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  1. I think I speak for the majority of the community when I say this is the exact type of announcements we'd like to read on a regular basis. Always nice to see what's on the road map, as well as its current status. My only complaint with the map in itself from the open test session was the rather confusing interiors regarding the towers with their ladders leading to very tight spots on the roofs and were difficult to get down from, making it hard finding your back to the hallways. (If I remember it correctly). Looking forward to play it again. Nevertheless, thanks for the post, Desji.
  2. I find it rather odd that the very H&G background image contains a German infantry soldier holding a FG-42 while it still hasn't been added in-game. (Old argument, I know). Regardless, the FG-42 should be added for infantry use. The Soviets could have their, at times requested Fedorov assault/battle rifle(?) The M1 Carbines should have a serious buff in terms of damage and/or accuracy. If Reto could implement these changes within one build no one would feel too left-out, hopefully.
  3. I really liked it, good to see some Reto.FormOfLife when the devstreams have become so infrequent. Not quite the same as an ordinary devstream as it felt more personal and free. The content you showed within the first 20 minutes is what people tend to wait for during the entire devstreams without long introductions, news, fan made videos, etc. Meaning you gave us all what we wanted early on without people getting fed up and bored. Apart from what you've already mentioned yourself, regarding the quality of sound/video quality I think you did a great job on your own. It's not quite the same as an ordinary devstreams but close to good enough. (Wouldn't mind having Gargamel, Robotron, Vashu or ChristianO beside you) Cheers
  4. No from me. 1, It would clutter the kill feed. Text, icons and objects clutter the vision in game bad enough as it is. (Objective markers, amongst others). 2, Peoples' often childish and lame weapon names are hardly interesting enough for every player in the game to see.
  5. Agreed, the current UI looks more inviting than this older one. However, the amount of extra pop-up windows makes it too time-consuming to switch aux-seats depending on the battles' resources.
  6. Glad to hear the SA:s are being prioritized regarding the sound overhaul. Every G43 user's prayers have finally been answered.
  7. I agree with you completely, this "feature" has to go badly. I don't mind some sort of balance between newer and older players, however, doing this by an external "luck factor" is Not the way to go. Being insta shot to death by a stock SMG or SA in CQC while he is cleary aiming for your gentlemen's area is plain ridiculous.
  8. I am curious however; Who named the garbage trucks, in which you can dispose bodies? (Badblod - Blodbad - Blood bath). Quite clever
  9. 1, RPD wasn't used during WW2 so that's a no from me. 2, Yes, bipods are needed, but no one knows when they'll be implemented, if ever. (Requested since 2013, atleast) 3, Nah, it would just result in a shirt-storm on the forums regarding "OP tanks" which can't be destroyed at all if faced frontally due to the sloped or too thick frontal armor. 4, Yes. 5, Don't see the need to be honest, we need a coastal map, yes. However, in terms of running to a certain death the A3-A4 hill before the new spawn-system was implemented was bad enough. 6, Yes, it would be a nice addition. 7, Yes it would be an interesting way of letting infantry deal with armored units, other than the ridiculous hand-held AT-weapons. 8, Yes, many weapons and vehicles in game are in need of a better sound. 9, Would be cool, yes. More imersive sounds are needed in general. 10, Helmets aren't really that bulletproof from any calibre greater than 7.65mm/.32 cal. However, anything that can decrease the RNG instant headshot madness have my blessing. Cheers
  10. Happened to me aswell a couple of times, I thought it was just an unlucky coincidence. But yes, these games tend to end within 10 minutes in their favour while our team plays with 320+ ping. Quite tiresome.
  11. Or better yet, exploding into thin air from hitting a bush at 10kph
  12. Seems like a very promising update, although rather small considering the "radar silence" since the latest major update two months ago. (1.6) with the medkits. New handguns are always appreciated and the sound has been in need of an overhaul for as long as I can remember (almost three years). Maybe this is just the beginning before a complete overhaul of every gun and vehicle sound once the new "sound system" is implemented. One can always hope. Overall it looks really good, but I do hope they throw in something extra, such as additional vehicle paintjobs, the new "rusted" gun skins, as seen in the game folder and so forth. +1 for Reto.ChristianO, happy as always!
  13. The hotfixes from today really did it for me, I'm happy to have gotten rid of that cesspool of a chat burnt into the UI. Moreover I'm glad the Battle info in War mode now shows everything in the same place without the separate tabs when cherry picking a battle. However, it would be nice having it in the ordinary MM as well. (When you've found a battle using the MM you still have three tabs rather than one summary window?) Finally, I find it more comfortable/logical having the resources on the bottom of the window and having the player list above. Probably because I'm more used to it from the previous layout, though. Anyway, it got better but could use some extra tweaking. Cheers.
  14. Probably the three new pistols shown in the game folder atleast, and perhaps a few of the "new" vehicle paintjobs. Armor 2.0 is somewhat of an urban legend, so I think it's pretty far from done still, same regarding bipods and the player customization, helmet covers, etc. Although RB claimed it not "being a huge task once the data structure behind it is done". - Devstream #66. But still not prioritized - Devstream #85 or 86, I think. If I'm not completely mistaken Robotron3000 mentioned something in a post a few days ago the whole team being somewhat involved in the upcoming update and the reason behind the delayed devstream was they wanted to show something "more complete". So I guess it's a bigger update with something more groundbreaking compared to the recent "1.0x" builds. Either it's something which has been requested for a long time (hopefully new sounds or the Russian themed maps), or something very few have even considered. There's not much one can do other than speculate when the devstreams are so rare nowadays, sadly.
  15. While I like the aestethics of the new UI I hate to say the UX has suffered. The only major complaint I have is the lack of having everything at the same place. I find it overly complicated having three separate tabs for "Summary, resources and details - player count - Thank you for finally adding it back!". My first impression was that the Summary should show it all in the same window. I find it extra frustrating (time consuming) trying to read the available resources and manage my aux-seats based on them. Especially with the mix of white, gray and black. "It raises the cognitive burden to navigate and getting the task done" as interface-designer J. Tidwell would have expressed it. -Apart from that I think the much darker MM screen now doesn't fit in very well with the much brighter "H&G mainpage", they should be matched together with the same, or more similar colours. Summary; Good update, but the UI is a bit overly complicated.