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  1. Polaras

    console command

    streamer.maxvideomemory=1 I think its disabled. I watched a vid on it in October I think. I also think they hard coded the object quality because I can't change it in the in game UI. Anyone know how to change that? I hate looking at cardboard trees.
  2. Polaras

    Badge Evaluations

    Don't reduce badge effects, make them easier to get and benefit from. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
  3. Polaras

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    I don't get it, really don't. Either Reto's understanding of FPS transcends my own or the opinion map is unimaginably huge. Sweeping changes and nerfs will do that. If everyone tries everything and anything works, then you succeeded? I don't think we have been on this patch enough to see the new metas emerge, just the over performers. Maybe I don't play enough but you need to see what the counter to over-performers are before doing something about it. Doesn't the STG have the best recoil of the ARs? Its only truly suffering now because the firerate and damage is no longer competitive unless the user takes advantage of the stability to headshot. Too many nerfs in a row when the other weapons simply couldn't find their feet. Now that some other weapons have found their feet, its back to the drawing board on the STG-44. The problem is the carbine has the firerate of a SMG with the medium range performance of a high FR old AVS (but with more bullets) with the recoil of a new AVS. It has everything but accuracy so you need to take something from it. Maybe take damage back from it so you don't nerf fire rate again? The AVS is in a separate category and shouldn't be balanced against the other ARs due to the magazine size and reload time. Yes, it is a good weapon 1v1 at range with time to aim but suffers in other scenarios. The reason why its numbers look good is because the people that use it try to do so in situations that mitigate its weaknesses. Those scenarios are inherently defensive and longer range. When they fail to do that, they just die in cqc when the ammo runs out. It felt like there used to be a lot of build diversity in the AVS, allowing knowledgeable players to mitigate the effects of the changes. Now it is on the edge of too many performance plateaus. Touching accuracy will cause more misses reducing damage per mag. Touching damage reduces damage per mag increases chance of being forced to reload where any other AR would still be able to dispatch 2-3 more enemies. Touching fire rate down will turn it into an STG but without the magazine and stability. Touching firerate up would still leave it shooting slower than the M2 with less magazine and worse hip fire performance. Sounds like its in the middle right, but it isn't cause its not an AR with that magazine and reload. The truly unique thing about it is its single fire performance at range but it sounds like you want to delete that for some fiat. If bi-podded MGs had even less recoil, the avs would never win those exchanges at range and it wouldn't be a problem. Also, wait until the FOV changes. Its not an AR, its a BR. Look at the bullet. Balancing it against the other ARs without taking into account its lack of endurance is just going to ruin it completely into a mediocre weapon for no reason other than shoehorning. Use/introduce a different weapon for this before we have to put 20 7.62x54mmr in a 15 round box a year from now. Its not safe to use the AVS outside of that situation because of the magazine. Reto almost had me thinking they were going to turn this around after years of squinting at pixels and not being able to see around iron sights and actually touching weapon stats. But it seems as if adjusting artificial statistics on weapons is all that's happening here. Will capture weapons get mods? Are we abandoning Asymmetric Balance? Are aircraft maneuverability stats finally going to be cloned? Is the RTS rework design going to be released for critique before reto spends time implementing it? Find out next quarter....
  4. Polaras

    Protoype test: Ground to air balance

    Were we going to increase the ammo count on the IS-2 or was that forgotten? Can we address the hit box size of the internals and cannon on the IS-2 while we are at it? I have a contention with making planes "fun" to fight against by making them this squishy. And that is they are expensive warfunds wise. They really need to be cheapened up if they are going to expect to die to ground fire.
  5. Polaras

    Why US tankers have M1A1 ?

    Can SU tank crews get STG or is this more naked bias cause you saw it in a movie once? SU have no unique weapons on their para or tankers.
  6. Polaras

    Weapon balancing discussion

    Intangible weapon stats such as sight picture and smoke need to be adjusted too. Some weapons are simply not as good as they could be because of lighting changes a few months ago that cause so much white smoke in the sight, you can't see down range. PRTS being the most obvious example. AVS will always have 15 bullets. I'm not sure how you intend to compensate for this deficiency in this model compared to the other ARs without doing something someone will complain about. I doubt it can be if its shoehorned into the AR role rather than a LMG one. "LMG with scope!" I can hear the whining from here. Maybe give it reload? The Russian weapons are almost too different to fit into this neat desirability model without unrealistic changes, such as further ROF drops others have already complained about. Not to distract from the point, there are problems with the game right now that this effort is not prepared to address. Is this a Reto plan or Hades roadmap? Oh, just Hades. OK well can the people actually working on the game weigh in? I'd like to see them defend the handling of the DP 29 and MG 13 given what the other MGs can do, or more specificity cannot do, post bi pod. Assuming this will work as designed, which I don't think it will seeing how FPS evolved post bi-pod, there are still weapons that need to be released to fill out the gaps in what available to specialists.
  7. Polaras

    Completely remove the tanks !

    Enthusiastic agreement. Its faster for a light tanker to deploy a passenger with a RPG (general AT) to deal with an other tank then to deal with it themselves. I play both sides of this. The time it takes for light tanks to kill other vehicles not even tanks is in general too high. Unless you hit the fuel tank, actually attacking an on coming infantry vehicle is futile. Yes you can get the shot right inside the passenger compartment or MG out the occupants but hitting a jeep with a 45mm exploding shell should cause said jeep to flip over and explode, not just continue on its merry way. Same applies to the medium cannon calibers. Tanks are only as lethal as their perception, so I don't think increasing that lethality (direct hit damage of all main cannon shell types) is uncalled for at this point. I think a lot of the frustration from tankers comes from the limited to do anything about the attacker, even if they know they are there. Most tanks are slow. They are going to get in range. They are going to get a critical or immobilizing shot off. It is much more cost effective for two guys on a motor cycle to go tank hunting than for most tanks to fire on other tanks. I also think there is an issue with shooting at tires where the rest of the attack doesn't hit base structure. The tire just absorbs it all.
  8. As much as I like to point out the existence of this as bias, its really a minor issue. The major issue is there are 4 degrees of change stacked up right now and it has caused an entire faction to basically quit and half of another to defect. New LMGs are too strong compared to all the old ones, shot pattern changes rendered bad weapons usable and good weapons godly, "captured" resources change allow for plentiful reinforcements in war (GE), and the event itself gave GE more stockpile so it can deploy even more. The game will never feel good unless changes are iterated on before new ones are made. I'm still playing because I get to do something I've not done before: play RTS on a blank board. GE resets it everyday and since I still have anniversary veteran, I can actually make money unless I really screw up. Its getting old though. The second vet runs out, I'm back to not deploying due to LACK OF INCENTIVE. I like these events but you really REALLY need to limit them to at most 5 wars. Telling the factions that arn't steamrolling to take a break for two weeks every time you have an event must look interesting on metrics. Heck it might even look good cause everyone is on the side that is steam rolling, but IDK. Having faction agnostic assault teams or a social system with faction specific clans that have to lottery into their desired faction at the start of each war would be a solution to this. Obviously that may take some work but while you are refactoring RTS, maybe not that tough to just make assault teams, assault teams. I need some indication that the development process is making head way on technical, balance, experience issues, and content. Otherwise I can't support it. Given the track record, lets say persistent indication of ability to make headway.
  9. I mean the solution here was to not focus energies on bots or staged. I don't play the SimulatedTrainingAndGerneralExperimentsDepartment mode outside of farming and testing, so the bots slowing down the landslide seal clubbing that is staged doesn't bother me in the least... so long as they stay there.
  10. Unacceptable. Thanks for unmasking this systematic unfairness. I was already annoyed that battles could start 7vs4 and the 4 are specialists. Wait times can be resolved by player agency choosing to balance the faction populations at the beginning of each war. Choosing not to do so is a separate problem. Choosing the over populated faction should be properly discouraged if the consequences for doing so are not acceptable from a game direction point of view.
  11. Polaras


    I only got to play the game for 1 year before it... you know.
  12. Polaras

    Update 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    This is disgusting. Why was captured resourced buffed? Truly, what was the point? It is a rhetorical question: resource rarity is suppose to be a balancing pressure.
  13. Polaras

    Update 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    I umm, I haven't had a chance to get back to my desktop yet but uh, the people are voting with their faction choices and the results do not look balanced. I replied to prototype that I would reserve praise for something praise worthy and... well give it a few wars. See how long it takes them to notice the problem. I get the impression Reto screwed it up by making blanket changes to all the weapons without considering faction balance... again. Or maybe just the skill gap of faction agnostic veterans makes any action taken by the dev team moot and the gameplay experience doomed to not improve. I'm slowly becoming convinced that this pattern of whining will continue until Reto can see to it that a patch is released that is not considered by anyone to be good for GE. And I'm not even talking about the guns. WTF is with that captured resources change?
  14. Polaras

    Prototype test: weapon sway

    Seems like a step in the right direction for most full auto weapons. I don't have a refined since or metrics for shooting mechanics, but this is better. I'll reserve praise for when the variant that makes it to live is praise worthy. Anything to smooth out faction balance.
  15. Polaras

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    I'm OK with fixing infantry first but not after a year of it working entirely too well. Probably more significant a balance adjustment then the last round of buffs. Did the functionality of Iron Fist change or is it still too marginal to have an effect on H2K vs armor? Nvm, I found out. I see we have returned to a world were rocket propelled grenades cannot 1 hit a paper jeep if you haven't specced for it. Super realistic and extra fun /s I'm really not sure what you are thinking with captured weapons. No mods is no deal. Its a trap and waste of dev time. Do your metrics really say the only paying players of the game have that kind of credits available?! We need proper social tools, not this, and not bots.