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  1. Happened to me aswell a couple of times, I thought it was just an unlucky coincidence. But yes, these games tend to end within 10 minutes in their favour while our team plays with 320+ ping. Quite tiresome.
  2. Like: The overall WW2 theme. The RTS/FPS combination. The various weapons, vehicles and skins/camos. (More of these, please) The intenseness of War-battles. Free to play. Dislike: RNG headshots, a very poor way of "nerfing" old players and "buffing" the newer ones. Physics. Drifting cars, jumping with non-existant gravity, tanks sliding down hills, cars blowing up hitting trees at 10 km/h, etc. The limits of squad 2.0, squad leader cadets without aux seats amongst others. Lack of sounds one would expect to hear on the battlefield, like distant artillery, voice commands, voices from radios, amongst others others. Still no character customization, nor armor 2.0.
  3. Or better yet, exploding into thin air from hitting a bush at 10kph
  4. Seems like a very promising update, although rather small considering the "radar silence" since the latest major update two months ago. (1.6) with the medkits. New handguns are always appreciated and the sound has been in need of an overhaul for as long as I can remember (almost three years). Maybe this is just the beginning before a complete overhaul of every gun and vehicle sound once the new "sound system" is implemented. One can always hope. Overall it looks really good, but I do hope they throw in something extra, such as additional vehicle paintjobs, the new "rusted" gun skins, as seen in the game folder and so forth. +1 for Reto.ChristianO, happy as always!
  5. The hotfixes from today really did it for me, I'm happy to have gotten rid of that cesspool of a chat burnt into the UI. Moreover I'm glad the Battle info in War mode now shows everything in the same place without the separate tabs when cherry picking a battle. However, it would be nice having it in the ordinary MM as well. (When you've found a battle using the MM you still have three tabs rather than one summary window?) Finally, I find it more comfortable/logical having the resources on the bottom of the window and having the player list above. Probably because I'm more used to it from the previous layout, though. Anyway, it got better but could use some extra tweaking. Cheers.
  6. Probably the three new pistols shown in the game folder atleast, and perhaps a few of the "new" vehicle paintjobs. Armor 2.0 is somewhat of an urban legend, so I think it's pretty far from done still, same regarding bipods and the player customization, helmet covers, etc. Although RB claimed it not "being a huge task once the data structure behind it is done". - Devstream #66. But still not prioritized - Devstream #85 or 86, I think. If I'm not completely mistaken Robotron3000 mentioned something in a post a few days ago the whole team being somewhat involved in the upcoming update and the reason behind the delayed devstream was they wanted to show something "more complete". So I guess it's a bigger update with something more groundbreaking compared to the recent "1.0x" builds. Either it's something which has been requested for a long time (hopefully new sounds or the Russian themed maps), or something very few have even considered. There's not much one can do other than speculate when the devstreams are so rare nowadays, sadly.
  7. While I like the aestethics of the new UI I hate to say the UX has suffered. The only major complaint I have is the lack of having everything at the same place. I find it overly complicated having three separate tabs for "Summary, resources and details - player count - Thank you for finally adding it back!". My first impression was that the Summary should show it all in the same window. I find it extra frustrating (time consuming) trying to read the available resources and manage my aux-seats based on them. Especially with the mix of white, gray and black. "It raises the cognitive burden to navigate and getting the task done" as interface-designer J. Tidwell would have expressed it. -Apart from that I think the much darker MM screen now doesn't fit in very well with the much brighter "H&G mainpage", they should be matched together with the same, or more similar colours. Summary; Good update, but the UI is a bit overly complicated.
  8. I'm glad! I got a bit mixed up translating it from Danish to English while still having the original quote in Swedish in the back of my head, being more or less identical to the Danish one except for the spelling. Oh yes, there are countless, great quotes from Lindgren's various characters.
  9. I think "I have never done it before, so I'm most certain to succeed". would be a quite accurate translation. Any native Danish speaker is free to correct me, though! Cheers
  10. The Adams conefire is, without any doubt the dumbest and most tideous "feature" I've encountered in any competetive multi-player game. Tap A and D, hold or tap LMB and wait for an instant kill, the higher ROF your weapon has, the greater the chances of winning. Or everyone's favourite, when you are 5m behind an enemy with an smg, you have the time to put 5-6 bullets in his back, yet he simply turns around, fires two shots killing you with a headshot. Please, just remove it. Sure if it benefits some new players, but I doubt the frustration of everybody else (new as well as older players) is worth it.
  11. In my point of view it's average. I suppouse the tutorial is somewhat helpful to new players, but it should have included more tips and hints in terms of: how to destroy a tank, when and how to use an APC, etc. But I guess it's better than nothing. I would, however have hoped for something for the other players as well. Such as a vehicle paintjob or similar.
  12. Reto.Circinius stated in some post a couple of days ago, (which I unfortunately haven't been able to find again), something like: "We are aware of the autoresolve-system is being exploited, leading to fast an unfair war wins, we are investigating it". So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what'll happen in the upcoming weeks? months?.
  13. If I'm not completely mistaken the Panther G model in game has the Ausf. A exhaust pipes, meaning it has four thinner ones rather than two thicker. Please note this is just what I've seen from the various models in War Thunder, (comparing the D, A & G models). Moreover I'm not certain if the different Panther models had any specific, standard exhaust pipes for the very model or if it varied depending on the resources the factory had. But yes, I agree, the bigger exhaust pipes look more modern and "cooler". Unfortunately, I don't think Reto will make any changes to existing vehicles if they are just slightly incorrect. Maybe if they decide to add the steel plate cover for the support gunner on the StuG III in the same go.
  14. I think it might come today anyway before noon. They usually release builds on Wednesdays, which makes sense (Monday, Tuesday - final testing. Thursday, Friday bughunting and hotfixes). Besides, in the latest devstream they said the next build (1.04) is scheduled for the 24:th of February, so it would be strange if 1.03 wasn't released today or tomorrow at its latest.
  15. Couldn't have put it better myself.