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  1. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    German version with Edelweiß pl0x
  2. Makes me feel depressed. I have so many builds i want to try, grinding characters is my hobby, and this bugger of a limit is here to tuin my fun... I want more characters to costumize and dress, i have the money but the damn limit wont let me do it. Please change the limit to at least 40. Yours trully wallet warrior ~AfonsoQQ~
  3. Official Khutor Skirmish map feedback topic

    There you go. Now guess what this is russian maps. So i guess US wont be playing vs germany on them
  4. GE HE pilot - which 109?

    E-4 The D is to slow and its basically PTRD bait, plus it turns worse you will get used to wing cannons trust me
  5. Official Khutor Skirmish map feedback topic

    I find the stairs on the church insanely painfull to climb
  6. Nerf Infantry Slaughter Vehicles (known as ISVs)

    pls dont make the recon class even more shirt
  7. Nerf Infantry Slaughter Vehicles (known as ISVs)

    I have an idea, what about nerfing everything german
  8. Ditch the sidecar on German recon motorcycles

    our motorcycle triggers mines ok pls thx
  9. "Mine spotter" badge

    No please. -From the best S-mine spammer in the game
  10. P38 Lightning Overpowered issue

    The fact that its an heavy fighter and turns faster than the 109E and the Yak tells everything
  11. The SKS is confirmed @RedComm
  12. I wish i could get a 6 man squad to spawncamp them with johnson with squad named "help us make the game you want to play" Just a match doesnt hurt! cmn! taste a bit of your own medicine ;P
  13. Change of war rules please