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  1. JB, I am glad you have a solid family supporting you, get well my friend. Thank you for all the lessons learned when I was a new boot!
  2. I started a thread a few days ago after being annoyed a few times in a row.
  3. What do I mean by immediate blocks? Those times when you stay up an extra hour to get all of your assault teams that got stuck trying to out-stack doramass (only to have the battle pop with a minute left on auto-resolve of course), but then they get stuck for another hour due to the slow trickle of assault teams coming down the line. At least give the defenders a 30 second buffer to move assault teams out of the town or set up a skirmish... usually I have about 10 seconds and half of that is spent raging at the fact I cant send out a F#CK!NG skirmish even though the enemy is only half way down the assault line. Also the penalties for keeping troops near the front needs to be reduced. The self-interest of RTS players leads to huge gaps in the front. Those that populate the front, out of ignorance or a sense of duty for their faction, are easily encircled and suffer large WF losses.
  4. My reinforcements were able to pass through Hobro, but not the actual AT's.
  5. @PaveMentman I like what you did here, minor critique of your metrics for determining optimal lines. AA guns are generally a waste of time and take you away from calling points, I think most war players ignore AA coverage when determining which line to assault (planes are scarce as well). Also, without vehicles an assault is pretty much doomed unless the skill level greatly favors the attackers. I can't think of a scenario when I was shopping for a battle on the war map and thought to myself "we don't have jeeps or apcs but there are lots of bicycles on this line, let's do it!" My main considerations are ease of access to the main objectives (no bridges or other choke points) and covered or concealed approaches to the objectives. Town: a>b>c>d>e Mountain town: e>d>c>b>a Airfield: a/c/d>b Forward airfield: d>c>a/b
  6. This rule is the opposite for me as a casual RTS player on the allied faction. I reinforce as soon as possible to get in line for the vehicle queue. Moraling out is not a concern since I send my assault teams to 2 battles a night and then pull back to fill in behind the front line. Usually by the time I login the following evening I have replenished vehicles to begin the next assault.
  7. Good work, I would add that it is important to click the town you are assaulting to see how the lines are laid out. Town map for example, always send troops down A-line if available. The next best option is to open 2 adjacent lines (b/c, d/e) so you don't have to worry about defenders spawning in your rear. I am mixed on the tanks prior to battle start, I usually set up 3-4 battles in Scandanavia and then FPS wherever I can find a match. If I'm not paying close attention I'll send some tanks to help whatever randoms end up fighting my battle... never more than 1 AT for sure. And recons are only sent to assaults after they are full and we need the bike resources.
  8. It can be done, good job. It was fun getting whooped by UDR and @sLyoo in the few matches I was able to play.
  9. Not in the foreseeable future. I like the game and I don't think any of the changes have been as earth shattering as everyone else on the forum seems to think. I miss having better competition from the Axis faction, but I am sure new vets will rise to take the place of the old and restore balance to the force.
  10. How about a quick sentence about what you discovered to be the truth.
  11. I play FPS for about an hour a night, hardly enough time to get infantry in position. Wherever the Team Speak guys are playing is usually vastly oversaturated with TROOPS as well, that leads to my disjointed play.
  12. I am one of those guys that will send a few toys here and there... I will explain my reasoning. My RTS and FPS play is mostly separated, I always push Scandinavia with ATs and play FPS wherever the teamspeak is. I usually get about 3 battles setup on the RTS side and kind of forget about them. I'll send a tank squad to give any randoms a fighting chance when the Soviets have a bunch of tanks sitting in the town. I understand this may attract 1 or 2 worthless tankers, but I'd rather the battle actually get fought with a chance of winning than have it AR in an hour. I keep my air force spread out so I can use it wherever I end up playing FPS... if I send planes before a battle is full it is to get matchmaker priority and have a chance at getting in.
  13. Late night North American crew on the U.S. side always makes gains. Led by UDR, and a handful of AAA guys. Average battle lasts 7-minutes so ground is gained rapidly.
  14. Bottom line, the 1 CP paratroopers give the owner more flexibility. It would be different if the large AT had additional resources than 2 small ATs