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  1. Sqeek

    Which one is better, M2 Carbine or AVS-36???

    As captured, probably yes. When modded, no.
  2. Sqeek

    Faction balancing

    This is what clans and organized groups does in general tbh. Especially nowadays since there is literary 0 opposition in 99% of the games, seeing how most of the good veterans are long gone. I am sure you know everything about veterans and their playing habits, please elaborate.
  3. Since I don't have all the stats, I wouldn't be able to tell where the difference lies. But if you think the buff mentioned is also going to buff the hipfire accuracy, then maybe that is the case. ARs are not performing as good as SMGs with hipfire, but they are not far from. M2 being the best, closely followed by the STG. AVS is just far behind them.
  4. Sqeek

    this game actually rewards you for being toxic

    There are very few cheaters in this game. (period) And yes, over 6 years I have seen less hackers than can be counted with the fingers of one hand. Please, do us all a favor and don't talk about things you obviously have no clue about. No way anyone could run 3 KD in this game without hax?! About the rest. Yea, being toxic is the way to play the game. Problem?
  5. Actually, the reload is exactly what it used to be. They reduced the reload time but also nerfed the Fast Reload badge. They exactly compensate to be like it always been. Recoil is good. The other ARs should have the same type of kick. However, the randomness (sway) is way too big. M2 used not to have any recoil and recently they decided to remove any visible recoil on the STG as well. Makes no sense! Not long ago tight grip was viable on both STG and M2. (AVS was just too superior back then, but still). And people talk about macros? Wtf? Still one of the best, if not the best SU gun - apart from SVT of course.
  6. Any thoughts on the hip firing ability on the AVS vs M2/STG? You know, as of now, the AVS is quite noticeably worse than M2/STG. Increasing the camera recoilup on the AVS isn't really gonna help.
  7. My telephone is twice as fast https://gadgetversus.com/processor/intel-pentium-g4560-vs-apple-a14-bionic/ So, basically yes, it is bad. I got the AMD 5900X now with RTX 3070. Running much smoother than on my old Intel i7, but the game is just so poorly optimized. It is barely using neither my CPU or GPU. I am running everything on low btw.... (Oh, and don't buy Intel, it's trash!)
  8. Sqeek

    Feedback from a veteran returning

    Well, we used to have Reto.Desji, right? He quit years ago. I guess he was too frustrated with working on map projects for years, never to see them on live. Then we briefly had another map maker who didn't achieve anything before being laid off during the great purge. Redbjarne was working a bit on the maps before they took their toll on him and he too quit. I mean, a few years back, the excuse was that they were all working on new back end stuff to make map making faster. That lasted two+ years. After that, it was the assets, which also took a few years. When that all was done, there was no resources anymore for making new maps. Instead, focus was put on breaking existing maps by adding rocks, floating objects and other neat treats. As it looks now, there will be no new maps. We can only pray that the eastern-river-castle map never reaches live. None wanna play that. The 2013 city map on the other hand would be nice, but that is just never gonna happen.
  9. Sqeek

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Macro? On STG or AVS? This community is getting dumber by the day.
  10. Sqeek

    hackers, a lot of them

    You better be fast or the chinese will report you for the same hacks!
  11. Wait a minute... You're playing the game on your iPhone 4 on GSM connection and then you blame people for cheating? Your statements about this game are as believable as your statements about the Amazon forest.
  12. Sqeek

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    Stop this BS complaining about hackers. You obviously have absolutely no clue what you're talking about and you're making a fool of yourself.
  13. Sqeek

    We always lose.

    According to my statistics (aka facts gathered from army chat) hackers are the most common reason why people ever die in this game. Roughly 68% of the enemy consists of hackers/macro users. If you're doing random queue and get bad team mates on a shirty lane, the number increases to 82% and will most certainly result in a loss.
  14. Sqeek

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Is it a bad thing that Reto after all these years finally started caring about weapon balance? I don't so. But yes, with a bit of practice you can make the AVS a beast. The AVS doesn't suck. Guess... Not sure of who you're writing to here. But, I believe it is quite common for players from different factions to write in this forum. If you don't like that you could have your own little discussion in a SU only discord server or similar. Sure. "Challenge" accepted. Average score? Higher KD? Perhaps that is because the AVS is used in another way compared to the M1/M2 for example. Same weapon class, different play style. It is not bad, not at all. The standing sway, on the other hand, is annoying for anyone using the gun and I believe it is even harder for new players to handle. I have previously written this many times on these forums, but compared to the other ARs the standing sway is just ridiculous. I believe that is the main reason why there are so many complaints on the forums.