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  1. To those that say the IS2 couldn't penetrate the front of the Tiger II, IS2 could penetrate a max of about 155 mm of armour at a 90 degrees angle 500m away, The Tiger II has its front armour (where the MG is for the 2nd gunner) rated at 150mm effective (I think) so theoretially, the IS2 should be able to penetrate the front of the Tiger II but not the turret frontal plate.
  2. I can already smell the salt from the Germans and Soviets.... If it got the cannon from the chaffee, Puma would need its 70mm variant as well (unless the armour is its best quality and not its gun)
  3. @Flint74 The reason for a T1 Scout car is so that a recon can get a vehicle quickly and level up Chaufeur ribbon faster. People are more enticed to enter an armoured car than a bike. There's a reason you see more Soviet recons use their scout cars than German or American. Looking at the wolfhound, it'd be worse as it has less armour and a worse cannon.
  4. To be fair, the Soviet tanks are currently the worst tanks in the game and I would love for them to get a buff. T70 gets wrecked by Chaffee (tbh all tanks do) but Ive had people hit the front plate and penetrate with the luchs! T34/85 is slower, less armoured and does the same damage as the Easy 8 (not 100% sure on this as I dont own the 85 but I've heard the complaints of people who owned it and from my own experience from stealing it and using my easy 8 against it) SU85 is decent but nowhere near a hellcat, M10 or StuG (at least the Stug can deflect shells) and IS2 is just.... crap in all aspects. To be fair, the Tigers are far superior than all the heavy tanks. Note Im comparing Tank v Tank without the aid of infantry. And tbh, Germans are the ones with more AT people as they unlock the H3s at rank 3 while SU and US unlock RPGs/Stickies at rank 5.
  5. Tier 3 Scout cars: GE - Sdkfz 234/2 "Puma" - 50mm cannon, most armoured SU - BA10/11 - Pretty similar to BA-6 currently but with better armour and speed, fastest scout car US - T18E2 Boarhound - 57mm cannon, highest damage Also would be a good chance to introduce Tier 1 Scout cars for US and GE: M20 Armoured Utility Car - A M8 Greyhound with an AA gun mount for a .50 cal M2 Browning Sdkfz 221 - A Sdkfz 222 but with a MG34 machine gun Whats great about these T1 scout cars are that it uses the models already found in the game so making them wouldnt take much as making something from scratch.
  6. well RIP my question only got 4 votes
  7. Upvote my question! It's very important!
  8. Maybe the MG30 instead so the sights arent blocked by the mag? Give it a 25rnd mag and done.
  9. Whats the current stance on weapon balance? Have you seen some of the suggested changed by the forum? *cough* *cough*
  10. +1 but only affect BA and SA rifles. The downsides to the EIW scopes are the high repair cost. Or make it so infantry scoped rifles cant achieve a 1HK.
  11. *cough* check my buff thread
  12. Reto just needs to hire me to do the balancing and everything would work out
  13. +1111111111111111 For fedorov avtomat. Sure it's not historically accurate with the paras but it did exist around the time and did see combat. Considering the Devs have shown interest in adding the Finnish (since they pretty much used everyone's guns), it gives more credibility to the Avtomat.
  14. Ppsh could reach 900 to over 1k rpm and the PPD could do 800-1000rpm yet the PPSH can only get a max of 900 (can't remember what's the exact now) and the PPD is way off it's actual ROF. Your point?