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  1. just give me a bipod for my 1919 and thats it, mg nests can be cool but if reto even have troubles to put a dammed window looking to the direction it should and not like the c4 building without a single window looking to the town
  2. congratulations, hitted already +90% of alts and you show it like something good, lol was laughing really hard at the start but... if you think on it, its so damn pathetic to show how the alts and how many people quit of playing.
  3. oh wait!
  4. Si fuera cosa de que fueran baratas vale pero costando mas que el doble que un tiro de bazooka ya les vale matar de una, aparte la mayoria de minas las explotan el propio equipo. Ya me eh encontrado en alguna escalera la mina esa rusa y de milagro no explotarme en la cara pero tambien depende de donde la coloquen esos cabrones. Tu imaginate en la guerra los campos de minas eso es igual, minado por cada esquina, pero si tiras un par de granadas se soluciona, el problema es que tanto nerfeo y ya es que nadie lleva granadas anti-personal son demasiado caras hasta tirando una de vez en cuando y las minas lo mismo, de milagro las anti-tanque no cuestan un riñon aún, yo puedo entender que una mina antipersonal de esas cueste unos 300 creditos pero 1000 o cosa asi que cuestan es que no tiene sentido, la gente deberia mirar por donde pasa no entrar a lo rambo por todos lados.
  5. even if you have a i5 6600k you will get drops to 40fps or even less, its the game fault
  6. see it a good idea but... i dont agree at all, if reto make u pay 200k credits for it surely no one will do it because its just not worth, we all know how is reto and if they do, it will be not worth i dont think reto is going to add anything for free but i can agree for make something like maybe hit a little more ranks up or jsut be able to change it of faction if its at max lvl without any costs or minimal costs. Also on a faction like russians there us barely queue if there ever is some. On us army for example there are like 5k 7k planes every deploy rihgt? ok so 95% of them get deployed by noobs or idiots that deploy like 10 fighter ats and never even if its a one month war, they never move them. Reto needs first to fix the dammed rts side, like give priority to the people online on the queue side and if one of your ats let say u deploy 10 heavy tanks ats and 10 fighter ats, if on 24 hours you doesnt send them to combat and get used they should be sent to the stockpile so this prevents trolls, liars and alts of collapse enemy faction ressources.
  7. yeah and comes to tell me it a random, get some hundred hours and later try again but harder. In real life the tiger was 4x times faster than how it is ingame, get some information later talk. Cheers. Ohh and read again, seems like you need some glasses to read even from 150-200m a zooka reckts you with 2 hits, not to mention how much reck you get if its 2 or more and it doesnt matter if u have the entire team defending it, kill a tank is the easier thing to do in this game.
  8. you can have the entire team defending it if you want, just need to fire two times with a zooka from 150-200m and bye tank, its not abouyt having infantry near is about how much time you need more move the tank for escape and how many u need for destroy it and right now before a 75mm canon reloads there are 2 h3 placed or 3 stickies or 3 rpgs.
  9. si te parece le ponemos un cartel de 2x2m eh! hay una mina porfavor no pases! ...
  10. oh wait h3 arent op? 2 hits to a light, to a medium tank and to... oh wait! heavy tanks too!, but the stickies are the only ones op...
  11. I think at the end this is a game and can be very cool to be able to use those super heavy tanks, they surely if they are on the battlefield can be something very hard to take down (arent they supposed to exist for that?) and on my opinion should be just other heavy tanks able to take them down or a ISV with a 88 flack or something, maybe something like if those tanks are present the map get changed all AA guns for 88 flacks wich should counter those tanks but on rts side they should be something rare that i agree like a production of 1 of those tanks every 10 minutes i see it the way to go but before all of this for sure the tanking system must be changed. Makes no sense that a zooka or a at nade is the king really, tiger 2? who cares just place 2 h3 on 2 seconds before the tanker even get to move 1 meter and bye tank. makes no sense and just for start the tanks should get 2x acceleration, 2x speed and 2x health so this way the tanking is something interesting and effective not just a bot moving around with a big poster saying "free xp please drop 2 h3 on me", the infantry must be scared of the tanks and should need at least 2 3 infantry to take it down. Also the way to trow every at nade need a rework to be more realistic and at the same time make the placement time let say 2x or 3x longer than now, makes no sense to be able to spam 2 times the click and on a second or two the tank is down. Also something i think should be fixed is the hability to pen heavy tanks with bazookas, the only way should be h3 and minimum 4 of them being then a light 2 h3, medium 3 h3 and heavy 4 h3. Reto... U ever played the tanks? if you want join a match with at rambos with a heavy tank and tell me how many tanks you kill and how many kills the at rambo that is reckting you, there u will see easier how broken are the tanks. Its just not funny, not enjoyable, frustrating and very expensive. Again... tanks should scare the infantry, not like now that the tankers using lights are more scared of the at rambos than of the IS2/T2/M26 sitting somewhere. Forgot to say... for the love of god add 3 more bridges for town at the limit of the map, you dont even need to add kind of crap around just elevate the terrain so we can cross with vehicles, and no i dont mean only tanks. The only way to cross c or b line is on that 2 cancer full camped bridges, d and e line same history but way more frustrant, feels like the typical fps where you are forced to go one way, where is the open field feel reto? where is the option for FLANK? tell me wanna know, if you doesnt will at least add ISVs like the DUKW so we can cross with it at least swimming.
  12. yeah and what about making a proper tank system instead of make the people farm more than ever the tanks? wow
  13. agree, that about having the chance to join if having ats in was ok but choosing on the map just makes no sense, for what was they removing the battle tab that was before for choose battles then?
  14. i think also like you, maybe the way to go was to add this new maps with diferent names or like a variation of the old maps, the only thing the old maps needed was, the new grass, some bushes, SOME not a jungle like now on some places, bigger objetives, like mountain town c3 wich was a joke of build, a easy copy/paste same with c2 b2 b3 etc, but definetly not replace them with the actual ones. We basically asked for some bushes, grass and bigger objetives, what do we get? new maps and the old ones deleted of the game doing something no one asked for and that is exactly what reto.logic means.
  15. try a old call of duty like mw2 or mw3 on 2 consoles on the same router u will see u cant play on 2 system something like that but about faction selection