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  1. if you had the slightest clue, you would know that MM among many other thing dosent quite work as intended, despite Reto's various claims...
  2. 1: German attack and victory at Fort Eben-Emael. German paras took the Belgium fort by complete suprise, and for long the Belgium soldiers didnt know what happened outside the tunnel of the big comnplex, this attack made the whole Ardennes offensive possible for the Germans - Read More 2: Airborne attack on St. Mére-Église, by 502nd 101st Airborne... I had the pleassure of meeting one of those guys from 502nd, last week during my latest visit in Belgium. His name is Guy Whidden, 94 years strong and one hell of a storyteller. He fought from D-day and 1.5 years ahead until he got wounded, and was hospitaltized in France for 1 year, before returning to the states as instructor. - Read More 3. Well so much to choose from so ill go with the battle at Arnhem (Market Garden), though considered a failure its still a good display of fighting and how minor things can have huge impacts. - Read More
  3. Biggest problem with game is Reto.RB... nothing more nothing less
  4. no matter who did what and why, Reto broke the game immensly now.... what happened in old days is no more, and will never be again, they fooked it all up
  5. i log in one of my accounts, look at soldiers, then wonder if i should deploy at's... but i usually just end up with hitting x in corner lately, also bought other games instead of renew vet.ship on accounts
  6. exactly how most of us feel these days, Reto pushed all the BS a brigde to far...
  7. yes got that already, also bought SD 1944 and Squad just to play something that is playable...
  8. yes i did the same, i normally always have vet on all my accounts, but instead of renewing my GE and SU vet i bought 2 games... GG Reto
  9. unfortunately playstyle police dont agree....
  10. old sound system was perfect with 3d positiong etc, it just needed better sounds instead of mario kart sounds
  11. srsly? that is fooked beyond fooked.... old soundsystem was much better, it just needed real sounds insetad of mario kart sounds, and ofc only half changelog as usual.... Reto will be history
  12. its one of those things we asked for soooo many times now.... also bummer when you run to some wheels to unlock it, just too see it dissapear in front of you when 5m away.... anyone remember when they tried to fix it so you couldnt spawn a car until old was destroyed? half of match was going by stacking nmy cars at rear to prevent to sapwn a new car.... now that i think, what the love is this mess we are playing
  13. 50 sounds around right maybe a little more, but in that area.... we got told where to go by the plan, and that we did... i did also see alot of old vanished GE players during that war
  14. lol ye that would be pure gold
  15. Gaius is this you?