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  1. Yeah i had that issue using the fx6300 too, rts takes a couple of cpu, often it loads a core to 100% so best with lower count of cores is to close rts. Lets hope this week or the next one they fix the mess and learned releasing a new update without being first on test server for fix the issues doesnt works and isnt good for anyone, im sure if this was first on server the game at least was playable until the update was fixed.
  2. Are you using a i3? The game doesnt uses more than 2 cores, i5s are getting very old since they just have 4 cores and on most games its changing to use 4 or more cores so you will experience choppy framerate if the cpu is always at 100% but... if you dont even use v-sync and keep the cpu at 100% even if the framerate is high it will feel bad. It isnt a bug... is the modern games telling you 2-4 cores arent enought. On this game you should be fine with a i5 for now.
  3. Reto means now u need a i7 at 10ghz to move the game smooth.
  4. And the issues keep coming out... How many already? Oh wait the new stutters are a feature too...
  5. So americans get a tier 2 then
  6. Me262 or nah?
  7. Thats the thing, but it isnt the same to change ip everytime you reset the router than to be constantly changing ip while youre looking youtube or whatever using vpn, lets say with vpn it changes ip like 10 times per minute a guy that doesnt use vpn isnt going to change ip so often. Another big issue is those alts have already a lot of ats and most high lvls so that will cause nearly no effect to them, there isnt a way to completly remove them but with remove the option to join any specific war match, faction selection binded to IP and needing membership to join war makes reto win money, reduce the amount of alts and make the alts maintenance higuer so you need to pay basically what you pay for your main account or more. The squad 2.0 feature i dont think will be very hard to bring back but the IP thing and war only for vet membership users can take them a few time.
  8. Yeah but reto get most money of alts and cheaters so yeah they removed such a great feature. Not really, before they unlock lvl10 they can buy a lvl12 and ATs, lets say its a alt with more than 3 days, it will for sure have ats. Well, you said it, they are dynamic ips so maybe there is a way to not give access to ips that are constantly changing, if im not wrong i think h1z1 have some kind of system like that.
  9. I can understand a day, 2, 3, 4 is already getting too much but... WEEKS? NO, no, no. Just no. Its completly unplayable,try to fly planes, server is lagging, game is lagging everything is a mess, the planes goes frame to frame, the game lags so hard that you end aiming a mile in front because the lags. Reto just got to completly broke the game i guess we must give them the congratulations, whats next? not even the servers online because they dont will be able to turn them on? Jesus F christ...
  10. Sorry to broke your idea but it clearly isnt going to work. It was pretty damn great on the start of squad 2.0 with the option to join any war match REMOVED just matchmaking was available and everyone was complaining about it. The alts arent going to be reduced by making them have a assault team, they will just get a few of them, spread them around and join where they want. Why not make war only available to veteran membership users? At least that way reto get some money with the alts, or what about lock faction selection to IP? So people cant play 2 factions. People that use vpn should be completly blocked from the game.
  11. So is it going to get fixed? I still dont understand WHY THEY DONT RELEASED A TEST FIRST, but hey to test a UI they do release it, but for a new build not? Very professional, i dont know how you reto team do it again but is like one step forward and 3-5 backwards. How can you manage to make a good update be a total mess? Again, next time release the test server first, then fix the mess and then release it. Releasing a broken mess and later need a month to fix it is pure BS, seriusly the only thing this does is destroy the game, im sure with a test server it should have been seen and not released on this ridiculous state. FIRST TEST THE NEW CONTENT WITH THE COMMUNITY OPEN TEST SERVER, THEN FIX IT AND THEN ONLY THEN RELEASE IT.
  12. Actually, the only thing that gives so many xp are cars and motos, reto means u get more xp fore killing a jeep than a heavy plane or a tiger 2, typical reto.logic.
  13. See how you dont have a clue of anything.
  14. Yeah the moment youre not interested on read the truth you stop reading, is like with a recommendation that hurt your decoration army. Typical of you dont worry.