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  1. Like: 1, The unique RTS/FPS concept. 2, The new renderer, great job! 3, All the various camos and vehicle paintjobs, more of these, please! 4, The new medic system. 5, Regular updates. Dislike: 1, The lack of realistic sounds one would expect on a battlefield, such as distant artillery fire, music or propaganda from speakers to more realistic weapon sounds. 2, The spawn system. 3, The squad system. Being thrown into a squad with a rank 4 squadleader should not be possible, especially not in War. 4, RNG-headshots. Not fun to be awarded with a non-deserved lucky kill, nor is it fun to be killed by it. 5, Infantry scopes.
  2. Reto.Circinius stated in some post a couple of days ago, (which I unfortunately haven't been able to find again), something like: "We are aware of the autoresolve-system is being exploited, leading to fast an unfair war wins, we are investigating it". So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what'll happen in the upcoming weeks? months?.
  3. If I'm not completely mistaken the Panther G model in game has the Ausf. A exhaust pipes, meaning it has four thinner ones rather than two thicker. Please note this is just what I've seen from the various models in War Thunder, (comparing the D, A & G models). Moreover I'm not certain if the different Panther models had any specific, standard exhaust pipes for the very model or if it varied depending on the resources the factory had. But yes, I agree, the bigger exhaust pipes look more modern and "cooler". Unfortunately, I don't think Reto will make any changes to existing vehicles if they are just slightly incorrect. Maybe if they decide to add the steel plate cover for the support gunner on the StuG III in the same go.
  4. I think it might come today anyway before noon. They usually release builds on Wednesdays, which makes sense (Monday, Tuesday - final testing. Thursday, Friday bughunting and hotfixes). Besides, in the latest devstream they said the next build (1.04) is scheduled for the 24:th of February, so it would be strange if 1.03 wasn't released today or tomorrow at its latest.
  5. Couldn't have put it better myself.
  6. Since I started playing on a regular basis in fall 2014, I've practically always played War for the simple reason; it's the war mode with the RTS-map that make the game unique. Sure, I play a couple of Staged rounds sometimes, either to grind new characters or test out vehicles, weapons etc. faster from new builds. However, since a couple of months back I've gotten the feeling that there are more skilled players (Vets) playing Staged battles ,where more newcomers choose the War-mode. In staged communication within the team has worked better, people seem to know what they're doing, and more important, what they Should be doing. Caping, defending, not camp, not waste vehicles, tanks especially. When I've joined War battles lately I'm often put into a team where the majority have a rank below 7, everybody seems lost and don't care if we win or lose while they camp the bushes, no matter wether we're defending or attacking. So, I don't know, at the moment I feel there are better players playing staged, which gives a more pleasant experience, rather than getting angry with the noobs playing War.
  7. Yes, and the problem is clans queing a specific battle via the RTS-map. And the enemy team they face concist of people (randoms playing alone) unfortunate enough to be in the matchmaker-pool in the meantime, thus getting thrown into that specific battle and get run over completely. If this would happen in Staged as well, I wouldn't mind too much, tbh. where it doesn't affect anyone's AT:s or warfunds atleast.
  8. The spawn system, most out of all things. 1; Random headshots. 2; Squad "leader" cadets. (Squad 2.0) 3; Autoresolves resulting in depleted assault teams withing two hours after they were deployed-> 4 day queue inc. 4; Spawn queue. 5; Infantry scopes. 6; Matchmaking randoms against a full clan team. 7; Vehicle's lack of grip on surfaces. Amongst many other things.
  9. Disclaimer: This topic has nothing to do with the new spawnsystem. So, a few builds back (I think). You are no longer allowed to spawn from other lines linked to the main objective. For example: You are defending O2 on the Train station map against attackers from B-line while the lines A and C are yours. If O2 falls you are no longer allowed to spawn on A3 or C3 to recap it, nor anywhere else on the lines in question for that matter. Making them useless and only serve as free XP for the attackers. While your team's only chance to recap is by attacking from O1. In my opinion this makes the game too linear and removes alot of the strategic value of having multiple lines as defender. Second scenario; Again as defender, let's say Town map, (Medium sized French village). You are defending against attackers from D and E-line. Both teams have tanks at their disposal. Your team manage to close E-line, meaning you only have to deal with D-line to attack (close if possible), or simply defend until the game is over. However, if you decide to attack and close D-line aswell you're not allowed to spawn tanks, nor APC:s on E1 in order to flank them, making it alot easier to capture. Instead you have to spawn all back on O1 or O2 if you want to spawn anything else but cars or motorcycles. Why were these restrictions added? Because it made attacking severely harder for the attackers? If anyone knows the exact reason or have any thoughts on whether it's good or bad, please comment. Cheers, Makcen.
  10. Played for a total of some seven hours. Had better and more stable FPS than usual on all maps, except for Train station which I didn't get the chance to try. No lag spikes, glitches or chrashes noted. I did, however, as Timberwolf581 stated get a total of eleven 24 hours membership packs during phase 1 of the prototype from various occasions (Christmas, Halloween, independance day, etc). Great and stable prototype apart from that.
  11. No you can't, however you can buy academy trained soldiers. E.g a lieutenant or a Major.
  12. Is it supposed to be working now? First it kept crashing just as I was about to join the battle, after I reinstalled the prototype it says: "Your account priviliges do not include access to the game". Is it a bug or is the server simply "full"?
  13. Congratulations to a well-picked build-name!
  14. The Nebelwerfer would be really cool, imho. How would it work, though? fixed positions, towed behind APC:s and trucks? (Would probably be too heavy for cars) or as an add-on to the existing Sdkfz 251 model? (Wurfrahmen) not the Sd.Kfz.4/1 entirely dedicated to the rockets, I mean.