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  1. Russia winning the war too fast

    I think i played a bit in 2012, maybe only a few hours since my intrest for the game back then was little to none
  2. Not only that but the G variants were the most produced ones
  3. Russia winning the war too fast

    You dont tell me what to do, im here since 2013 and i saw Germany winning alot of wars
  4. Oh yeah the Aux system being replaced with the new restrictive system that punishes bad players and noobs, cant wait for it.
  5. Naming the Bonus "Underdog" bonus, doesnt sound very wise, i told back in 2015 this was gonna fail and it did. You just cant control what faction people join, to do that they would need to put a limit on players per faction No matter how passionate they are, the UDB came in 2015, its 2017, 2 years later and things only became worse.
  6. Why focusing on something that cant be solved lol This faction has suffered enough already beacause of something we cant control.
  7. the authorities look at (CHEAT)

    Stop crying. My clan with 6 to 8 people closes this guys out on A line multiple times when they have 15+ players Calling this players hackers is beyond stupid
  8. Moscow Server

    According to Reto getting rid of the Moscow server means they would need a new server ready to do the work of the Moscow server, currently they dont have a better option. But yeah this server is BS as it is
  9. Answer: You are not supposed to counter them, working as intended.
  10. If you try to destroy my tank around 10-12 PM, i can always turn on the kitchen tv and watch while making me some pancakes, that will usually take more than an entire assault match
  11. I might get me some crisps and start watching series if you do that
  12. Bad news theyr getting nerfd. This are heavy tanks, so i would buy a SU medium AT and have free heavy tanks? Sure theyr not that great armor-wise, but still heavy tanks. This is a terrible tank Why would you want a downgrade from the T-70?
  13. Nice to see you back, and +1 Also smoke reduction wasnt enough, they didnt remove it, they just made the cloud less thick
  14. A 128mm cannon mounted on a chasis with even more armor, good luck fighting that