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  1. The Long Promised Anti-Cheat Engine Update

    Keep picking up lmg's and smg's set to single fire but they are full auto when firing at me. Is this a hard phenomenon to detect and prevent? Seems like it. Last 2 games vs Russia kept getting lit by dp's and when you kill the guy it is set to single fire. wtf is going on?
  2. İnfantry subclass

    Coming soon, more limitations on what soldiers can use in battle. I cant wait until they tell us having AT gernades is "not in our current thinking" and they remove them with 1 hotfix. Next it will be no more vehicles for this type of inf soldier...get walking 700m to contact. Then the clincher will be no lmg's smg's or scopes for inf. Just go face the tank with a SA and be happy.
  3. How about daily missions?

    Countdown till this discussion gets locked. How dare you even think about questioning reto. Don't you understand this is a dictatorship, You should feel lucky even to have a forum. If reto didnt/dont think of it, it must be a bad idea.
  4. Spawn protection for planes ...

    Stop crying about planes. You have no real enemy except other planes, which may or may not be able to attack you. The para plane is a target that gets blown up over and over. It makes me laugh when spoiled pilots whine about spawn killing when that is 90% of what they do. Here is a suggestion, eliminate planes from matches so users can decide to play the game without the handicap of being shot over and over by someone you cant shoot back at with any reasonable hope of deterring them from hanging right outside the spawn and dropping bomb after bomb in that area. Planes ruin matches. I'm sure no one would shed any tears except the blockhead p-38 pilots that ruin multiple games everyday. or make the AA more realistic. 3 or 4 direct hits with the german aa should end a plane....sadly it does very little damage at all except to the cheap butt recon planes. P-38's made out of iron would not travel as fast as you let them, and the amount of ammo they hold would severely limit their maneuverability.
  5. Antipersonnel mines and tanks

    Did you try all tanks, seems like the ones with large turrets would be better than a light tank?
  6. The Long Promised Anti-Cheat Engine Update

    Another game, with lots of folks claiming this person is hacking and that person is hacking. You dont think they are being real until you are inside a building and suddenly you to are shot by a low rank guy who magically has a stock weapon but the recon badge (no killcam) then you to believe there are people in just about every game who are hacking and the people saying people are hacking are not lying. After the second or third time you get killed by someone you cant see with a low end weapon while behind what you thought was a wall you will also think there are hackers playing this game against you too. And I just heard another player claim a hacker was allowed to return after 90 days....if that is true it is sad.
  7. Defend and earn more experience

    Great hotfix but now I cant unlock an enemy tank. That sucks, kinda takes the fun out of climbing all the way up a hill to kill a tanker. Why are tanks back to being too op? What is next no more at weapons? One step forward two steps back over things that used to work....cmon
  8. New Mask Update!?

  9. When is the Anti Cheat Going to get fixed?

    Hubris for no reason at all, this morning on the airfield everyone could tell who on the german side was hacking, his score was predictably high k/d ratio and he was always a step ahead of anyone tracking him in the mountains. When he had a tank he was said to have killed people in o3 thru the bunker walls. You can claim game is free from hackers you will have a very hard time convincing most players who get rolled over and over by snipers and tanks they cant kill, or sometimes even see clearly.
  10. What a joke 3 Russian hackers just ruined a game with 20 Germans and 17 fellow team mates. They could shoot thru cars, buildings etc. It was almost impossible to keep up with one guy his svt was spawn killing about 10 people a minute. He was 97-3. Another Russian with a tank could not be killed even with panzerfausts, he was 48-1. Another guy had some semi invisible like predator way of moving around. I walked into him several times but could not see him. Why is the cheating getting so bad? You need to keep up the anti cheat software? Seems like several Russians know how to override or get past what protection you do offer. I wonder if it is this easy for them to breech the game play system, do they also have credit card data now too?
  11. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    The "soon" would be closely followed by "we can't do x because y would also need fixed" and "we have people working on other stuff so we cant do x" If you don't have anything new to add (which it is obvious you dont) don't try to fake a dev stream...it makes you looks silly. Also, when you mock the question(s) it is a slap in the face of the person who took the time to ask a freaking question and suppresses others from asking.
  12. A Solution To The PTRD Problem.

    Maybe just boost US and GE factions tier 1 weapons even more so SU players have to work 2x or more as hard for ribbons too.... This game is so slanted away from RU being balanced its a joke. American players spend $ Russians apparently dont so they get no love. Simple Simple
  13. make them pay!

    They will never penalize someone for causing another player to spend money....thats what they want....it is a business (and a game) but always a business first. Put your mines deep in enemy territory, most H&G players are complete morons and waste the mines that are designed to protect their factions territory. You should get a refund on the cost of a mine if an barista teammate blows it up or kills themselves on it. THis is simple logic.....but this is reto we are talking about so throw any logic out the window and figure out what makes them the most $ and that is what they will do....stop over thinking it and follow the money Lebowski
  14. A Solution To The PTRD Problem.

    I tried an experiment and equipped my level 15 soldiers from each faction with zooka and stickies (I have old ge & su soldiers) Every time the German shoots the zooka it is penning armor. About half the time the US and RU soldiers dont pen. I tried to aim for back of turret and one SU shot was at a US light tank and it said armour too thick( REALLY?????). So yes, Reto makes Germany the best "user" of weapons also. It is sad they cant just admit it instead of stringing thousands along with their phony baloney claims of balance...not even in tank hunting is their balance. Try it you will see it really dramatically makes the claim of balance almost as funny as "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" This sounds like the dumbest thing I've ever heard....SU is under-powered so make their only unique (8 eq slots) weapon less effective....great Russia hate there stranger.
  15. Weapon Balance

    So tribal......muh gunz....muh freedom.... How about getting better mufflers for all tanks so they dont resemble coal fired power plants How about scaling way back the heavy & med air machine guns that shred everything instantly How about making tanks weapons inoperable when they are camped in spawn zones Make Spotting Great Again...reward with small xp and a smiley face Make Mining Great again....penalize friendly mine killers ....small xp penalty ...they will convert to being spotters instantly How about a farm free para plane that actually takes you to objectives not on outer map inactive line tours these would help more than ticky tack issues with muh gunz. Thanks Reto for making this a place to share ideas And yes, please add bots but make them as smart as the para plane pilot and we will all get thousands of kills of them and they will never be near a capture point.