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  1. Grinding new toys and farming credits? Players who started playing a week ago hardly count as "veterans". RTS was actually a thing 5 years ago and many veterans bought extra characters. I understand if you staged players can't relate to this - but at least you got a compass now so you can find your way to the point. Congratz!
  2. I too have more than enough soldiers and I have had no problems, except for the warning message. For me, this update is great since I can remove all those soldiers that was once supposed to be a general or that I simply don't use because thrash loadouts. Rare, perhaps, but common for many veterans.
  3. ? You can have 30 on each faction still. What is the problem? I recommend you all to calm your tits and read the change log.
  4. You guys high or something? This is the only requested feature for veterans we have seen in a long time.
  5. Sqeek

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Well, the discord moderators might not be the brightest shining stars out there. And no - discord cannot replace the forum. It is a chat. I bet the average active age of the discord users is 10-15 years younger compared to these forums, which also shows. But then again, we already know what kind of crowd Reto want to cater.
  6. Sqeek

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    "Downloading cheat... INJECTING... Have fun!" Is he loading the game extra fast? Is the windowed mode? Is it the fade out in the end of the video that is the cheat? Or is it just because he is Russian? Or is it his other video where he is killing bots with a big crosshair covering half the screen? I failed to see any cheat... only noticed the brainless kids plaguing this game nowadays. But hey, I guess you and like 90% of the re-tarded HnG playerbase see many cheats in this video. @OddBall06 perhaps you can explain, you are an expert in seeing cheaters all the time.
  7. Sqeek


    Really, I thought it was more like you and Schilly. The date I joined the forums does not correlate with the date I started reading it, nor the date I started playing the game. Massive updates are just not gonna happen, especially considering two more developers just left the burning wreck. Removing HS will simply have too much of a negative impact on the game play for it to be possible. I mean, who wouldn't use a OHK gun? Remember when PTRD was a laser? That was simply insanely broken in the hands of a good player. Now put a scope on that old PTRD and give it 5 bullets. No thanks.... I agree. BUT, playing this game without HS is about as cancer as it goes. It has nothing to do with blindly rushing the objectives or "needing crutches". It is simply that anyone who spots you can just easily one click you down, and you can't do shirt about it without HS. That is NOT promoting active offensive game play, nor is it fun. If people want to play Vasili and farm, they can join the recon only mode and kill bots - that is what it is there for.
  8. Sqeek

    Cheaters everywhere, do something!

    You people crack me up
  9. Sqeek


    Interesting. Who are these skilled players you're talking about? From my experience, skilled players are more like: "Playing this game without HS is pure cancer." Meanwhile, I see unskilled players saying: "Please, remove the health hack, eh, I mean HS, I want to sit in a bush and use my BA. This is skill to me."
  10. Sqeek

    many esp and radar hacks

    If you would ever get out of tank vs tank in staged, perhaps you would have to chance to meet us.
  11. Sqeek

    many esp and radar hacks

    Don't turn the tables? Are you serious? You're the one coming here accusing people of cheating. I asked you to bring any type of proof. It could be a clip, a screenshot, anything. But you can't do it. (And don't send me one of those stupid clips from youtube, featuring some guy killing bots in the Beta with an alleged ESP) If you want to see people not cheating, just open the game and play. I'm not gonna deliver that to you. Oh, and sure, download those hacks youre talking about and give them your credit card number. I am sure the Internet Police would never let them hurt you.
  12. Sqeek

    many esp and radar hacks

    Okay Normal thing? Once every 1000 hours that you stumble on an obvious cheater is quite rare, imho. Haven't seen any since they started with their anti cheat software anyhow. But please, instead of accusing players, show me some proof and convince me. I didn't say there are no cheaters. I just said that 99.99% of the hackusators are just too stupid to play this game. They just don't understand why they keep getting killed. Imagine someone who has been playing since 2013 and still doesn't know how to separate a hacker from some random guy who kills him. I didn't really bother watching, but didn't look like it was someone cheating in HnG. Yes, please accuse me of hacking. I didn't play today so I didn't get my daily dose of angry PMs.
  13. Sqeek

    many esp and radar hacks

    I was killed by a guy two times in a row once. Reported him directly, must have been some amazing hacks. Also....
  14. Sqeek

    New stupid players

    You actually believe this?
  15. Sqeek

    Starting Locations

    You should have voted for something else then: GE won a war now or why do I see so many complaints?