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  1. bocaz

    Taking a break

    Hey! This game is too time consuming (mostly due to AR) and I don't like playing it without having an army (so dont tell me to go through endless hours of staged or random war to be stomped by clans). I'm just not happy with the current combination of RTS and FPS and at some point I have to stop wasting real life time on it. Please reto people do let me know when there is some change in the RTS mechanic through email spams or something so I come try it out. Meanwhile, I'll be off for a while! To the rest, keep having fun! Bocaz
  2. Never. The day portugal goes for axis I will launch a formal legal complaint against the developers. (Of course not, i don't have money for this). I would never accept a game that would put this army in my country. Sorry.
  3. bocaz

    Which HnG player got the most reports so far?

    but bfine is a silent killer that comes from the shadows, he is like that dude of southpark
  4. I think it is fair too and increases the skill for bombing. No reason that planes can drop the bomb 30m from a target and experience no shockwave. On the other hand, infantry on the ground and vehicles on the ground should experience the same shockwave.. albeit less intense.
  5. Tanks are moving walls against small guns... so use your tanks to provide cover for your infantry to push to chokepoints.. Much more useful and you also make XP from the caping.
  6. lower the cost of all AT gear.
  7. bocaz

    Realism = More damage.

    that sounds interesting!
  8. that is an hypothesis (that people will not spam tankers) since tankers are so easy to play... jsut because some newbies are drafted for WF wasting tank vs tank battles doesn't mean the rest won't play tanker if they have the possibility.
  9. but the argument i was presenting is that class limitations would enable less AR... while tank only or plane only battles will just steal more players from war... that is the link in the conversation..
  10. because it depends on what the enemy has in the town more than on what you are investing... If GE sends infantry vs Recons/tankers/pilots/planes and queues with 5 or 6 or 10 players it will pop for sure... the effect of the MM kicks in those cases.
  11. that is a bit nonsense because all you need from your side is 5 people. The problem isn't from the overpopulated faction but from the amount of players queing as everything but infantry. So you need non infantry on the other side... Which is a different problem from people who pre-queue in GE not being able to join a battle if the city has too many toys on GE side.
  12. bocaz

    Realism = More damage.

    i would love see realism also. Oh wait, there is real life for that. Oh wait. Guess your fan army lost. Oh wait. They got owned. Oh wait. What you want is not realism but it starts in N and finish in ism.
  13. the other part of the point was that if each town would only get 1 squad of 3 people in specialists, independently of the number of spawns available, then more battles on the war map would pop since towns which overstacked with tankers/recons/etc would stop working a sink for the MM.
  14. bocaz

    JS2, A SCAM

    yep, its not a german vehicle otheriwse it would an impenatrable flying fortress x)