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  1. I dont think this needs further explanation, i think everyone already know guns on this game looks more like muskets instead of ww2 guns.
  2. Loosen ping requirement with matchmaker

    Yeah i always wanted something like this too, we should be able to at least select what ping is the max for us, for example where is the "disable ping warning" (wich right now is a useless option) add a bar to select the ping we want every 50ms, for example: 50ms, 100ms, 150ms, 200ms or 40ms, 80ms, 120ms, 160ms and 220ms.
  3. If its going to be like war thunder i see this game dieing fast, we needed stronger tanks not weaker tanks. I dont see the spawn time for higuer tier tanks a thing really, IMO its basically a very basic and cheap version of this thread : On the thread you can see some ideas about that you cannot spawn a chaffee with m2a2 at, on staged should work like m3 lee/ m8a1? vs pz3/hetzer or sherman/easy 8/m10/hellcat vs pz4/panther/stug so if a newbie buy hes first medium tank he has some chance to have fun being on a balanced match to learn.
  4. I see it simple, you want to camp 300m or more? buy 6x or 8x, want 100-200m? Get a 4.0x. Later just a nerf on cqc so under 5 meters it doesnt ohk and thats much it, they even can add some kind of barrel giving more accuracy and range but for example change the damage to under 100 meters to never ohk but getting a range of like 350-400m instead of the 250m max we have right now, so recons can be doing the role they want. The problem with that is it isnt that funny to get OHKed of a recon, is like a post i made about do the same nerf BAs have to SAs so they are balanced, 3hk to hsg like how BAs 2hk to hsg right now. Man shooting a paraplane is the easiest thing ever because they are very big, they have little health against 20mm in special, they fly very slow and cant be controlled by players. Right now gives more xp kill a jeep than a AA lol.
  5. Move the AA Guns

    Same goes for middle of the map AAs, at least being on top of 02 you dont need to die 20 times going open field to reach the AAs, also they can add sandbags and stuff on the sides so u need to be on top of a hill to be able to shoot it but without be excesive so it isnt the same crappy AA place like 02 tower on town that is completly ruined with so many wall and sandbag that makes it useless. Like @sfscriv said above, being able to build the AAs and maybe AT guns where you want can be great but is something that needs a lot of work, so prefer to have a AA on top of every objetive with some actual vision and not no sense useless AA places like town 01. All that crap on the middle should be removed, is jsut a crappy place where everyone goes to camp and is nearly impossible to get there if the guy or guys camping it know what they are doing, the trenches, the inclination on terrain and the AAs should be removed of there all together.
  6. Cmon man 200 meters are already objetive to objetive... I can agree on needing more scopes of diferent magnification but limiting it even more makes no sense, recons should have available at least a 4.0x, 6.0x and 8.0x. Yeah some of reto team was answering to it and they said they will look into that, lets hope they get done that idea too so BAs arent op on cqc anymore, right now they are basically shotguns, SAs also 2hk on cqc and last the lmgs wich are getting nerfs since a long time and are just brokening the guns. For example: Under 5 meters BAs do 2hk , SAs under 5 meters do 3hk and lmgs under 5 meters do 4hk but over 75m they do the same damage than right now, no more recoil, mo more sway, no more annoying stuff. The only thing that can stop planes is planes really, sure few AAs can entertain them but paraplane isnt going to win against fighters, its slow speeds dont help either.
  7. Lets hope they do and even if needs to be reduced even more at least start with having them 2.0 but even 2.0 for me is too much magnification. They should reduce the annoying smoke effects of all guns by at least 30% for sure. The thing is its a damn game u know what i mean, perfectly cool some realism but going to far like "usa on ww2 used 2.0x and GE 4.0x" so only ge and su can spam infantry-recon and reckt everyone from obejetive to objetive, thats not funny or enjoyable, is like if you make tiger 2 the tank of the year while the others need 5 tanks to get a tiger 2, that isnt funny. Reto isnt going to remove scopes ever thats why i suggested reducing all infantry scopes to 2.0x, even better 1.5x.
  8. seen one today grinding for unlock war "german_alt_account" lol
  9. Good numbers and can grow up, dont need to be negative and/or hope to get players without change anything. Changes should had made before the game even was released, its a bit late but it is never late to fix stuff and adress issues, banning all alts + main accounts is one of the main steps to have a greater game and community. Also you cant expect the game to gain all players with a update that literally only add 3 planes and improve little stuff but rts and the long etc still needs to be adressed and fixed. Just few examples of things they should had adressed before release it but like i said they still have time for fix stuff and make the game better.
  10. Move the AA Guns

    Top of 02 can be a great place of AA instead of useless sandbags no one use because feel buggy.
  11. What will happen? Have left the greatest comunnity the game ever had. There is no one playing because of alts and the lack of fixes for rts really. They need to adress this and ban all those clowns using alts and sometimes cheats, the game will die if they dont fix things like this for sure, all up to reto to ban all those and get a greater community.
  12. Right now the situation on rts is very bad, the alt account spam is reaching new levels and yet still reto dont perma-ban their alt account and even less their main accounts, why still nothing being done about this? Alt accounts join matches to make sure they are lost or waste all tanks, planes, paras, recons, apcs, etc. When is something going to be done about this???? Every faction spam alts constantly to pop matches and insta win it, lately germans and russians seems to spam them alot but USA does use them too.
  13. Reduce Starter SMGs to 5 equipment points

    Yeah but taking a gun from the ground is okey you know but things like picked up weapons have less sway recoil etc makes 0 sense. They should finally work on a anti-tank class definetly, in RL im sure there was never +60% of the army with zooka + lmg, they add lets say a max of 2 anti-tank classes per match and problem gets fixed, its a game after all but damn wtf being able to run so many main guns, ro2 can be worse when taking a lmg + smg + smoke nades + frag nades + a pistol or two but there atleast youre very slow having such amount of guns, reto should make it so you can only use one main gun so people are more forced to use medkits, pistols, nades, etc.
  14. Reduce Starter SMGs to 5 equipment points

    Yeah reto decided to do many BS but crap like this must be changed to something proper, not even battlefield 1 let you use 2 main guns and its the most arcade game out there, it jsut brokes the inmerssion completly someone have a top tier smg and magically get another main gun out of the hat. Seems like reto added the doraemon hat so you can get 2 main guns out of it....