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  1. [Soviet] Weapon Suggestions

    I honestly cant think of any weapon like the Avtomat that the Soviets produced late war and saw combat.
  2. Ah right, I didn't know that. Maybe save it for an engineer class that can place these types of guns?
  3. Yeah theres telescopic sights for the MG42 and MG34. Like how Japanese LMGs have them. If you look it up, there's pictures but they're mostly on tripods so maybe not an infantry thing.
  4. Return of 1hk Boltactions (Kinda)

    +1 Would give it some difference to SA rifles.
  5. [US] Weapon Suggestions

    Revived! The different variants to the M1919 and Thompson could be bought as unlocks to the existing weapons. So after specialist level 6 for the M1919, you unlock the A6 version and when you reach level 12, you unlock the Stinger version.
  6. [Soviet] Weapon Suggestions

    Revived! I want mah Fedorov Avtomat
  7. [German] Weapon Suggestions

    IMO the MG30 and Panzerbuche 39 should be added so the Germans have a proper counter to the JMG and PTRD. Then the Americans can get the M18 Recoiless rifle (or whatever equivalent they had like Boys AT rifle or Winchester AT) and the Soviets can get the Fedorov Avtomat (you're suggesting Finish weapons to the Germans so I don't see why not the FA)
  8. Already made a buff thread featuring the StG. Here's what I put for it: StG44 - The needed buffs Fast Trigger - increases ROF to 600rpm, reduces accuracy Scharfschütze Barrel - reduces ROF to 480rpm, increases damage to 37, range increases to 50m, huge stability increases, huge accuracy increases ZF41 1.5x Scope - not historically accurate but would be nice for the CQC minded individual, German #1 reticle Heavy Spring - reduce ROF, more stability, range increases to 50m, more accuracy Low Power Ammo - range drops to 35m, recoil reduced, muzzle velocity decreased "Remove Ganja Smoke and flame" - rgr911 The new barrel + ammo mod should bring the damage up to 43 to secure 3HKs with ease against anyone at medium range but will limit your ROF to 550rpm. This is for the person who wants the extra range and accuracy but not the high ROF. The fast trigger + light spring will bring the gun to 670rpm to increase your survivability in CQC while being somewhat decent at range.
  9. Some good ideas here. As for the weapon balance for "T1" weapons, here's an idea. Make them better in one catagory than its T2 counterpart. Note these differences shouldn't be too much of a difference like making the MP34 3HK HSS while the MP40 cant cause that would be rediculous. Subtle but effective differences should be how it's done but I try to stick to historical accuracy. Due to the range values currently, these will be made to be more "representitive" of the weapon. Until bipods are added, this should be fine for LMGs. Here's how I would do it: SMGS MP34 - can get to 36 damage (3HK HSB), max ROF 650rpm, range to 40m, can unlock 32rnd mag MP40 - max of 34 damage (3HK no HS), max ROF 680rpm, range to 50m, more accurate, can unlock 2x 32rnd mag (MP40/I) OR wooden stock w/ fire selector (MP41), slightly faster movement M3 Grease Gun - max damage of 28 (5HK HSG), max ROF of 600rpm, suppressor unlock, range to 45m, faster movement, more accurate Thompson M1A1 - max damage of 30 (4HK HSG), max ROF of 800rpm, range to 40m, M1928A1 unlock (50rnd mag, 850rpm max) PPD40 - max damage of 25 (4HK no HS), max ROF of 750rpm, range to 50m, first uses 25rnd mags, unlock 71 rnd drum mag (reduces mobility + accuracy, increases stability), move faster + more stable than PPSh41 PPSh41 - max damage of 23, max ROF of 1000rpm, range to 55m, 35 rnd mag unlock (move faster, less stable) PPS43 - max damage of 33, max ROF of 720rpm, range of 60m, stock unlock (reduces mobility, increases stability) LMGS MG34 - max ROF of 800rpm, 75 round drum mag unlock, stable for an LMG MG42 - max ROF of 1200rpm, -25m for range, current stability is fine (maybe a tad bit more for 1200rpm) BAR and M1919 are too different already to make using one over the other. DP28 is the only Soviet LMG. Would be nice if we could get the Fedorov Avtomat + DT29 + MG30t so there's more variety
  10. You do realise the guy was firing blanks so his shoulder didn't get vapourised from firing that thing standing up?
  11. Let's get some buffs going...

    And nerfing everything into the ground isn't the answer as well which is what we've been currently getting. I understand that both buffs and nerfs are needed but Reto really need to speed up with the balance changes so the right changes can be implemented.
  12. Let's get some buffs going...

    Loving the new weapon tweaks Reto! Definately in the right direction! Now just implement the rest of the stuff I want and this game will be great again (infantry wise :P)
  13. Regarding the Johnson.

    If the gun was as unreliable as you making it out to be, people would know about it. Anecdotes would be more like "this f*cking gun kept jaming!" if so.
  14. GERMAN AVS-45

    Orrrr..... Reto just buffs the StG by adding in new mods to bump the ROF or damage. Like what I suggested here:
  15. if only reto would just implement the changes I want...