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  1. Staged(Elite)

    They need to change their matchmaking to take into account the soldiers gear as well. If a player is running an EIW, then 1 enemy should be using an EIW as well. If someone is using an MP34, then an enemy should be using the PPD or M3 Grease and etc.
  2. Volksturmgewehr and M1 Carbine - Infantry

    Here's what would happen in an ideal world for the carbines: 1. M1 Carbines are reworked In short, they become 3HK HSG weapons with their mags replaced with the 15rnd mags that are much more iconic with the M1. The 30rnd mags only appeared after the conversion kits were issued to make them full auto. Both me and Brosky have good theads on how to rework all the Carbines. 2. Gustloff Volkssturmgewehr is added to infantry and parartroopers for GE When people talk about the Volkssturmgewehr, they probably mean this one. The VG1, 2 and 5 were bolt action rifles while this one is more alike to the StG. It has both a semi auto and full auto variants so it could be made into both an M1 and M2 Carbine counterpart but with changes. These would function similar to how the current M1 Carbines function abeit with a more probable 4HK. "Testing of a captured Gustloff Volkssturmgewehr at a Soviet GAU shooting range showed that it was rather inaccurate, with 50% of the shots at 100 m landing in a circle with 10.2 cm radius and with 100% of the shots at the same distance landing in a circle with a 19.8 cm radius. At 300 m these the corresponding radii were respectively 25 and 50.3 cm. The fixed sights of the Gustloff Volkssturmgewehr made aiming difficult because the Kurz patrone rose some 29 cm above the sightline at 100 m and dropped 43 cm below it at 300 m. " - Wikipedia 3. SKT-40 is added to infantry and paratroopers for SU This is pretty much a shortened SVT-40. Pretty much make it exactly like the current SVT-40 with less range and accuracy. Also has a full auto variant called the AKT-40. Both variants could mount scopes.
  3. dev update

    Monthly big updates again? Finally!
  4. New Anti Tank Weapons

    Just a quick question about the Granatbusche 39, could you remove the grenade launching part of it and use it as how it was originally? (an actual AT rifle, abeit with a bit worse accuracy due to the shortened barrel)
  5. New Pistols Tiers

    The max number of pistol "tiers" we should have is 4: 1 - Pocket Pistols 2 - Handguns 3 - Revolvers 4 - Automatic Pistols (just for the M712 ) What I'd like is some supressors for my pistols for some sneaky beaky assaulting.
  6. Me and Brosky already have good ideas as to what the exact stats could be for the M2. The devs just need to look and apply!
  7. inb4 doom execution animations are added... ...actually that'd be cool
  8. Here's what I propose: - AVS and StG still cost 6 EP base (no ammo) - M2 Carbine gets reworked to be a PDW (inbetween the Thompson and StG) instead of a PPSh clone and has its EP cost increased to 6 (same as StG and AVS) - JMG has its base EP increased by 1 - All LMGs have their base EP increased by 1 (except for BAR) - FG42 is made available for infantry (or MG13 is added for infantry only) So for EP cost (with 1 pouch of ammo), it goes: 5 - Rifle 6 - SMG 7 - EIW (M2 Carbine, StG, AVS) or BR (FG42, JMG) 8 - LMG
  9. STG damage

    I suggested a couple of new mods for the StG in my weapon reworks, buffs and nerfs thread. Here's what I put for extra mod options: Scharfschütze Barrel - base ROF to 480, +3 damage (37 damage), +25m range (60m now), huge stability increases, huge accuracy increases, lowers max ROF to 550 überladen Barrel - base ROF to 575, reduced accuracy, -3 damage (31 damage), max ROF of 625 Heavy Spring - -25 less RPM, +20m range, stability increase The whole idea behind these mods is that you can either go for something that'll be great at range and able to 3HK HSG players with a decent mag size at the cost of ROF (like IDK, an assault rifle? :P) or go for something more alike to a PDW where it'll have more range, accuracy and damage than an SMG but not shoot as fast. It's to give people OPTIONS when it comes to modding. I also suggested to bring the EP cost down by 1 to give it the same EP cost as the JMG and not an LMG. That could make up for the lack of an FG42 for infantry (which seriously needs to happen, the reasoning for it not being available for infantry is BS). I also suggested more mods for the M2 Carbine and AVS to balance this out as well so have a look:
  10. 4hk hsg for M1/M2

    It doesn't need a damage buff. It needs a rework. Both Brosky and myself have made suggestions for it. Mine is linked below: Here's what I put: M2 Carbine: A PPSh clone with just 30 rounds is a big NOPE for me. It should function like a PDW so something between an SMG and the StG. There's two ways to change this gun: change the default stats or make a new barrel mod so if people like the PPSh clone, they can still have it. Weighted Barrel - base ROF to 550, base damage to 33, stability increased with predictable vertical recoil, accuracy made between Thompson and StG, base range to 45m, max ROF of 700rpm, max damage of 37
  11. Battle Royal Game Mode

    This would take 10 years to make at Reto's pace. Remeber, they take AGES to make just a single, small map. Imagine the time taken to make a huge map. That would be nice. Have a squad of player's trapped inside a building with bots coming around from all directions, trying to hold out until you can be picked up. Introduce a revive mechanic and maybe even building structures like MG nests and that would be quite fun to play. Only problem is Reto's time scale. It seems to be the only thing to rival Valve time.
  12. Weapon Reworks, Buffs and Nerfs

    Bump again If I could get a confirmation from a dev that my suggestions have been noted would be nice. Weapon balancing updates need to happen more frequently. Even small bandaid updates would be nice.

    You can see the smirk on the guys face as he says that like "yep that's definately happening"

    inb4 "BUT DA FEEEEEMALES HAV SMAELER HEETBOOXES! OP! OP!" as long as they're only available to what you said, I'm alright with it.
  15. PPSH-41 love

    Well for me it is Thompson - 115.36 kills per hour MP40 - 121.65 kills per hour