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  1. The issue is not just reto's matchmaker, but reto's underpowered AA guns and the fact that atm dedicated fighter planes that couldnt even scratch tanks irl are being used as if they were ground attacks. I never heard about the Yak-9B or the Bf109-D being exellent tank hunters irl
  2. Please buff me 410...

    Oh the irony
  3. Questions regarding T28

    Its literally useless. You might find it good once in awhile to block bridges or something, but its nothing that you wouldnt do with another tank. If you want to kill inf go for the T-34/76 If you want to kill tanks go for the T-34-85
  4. Please buff me 410...

    Still doesnt show's me where i used double standarts... You told me a few posts ago that you had already show'd me where i applied double standarts, and you still fail to prove that...
  5. Please buff me 410...

    You mean that screenshot? As far as i know it was GermanSoldier who posted it.
  6. Please buff me 410...

    Please show me where i applied double standarts
  7. Please buff me 410...

    I could still say the same about your side. Trying to keep this conversation going and trying to prove who's right who's wrong and who's the bad guy wont lead anywhere, none of us will give up.
  8. Please buff me 410...

    I could say the same for you, KatKiller, Krzysiek5657, tussopolisi666 etc.
  9. Change the way heavy set works

    Jeez, ill reply to this tomorrow since i have to keep pointing out the same stuff and i dont feel like repeating myself again.
  10. Which Upcoming Faction Will You Main?

    Finland / Japanese
  11. 1. Weapon Balance 2. MAPs 3. Armor 2.0 4. Bipods 5. More vehicles
  12. Playing German is fun again!

    No wonder you joined it haha
  13. Change the way heavy set works

    Good ideas. The thing is, with the ammout of scopes out there 1hk would break the game even more. If this was to happend i would like to see scopes removed from inf and recons limited
  14. 5th Wiking Div.

    Im pretty sure the original 5th Panzer is pretty much dead, but they were the best clan in H&G back then...
  15. I like yellow people