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  1. Another balance thread by me...

    Added in some LMG changes. 3.2s sound good? And the whole point of it is a higher ROF weapon for the Germans. Currently, the only thing they have is the MG42 which is inaccurate AF without tight grip.
  2. Another balance thread by me...

    Better than nothing
  3. Another balance thread by me...

    Not entirely true. The PPSh will still be the de facto room clearer due to the superior ROF and magazine size. Heard of ammo mods? Also a range boost could be an extra. Cause more ROF? Here's to hoping it's actually good (not like the POS that is squad 2.0)
  4. Another balance thread by me...

    Now with a picture!
  5. #MedicForBalance Scopes for infantry: Magnification is reduced for all factions to similar US levels. GE get ZF41 scopes w/ 1.5x, US still have 2.2x, SU get f*ck all (jk, they can have a 1.8x but I dont know of any official low mag scopes) LMGs: BIGGEST CHANGE: Big LMGs like the M1919, MG42 and DP28 now take 8 EP for a single pouch of ammo. With the current meta, they're practically bigger SMGs. JMG and FG42 now take 7 EP for 1 pouch as well to make them more comparable to the EIWs instead of SMGs. As a result of this, paratroopers get 7 EP to use instead of 6. JMG has its damage reduced so that it needs an ammo mod to achieve a 3HK to HSG to make it more comparable to the FG42. All "tier 1" LMGs should be battle rifles like the BAR / JMG. Germans get the MG30t OR the FG42 and the Soviets get the Fedorov Avtomat. Infantry WILL NOT get the scopes. These will be 7 EP w/ 1 pouch. BAR and JMG has its semi auto button removed for a slower ROF button (change between 300 and normal ROF) Fedorov Avtomat stats: Damage - 35, 30 at lowest Range - 50 + 120m ROF - 450rpm Magazine - 25 Reload speed - 3.5s Scope mountable (para only) MG30t stats: Damage: 38, 28 at the lowest (like the FG and JMG) Range: 50m (same as FG42 / JMG) + 100m ROF: 550rpm (max at 750) Magazine: 25 Reload: 3.8s (exactly half way between FG and JMG) Soviet paratroopers gain access to the Fedorov Avtomat with its scope JMG has its max ROF brought down to 675 since it only needs a barrel mod to get 3HK HSG while the FG42 needs an ammo mod Elite Infantry Weapons (EIWs): StG gets 2 new mods: Scharfschütze Barrel - reduces ROF to 480rpm, increases damage to 37, range increases to 60m, huge stability increases, huge accuracy increases (max potential ROF of 550rpm but a damage potential of 40) überladen Barrel - increases ROF to 600rpm, reduces accuracy (max potential ROF of 650rpm but no change in current damage) M2 Carbine gets 1 new mod: Weighted Barrel - drops base ROF to 550rpm, damage increased to 33, stability increased with predictable vertical recoil, accuracy increased, ranged increased to 45m (max ROF of 725rpm and damage of 37) AVS gets 1 new mod: DMR Spring - range increased to 90m, damage increased to 45, ROF reduced to 500rpm, stability increases massively, accuracy increases Carbines: M1 / M1A1 Carbines are reworked to be 3HK HSG potentials, better accuracy, range at about 40m before drop off but with 15 rnd mags C96 Carbine is added for the Germans as a counterpart to the M1A1 Carbine with similar stats to the current C96 but with a 20rnd internal mag I can't find anything similar for the Soviets. Anyone have any suggestions? (maybe SKT but IDK) SMGs: New variant mods: Thompson M1928A1 - Converts the M1A1 to the M1928A1 with a 50rnd mag for reduced reload speed, accuracy, range and movement speed MP40/I - Converts the MP40 to the dual mag version for slower reload, accuracy and movement speed (RO2 has it so why not? :P) MP41 - Changes the lower half of a MP40 to the MP28 for better stability and select fire capabilities PPSh43 35rnd mag - Changes the mag to the 35rnd stick mag for better stability but less reserve ammo (and obviously) mag capacity PPS43 gets +1 damage to put it back on par with the MP40. This will allow it ot 4HK HSG players like the MP40 with BA rifles: Sweet spot mechanic from BF1. It's a very statisfying thing hence why I want it here. Only for recons. Shoot at someone within a certain range with a OHK rifle and no matter what, they'll die. (Maybe not if it was in the arm or leg) AP bullets (still for recon only) Can penetrate very light armour Anti Tank rifles: Any and all AT rifles should take 8 EP with 1 pouch of ammo Boys Anti Tank rifle for US (TEMPORARILY! If British are added, they get it and most likey the US get the M18 Recoiless Rifle) PzB 39 for GE These can be identical but the Boys can have a long reload to make up for the 5 rnd mag Note that armour 2.0 is coming up so idk how effective they'll be afterwards
  6. My thoughts on how everything should be handled: GE: Add FG42 to infantry OR add in MG30t as "tier 1" LMG (but will use 6 EP) StG gets a mod to get it to 3HK HSG and increase range + accuracy but will cap its max ROF to 550rpm and another mod to boost its current max ROF to 625 (can have one or the other, not both since it'll stay at 7EP) US: M1 / M1A1 are reworked to be 3HK HSG, accurate but with 15 rnd mags M2 gets a new mod to make it more like the current StG w/ ammo mod with similar damage but with a max ROF of about 725 and improved stability, accuracy and range SU: Fedorov Avtomat is added as the "tier 1" LMG to the Soviets with 36 damage stock (same as StG w/ bullet mod currently) but with a slow 475rpm stock and is available to paratroopers. Extras include a scope mount, and a max potential ROF of 550 and damage to be a 3HK HSG. Would have the least recoil of all the BRs (Battle Rifles) DP28 is changed to "tier 2" status and will cost the same as a M1919 / MG42 AVS gets a new mod to let it get past 50 damage (no more than 53) like an M1919 / JMG Sound fair guys?
  7. Soviet Paratrooper Weapon: M38 Carbine

    Would be a nice addition but I rather have an automatic for my paras *cough* Fedorov Avtomat *cough* AKT-40 *cough*
  8. Reflex sights

    Didn't they have to wear massive battery packs to power these things? That could be a thing they could add in for it so you stick out more Is it just me or does that sling look like its been photoshopped on? haha
  9. Oh I didnt know that. That could be a good upgrade between the 6 and 11
  10. "Supreme aerodynamics"
  11. If the Puma was ever added, I'd suggest having it as the "tier 3" scout car and adding in equivalent cars for both US and SU with BA64B equivalents. US: M20 Scout Car (M8 with just a .50cal MG on an AA mount so wouldn't take much more to make since the body is from the M8) T18E2 Boarhound - 57mm cannon GE: Sdkfz 221 - same as current car but with a MG34 Sdkfz 234/2 "Puma" - 50mm cannon SU: BA11 - pretty much identical to a BA-6 but with curved armour and faster
  12. New interesting AT pistol for the germans

    Much rather have an AT rifle than that
  13. Special class for really good players

    Maybe the MG30t and the Fedorov Avtomat? If they added in the AVT, it'd have to be a 2HK to justify it. Fedorov is a safer option. And I rather not have my mag blocking the front view
  14. GERMAN AVS-45

    They wouldn't if they finally got a 3HK to HSG weapon
  15. GERMAN AVS-45

    Best response today