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  1. All of us share the same team speak: Stop by and see what groups are active during your time slot and hop in to see who is a good fit.
  2. Garand is a beast, main drawback is that ping has a greater affect on the effectiveness of SAs than automatics.
  3. If you earn a heal from Binson, you are the 1 percent.
  4. @Brunoski, I agree, the game isn't as fun without a strong German faction. I think the solutions mentioned in this thread are the only ways to address the issues with the queue. 1. Combine US/SU player base. 2. Allow German accounts to migrate characters to other faction's. 3. Provide an incentive for new players to join underpopulated factions (this would take a long time to produce results on the war map).
  5. I don't think an all paratrooper clan exists, most clans play war and paratroopers are a scarce and expensive resource. The Allied Airborne Army uses paratroopers pretty liberally, just saw some of the guys doing a para assault on Rome. If you are serious about being focused on paratroopers I recommend you try to make a few friends in game and just queue up for staged. There are spaces in the Allied HQ teamspeak for that, if you want voice comms.
  6. This is way off base. That deploy time is a God send that allows you to teleport to the point without getting sniped out of the vehicle... by the time you deploy the driver has hopefully maneuvered close to the objective.
  7. Good: 1. Integration of fps/rts. 2. Combined arms combat. 3. Great clan community and developers that interact with the community. 4. Good gunplay 5. Asymmetrical balancing! Bad: 1. Rts unforgiving for players that have a life. 2. Leaving changes out of the log, I agree with most of the tweaks you make... just publish them to avoid making us paranoid. 3. Lack of map quantity/ variety. 4. Physics/gravity. I hate floating after trying to jump on a box or repeatedly spinning out in a vehicle. 5. Auto resolve, I actually thought the squad 2.0 matchmaker was a step in the right direction... perhaps set minimum vehicle requirement to trip match maker/fun battle. Make clans play each other too... Bonus: set ping to a compromise server, especially for North Americans verse Russians. I am sure both sides would play more if we knew we wereally getting Euro ping instead of 200 plus for the unlucky side.
  8. @BushElito that is precisely my complaint. I fancy myself as an expert in my own gear and how it behaves which is why I noticed the difference immediately. And since reto has a history of ninja nerfs it is plausible. The frustration comes from not knowing if I am extremely in tune to my weapons or simply losing my mind!
  9. Please stop making this thread a X is better than Y thread, the point is missing info in change logs.
  10. Got off track, I don't care if they nerf my guns, just let me know so I can plan accordingly and adjust my load outs and/or play style. That is all.
  11. I picked up an AVS this morning, still the best gun in the game... brace yourself.
  12. I just added tight grip and it still seemed worse than pre update without tight grip. Again, this thread isn't about whether or not a nerf to the 1919 was warranted, it's the fact that I have to speculate due to reto's practice of tweaks without including in the change log.
  13. I would agree that 1919 should have been nerfed, but just tell me so I am not paranoid that I am going crazy. Since there is a storied history of stealth nerds you have a paranoid playerbase.
  14. Anyone else notice the increased cone-fire/recoil/"bouncy ness?" I didn't see anything in the change log though, so I'm probably mistaken...
  15. At a minimum they need to fix the android app. I'm over here contributing to society and being punished. *I only move at's while waiting for things to load on my slow government computer, totes not wasting your tax dollars.