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  1. T-Post sight

    The MG34 and MG42 have a higher chance of getting scopes than the BAR and JMG cause they actually had scopes (on the tripods only though)
  2. Some buffs talks - briefly

    Got some exact values for ya. MP40 | Thompson | PPS43 Max ROF: 711 *insert trump meme* | 775 | 705 so putting the PPS43s ROF to 740 ish seems to be about right Range (first is how long it has full damage and the last is the range it drops fully): 22 (67ish) | 18 (59) | 19 (64) So a bump to about 30 (70) should be about right My only problem with that is the proposed ROF values for the M2 would be really similar to the PPS and the MP40 is still really similar to the PPS43 and arguably still worse cause of that -1 damage but idk, maybe the PPS would be the more forgiving SMG compared to the MP40. Also, reduce the price per shot for the EIWs. They're classed as rifles and as such, have the same cost as them while being full auto. That needs to be reduced.
  3. ehhh.... I find a pistol to be more effective than the Carbines. Even SU pistols are more effective than the Carbines. Just for comparison, here's my stats comparing the M1A1 Carbine and the M1895 Nagant which is considered the worst high tier pistol. M1A1 Carbine: 23% accuracy, 3hrs 36mins 59s used, 286 kills, 79.08 kills per hour M1895 Nagant: 37% accuracy, 5hrs 41mins 12s used, 655 kills, 115.18 kills per hour So for me, the Carbines are MUCH worse than a pistol. Not to mention, the Carbines can't be used on all classes unlike pistols, take twice as many EPs.
  4. Some buffs talks - briefly

    MP40 has a range of 22m (I think) before damage drop off. Maybe push the PPS to about 30m. And have a max ROF of about 740rpm (MP40 has a max ROF of about 710 I think)
  5. Some buffs talks - briefly

    M1 / M1A1 Carbine: 3HK to HSG, better accuracy and range, 15rnd mag M2 Carbine: reduce max ROF to 700, give same damage as StG (34 stock, 37 with ammo) and range, improve stability and accuracy (slightly worse than Thompson) StG44: add two new barrels, one to increase ROF (max 650) at the cost of accuracy and another to increase damage (3HK HSG) and accuracy at the cost of ROF (max 550), lower base EP cost to 5 (no pouches) AVS36: lower base EP cost to 5 (no pouches) PPD / PPSh: reduced sway, improved hip fire accuracy PPS: instead of giving it more damage, give it much more range than the MP40, reduce price to 175k M1919: decrease handling ONCE new rangefinder is added MG42 and DP28: improve handling PTRD: Wrong nerfs were done, give accuracy back, dont allow for OHK jeeps, keep sway for standing and crouched but must be none existant when prone FG42: add to infantry OR Add MG30t to GE infantry
  6. New Weapon for Germany... ONLY GERMANY

    Eh rather see: MG30t M712 Schnellfeuer (full auto C96 with removable 20rnd mag) Walther PPK Gustloff Volkssturmhewehr (once M1 / M1A1 / M2 Carbine gets an appropriate rework) (has both semi auto and select fire versions so good option against the carbines) M30 Luftwaffle Drilling Panzerbuchse 39
  7. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    How about for staged, there are no factions? It's just team A vs team B where each team can be made up of players from GE, US and SU factions. So you can have Panthers fighting other Panthers or have "dem super oppppp plz nerf" weapons on your team. Probably not. Maybe as it's own staged option...
  8. How to balance problem weapons

    No Already does that No Suprisingly, the FG42 and JMG are both very balanced with each other. The only problem is FG42 is locked to paras while the JMG isn't. Give the FG42 to infantry and Soviets a battle rifle to fix. *cough* Fedorov Avtomat *cough* Not the way to fix it ROF reduction is not the way. The main issue with SA rifles is: Cause it's so good, SA rifles can outperform SMGs in CQC. Reduce the hipfire accuracy IF the Scout-IIs barrel is equipped.
  9. Heavy Spring

    I checked, the effect of adding the heavy spring BARELY reduces the recoil, increases accuracy and ROF by 25 for it to not be viable compared to it without the spring and trigger. Not to mention, youre using a weapon with a scope that has the same price per shot as an SA rifle in full auto (speaking of which, why is this the case? It's stupid that something that can fire full auto has the same price as something that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger). If you're using the M2 with a scope, or any EIW with a scope for that matter, fully modded don't expect to make a profit unless you're a high level infantry.
  10. How about giving the trade-off of not being able to use badges? Or it gives the option of adding low EP costing equipment without a cost to the total EP. So for example, you could take a knife or a pocket pistol to a loadout or even add a small medkit. Say for instance, MKI gives access to 1 item costing less than 3 EP while the MKII gives access to 2 items costing less than 2EP.
  11. RETO please reward for killing Vets

    Not this game specifically, I was referring to another which I cannot remember the name of.
  12. [Weapon Suggestions] Shotguns

    They did say they wanted to rework the engine so they could add in shotguns with multiple projectiles so they could have it work similar to BF (I think this is how it works in BF, can't remember): - Each shotgun fires a number of pellets. This can vary between shotguns to give them more differences (so some can have 12 and others have 20) - Each pellet does its own damage but on its own, does very little damage (something like 10 per pellet) where the more pellets fired reduces the damage of each individual pellet - So in order to be effective with shotguns, you have to land more pellets on target so you have to be closer to be effective while at the same time, reducing the damage at range
  13. RETO please reward for killing Vets

    I remember playing a game where they had this system where if you killed someone who was higher level than you, you got more XP but anyone less would net in less XP. Since there was only 1 character, it was pretty much the player's level but in this game, it could be linked to the player's playing time like suggested. IMO I found this system to be really effective for new players as they could level up much faster but not so much for the veterans as they had to kill much more people to get as much XP as someone who killed them. How I think it should work: - Killing someone will give a base value for XP (like current values) - If that killed person was a more exerienced player, you get a bonus multiplier depending on how long they've been playing This way, both vets and new players can benefit. Vets won't be punished for killing newbie but newbies will be more rewarded for killing veterans. An idea I had would be to have a bounty system where if someone on the enemy team is doing really well at killing people without dying, they receive a bounty. The bounty increases as they kill more. Killing someone with a bounty would reward you with both XP and credits. This would encourage people to go after people who are halting an attack (like a specific tanker spamming HE or recon holding down an area). There is no marker for the bounty player but they will know if they have a bounty on their head.
  14. Heavy Spring

    if youre using the trigger + heavy spring, youre doing something wrong
  15. How about we just drop health instead?

    Sounds like what a Brit would say