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  1. CPU load 100%

    I really dislike answers which are: "buy a new XX". First you assume people have money to continuily improve their pcs just for games. Secondly you forget this game ran perfect before and got worst for everyone with time. There might be fault on our side but that fault is shared with the developers.
  2. World cup thread??!

    Seems to me that it's actually the frenc school of soccer that is feeding players to a bunch of other teams x)
  3. CPU load 100%

    please., i also need to know...
  4. So to clarify: 4 shots to kill a PZ (but i think it is possible that you were actually shooting at 2 different tanks) The luch burns the chaffee in one clip. More asymmetrical balance. Get used to it.
  5. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    yeah its true, surveys are hard to make and hard to interpret. And sometimes, the answers are hard to trust! Dumping a bit of data on the other hand could help people answer some questions! =)
  6. so i just got the panther

    Axis lost the war. Let that sink in people!
  7. US meta gameplay

    Assimetrical balance means GE gets the goodies.
  8. Last man standing exists since the 90s. I played a lot of it in ut99 and it was not a popular game mode. Competition is the key. Games have to forfeit realism because that is slow paced and boring. HnG is fun because it is a fast paced action shooter. As more and more things are added that slow down the game, players are leaving. The new spawn system, squad 2.0 (especially line selection), map designs with forests and choke points have already contributed for a slowing down of the game. The combined arms aspect of HnG could make it super fun but using anything other than infantry has become WF suicide. Paras are still the only class which is fast paced but so expensive to use that it's pointless to ever send them to an active battle. The new updates also aim to slow down the game even further and that I predict will contribute to the continuos loss of players. You see, fast paced competiton won online FPS. There have been numerous examples of realism (starting in Americans Army) and almost all only fullfil the interest of a small niche. All games that come out focus on one premise: get the player into action, fast, movement is entertainment. Your Fortnite example is precisely that. A smaller area of conflict every other time serves for encouraging movement and taking risk, engaging your senses and ultimately entertaining you. Games which used similar premises (e.g. day z) are falling into oblivion. So HnG should invest in action, speed, competiton, risk, faster deployments, more combined arms. In my opinion of course.
  9. World cup thread??!

    Football isn't as fast paced as hoquei. You might need 90 minutes to score a goal in football while hoquei has a bunch. So it seems to me that "play until someone scores" would probably just create a lot of injury and actually a very uninteresting game, at some point people cant run and just make mistakes. Penalty is and isn't a bit of a lottery. Croatia keeper defended 4 penalties in the same game (and also the danish keeper).
  10. US meta gameplay

    lol like are there even clans who try to play attacks without having apcs?
  11. why we loose vs US

    he has all the potatoes and finished collecting the goAT (he said it himself!) and is coming back for some RTSing x)
  12. Germany lost the game

  13. Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!

    yes!! It is a great update but some bugs to fix. Like a AT remain stuck even if retreated. Like we attack a city, the enemy closes the line, the AT are retreated to their original place but still stuck (glowing as if they are in combat). Other than some of these errors the update looks nice.
  14. Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!

    Thanks! Seems good so far. Don't know if intentional or not but stuffs