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      On our prototype server you will now find a very early preview of the Soviet Skirmish map called 'Khutor', that we have in development.   Please note that this is a preview, and not a public test as such, which means that you should expect that a lot of things are not final yet.   The 'Khutor' map will be on the Prototype server until Wednesday the 24th of January.   Read more here:    


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  1. Is there a Weapon Stats Matrix?

    They guard these stats with their life, not that I think they would know what to do with them, they would just like them to stay secret so all their bs claims cant be challenged with real facts. Like M1/M2 was not that op before the triple nerfing etc...bs dev streams aside, they are under no obligation to be truthful so what do they have to loosing lying about the thinks they do.
  2. Quick Solution to P38 problem

    They are both clueless as to how the game "works" or dosent work in this case. P38 is way to OP to be in this game with these tiny little maps (btw you said 2 years ago new maps were coming...If Colmar Hamlet is all you can do with 2 years, put down the crack pipe, please. Its great that they are answering questions maybe now we could also insist they play the game so they have a small frame of reference for the questions.
  3. Quick Solution to P38 problem

    P38 and all heavy fighters should be removed, plain and simple. H&G was better when they had limited #'s of planes. I instantly quit the game if they have heavy fighters so this would mean I might get to play a few more games. No way to defend against heavy fighters if you are inf, para, recon or tanker. What is the point to have super fast unkillable tanks in the sky.....oh wait its to disrupt the game and make people not play....good job reto "working as intended"
  4. How many years have people asked reto to fix the para planes. I just finished a game at Fwd Airfield. In the 25 min game I got to be on the ground and fight for capture points 1 time. I died in the para plane no where near a target 14 times The para plane was shot down 16 times The total number of points capped by the 3 in my squad was 0 points Why would anyone say this is how it was intended to work. It used to work, then reto decided pilots were more important than any other class of soldier. They get more xp, credits and need to spend way less to maintain their character. Why cant the AI on the para plane be fixed so the plane goes to the lines that are open. I spent more time running from far reaches of the map to the scant contact with enemy soldiers than anything else. Reto needs to fix this broken system. It isnt working as intended. You can say it is but NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.
  5. Update 1.10 'Colmar Hamlet' - Changelog

    It always happens but we are asked to not believe our lying eyes or scores. Just tell us which #'s were changed/tweeked/experimented with/fixed________(you insert deceptive adjective here) Susnlight cures (and prevents) most misunderstanding.
  6. Matchmaker is broken (again)

    When was it ever working properly? I regularly get added to games where the last point is or soon falls. The same if you team is winning the last point as you enter, it clearly does not work the way they claim they want it to work.
  7. New Weather Settings in Update 1.10

    This is a recycled feature from the past. It worked so well back in the day, they took it away. Now as a revised feature I hope you will re-listen to the people who are playing the game if/when these new "lighting" options start effecting game play in a negative way and adjust them unlike just completely scrapping the idea as before.
  8. Happy hacking

    When you are starting sentences with "Most aimbot users" me thinks you have many aimbot users.
  9. Happy hacking

    Seeing is believing. The same guy has a youtube channel and he posted footage of that same match. Admits he uses a $3 hack available online. You can put your head in the sand and say it isnt happening but your butt will get shot. Goto youtube and look up H&G hacks, you will be amazed at how many there are.
  10. Happy hacking

    Just played a match with a 32-0 infantry guy in a recon car that we could not shoot with bazookas. After you waste 2 rockets and do no damage, why bother wasting more. No tanks in the battle so he was free to rape and pillage the lousy Airfield map over and over till Germany won every obj with a parked 222 near the point. It killed every car that drove near it and every motorbike. Hardly ever missed, even got me in the aa trenches when I took a peek from being prone to try to panzerfaust him. People are good but when you are invincible the game is not worth playing anymore. I guess I dont play russian or american for a while. Thanks.
  11. Photos from Reto Insider Summit

    Do they use mayo on the fries or catch up? Why is he using a knife and fork on the burger?
  12. Planes... Broken AF

    Para plane is the only spawn point where you can die before being "alive" in the game. The fact that they know this exists and choose to ignore it says they could care less about para's its all about getting pilots to enroll. I would love to see stats on how many para die before they ever hit the ground. My guess is with any games with med or heavy fighters its less than 25%. Some games are a joke you die 10 out of 10 to a pilot that takes 3-4 shots to wreck a giant para plane. I'm all for letting special classes work, but dont tell me the planes dont ruin any balance.
  13. Movement Issues, Cheats & bugs

    This part just made the time I wasted reading it worth the time after all. Ask him if he wants a sandwich delivered with their opinions EXTRA ONIONS
  14. Hoarder Badge Change?

    I get very different results with Dynamite Lover and Hoarder now than a few updates ago (when it worked how it is stated in badge description) I got 6 reg grenades and 3 rpg's so I switched the order and I still got 6 regular nades and only 3 rpg I think they wanted to nerf anyone who hunts tanks, because that is essentially the effect of "changing" how these badges work versus how they used to work. I had a german with stickies, rpgs, frags and a pistol now I only get 6 at nades (used to be 12) no matter what order I put these items in. thanks reto
  15. Bombing planes spam

    You should be able to play a game without planes after they ruin a game for you. It is as simple as that reto execs. Would you keep playing a game if there was no way for you to counter an enemy....well planes are just that. I want any of the reto "devs" to actually play a game against 4-5 p38's and use the existing aa guns to prove "how easy it is" (reto cincerius words) to shoot down p38's yaks, etc. You have such a small chance of killing planes and they know it. The skinny guy with glasses said "I could waste time shooting down planes, but it would be too boring for you to watch"...ya that is a tall tale. Games without planes are always better than games with for everyone in the game except the pilots, so yes reto does only care about the pilots at this point.