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  1. Allies Boycott War after GE SU Alliance!

    The Euro primetime seems to be heavily populated, lots of 8 minute victories in short order for the Germans moving West. The blitzkrieg was so swift lots of troops out at skirmishes ended up being encircled.
  2. Just kidding, that would be super lame and will never happen. On a serious note, this has been a great war on all sides. The ground lost by the Allies today/constant back and forth of this war, shows that the players determine victory.
  3. Aligning "Fun" with actually Fun

    I agree, but would be concerned with 2nd order effects. After few battles my assault teams have 90 percent of their infantry and 0 percent of their vehicles. This limit would prevent me from starting assaults for the 2-4 days it takes to replenish the vehicle resources. If the vehicle production was upped this might be feasible.
  4. Powering Back on the STG44 and FG42

    Reto really needs to introduce a way for large groups to face off against each other. 7 minute steam rolls are pretty boring. Unfortunately the glory days were back when I was more of a scrub running around with heavy set bronze.
  5. Five tips on LMG-Infantry

    I play with and against the top players in the game/have actually used the weapons?
  6. As an allied only RTS player i can tell you the population imbalance leads to the large fronts against the Germans. If I want to win the war I will send my At's to fight the auto-resolve war against the Soviets. After a few wars of losing massive amounts of warfunds I have to push the Germans so battles actually get played. This is the main reason generals focus on the Germans. I would prefer to focus Soviets each war but I would go broke. Fortunately everyone should have lots of wf saved up from a month of free deploys.
  7. Five tips on LMG-Infantry

    I don't know what game you are playing, most top tier players use mg, 2hk starter rifles, or assault rifles. MG42 is good again... I started German characters so I could empathize with the faction and am performing well. I still prefer my 1919 overall due to better medium range, but mg42 out performs in close quarters.
  8. Update 1.10 is up on the Prototype Server!

    Fine, I admit that I couldn't compete without rng headshots! My main concern would be highly skilled people sniping from 300 meters unimpeded.
  9. Summit Talk: Vehicle Wishlist

    I would pay for some vanity plates or graffiti. Was there any mention of mods that would actually affect performance? For example doors/roofs on terrain vehicles at the cost of armament/top end speed? Armor plating to tanks that reduce speed/turning radius?
  10. what's this then?

    Any at's stationed there will soon be swallowed up by the Soviets due to no one backing up the front line. All that territory was probably capped and garrisoned by a lone recon.
  11. How did your Grandpa die?

    I think you nailed the most frustrating way to die. The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. F11 rates among barb wired passengers is an epidemic of massive proportions, but as a community we don't do enough to offer those living in barbed wire resources to cope. Thank you for raising f11 awareness.
  12. How did your Grandpa die?

    Chicken is standard filler, beef and pork are unlocks. XP gain is based on numbers of arteries clogged.
  13. How did your Grandpa die?

    In the changelog for 1.10 the Germans are getting schnitzel to afflict the Allies with heart disease, the leading cause of Grandpa death.
  14. Update 1.10 is up on the Prototype Server!

    I think cone fire adds to realism. I have shot a fair bit and rarely does the impact on the target line up exactly where I expect it to. If people could hold a 1 inch shot group at 300 yards there would be a whole host of problems that go along with that change as well.
  15. Update 1.09 ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

    Great update, the new lighting is a big improvement. I have come across a bug in match-making, my squad will form however I will not load into the match. I can view my squad mates in the battle from the war map but do not have the option to re-join the match. The only fix I have found is leaving the squad and trying match maker again. Addition: the interface preference for control point visibility has to be done each match... would be nice if that was an enduring selection.