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  1. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    Now you can mine both sides of that tree instead of just in the water. Boom Boom Lemonades all around.
  2. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    No one would ever change something without telling and wait for consensus to determine a change has been made.
  3. New Universal-1 tractor for the new map

    Q: Why did they put all the sounds from the t20 onto a tractor....... A: Too lazy to create a new sound Q: Do you get xp for driving it? A: You should but it isnt working yet Wow, this is how you bungle an update.
  4. Absolute joke that a pilot can go 40-0+ over and over. Most of these kills are coming within feet of the spawn zone....does that not make anyone at reto think something is wrong? When are the stats coming out....never.... we know why. This is when you crawl back to the drawing board and fix it. How long do you intend to let heavy fighters ruin the game? Can you please make an option so matchmaker will not keep sending you back to the same game you quit because the heavy fighters make it unplayable.
  5. Why isnt anti cheat what was promised

    cop out
  6. This is a move of a hacker?

    They wont do anything, they outsourced (no our problem) all issues related to hacking. Its like a wild west town now.
  7. Letter from the CEO #4

    by the end of the year..... WHat he didnt say was what year
  8. Mine cleaners will be needed in driver handling 2.0

    Civilian Truck Fleet , As a big fan of the landmine, I can attest to how people take the same pathway to the obj even if they hit a mine the last time. Some is due to choke points some is just habits people develop while driving where they go the familiar way I sent out a GE a character with all 3 landmines and had a field day experimenting on town map If C line is active MINES can be crippling to travel plans, just need a few trolls to hang around some key spots.
  9. A Brief Review of the BA-64B

    1 shot it with faust or bazooka, Greyhound and 222 need 2 It handles like it needs a front end alignment You can headshot the gunner pretty easily if it is parked without a scope
  10. Update 1.11 ‘Skirmish at Khutor’ is here!

    Its a T-20 even has same horn
  11. Is it just me or are there more players with basic weapons getting scores that are unbelievable? I thought the cheating would stop, it seems to be just as bad as before if not worse. If hackers are targeting this game, why did the anti hack get nerfed? Now that someone else is in charge of stopping the hackers, what has reto done with all the resources formerly devoted to (not) stopping the hackers?
  12. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    so using "extra" software is now legal...good grief what a bunch of double talk they give off.
  13. P38 still a problem, why RETO doesn't do anything?

    I bail on the game when heavy or even medium fighters are q'ed and I am a para trooper or inf. BITD you could switch characters now you are at the mercy of aux seats. The only ones close to fair vs aa are recon planes and if they gang bang the para plane as a group you r screwed also Make the para plane not shoot downable and all that would be different I feel. Sorta is just a spawn zone on a fast moving escalator/elevator. Once I pull shoot fine but if I die 1/2 the time in the plane wtf is that fun?
  14. No Point in Playing Staged on US

    Have you ever que'ed for war....who here is willing to wait 45 minutes to play....go watch bread rise, its just as exciting. Face it if you have 15 minutes to spare, why waste it "waiting" when you can likely join a one sided battle in progress any time, isn't that how the matchmaker is supposed to work? It is designed to take you to the most likely to end battle where only one (or maybe 2) spawn points are available. You get your few licks in, and get thrown right back into the q for another chance to play (with no idea what the status of the next game will be) I love it when I wait 5-10 minutes for a game and get dropped into a game that is counting down in the 90's for my opponent. Nothing is more fun than never spawning in but still loosing the match, great thinking on that! Even better is facing a suicide penalty when the para plane is shot down. Great thinking to give suicide to someone trying to spawn into the game. Give that person a raise! So you get to wait 2x as long as ususal to spawn, and it happens again. It is such a fun time to waste the game time waiting, just like you do in the q for a "war" with "elite" players who seem to be fascinated with walking great distances to contact.
  15. Snipers for Infantry!!! NOT FAIR!!

    We should only remove infantry scopes from Americans. Then they can actually have a reason to where a V on their foreheads and claim to be victims of reto imbalance for once and be correct. It gets old and boring to hear Americans whine about every little thing. This will make American tears flow again.