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  1. Para queue is so long!!

    poisé: all those belong to 1 user
  2. soon enough people will have purchased the heavy plane on GE and they will be spamming it also there. Meanwhile, the good thing, would be to just limit it to 3 planes each side or maybe 4. That's it.
  3. as a non-german i cannot play any recon or med plane without 1:4. Balancied thieeees :\
  4. US Forces....we need to talk.

    USRandoms for coodrination and cooperation, in-game chatroom
  5. oufff i ache inside when i read "class specific games"... that is sooooooooo boring... nobody wants to fight bots
  6. Warbonds Removed?

    or maybe, reto, as not a financial institution, isn't allowed to offer credit
  7. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    i continue to disagree with further funneling of the relation with Reto. Most forum users only have the general topics in the forum to contact and express their opinion, why remove even the Q&A from them? Honestly, Q&A is mostly for entertaining the players. Sometimes can be used to bring some hype. Maybe reto should diversify their actions and not just do Q&A for 2 months, maybe do Q&A from time to time and then take that opportunity to promote something. You expect reto to answer to questions that matter about e.g. armor 2.0 in a Q&A? It's something they manage the info that gets out, naturally! Other thing they could do is encourage players to host their own programs and have them be able to invite someone from the company for a "60 minutes" session on him and his view of the game, or his tech work. Idk, it needs more entertainment and not just funneling of content.
  8. what group do they listen to?

    They listen, sometimes to the wrong people (especially the constant whining about weapon balance - responsible for the constant gameplay changes). Often to the right people. They develop and introduce content a bit slowish, that might be their main downside.
  9. The Butcher

    bad movie by a poor player. only 10% on rotten tomatoes! (it´s fun!)
  10. Linear vs Assymetrical balance.

    isn´t that "AVS is the best gun in the game" mythical sentence, like, something that happened years ago? Maybe we should ask the guy how he feels about AVS today honestly, weapons seem more or less balanced. Of course m1m2 shoots popcorns instead of bullets, and PPS is a tier 1 smg sold as tier 3 but that's ok. Would be cool some new weapons!
  11. It is one of two: - he is either lying and he did not use Macros or - Reto did not ban him even if he is using macros. Regarding this case we can't know. Again, reto is both the police and the judge. We can only evaluate how, from our perspective, reto acts against cheaters and exploiters. So let's see, since January 2017 (time i came back), soviet clans have been using the same alt accounts to start battles all around scandinavia. These accoutns were both reported in-game as well as in public in the forum. They still are used until at least 2 days ago. So reto, does not act, against alt exploits. Some of these players benefiting from alts, are the same players I've reported in 2016, I even offered chatlogs in their own chat system and still those players were not banned. Let me remind you that "spying on other factions and players" is also against the Terms of Service. That means that, for example, if you show a screenshot or you record people in TS somehow preparing alt usage, you are actually also bannable. So be aware of that. Meanwhile, at least one link was provided where a user had been authorized by reto to change the game files. I'm not sure if those changes were more than just simple hng sync changes made easier or more than that. The file was not available at the time i clicked the link. A player now is "confessing" he uses macros (and another is actually saying his friends do it). So, if nothing happens to that player, we, if we trusted reto in this regard, would have to conclude he was just joking. But, do we trust reto in this regard? and how can I trust reto in this regard? It's amazing that we all almost 100% believe that there are almost no cheaters in this game (the aimbot/wallhacker kinds) but it's amazing how we completely do not trust reto's policy regarding exploits (such as macro's and alts). And this is mainly because we do not see the positive effects of their policing of the game. We see them in aimbots/wallhacks/radars but nothing else.
  12. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    I find that "insiders first" idea kinda of bollocks. If the problem is diversity of questions, why the hell, a sample of a population will have produce more diversity? That insiders is mostly beneficial as a more personal interaction not to make "obvious mistakes". But having insiders like brandon asking every single Q&A "why stg not a laser gun!?" is just a big mistake. It's just more important that reto clearly defines what it wants from its community engagement actions: (and these are mostly already explored) - some will be just for community entertainment - showing tools, vehicles, Q&A, etc - some will be to get real feedback: e.g. prototype server being used to test AT management stuff - some particular members (e.g. flyingcow) can be used to discuss specific matters (e.g. flying cows) - some particular members are given extra info of prototypes to see if they pinpoint obvious mistakes/unbalances (i guess that is the insider program) - etc Now, don't constantly funnel further the communication lines to reto, we don't need more filters, I don't want forum trolls between me and reto, what we need more honesty and transparency instead.
  13. RTS 2.0 Concept

    Well they can balance it out with a "survival effort". The less capitals your faction has, a bit of increase in prod rates you get, like if, the country was "called to arms". Or, for example, the bonuses from those cities only come IF you have enough soldiers in them to make it fun. This way you might have a big area but if you want all the prod rates to influence, then you must spread your army. But I guess that is just one layer of complexity, they could add more. It's an interesting area for investing some debate in.
  14. Uniforms prices

    Reto specifically stated something like: "We increase the price of stuff until people stop buying". So, stop buying or wait for sales.