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  1. Thorning2

    Germany just won Reto

    this place is a time capsule, same shirt going on like 4 years ago....
  2. Thorning2


    funny how that when cheat is mentioned everyone sys there is no aimbots.... that is only one way of cheating, radars work and thrive in HnG for example. And no antichet in the world can stop it if done right
  3. Thorning2

    Your account has been temporary locked

    well the good old memleaks? the insanely high polygon models used at times? The render issues? Hidden Ui elements borking up etc....
  4. Thorning2

    Your account has been temporary locked

    thats your version
  5. Thorning2

    Your account has been temporary locked

    shovels are fine to use in war, unless you use it along a crashing plane, tank in the river etc...
  6. Thorning2

    Pls no more Moscow server

    its not the moscow server itself, its the lines between, think politics and scamming.... also go google it, there is interesting facts and theories on the subject. @HitnRun2016 is touching it abit with the filthering part
  7. why even bother, Reto have the precious data which the use when hammer is in action....
  8. i could be wrong, but i highly doubt Reto-Moto are working on HnG in 5 years, even if company is still around...
  9. Thorning2

    Too many tryhards on US now.

    ayy what? if you try to imply the account got banned then gtfo, ill find you the paypal receipt, this game is piss easy and have been for years, no need to cheat
  10. Reto's anticheat is as wide open as the doors of Mordor... *cough* GPU *cough*
  11. Thorning2

    Too many tryhards on US now.

    sold in 2014 to some US richkid.... gonna log onto Wobix shortly?
  12. Thorning2

    Too many tryhards on US now.

    once there was hope for a better game.... though now there is a bigger chance that babyjebus will appear before that
  13. Thorning2

    Kotton gamer for reto 2018

    and he could chip in with anything else than Reto Pls? nah if they hire him, the world will split in 2 and for sure be the mark of a dead game... maybe customer support as ticket monger perhaps
  14. Thorning2

    The reasson why I quitted and why the game sucks.

    Sad thing is they keep rambling about: "we've seen the inside of RB's mind, game will be great" i mean.... by now every sane person would know that this game is far from great or will be in any foreseable future, its sad, because there is alot of skilled workforce at Reto, they are just compltely locked in position by one man's ramblings
  15. Thorning2


    Jacob have secretly bought shares in all other upcomming WW2 shooters, now he wants bang for bucks