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  1. TheUberMedic786

    When the game starts and loads, the whole game will crash

    I've had the same issue for a while now. I've tried so many different older drivers and nothing works. I have an RTX 2070 laptop.
  2. TheUberMedic786

    Weapon balancing discussion

    Looking good but I have a couple of suggestions: The EIW's ROFs are wayyyy too low. M2 Carbine should stick to its base ROF of 600RPM but it needs its ROF-increasing mods toned down so it can't go over 1k. StG had an IRL ROF of around 500 while the AVS had around 800 so maybe make the base ROF of the StG 450 and the AVS around 700. Soviets current lack anything that fits your definition of an LMG so having the "can't move while firing" thing really sucks the most for the Soviets. Ideally, another weapon would be added to fit this role *cough* Fedorov Avtomat *cough* or just not add it
  3. TheUberMedic786

    Remove Bullet convergence of handheld weapons?

    Basically, the bullets move towards where your face is pointing instead of directly out of the barrel
  4. TheUberMedic786

    Cheeper Repair Costs

    You've got to remember that the M2, StG and AVS are classed under the same catagory as the BA and SA rifles. So they get the EXACT same cost per shot with a scope. Which, I think, is absolutely mad.
  5. TheUberMedic786

    FeDoRoV AvToMaT

    That was me that suggested it for paratroopers cause the Soviets lack a battle rifle for their paratroopers. How fair is it that the US have the JMG and the GE have the FG42 yet we're stuck with SMGs or rifles? If we wanted historical accuracy, why can't we drop with a DP28? Oh maybe cause everyone else would scream bloody murder about how SU paras can drop with an LMG with 47 rounds. The Fedorov Avtomat makes the most sense in terms of balance. And it's not a pre-WWI weapon. It was used DURING WWI and in the Winter War, which depending on the historian, is part of WW2. I've honestly been asking for this gun for YEARS now. I've almost given up but then I remember I did the same for the JMG and that got added...
  6. Technically, only the PPS43 is a "tier 3" SMG and even then, it's worse than the MP40 in nearly every single catagory. Either way, a range buff would be nice. They start to drop off damage at around 20m so far (MP40 has the furthest, Thompson has the closest with the PPS in the middle) so maybe bumping that up to 35m would be nice (PPS should have the furthest value to give it a bit more oomph)
  7. TheUberMedic786

    Three suggestions for new inf scopes

    Did they? I didn't know about this and thought it was the same price. If they take up more screen, then I don't mind the blur being there. It's just annoying with how little you can see right now with the blur. No. Never. I haven't seen as many bush wookie infantry about since the scope update. Then again, I've barely seen infantry in general due to the update but that's another issue.
  8. 1) Reduced price per shot. If they're less effective than before, they should cost less to use 2) Increase how much the scopes take of the screen. These things are fooking tiny! They need to take up at least double the amount of screen they currently do. 3) Remove the blur. Why is there blur on a 1.9x scope?
  9. It's no fun being constantly bombarded by planes cause the enemy team decided 10 planes is easy mode.
  10. TheUberMedic786

    "Take and Hold" - Gamemode Idea

    Bump. We could do with some new gamemodes.
  11. TheUberMedic786

    STG44 Rework Topic

    It just needs more mods Something that increases damage at the cost of ROF and vice versa
  12. TheUberMedic786

    [US] Weapon Suggestions

    How about the Winchester Automatic Rifle AKA the WAR? Bit late but a cool weapon
  13. TheUberMedic786

    Balance Update

    I have no idea why I put that. I meant recoil I've changed it now. But what do you guys think? Both GE and SU get their bullet hoses back, US get their carbines reworked and big LMGs will require more thought on the loadout.
  14. TheUberMedic786

    Balance Update

    Haven't done one of these in a while. Let's see what people say. I'm more going for buffs and reworks than straight up nerfs. SCOPES All scopes for infantry are massively reduced (US can keep their 2.2x, I know GE have 1.5x but not sure about the SU) LMGs Big LMGs (M1919, MG34, MG42, DP28) have increased EP cost by 1 MG42- Each ROF increase mod now increases by 150rpm (max ROF now 1150), base stability increased but adding more ROF has a higher instability (makes needing tight grip more needed when going for super high ROF builds) BAR / JMG - semi auto function removed, replaced with low 300rpm mode FG42 - made available to infantry, no scope option for infantry Hopefully this should bring some balance to LMGs where the bigger LMGs are pretty much just bigger SMGs. GE infantry also get their bullet hose MG42 back and another competant weapon that should be given if US have the JMG for infantry. SMGs PPS-43 - range is increased by 10m before damage drop off and when fully dropped off (instead of putting its damage on par with the MP40, it now has much better range than it to make it more unique, price is reduced to MP40 levels PPSH-41 - base ROF increased to 720RPM, max ROF of 1000RPM, instability increases as ROF increases Stainless Steel Barrel mod for all SMGs now adds +7m to range The German and American SMGs are already in a good place but the Soviet's could use some touch ups. PPS-43 is currently just a side grade to the PPSh-41 so should be priced accordingly and not like an EIW. And since the PPS-43 is worse than the MP40 in literally every single catagory (except mag size), I figured it should have better range than it. The barrel mod for SMGs seemed completely pointless to me so I'm giving it a bit of functionality. Carbine Family All three weapons need a rework. We've been asking for this for years at this point now. M1 / M1A1 Carbine: Damage: 37 (45) Range: 50m + 30 (70 + 20) ROF: 300 (500 max) Accuracy: Between an M1919 and Thompson Mags are replaced with 15rnd mags M1 Carbine is made available to infantry and M1A1 has higher instability than M1 M2 Carbine: Damage: 33 (37 with ammo mod) Range: 45m + 30 (60 + 20) ROF: 550 (675 max) Accuracy: Between a Thompson and StG EP cost increased by 1 The M1 and M1A1 should become something between a pistol and a rifle where it should slot directly inbetween them. The M2 Carbine becomes something similar to the current StG but with more inaccuracy and instability. This should be positioned directly between the Thompson and StG. StG-44 Scharfschütze Barrel - base ROF to 480, +3 damage (37 damage), +25m range (80m now), huge stability increases, huge accuracy increases, lowers max ROF to 550 überladen Barrel - base ROF to 575, reduced accuracy, -3 damage (31 damage), max ROF of 625 Heavy Spring - -25 less RPM, +20m range, stability increase This allows the StG to specialise more into what it could be. It could lean more into the rifle role by using the sharpshooter barrel and allow it to 3HK HSG users or it could become more like an MP40 that has more range and slightly more killing potential. AVS-36 Heavy Spring - -40RPM, + 40m to range, stability increase Just wanted a heavy spring option for my AVS. Still rather strange the M2 is the only one with the option yet the StG or AVS, which would benefit the most from it, don't get it Pistols Nagant M1895 has damage buffed (with max dmg ammo) to 50 Don't really use pistols that much but it just iritated me that the Nagant has the same damage potential as the P38 while that reloads all its bullets at once and faster and shoots faster. AT Rifles (PzB + PTRD + PTRS) Must be pin point accurate when prone (or when using a bipod once it's added) with minimal sway Scope options for PTRD and PTRS (apparently they did exist and were used but idk) Honestly, who thought adding cone fire to a single shot rifle was a good idea? When standing and trying to aim should have loads of sway since you are trying to aim a super long and heavy rifle without any support but once you're prone or using the bipod, it should be accurate and stable.