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  1. Not in the foreseeable future. I like the game and I don't think any of the changes have been as earth shattering as everyone else on the forum seems to think. I miss having better competition from the Axis faction, but I am sure new vets will rise to take the place of the old and restore balance to the force.
  2. How about a quick sentence about what you discovered to be the truth.
  3. I play FPS for about an hour a night, hardly enough time to get infantry in position. Wherever the Team Speak guys are playing is usually vastly oversaturated with TROOPS as well, that leads to my disjointed play.
  4. I am one of those guys that will send a few toys here and there... I will explain my reasoning. My RTS and FPS play is mostly separated, I always push Scandinavia with ATs and play FPS wherever the teamspeak is. I usually get about 3 battles setup on the RTS side and kind of forget about them. I'll send a tank squad to give any randoms a fighting chance when the Soviets have a bunch of tanks sitting in the town. I understand this may attract 1 or 2 worthless tankers, but I'd rather the battle actually get fought with a chance of winning than have it AR in an hour. I keep my air force spread out so I can use it wherever I end up playing FPS... if I send planes before a battle is full it is to get matchmaker priority and have a chance at getting in.
  5. Late night North American crew on the U.S. side always makes gains. Led by UDR, and a handful of AAA guys. Average battle lasts 7-minutes so ground is gained rapidly.
  6. Bottom line, the 1 CP paratroopers give the owner more flexibility. It would be different if the large AT had additional resources than 2 small ATs
  7. Not currently, paratroopers main purpose in the RTS is to block towns so you can avoid skirmishes. 1 point assault teams mean you can block twice as many towns, and you decrease the warfunds lost if you are unsuccessful.
  8. How I see everyone in the strategy game sub-forum:
  9. I have to say doramass's logic is sound in the current flow of the RTS. His delaying action holds back the Allies from shifting attention to the German front. Well played.
  10. Today I learned that he isn't Swamrock... my brain has been autocorrecting for 2 years. Good feature, I really enjoy reading these. Thank you reto for your continuing community outreach.
  11. I like the idea of captured capitals resulting in a reward to the stockpile. IMO the best way to implement would be a replenishment rate to builds the capital stockpile to a preset maximum. This would add some excitement to the RTS and give berth to daring para assaults to capture resources. Also a small credit reward for the winning faction may give the RTS more purpose. Again it could slowly grow each day to make victory in extended wars worth the added effort.
  12. I definitely miss the slug fests from the old mountain town map and would like to see it reintroduced. The current complement of maps really reduced the effectiveness of tanks and Recons. Old mountain town had good sight lines for tanking/sniping.
  13. I'll provide my mind-set for tanking in war, may be similar for others. Certain conditions must be present for me to spawn a tank: 1. Effective enemy armor holding up the assault at a choke point. 2. Enough quality infantry players have to be in the game... if there are already 4 random tankers or my team is crap I feel obligated to defend points with my boots.
  14. Retreating should only be used if there are no towns around that have an active battle, and u want to get your troops off the front before they morale out. I had some stuck last night before going to bed, retreated one that immediately went in to a neighboring battle and moraled out. I let the rest fight it out to avoid throwing away more wf.