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  1. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    HAhaha lmao >claims to be good >says IS-2 and pershing are bad. Okok lmao You have a massive ego, thats your problem
  2. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    You are a noob
  3. Custom Tanker/ Characters

    sherman best tonk of the war xaxaxa)))
  4. Custom Tanker/ Characters

  5. Custom Tanker/ Characters

  6. Custom Tanker/ Characters

    I approve
  7. Welcome to europe !

    No spawn protection just like APC
  8. Welcome to europe !

    There should be minimal cover and the spawns should be in the boats.
  9. We are not most hated faction any longer

    Ill take that as a complement
  10. Welcome to europe !

    We need D-day map im gonna enjoy it alot
  11. Best of MCbl4

    Hes complaining about him using SA rifle vintovka = rifle
  12. Best of MCbl4

    Beautifull :')
  13. Medium Fighter Ratings

  14. Medium Fighter Ratings

    Yak is the worst medium lmao, its just too funny to be taken seriously
  15. We are not most hated faction any longer

    haha lmao Compare it to 2015, lol I cant take your reply seriously