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  1. Laudan is like an institution in axis chat... and hillarious to play with in general
  2. nice work really hope Reto get "inspired"
  3. i just drop this once again... remove HS bagde from game and do rebalance of all guns accordingly.... this way the gear gap bewteen new and old players will be less, and game will be more skill inclined
  4. i agree, but as i said, im not sure if there is different in timers... have never looked for it in HnG
  5. have you tried this combo on the AA guns?
  6. i reported it for youtube as well, usually that does the trick, and if not Reto actions will
  7. go into a assault match and try shoot on wall and see how long they stay, then change settings and try again, but im pretty sure (without knowing 100%) that the timer is the same disregarding the settings
  8. the decals are timed and will dissapear after some time, at least if working as intended
  9. ive seen him too alot of times in SU, but some time ago since last encounter... Nice video btw Bera
  10. i use it all the time, no need to remove
  11. all matches are recorded, but as data not as video... thier system will then regenerate whatever battle they want to have a closer look at. This way they can keep every record while only using a "small" amount of storage.. dunno exact size, but its no near video sizes for sure
  12. just pipe it... you do realise i play just as much SU as US these days right... i perfectly know what is good and not, and SU got some good guns... maybe to much blyat on the mods i dunno, but i can do same scores wheater i play Axis, US or SU, there is differences ofc.... but they are far from as outspoken as some guns used to be. Maybe more practice in FPS i think. The SU clannies i play with have no hard time raking up scores either so.... someone is lying or just plain bad at FPS.
  13. spot on as always... and no Jacky95, Retox in current state is not up for what you want....
  14. all good suggestions..... execpt, i doubt Retox could handle any bigger maps or more players in a match for that matter (based on current state of game/engine)