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  1. I would appreciate an increase in gravity specifically with driving jeeps/motorcycles. Hitting a small 1% grade should not cause a motorcycle to conduct a 180 degree spin out. Countless lives have been lost when soldiers spin out in front of an enemy, causing them to lose speed and slowly drift backwards to certain death.
  2. Hasn't this already been your faction's policy the last 6 months or so?
  3. Guy is dedicated for sure, I got on for some morning RTS and he is back in action! Somehow last night he didn't actually make it in to the battle after it started, but he was a great help in helping it populate!
  4. It's been nice, actually had battles popping last night since SU couldn't AR everything. Granted half were battles Saigon_Michael wanted to play, but it's progress!
  5. 1919>Johnson.
  6. Just stay out of Scotland and don't advance past Hamburg and you shouldn't get much trouble from the Allied side.
  7. Now the tennants are pushing through Hamburg while hardly pressuring SU. About time to evict them.
  8. I often take the time to count the battles on each front. The trend I see is allies with 10-20 battles on both fronts and only 5-10 between Germans and Soviets.
  9. I am still having this issue on town map as well. FPS rubber banding from 70 to 150.
  10. Is there any setup to recreate the classic controls completely? I want to mouse left and right instead of doing a barrel roll.
  11. I was told Marseilles was important to you guys, just wanted to give you a heads up:
  12. Apparently Vector has more influence on the Allied Faction than with the German Faction
  13. Yea, I'm more upset with allied faction. Axis is no threat, I am good with letting you guys sit in Paris in exchange for us holding Scandinavia.
  14. I'm just sitting here watching my at's morale out in defense of Copenhagen... where I have deployed for the last 3 months. Wish we could get along and stomp the Soviets back Moscow. I have actually made 120k warfunds so far this war for everyone whining that you cannot profit facing the Iron Curtain.
  15. I am running 2 garands on a character right now, max rof for cqc and heavy bolt on the scoped one. My time to kill with the hip fired garand seems to outpace everything I face.