limit also the infantry because with infantry you can win all matches even if the enemy team has all these special soldiers. Sorry for my writing i´m a little rusty after finishing school.