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  1. There's has been a dedicated topic concerning tank sights and periscopes in the Reference regiment since approximately a year back. My take would be that tanks, as such would get a protected 3PV, whether it'll be part of armor 2.0 or actually implemented/released in the end is another question though
  2. Was it issued preliminary to paratroopers or infantry? I think it would be a great substitute to paratroopers as they don't have access to the Green pea camo. It would, of course, look nice on infantry as well. On a sidenote I am still waiting for the spring/summer version of the Oakleaf-camo, which I find quite odd it hasn't been implemented yet. If I am not mistaken it was more common than the green pea?
  3. [Weapon Suggestions] Shotguns

    My only real problem with adding shotguns into the game would be the apparent difficulties of balancing them with the rest of the weapons. My immediate assumption is that they would either work as a close-range BA. Or even worse, that they would be bugged to the extent that one of these "shotgun projectiles" to the face would be enough for an instant kill (which is already a severe problem with every other weapon due to the Adams conefire). Compare it to the M26 Mass from Battlefield 3 and 4 and how long it was ridiculously overpowered for several months, if not years before it got nerfed.
  4. 1, RNG is by far the worst mechanic in H&G's current state. I would gladly see some drastic changes (unless it, at some point, will be removed completely). I'll just leave it as that since everyone probably has atleast ten examples of undeserved deaths and kills due to this "feature". 2, Yes, Heavy set has become too much of a "must" due to 2HK SA and 1HK BA. While I think the removal of it would make "proper balancing" a much easier task Reto will never get rid of it. Although, giving them some sort of disadvantage would be a good first step, such as, you mentioned, decrease sprint-time, or similar. +1
  5. Finland: Tech tree

    Paljon onnea, Finnish brethren. Happy independence day!

    Why they chose to change the colour from white to dark (barely visible) red is, for me as much of a mystery as Squad 2.0 or Spawn 2.0. I have seriously no clue why you would want to keep white crosshairs while deployed on foot and red while in vehicles? Does this make any sense? From my perspective, it only brought effort headaches while trying to distinguish players hiding in shadows, planes dodging behind/between trees with a dark crosshair on a, generally dark background. My two cents; If you think a new standard colour for crosshairs are a necessity, please, atleast provide the option of keeping the previous version. Or, as @_Finnish_Gamemaster_ suggests, allow players to customize the colour themselves.
  7. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #6

    As the new helmet covers have been confirmed for the upcoming 1.09 update. Would it be possible to make something similar for pilots or tankers, such as captain's hats or tanker's berrets? On a sidenote, will boots, overcoats and shoes/boots of choice in general be available in future updates? (Customization reaching beyond headgear).
  8. Yes please. I can't imagine what the size of, for example the scoreboard would be in 4K. But even in 2560x1440 it is, for me atleast, too small to be of greater use at a fast glimpse.
  9. Spotting Gives Extra XP?

    Yes, recons should be encouraged to do something else than playing the typical sniper role. Moreover, recon planes would also benefit from being rewarded with spotting XP as their overall impact on the battlefield is usually very limited. Unless you select HE and chase enemy APC:s and kill the drivers (way too easily). Or if you have the German recon plane, which has proven very effective against any tank lighter than the heavies. However, the official response regarding XP bonuses (1½ - 2 years ago) for spotting was something similar to: This is currently not possible as the current spotting system can't take into account which player who spotted the enemy. Which means spotting XP can't be rewarded to specific players. As the Reto team is proably very dug into the Vehicle/armor 2.0 update atm I'm afraid this won't be a priority in the near future. Good suggestions though!
  10. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    So, as I interpret it, this means that update 1.09 won't contain any "minor" or parts of armor/vechicle updates? If so, what can we expect instead? The announced tier 3 fighters? Vehicle paintjobs, weapon camos?
  11. I know I've already forwarded this question to RB in the upcoming QA-session. However, I do believe Mr. Vashu could give a more detailed answer; Would it be possible to add country borders to the RTS map, If yes, when? I think it would be a minor implementation without any physical coding (only cosmetical), yet a great feature. Does not have to be anything fancy, just a white line would do.
  12. Would it be possible to add country borders to the RTS map? If so, would it require a larger overhaul in terms of back-end code, or could it be fitted within a minor update? I think it would be a small, yet appreciated feature.
  13. Linked picture shows how the hull textures behind the tracks is completely washed out and almost pitch-black. (Please note that this image was taken during the last prototype test, remains the same, however). I think this is what most people are referring to. I too noticed blurred and washed out colors on the live servers this evening, primarily on vechicles. Being inside houses was also very much darker than usual.
  14. When are headshots being removed?

    When the developers, whom claim to play their own game frequently isn't aware of the most obvious and hated "feature" in the game, you know for certain something's fishy. Deeply concerning.
  15. + The new crashing sounds are a nice feature. + Obstacles, such as sandbags seem to be more efficient in stopping cars and bikes than before. + No FPS drops. + Tanks ignore obstacles to a larger extent than before. A good base for future improvement of the traction and acceleration. Potential bugs: Textures becoming very dark on the Panther. (Not seen it on any other vehicles) The crash sound does not always play/register when crashing into the civilan car. (I think)