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  1. Femassss


    This gun ,PTRS-41 , is apparently in development... but this must be a joke. Why is a new anti-tank rifle being developed if another one that already exists and, for a long time is so useless, not worth either buying or playing it. It's going to gain dust like PTRD. Play the game RETO.
  2. Here's the full 16 shots. One was already shot when the clip starts you can see it in the bottom. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1rs4kstqbdujt9/JOptcqoS2C.mp4?dl=0
  3. Femassss


    Well basically the community has 2 answers: "PTDR is useless now" (true, dont even touch it) and "PTDR was OP" (a little bit). The problem is that the weapon itself cant be touched too much because if it gets nerfed no one uses it and if its too good or OP as "you" say then only a few will use it because the weapon is a freaking tree (easily spotted) and only worth with iron fist gold... Btw to those who are arguing about weapon balance between factions ...that will never exist ( Its been years). Have fun with placing mines for now.
  4. Femassss

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Its really hard to attack now. I mean it already was before but now its even more. Also German faction most of the time they just defend since they are in the middle of the sandwich which causes unbalance between factions.
  5. Femassss

    DirectX 12 feedback thread!

    Same here... This update
  6. Femassss

    DirectX 12 feedback thread!

    Hi, I need help so i did that "render.dx11=true" and after i did that it still says on my game "Out of memory" and i cant join battle.