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  1. Whoops... Something with weekend and beer.
  2. Account issues and Code errors are only handled trough support. Create a support ticket at
  3. Hello bastofumao, The rules on the forums are very simple, naming & shaming is simply not allowed. In this case i have edited your post. To answer your question, All reports regarding a player must be submitted to our support website. The community managers like Hades and Circinus only look at the rules that influence the forums and only ban those that misbehave on said forums. We do not handle ingame bans and therefore naming and shaming on the forums does not help your cause in any way. We do not pass those reports on to support. Reporting a player has to be done through the support website, Or trough the in-game report tool. They will then look at the report, and either handle it themselves, or redirect it to the correct department. I hope this answers your question. ~ Astrolite
  4. not sure if thats possible, @Reto.Robotron3000 would have to look into that. ~ Astrolite
  5. In Windows’ search bar, type the following: %appdata%/../LocalLow/Heroes and Generals In that folder, you will find a file named “localsettings.ini”. It stores settings such as screen resolution and graphics quality. Open the file In the text file search for the line render.enable_true_fullscreen= and change it to True save the text file and give it a try
  6. This topic has gone far beyond the point of being constructive. Topic locked.
  7. Can you post the complete H&G Sync log, Aswell as typ Debugwindow on your keyboard when you see that message and copy paste the full log here.
  8. Sure it’s easy to find youtube's with hacks. That can be done for all games. But did you ever consider that it very easy for me to download a hack, post a video and type “VERIFIED UNDETECTED – FOR REALZ”.. And then the account was.. banned by the Anti Cheat system? #SpoilerAlert: Yes, it happens constantly and they’re always banned by the system. “But you have to say that. You’re a Moderator” If you can find the hack, then reto can find it too and make sure it's detected. And no.. they don't just search on youtube.. they check the .onion sites and others too. And since people keep on saying that there's hackers out there doing stuff that's not even possible (shooting through walls, etc.).. Ill shamelessly paste what Reto.splixxen already said on this matter: "Let me just say this right away: There’s players out there that play 10-16 hours a day and they’re a LOT better than 99% of other people. They don’t hack, they’re just insanely good and can do things some players don’t even consider. As for actual cheaters. We do ban waves since it’s much harder to debug for the CheatCreaters (Auto ban on Battle startup would make it easy for them to debug our AntiCheat). We update our AntiCheat constantly to keep up with the newest hacks/cheats. We’re fully aware of whats out there. If you can find it, then so can we. Doesn’t matter if the site is unlisted, a random language, an onion site, whatever. You also need to remember that our system can’t ban anyone before they have used a hack. So if they start a mission up with an aimbot, sure you will see someone using an aimbot.. The question is more if you will see him after a few days. I see a lot of complains about Teleport hacks, damage hacks, Running through walls, etc. All of these ‘hacks’ are impossible since this is server side information. You can make your own PC think you’re standing somewhere else, etc. but the server will get the final say and tell “Nope, your soldier is still here”. same with damage.. That said, our Anti Cheat 2.0 is running and will make it even easier for us to find anyone using a cheat. We’re working hard on keeping cheaters out of the game, but you also need to keep in mind that mainly when someone claim someone is hacking, it’s due to lag, someone else spotting you, etc. but mainly that it’s simply someone who’s playing a ton and hes just A LOT better than you" Our policy is zero tolerance, zero leniency and zero exceptions. Do not “try out” a cheat, not even once: you will be permanently banned. The legitimate players whose experience you ruined by cheating do not care that you were only “trying it out”. Do not expect to get away with excuses like “my brother / son used my account”. You are responsible for any abuse perpetrated by anyone with whom you share your login credentials (which is also prohibited by the terms of service). Confirmed cheaters who bought Gold will not be entitled to any kind of compensation whatsoever. You can find our Terms & Conditions here. With that said i will close this topic. ~ Astrolite
  9. Well you made some progress there gargy Missing quite a lot, Kraken, Vashu,some intern, Etc.
  10. Support will get to you don't worry, Give it some time ~ Astrolite
  11. Account problems are only handled trough support, Please open a support ticket.
  12. Can you guys post the mission id's where this happens ? FYI @Reto.Chuckle
  13. Can you post a Dxdiag of your system, Aswell as the crashlog
  14. If you use Steam, the location should be Steam > SteamApps > Common > Heroes & Generals You should see the program called hngsync.exe ; right-click it and select "Run as administrator";
  15. This can happen when you run the action game in TRUE FULLSCREEN mode aka exclusive mode (default). If you ALT+TAB a lot during a match it would be better for you to run the game in FULLSCREEN WINDOWED mode. You can switch between those display modes by pressing ESC during a match in the Video settings. In Windows’ search bar, type the following: %appdata%/../LocalLow/Heroes and Generals In that folder, you will find a file named “localsettings.ini”. It stores settings such as screen resolution and graphics quality. Open the file and edit the: render.resolution="*x*" and fill in a resolution that fits in your screen, after you have done that close the file and start a game, then edit the resolution manually. You can also open the file via the hngsync screen, the small window that opens up with H&G. See screenshot > Click on File and choose Edit localsettings.ini In the text file search for the line render.enable_true_fullscreen= and change it to FALSE save the text file and give it a try