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  1. g397

    M1 carbine, it's guff

    at first glance i thought wow that weapon is trash, but i have fun playing it, its definetly not the weapon for a constant 2:1 kd especially in capzones. On the other hand i have made kills with it which i wouldnt be able to do with really any other weapon in game. key is movement, great on midrange you can strafe left to right with almost no penalty in accuracy. if you are good at aiming this gun is great. it is also the only weapon that i can put hard spring on it. trigger is enough to keep it at 459 rpm, way faster than i can click, and due to heavy spring even more controllable. barrel seems useless for me. Overall fun weapon but not a top tier one. Question: does it have the same stats than m2 damage wise?
  2. g397

    US having German Guns

    https://heroesandgenerals.com/terms-and-conditions/rules-of-engagement/ 7. Stats-padding, a.k.a. farming, by means of exploiting actions that give you experience or rewards without actually participating in the action. You are expected to play as a team, and play to win the game! Btw should be common sense anyways.
  3. g397

    hackers, a lot of them

    cant get around the comparison to hng, with all this back and forth but never actually getting it and then its just dropped.
  4. g397

    Remove bots from Assault!

    For me bots are very useful at the start, the amount of 2 min battles got way lower because of them, the problem ist they stay. and you often have 25 vs 25 or even more bots on a map. (especially encouter and skirmish) way to much. if reto cant make them disappear as the battle goes on and more players join, they should just delete them for good.
  5. g397

    Tips, Info and Amphibious Vehicles

    That one is obvious, reto might not be balancing pros but every vehicle has an advantage, this ones is to cross water. Also liking your view on apcs, not many out there are aware of the importance of apcs friendly or enemy.
  6. Nice try for getting some immersion, but purely unnecessary and annoiying screaming. pls think of something else or just use normal hit voices but not this incredible screaming.
  7. for me best way is SA-rifle full rof no ammo, bots also give less xp on the ribbons so try kill real players, also use boosters, that way i made 4-gold on one day once (on SU).
  8. g397

    sort it out reto

    no cause its always been that way. when i look at my gameplay objectively this game is a joke, with mp40 i have moments idk how, getting 5 ridiculous headshots in a row. its the game, not in every case but in many many occasion it has nothing to do with hacks. there probably are hackers no doubt but i dont see them.
  9. g397

    Staged not have the same equipment? :)

    they actually included "dynamic staged battles" in 12.05. hotfix, check the changelog
  10. g397

    sort it out reto

    ehm really? that happens with every 2nd m2 i meet! so every 2nd m2 player is hacker? i have no increase on suspicious play but an increase in hack complaints in the forum. so yeah cant relay to anything you say.
  11. nice 18 people clan vs 18 recon campers with 4.0 kds getting stomped in 5 minutes. No seriously that doesnt work out. It stands in the way of strategic gameplay and also big clans have become really rare. To force clans into battle isnt possible if they queue for 2 different battles. and also i rarely meet clans in MM, may be or is different in Asia, but in Europe not more than 4-6 people a group and that is controllable opposition by any team theoretically. also playing against better players makes you better and you can lie to yourself but many many many players are just too good for this hng-world and not cheaters, watch their streams for example or youtube videos.
  12. g397

    Never Joining US faction again.. Probably

    now that is the description of the best possible way to win, although on GE side, we more like 10-20 apc. tanks nor planes and especially not recons win anything but one apc can turn the entire game around
  13. g397

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    finally i can log in back to the forums, about time. i miss a rework of the sas honestly, although not that much difference, the g43 feels to have more upkick than before, while garand still has the same low recoil. about the one complain to captured weapons: From GE perspective: i think they mostly now perform as they should. Pre-Update AVS unmod was the best weapon to play and make credits at the same time. now its still good but you think twice about using the avs or a german weapon again.
  14. honestly you are about 3 years to late for german clan scene. we have many little clan groups remaining, most are the last remaining shreds of once big clans, and some larger ones like [HAX] or Jägers, but mostly everything got destroyed by retos effort on making the game "better".
  15. g397


    i like this, whish i couldve a helmet earlier than 2015 but well. also nice.