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  1. Leaderboard suggestions

    I would prefer to see the aggregated stats by player over each character. I think a large portion of the community rotates characters often to suit the situation.
  2. A whale's thoughts

    Good points, the warfund pit is real.
  3. FPS Ninjas- Room Camping Position

    Usually standing so I can get my dance on upon receiving contact. It seems like most players crouch... I have the head location of crouchers on the right side of spiral stairs in church down to muscle memory.
  4. Looking for a clan to fly with

    @Aust1n46 if you are on the allied ts hit me up on the AAA channel.
  5. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    Get your shovels and knives ready for tonight boys.
  6. I know that guy.
  7. Reto's Basic Game Design Flaws.

    I forgot about this post, great suggestions, especially with the HUD.
  8. Feedback Required: Destroying Friendly Mines

    -Increase visibility of symbol -Adjust icon based on relative location as illustrated earlier. -small XP and/or credit penalty -for the love of all that is holy do not remove friendly damage... you would essentially make every choke point crossing one way traffic for whichever side got there first to start planting mines and every door in a cap point would be mined.
  9. Johnson is op but I prefer 1919 (though the sights cause me to die 2-3 times per match). Everything else is pretty balanced depending on your play style. Soviets have best AR, Germans best SMG and infantry scopes. The P38 is rarely used in war due to obscene AT rank-up time. For medium planes yak>109>P40. Light tanks Chaffee> t70/Luchs, each has strengths and weaknesses. Mediums panther is king followed by E8. TD's hellcat is best for punching up to mediums/heavies but stug and SU are better for punching down to lights. Heavies tiger II> rest. I would be for a handling buff to mg42, M2 carbine and STG. As the game stands now the johnson is the only weapon that might make up for a slight skill deficit... 2HK starter rifles are supreme on good ling though.
  10. @ Any good english speaking clan

    If you are stopping by for a short stay you are best off browsing the team speak and linking up with different groups. There is a sticky post under allied faction forum with the address... my copy paste failed.
  11. Blyat From Above!

    One day when the queue is unscrewed the Allied Airborne Army may actually be Airborne, jealous of you guys. Stick it out and have fun, I will keep some p40s in reserve in case I come across you!
  12. How does one re-organize their ATs?

    Lots of good suggestions, I definitely recommend breaking your infantry down to groups of 216 or more so you can easily shift click and send them to attack a Town or fill in behind the front lines. I balance each of my battalions with a mix of vehicles and will usually send 1 down an assault line so there are enough assets for a successful attack.
  13. waste other players resources

    I thought it was you using 21 of my p40s as taxis the other day, it might have been @bingsong who I saw using yaks as taxis last night.
  14. waste other players resources

    @bingmong do you have any thoughts on plane usage?
  15. must go....

    JB, I am glad you have a solid family supporting you, get well my friend. Thank you for all the lessons learned when I was a new boot!