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  1. I know I've already forwarded this question to RB in the upcoming QA-session. However, I do believe Mr. Vashu could give a more detailed answer; Would it be possible to add country borders to the RTS map, If yes, when? I think it would be a minor implementation without any physical coding (only cosmetical), yet a great feature. Does not have to be anything fancy, just a white line would do.
  2. Would it be possible to add country borders to the RTS map? If so, would it require a larger overhaul in terms of back-end code, or could it be fitted within a minor update? I think it would be a small, yet appreciated feature.
  3. Linked picture shows how the hull textures behind the tracks is completely washed out and almost pitch-black. (Please note that this image was taken during the last prototype test, remains the same, however). I think this is what most people are referring to. I too noticed blurred and washed out colors on the live servers this evening, primarily on vechicles. Being inside houses was also very much darker than usual.
  4. When are headshots being removed?

    When the developers, whom claim to play their own game frequently isn't aware of the most obvious and hated "feature" in the game, you know for certain something's fishy. Deeply concerning.
  5. + The new crashing sounds are a nice feature. + Obstacles, such as sandbags seem to be more efficient in stopping cars and bikes than before. + No FPS drops. + Tanks ignore obstacles to a larger extent than before. A good base for future improvement of the traction and acceleration. Potential bugs: Textures becoming very dark on the Panther. (Not seen it on any other vehicles) The crash sound does not always play/register when crashing into the civilan car. (I think)
  6. Couldn't agree with you more. The two mentioned is, on my list two of the most game-breaking and frustrating mechanics I've ever encountered in a game.
  7. You are definitely right. The aux seat system at current point is a mess, both for newer as well as older players. A tutorial in-game on how to use them effectively (or at all) would benefit everyone. Better yet, to simplify the UI and decrease the amount of pop-up windows and thus make everything important, in this case the aux-seat management box visible the moment the MM has found a match. I can understand it is difficult to grasp for a new player to understand and use aux-seats, but when even skilled level 17 players don't have the appropriate aux seats in a war-game, one cannot say the system works. Regarding the conefire I have, today been headshoted at 50+ meters from an STG44 from the side while driving a M3A1 halftrack. Been headshoted from a stock M3 Grease gun from the same distance. Furthermore, an overwhelming amount of my deaths from several games have been due to instant headshots, be it in CQC or over great distance. So I don't think they have made any changes to the conefire-shirt. Sadly
  8. Could you eventually, at some point introduce tier 1 & 2 weapons, equipment, vehicles etc. within the same builds? Meaning, for instance that the veterans of the game also get a new "toy" rather than being left out with nothing when builds dedicated to tier 1 equipment gets released? An example of this would be to expand the upcoming 1.08 build and introduce the upcoming tier 3 fighter planes along with the planned tier 1 fighters.
  9. AT's not earning XP and WF's

    I'm having the same issue. Today my medium fighter AT was deployed in a battle. Involved players did a really good job and destroyed close to 20 tanks ranging from lights to tank destroyers. My AT did, however not earn one single XP point. I have had the issue before where mentioned AT has earned practically nothing during really good games (10-15 XP for 15+ destroyed tanks). I have deployed and used it regularly the past two years. Despite this I'm not even halfway to being able to upgrade to the heavy fighter AT. The officer commanding the AT did not earn any XP either. P.s, I accidentally closed the game before I could fetch the Mission ID, but it was the battle of "Vigevano" on the Julius server 13:45 CEST +2.
  10. Tank Track Physics?

    Very interesting find. I knew Sweden made some extensive tests of the various WW2 tanks in the mid- late 1940's, What I did not know was that they actually possessed a working Panther along with a semi-working Tiger II. Ironically the Swedes decided to keep their M/41 (PzKfw. 38) until the late 1950's despite them knowing how inferior they were to basically every other tank availabe since the early 1940's. Back on topic: Thanks for posting. It would be really nice to see if the next update will bring anything near to these kinds of physics. (One could hope atleast). Cheers
  11. "Friendly mine destroyed". Furthermore I think it should be punished with a penalty of, let's say -5 XP. Penalties are usually a rather quick way of sending an important message.
  12. Will the future plane customization, e.g choosing desired amount of bombs in the loadout (4x50, 2x100, 1x250) etc be implemented in such a way that the back-end structure can be implemented (inherited) towards future aspecets of customizations regarding infantry (camo and helmets) and vehicle loadouts - logs, extra machineguns, stronger engines, etc? In short: Will the underlying code structure for selectable bomb loadouts speed up the process of implementing other types of customization, regarding vehicles and infantry or will these require a completely different code structure?
  13. Seriously RETO ?

    Personally I'm rather fed up with these micro-builds introducing more tier 1 vehicles and equipment leaving the vets empty-handed. Tier 1 planes, tier 1 pistols, etc. As I'm not very familiar with the various aircrafts of WWII, I can't really question the chosen aircrafts in matter of which are better than which and how. However, I almost hope they will give the 1.08 another few weeks, or a month even just to release the future top-tier fighters at the same time. The (P-51, La-7 & FW-190). This in comparison to getting three new planes, some new vehicle mechanic and then wait another few months for anything, hopefully usefull for a veteran. Just my two cents, sorry if I derailed the topic. Cheers
  14. If I understood @Reto.KenSolo correctly they will launch a new biweekly devstream with RedBjarne in late August called "QA & Why" one week and the ordinary Q&A (Frontline) devstream with Circinius the other. Furthermore they will keep up with the ordinary devstreams tied to the release of the new builds as usual. When it comes to replying on the forum posts, however. I guess we'll just have to wait and see for any potential changes in feedback frequency. I would, however like to give big cred to CristianO who actually replies quite often when summoned. Not least Desji who actually is rather active on the Map feedback section. But yes, I agree with you. The more feedback they provide the better for everyone. Nobody likes being kept in the dark and having wild guesses regarding what's on the road maps and why. Cheers!

    Typing an entire post in caps won't increase the chances of them reading it, I'm afraid.