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  1. Not sure need to ask @Reto.Circinus or @Reto.GreenBow to see if its marked as fixed?
  2. Better be careful boys! Finding ammunition and such is not harmful but if you find actual explosives (which mostly you can't tell anymore if its a rock of a grenade) its still an undetonated explosive and could still detonate due to erosion. I am planning a trip as well as we have a ton of old fighting forests down here in the netherlands, but due to weather circumstances i did not have the chance to go and hike for a while. Nice find hope you can polish some of the corrosion off.
  3. As for the Infantry scopes, this is really perceived as a Veteran player issue. Even though this is not the answer a lot of you are hoping for, I'll try to explain why the infantry scopes won't be removed. In comparison to the period when we didn't have scopes for infantry, there's absolutely no difference in players camping. Players will always, regardless of scopes have a certain mindset for the game. This means that players will always sit and camp in a bush if they want to sit and camp in bush. When we removed the Infantry scopes for the short period of time, we noticed how much of a demand there was for these scopes. This is why we re-implemented these scopes for Infantry and created more powerful scopes for the Recon class. We still notice a high demand and interest in these scopes, but see no clear difference in the behavior of players before and after the implementation of scopes. In the future we'd like more reconnaissance abilities for the Recon class, instead of them just being a 'sniper', but I personally don't see this happening in 2017 (personal view). Closeing this one as we already have a topic here
  4. Funny how all that spam came from one IP with 6 registered accounts..
  5. Should be allowed, i don't see any point in why it shouldn't be.
  6. Thats something for @Africandave Reto-moto is not responsible for the wiki.
  7. Sure! Confirmed.
  8. It is 10 MILLION Credits guys, thats 10.000.000 credits. Imagine how many stuff you can buy with that! #neverbrokeagain
  9. The rules can be found here Rules and guidelines
  10. Don't worry he's perma banned And yea its spam. The forum is not hacked, no need to worry
  11. You know.. as in all free to play games players come and go. Eventually old players return, Some do not. When you combine the steam activity and the stand-alone activity you still have a nice player base active daily
  12. Nope Reto Team is a Status group, just like moderators, bug hunters, members, banned, etc. Their 50k post count is only because it looks impressive and for the fancy stars.
  13. Hi its been forwarded now to another department that will investigate it further and produce a hot fix when its ready. I can't give you an ETA however i can ask @Reto.Circinus to post here whenever the problem is resolved. ~ Astrolite
  14. No, You cannot log in with your H&G Account to the wiki. You need a seperate account for that. For other question regarding the heroes & generals wiki you can ask them in the wiki section or contact @Africandave ~ Astrolite
  15. Well i have one more solution you could try, Go to %APPDATA%/..LocalLow/ and Deleted the Heroes and Generals folder.