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  1. i dunno if you have 1 or 3 accounts... but try log in and check numbers.... GE aint so overpop as many want them to be, infact that whole underdog bonus is covered in dodgyness... i ditched 3 years of work when i left my axis account, i do still log in from time to time, but its just not fun to play anymore... its amazing GE dosent have a login que as well. And to be fair, with the current way game is working its a big fail by SU that they dont win/steamroll every war... GE are loved the first time they loose 10k troops, where SU just insta deploy and Allied might have a que, but nothing compared to GE. And its not like Reto wasnt warned many times when SU was introduced, and they even said in stream that if they were to launch SU as faction again they would do different, same reason why British most likely wont be standalone faction anyway
  2. nice vid, always love to watch his videos.... looks like he could use TGG when in full auto though apparently they had issues with RNGesus back then too?
  3. i had this same issue in a match, where i got black screen when about to spawn, game crashed and couldnt log back in until after match was over, was only that one time this ever happened to me, i also made a post in bughunters about it
  4. the good old days.... bring it back asap pls
  5. well they did finally admit to having mem leaks which they are looking into.... only took them 2 years to listen
  6. as all the sinkholes wasnt enough
  7. why would anyone add textures to an image? dosent make any sense at all.... usually you render whatever you want with textures etc including when you making images, they even showed how they did in a stream...
  8. you cant... but like if you said yourself have a R12 pilot and make a new... then you indeed can have a plane at before general.... and alot have 2 pilots
  9. you can.... want me to show you?
  10. you can still have the plane at's before general really.... but this have been pointed out many times, as soon one char in account meet war req all chars can be used regardless.... imo only chars that meet the lvl req etc should be able
  11. just report them, any action towards farming xp in any way while not helping team is a nogo.... on a sidenote, yes medickits are just anotehr cashcow for Reto
  12. Reto fighting desperate to save the boat... or something
  13. When a town is lost and at's retreat, are they meant to reatreat to skirmish lines as well? ive seen this happen alot lately.... dont make any sense, why would retreating at's after a lost battle move onto a skirmish line to retreat?
  14. i dunno about 1919, but they sure changed things not mentioned in logs...
  15. do you really need to spam every loving thread with op derails? its not about which guns are best or not, its about Reto "tweaking" stuff and try to hide it...