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  1. I don't see any problem in blocking offensive names. Let's not even start with specific country rules. Move along.
  2. yes and it's mostly germans crying. From op38 to buff stg and PTRD is op.
  3. Why you mad?

    actually only reached half deployment by now, seems the motivation to win easy is fading x)
  4. Why you mad?

    Don't know what others are doing but I switched from US to SU, got bored, switched back to US and im deploying minimum. Yesterday i sent light tanks, med planes, paras and recons to a battle vs SU. They also had tanks and recon planes and recons. Didn't start. It ARed. Well what can we do then?
  5. More Guns please I don't need paint job

    and pencils?
  6. of course it's easy, it's a non-issue. Reto just didn't deem it as important because at the time the game had a growing playerbase so i would make more sense to let thing flow into place naturally. They gave a small incentive that had some impact but never really balanced anything. Now, there are no players in 2 factions and GE still has some. But for how long?
  7. SU deploy: New Wave

    -snip- PS: sorry makes no sense, i read something different
  8. fun fact

    of course we can, there is no expectation or reason to believe that steam charts would behave differently than the stand alone. They have the same trends
  9. SU deploy: New Wave

    it costs me nothing to call him out.
  10. SU deploy: New Wave

    why report? takes months for any action to happen. Regarding the trolling. Well, they feel so confident they come into the forums even.
  11. This is another "end"

    What you see here is a battle where the "underdog bonus" on your definition would transform a 5 minute battle into a 45 minute farming of newbies.
  12. fun fact

    to believe that would contradict the general consensus in the "community" and reto that there not that many cheaters. Still, its just people no deploying.. since i've came back i've been "whinning about the lack of players being an issue". So it's probably a snowball effect (less playes leads to less players).
  13. This is another "end"

    yep, i didn't read. This guy seems like he doesn't even play the same game as us.
  14. This is another "end"

  15. Last offer

    3 way war is better than 2 way :\