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  1. I remenber how op it was to use the mg42 before all the nerfs, was literally a smg, now feels like a .50 cal, Before was just aim and spray, i can understand a bit of sway, some tweaks so u need to mod it diferent if youre going to shoot at 100m and so on but right now no matter what you use the gun moves everywhere, tried lately low rpm and max rpm its almost the same the only diference is having it at max rpm makes u maybe kill the enemy sooner since on the same sway trajectory are more bullets but thats much it. There arent even bipods still so another reasson to make me say how out of sense is to touch the mgs if there isnt bipods because if they add random sway and there arent bipods how reto expect us to hit at even 20m?
  2. Even the jhonson needs a nerf actually, i was looking close to the stats and the jhonson is nearly if not the same damage than the 1919 wich makes no sense, a jhonson should need ammo mod like the 1918 does need for the true 3hk build while the 1919 should be the only gun on the game being able to 3hk without ammo mods, same goes for mg42 if you make that gun need ammo mod for the 3hk the balance stuff is more than fixed because using ammo mod without a bipod isnt going to make u be able to kill someone at 100m doing spray but reto understand for balance=sway instead of dmg, range and those kind of things.
  3. I think they should remove it and let you open it manually but opening automatically at a couple meters of the ground instead of at 2 miles like happens now. Also the thingy about open the chute at 1m of the ground and not even roll when you land, the soldiers lands standing relax is completly unrealistic. Also why we cant use the paraplanes? why must we wait 2 hours until the retarded AI figure out where to go? If there are planes on the air before the AI does 1/3 of hes trajectory the paraplane is already reckt.
  4. I seen this bug since the prototype and dont got a single screenshot, also reto was saying they found it but no word about being fixed, is it fixed now or still happening?
  5. I can understand is a mg and that kind of stuff but when i crouch and see the sway worst than a 1903 with 8x scope there u see something is wrong, better to not talk about being prone wich the sway is still a joke. Last time i tried to do a 400m with the 1903 i was firing a mile in front of him and still maybe the bullet just go randomly somewhere cuz u know reto.randomeffects the bullet goes so slow and the sway is so insane that it doesnt feels like a bolt-action. The mg42 is a bit better right now but how the hell i prone and there is more sway than on a 3 meter gun like the ptrd? Like, WTF??? Later u try the 1919 and that thing have 0 recoil and 0 sway so i wanna understand whats the reto.logic on balance because it seems BS. because mg42 have 300-400 more rpm needs to have more sway? Why? I can understand lower the dmg of the mg42 to lets say need ammo mod to be true 3 hits to kill but nooooo better add more sway than on a bolt-action with 8x so noobs can call it balanced, better to not talk about the jhonson that since the update it has even less recoil. Its such a bad joke these BS reto.balance makes 0 sense. Feels like they said to some very biased guy or one that was pissed directly to change the "balance" of the guns. Crazy high kills? Oh wait im gonna let you kill me cuz u suck... jesus christ... One thing is to be hard another very diferent is to make them useless, its not enought that now there is no place to do true sniping noo we must deal now with a 1000m sway at 200m wich makes no sense.
  6. Try the sway on the mg42 no matter what mods you use, the sway is insane, from all the 3 bolt-action rifles try the 1903 you will have lots of fun with the sway, also try to do a 300-400m shoot with that sway and the ridiculous slow bullets. A k98 with a 4.0x is more useful than any rifle with 8x scope, you prone and dont move? doesnt matters the soldier is waaay too dumb to let the gun on the ground to be more stable.
  7. Yeah that sucks
  8. Fog of war is a pre-alpha with not even a year on development, is more like a project to support unlike this that have +5 years.
  9. Typical, the ones with really big armies and that are more useless than any other thing, yes your army for example akir76, for wtf do you deploy 15k ats? to let them on the limit of the map and lose all together? Very intelligent and the rest of the army love them right? Cool, then deploy and use them when youre going to play dont just deploy them and move them next week that makes no sense. If there isnt needed such amount of ats on the front and you dont use them on combat i find it obvius that they get disbanded because the ones moving ats on the front and needing reinforces will need those ressources way more than you.
  10. People like ksmit and those people dooing so retarded drops wasting stuff i never found the sense on it, how can they think they are good when they play worst than new players? Surely the noobs doesnt get the "great" idea of waste such amount of paras instead of make a advance fun with paras hours and hours. PD: fog of war update is out!
  11. Like we all know right now there are let say 5k planes when the war starts, most of them never get used + add to that a week of production let say 10k planes, +90% of them dont even see combat and that doesnt makes any sense since the ressources are at the end from the faction not for a single guy personal use for move them to combat a time a week. I suggest a system that automatically send assault teams ressources (no matter what they are if infantry, planes, tanks, paras or recons=everything) to the army ressources depot when they are more than 24 hours without see combat, so this way reto doesnt needs to be changing the productions every month because most people log in deploy all and maybe they dont move on a week and that doesnt makes any sense. With this system the queues gets for sure minimum 50% less or even more, so everyone can move ats if they are active, afks and people that doesnt even move ats also gets fixed so the queues doesnt get this insane. This also is a solution that helps mostly the german faction since its the faction with the higuer number of players so that means way more people that doesnt move ats than any other faction.
  12. These kind of drops makes 0 sense, are a waste of army ressources and a waste of warfunds. Instead of make some funny so at least they get played some "intelligent people" do these kind of retarded "paraspam". Same goes for planes, +4k planes deployed, you see even 1k of them get used? No, always parked around.
  13. Well, if you see your army getting reckt because some group spam alt accounts im sure youre not going to stay ok with it, the alt problem is out of hand, many people uses them and relax hey no problem no one of them get banned wtf?
  14. What happened -snip-? Cant affort a lose like a man? Need to use 5 alts to pop the matches? Such lame rat..
  15. Well, having some of you spamming 200 nades to get me out of them helps too lol. Mg42 i remenber that times was on a prototype playing with some retos and i got a 1200rpm mg42 for show them how op it is next update they nerfed it heavily, was like a smg, now feels like a mg but without bipods is a bit of meh. They dont really need to use jhonson, maybe you give my jhonson to most people and they cant control it or maybe they just dont play good with that gun, a grease gun for example is a very good gun, or a 1918 wich is a heavy gun but does the job pretty well. Im personally just using jhonson now because i wanted something ok for medium range and close range because almost always i see enemies at 50m having a smg and i dont even bother on fire to them because i know with smg isnt going to happen. Also 1919 doesnt gives me the close-quarter perfomance i need.