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  1. The macros are a bannable offense and we had confirmed cases where people would get bans whenever they recorded themselves. There is nothing more to discuss about the topic apart from how fast they catch macro abuser. Because I'd wager since they reduced their staff that time is probably in months rather weeks.
  2. WmXLT

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    Holy crap this post is cringe. You do realize this is a game right? Also, how else are you going to be unbiased if you never played other factions. Honestly opinions of these GE players of honor and loyalty are usually so far from reality its not even funny. p.s. You should reflect on the player limit thing since what you are asking is stupid for plenty of reasons.
  3. Convenient thread... Although it seems these pop up at constant rate anyway. So recently got back into tanking since I bought a 2nd tank character. And my experience has been pretty much unchanged. Tank V tank encounters take too long and flanking because of rocks is stupid. Apart from that I dont see anything problematic, especially since using a tank is so damn basic in this game unless you are speaking about knowledge of components. AT rambos v tanks is still mostly about abusing choke points and controlling most used approaches. Also having MG on RMB makes it super easy to deal with individual AT rambos. Problem only occurs than a third of the team is too pissed off at you that you are constantly killing them which usually results in tank being destroyed and even then you take so much pressure of off your team that its a pointless exercise if spamming light tanks. But who cares since at that point you are already within double digit kills on 1 spawn which by the way is broken as hell. Honestly, my opinion is that people use tanks ALL the time even if they dont fit the map/line and expect it to work giving them infinite K/D. Also maybe the field maintenance have something to do with the tanks you are using... There is really no point to spawn anything, but a light tank VS infantry. And if you are spawning something heavier to deal with enemy tanks you need to maintain distance.
  4. I voted to keep the current multiplier. That is because of a couple of reasons: 1. Skill ceiling is higher with headshot ratio that OHKs. Reason being that there is a significant amount of reward to aim for the head, no matter the gun although there are exceptions, but they are a minority. 2. It equals out the bad guns a bit, if user is quite adept at shooting at least a bit. For instance you can pretty much fight most guns up to certain range with a PPD because it has that headshot multiplier. If it didnt the PPD would be even more of a garbage tier weapon. 3. I dont get this fixation on random headshots. If they are random you are just as likely to not get headshot because of the gunplay conefire mechanics. Sure there are baseball shots, but how do you know they were not aimed or flicked by the guy you are playing against? The tickrate of the server is 20 hz which is barely telling the story of what ACTUALLY happened. 4. Some guns have particularly low TTK because they are so easy to headshot, hence if you make it harder to headshot you already throw balance out of the window and will require multiple guns to be changed again. This is not that much of a problem in of itself, but Reto has no resources already so I would avoid this.
  5. WmXLT

    Can we end One Hit Kill headshots?

    Alright, I thought I wouldnt commit to replying here, but I guess I was wrong. How do you know that the guy that headshot you wasn't aiming for the head? Most of the weapons in HnG basically have little no recoil making them really good at spraying and since most of the meta guns have barely any difference accuracy wise while spraying or tapping what good does your change do to make headshot 2x multiplier. Also, the video you posted is COMPLETELY different game where you play mostly extremely close range, hence getting a headshot is easier since your target is so much bigger. HnG Is the exact opposite of that, where cover is sparse comparatively and you constantly have engagements over 50 meters range assuming its not a stupid bush forest fights. The real problem is CQC fights where hipfire is just way too accurate and there is a bug with most guns that if you press yourself against the enemy and you have the high ground you will score a headshot if you are aiming vaguely in the right direction.
  6. WmXLT

    Quality of US players

    Errr, I dont think you fully understand underdog bonus. It never gave more credits at any point of time. It only adds more XP to rank XP (nothing to ribbons) which you might argue that would make it so you can earn a bit more via higher rank. BUT it is not like if soviets have 70% underdog they get 70% credits in a match... At most if 2 people started at the same time grinding GE and SU I would be surprised if the SU guy would earn 20% more since rank credit gain doesnt scale that hard.
  7. Thats the idea. Have to somehow get your line of humor, if I have to exclude you from videos
  8. Rude, but you know whats not rude? New video:
  9. Well, its not the first time they nerf the gun, so my gun guides are not accurate. Atleast I will not have to come up with video ides. Actually just done all the bosses I wanted to do in PoE, so going back to H&G, although not sure how active I'll be.
  10. The usual nonsensical upload schedule is back! Time to comeback and finish at least some of the requests... Also, need to have an channel update video, to get up to speed with you guys.