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  1. No, srsly... every battle is same... I die more then 95% from headshots... Its totaly stupid, its not just confire adams update... Aimed shreck at tank, first shot aimed at the side and I hit the side of the tank, the second shot aimed exactly at the same spot but the tanker shows his head, instead of hiting tank I hit him in the head... Its a script which aims for head no matter at what you aim... I noticed it earlier when I missed a shot but the guy died from the headshot. I though it was a bug, lag, or something, but I have 180 fps and ping 25-50 at most and it still happens quite often. Stomach, arm, torso, even leg can be registered as headshot. The bullets we see have nothing with the way the system register hits. Its totaly broken.
  2. Other factions? About what other factions are you talking about? As far as I know we have only US, GE and SU, and only US doesnt have high power scopes for infantry.
  3. RETO get rid of that "feature". Its stupid, unhealthy (huge amount of frustration), and do not serve any purpose other then hiding cheaters. Period. Before the x5 headshot it was bad as much as possible, but now its out of hand. 1.06 about 90% of my deaths were headshots, now its close to 98%... Only last match I died 20 times out of which 18 were headshots...
  4. I just hope it will not be a gun balance 2.0, we all know how the 2.0 things ends...
  5. Powiem wam, że ten magazyn jest teraz jeszcze gorszy. Teraz można z bliska kampić na spawnie...
  6. Every plan has it own weak points, this one has it here: Not possible. It will be good if we get one unfinished map untill 2018. Well.. lets say it straight, RTS is all what this game can offer what the others do not have. In its current state showing it to the public, potencial customers is a shame. I love your positive way of thinking. Im also an optimist but with the baggage of experience thus I dont believe in miracles.
  7. Teraz rozumiem skąd ten pm. Tak jak Sigvall napisał zrezygnuj z subskrypcji i maile nie będą przychodzić. W razie potrzeby, pytań, tudzież faktycznej chęci usunięcia konta skontaktuj się z działem pomocy:
  8. G43/Garand/SVT + Nades + medkit + HS + Nimble
  9. Thats kinda forum version of headshot
  10. As far as I know this game is about CQC caping points and not about camping 200-300 meters away...
  11. As far as I know most of the stuff in game isnt even made by RETO itself but rather bought from 3rd party artists and designers or downloaded for free. If thats true, and I believe it is because most of that stuff you can just download online, then RETO cant release maps as fast as we would want... because they simple doenst know how to make them... For example, some stuff like german uniforms are still available for free to download from
  12. Nope, it wasnt provocation, it was a pathetic atempt to make another US gear OP. Dont add the ideology to that.
  13. Thats absolutelly brilliant idea The only problem is... RETO. I mean they cant handle much simpler RTS.. I somehow do not believe they would be able to create so much complex RTS, and thats sad. I love to read those ideas, It lets me imagine how a great game we could have...
  14. Żeby pozbyć się tego nowego cuda wystarczy dodać w HnGsync do localsetting.ini linijkę audio.occlusion=false Oczywiście, że są pobugowane, jak cała gra. I tu nie chodzi o zdrowe zmysły, tylko o fakt, że tam nie ma specjalistów z prawdziwego zdarzenia. Mapy, które mamy to zwykłe darmówki z Unity, dlatego nie dostajemy nowych map. Oni po prostu nie są wstanie ich zrobić, bo nie potrafią. Przypominam, że przez długi czas panowie twierdzili, że HnG działa na ich autorskim silniku. Dziś wiemy, że kłamali. I tak generalnie jest ze wszystkim... Dlatego głównie dostajemy patche ze zmianami w UI, bo to jako tako opanowali.
  15. Kolczyki i tatuaże... Widziałem znakowane bydło, wygląda podobnie.