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  1. bocaz

    Tiger 1 useless now ;)

    the tiger 1 is excellent and super fast, can outrun h3 people.
  2. bocaz

    Players leaving the game

    xmxlt plays the game, the other guy doesnt. but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion!
  3. bocaz

    Can't play since the last hotfix

    having a similar issue.. gets stuck in synchronizing maps edit: false alarm
  4. bocaz

    Bunker down

    @RussianSniper01 i deployed on SU man but nobody was around... so next callout to SU deployment let me know in advance!
  5. bocaz

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    good, i got the reaction that was needed. Anyway, it is not a smart idea to ask for feedback for dozens of different things in one topic. Thanks!
  6. bocaz

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    why are we even writing in this general topic of feedback? Reto will not read it, want to know why? Its too general. They knew this topic would be a mess of ideas but at least it would be entertaining for a while. Stop it, reto does not receive feedback from the forum anymore. Maybe they have some select few who they talk with but the opinion of the general populace = 0.
  7. bocaz

    Now this is epic

    i only happens early in the war, later on it resumes to normal
  8. bocaz

    Bunker down

    Im here also! i will cover 1 or 2 cities! #takeachillpill!
  9. bocaz

    AT weapoons are overpriced

    you dont play the same game as us then
  10. bocaz

    Stop deforming the game

    #2bad none of the above and again, you are a minority. Unfortunately reto listens to you.
  11. bocaz

    Our community to blame for 1.12

    i've never seen gaius banned! he is untouchable!
  12. bocaz

    Stop deforming the game

    their problem if they dont want to use those vehicles... besides if apcs are time locked from the beggining clans wont win in 5.45 mins
  13. bocaz

    Stop deforming the game

    you guys are discussing wrong... tbh classes shouldd be something unlockable while playing the game.. like you make so much xp helping the team and now you get to play X if you want. This would add the feeling of increasing intensity (infantry vs infantry up to tanks vs tanks and planes arriving etc). The current system is bad, in its idea already. So no way to reach any consensus.