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  1. Long gameplay with the stuart killing some german tankers and some funny recons.
  2. Im clearly not just talking about proper first person view, im talking about hp side etc, makes no sense to add to a tank for example be multicrew for use or even one to operate with this 2hk sense its crappy, if you need to take down any tank 4-5 hits ok agree with change to only 1st person view, but tanking isnt going to be no longer broken magically jsut changing to first person only view, first tanks need to be true tanks and not civilian trucks with canons, and planes need to be planes and not a piece of paper with canons. How is that a bf109 have only one bomb? how is that a me410 only have 2 bombs? and so on most planes needs minimum get double quantity of bombs, tanks need to be double harder hp side and so on when that is done i agree on make first person only but until then it makes no sense.
  3. I would love to see only first person for all vehicles but... imagine a plane on 1st person, must be a pain in the butt to use, same goes with tanks but even harder since the tanks are broken so even less chance to be able to do anything with a tank. Is a good idea but we need a proper tanking and planes being relistic and good not like made of paper how the tanks are, these 2hk sense on tanks and these joke of hp on planes is just meh.
  4. Well if you are expecting a crappy dual core to run the game at 60fps better go back to tetris. My one is a "crappy" 60€ cpu and moves every single game good, outside of be crappy optimized games. What isnt normal is these "starving" people that think with a 10 years old pc with 2 crappy cores at 2ghz or even less are going to run anything of even 2013 are just that "starving" people or kids that should be studing or doing some kind of crap they shouls do on that years, they want a good pc? What about get a job? Later comes the typical one ohhh but i cant study and work, there are people studing half day and working the other half just to be able to buy the things the want. On my years of kid i was studing to later get a job and doing some things to be able to buy what i want , what do these people think that the money will fall from the sky by doing nothing?
  5. So its retos fault most people have toasters? LOL
  6. Typical noobs crying seems like, needs some skill to use a p40! Its not just about pew pew pew! The guns pens perfectly, damage pretty good and so on, what do you expect a p40 vs 4 bf109 and kill them all without issue? lol
  7. Its like when you kill a tiger 2 or panther with a very weak tank, but but my armor
  8. Well on the first video testing the render on the last minutes you can see the fps jumping problem still it feels smooth compared to the old render and the fps jumping you dont really feel it that much but the problem is still there, about fps on town the gravestones and stuff still makes the fps drops, mostly if you fly fast over there but much more better fps and smooth feel than on old render and last test for sure, will see next try if the church gets optimized. For me it looks pretty good also look there are true reflections lol. For sure there is a improvement.
  9. Enjoy the ufo mode dude, the old flying system was really a bad decision for be implemented again, damn was so awesome and realistic the new flying system we got with the recon planes. Check last minutes of this how the damn thing is being pushed into the ground.
  10. Another small video this time on the map town with night weather, nearly no fog.
  11. Well i was also using TAA wich still makes the image blurry but the game on every aspect looks better, playing it the feel it gives is much better all looks nicer and so on but the filters (fxaa and taa) still need to be decreased, also on the start you can see now you see the buildings at like 1200-1400m bridges doesnt but i guess they are working on it, fps side compared to last try i see it working much more better, still the fps jumps like how on the first video i shown but definetly feels much more smoother than the old render also got to play a +1 hour match and was pretty smooth and without do that weird thing that happen on the old render that the more long that is the match the more annoying things happen and fps drop. Things like when youre firing nose mounted guns you actually can see now thanks to the better smoke effects and increase of colours. Cpu side the usage for multithreaded cpus on my case a fx it seems like its being used better but nothing special, still the church on 02 gives drops loading the gravestones mostly is what make the fps drop but definetly is a high improvement, still a lot of work but i see how every test it just gets better. Something weird is going on with the planes while they move one of the things it looks so weird.
  12. that happen since... always? lol min 5 updates ago happening if not since the game was made, its very very glitchy and is the best thing if you wanna suicide or just see how hard it gets bugged out.
  13. Another small video showing the new render while on the air on forward airfield, mostly testing distance rendering.
  14. yeah maybe but mediums are pure meat for rambos and using low light tank tiers you will never lose anything also with 2 light ats he have more tanks than using a single medium.
  15. Going face to face surely youre not going to beat a medium, surprise him and when he starts to look at you just hide if you dont have time to kill him, its not just about go go go and go straight to them, you must think a bit.