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  1. Pretty awesome how on red orchestra you can use everything to get cover and or fire your gun from it but in this game no... in this game is just like old 2000s cs:go or worse, prefer that reto waste time on a cover system or something to fix these buggy walls, corners, sandbacks, etc etc since they are totally useless, better to not even mention how much sucks prone and crouch positions...
  2. i5 versus Ryzen 5

    Problem is using adaptive sync it doesnt really feel smooth but using something like riva tuner for limit fps gives you a extremly smooth experience, there is also the engine issues like when recording without antialising that the gameplay looks very pixelated but they do affect intel/nvidia too so really a reto.engine limitation but is a tricky game really. Like without cap the fps maybe i get +200fps but it doesnt feels like that, its also something that only happened to me with this game. It cant be that hard to add a dammed framerate limiter ingame... On other games its pretty good and a really worth the money cpu, games like battlefield 1 run awesome and look awesome, comparing a ryzen 5 to a 8700k for example sure the i7 is faster but in terms of IPC its nearly the same if not the same but for half the price so its up to you really to choose if you want a mobo for 5 years being able to use 3 cpu generations on the same mobo or go intel and buy a mobo every next gen. If i were you just forget about intel, get a nice ddr4 ram, good mobo and use a ryzen 3 1200 wich is basically a i5 until zen 2 is out or if you dont feel limitated just wait for zen 3 lol.
  3. And a bit of "general" stuff but that thread included:
  4. Reto made a rts map for 20k players when there arent even 5k playing war, if they at least had some versioons like, rts for 5k, rts for 10k and 15k can be diferent but reto dont seem to want to do that correctly so it will just get worse, like i said long ago if the war battles arent crowded then there is no reasson for make the map more dense. Agree, one of the reassons i made a thread a couple time ago about a system for send AFK ats back to the stockpile after 24 or 48 hours but they also seem to refuse to do that too even being a MUST. RTS needs for sure a system to send AFK ats back to stockpile and diferent versions of the rts map (diferent amount of cities).
  5. New helmets - weird colors?

    Dark green helmet = dark green ingame Dark green camo = green being more white Reto.logic...
  6. Since the only real way to damage someone is with HE or nades why not just remove the system?
  7. Remove SCOPES

    They also dont seem to want to make infantry have only access to 2x scopes...
  8. Feedback on Heavy vs Medium tanks

    Problem is there are still matches being made of heavy vs heavy only so it takes longer to find one, also found more apcs in staged lately I still think every single match should have apcs, why there arent also medium and heavy planes in the same match? They are pretty balanced really to be what they are and can be sure that is definetly more balanced than medium tanks vs heavy tanks...
  9. Back then reto said they dont want to limit weaponry so i dont even bothered on add it but who knows maybe they do Rest looks good but i think only 6 days until heavy stuff is a bit early, about the civ trucks and bycicles sounds good for like be able to buy those vehicles even the bycicle so we dont need to be running around like ducks for one of those spawncamped trucks/bycicles. Recons maybe just foot recon available for the "first pass" (day 1-3).
  10. Game dont start

    Something weird was going on after reseting the pc it got fixed.
  11. Hope so, with a little luck we dont get such a mess like squad 2.0 at hes time.
  12. Remove friendly fire from mines.

    If you mean about at mines its a diferent history but usually going very fast the mine it self appears too late like maybe when youre at 10 meters full speed on apc to d4 for example if youre not paying attention you will for sure run over it, maybe its a engine limitation or just made how it is but going at a normal speed it doesnt happens to me, not the first time even paying attention you see the enemy or allied mine appear too late so even turning exactly when the mine appears you end running over it. Maybve has something to do with the LOD system that flying at full speed to a house it usually makes a video pixelated and it feels like the game slow down for a bit, even if the fps counter keeps saying lets say 100 fps it just doesnt feels like it going full speed near houses and stuff, not to mention everything usually pop in the face going at speed.
  13. Remove friendly fire from mines.

    I already complain having the damn objetive blocking my vision why should be better having the markers at longer distances? you can see the symbol from like 5-10 meters and it doesnt really matter since even if its a mine on the middle of the field people will go exactly over them just for "fun" or trolling.
  14. Its not that hard to for example remove E line completly.
  15. Bushes and P38

    Im far of run out of ammo in a p40 and what armor if a pistol still pen it and in this game all planes have the same health? Doesnt seems like you understand in the game the diference of speed of a p35 vs mig3 is minimal and youre telling me 70kmh are going to make a diference? lol... p47 and p51 are p40s with better engine or armament thats it there isnt anything more. tier 2 maybe the p-61 and top tier the f7f tigercat sounds good to me.