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  1. AfonsoQQ

    KV-85 real color

    It used to be like the one on the picture actually.
  2. AfonsoQQ

    CPU load 100%

    Typical for H&G Best optimized game in the world!
  3. AfonsoQQ

    Do experienced guys ever use mines?

    I also spam PMKs in bush for russians to enjoy
  4. AfonsoQQ

    Best HnG Players?

    Obviously my cat
  5. AfonsoQQ

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Token system for infantry will simply ruin war matches and punish players with inferior skill and promote spawncamping. Say no to token system for infantry!
  6. AfonsoQQ

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    No token system for infantry please, it will ruin war matches clan vs clan. @Reto.Hades Either that or watch the game loosing whats left of the war playerbase
  7. AfonsoQQ

    This game is just broken

    Just wait for token system then ur gonna see what a broken game is
  8. Do you think i care i shittpost on every thread
  9. Arent you always crying about SU faction stuff? I think the one who lives in the glass house should not throw stones.
  10. AfonsoQQ

    Heavy Tank Destroyers

    Is there still possibility for T2s @Reto.Christiano ? Looking forward for the Sherman variant of the Jackson the M36B1
  11. Ive been playing Cousine Royale and im in love with this ironsights, i think they would make a great addition to the game
  12. You, know... JFK wasnt always taking the right decisions... You guys backed up militias and stuff. Basically forcing us to give up Angola with international pressure and stuff
  13. Dont even like those retards
  14. Haha assim é que é PORTUGAL CARALHO!!!