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  1. Paciencia095

    Is the game dead?

    You wanna know why the game is in this situation? They still just do that Q&A yeah sure its okey but where the hell are the real streams that we want where they talk about early stuff, etc? devstreams!? Just look about how they answer to what is going on about backend "nothing to see here stay tuned for more content". Guess what the game will be dead for most of us nearly one more year if we all dont switch to upcoming ww2 games that are going to be way better than this, post scriptum just around the corner wich i bet will get released before this game get any kind of decent content and hell let loose soon after PS. On the other side i still hope reto get the game really upgraded to something more "2018" like but its reto so who knows maybe they are going to stuck to ortophedic animations, 2000s graphics and 40 players per match. The day i see proper animations, somewhat better graphics/hardware use and at least 64p per match maybe i come back. Such wasted potential in this game.
  2. Increase by 3x or just remove the queue crap. Problem is the ton of issues apart of the queues are what mostly ruin the game, the queues is like to say that "small bug" of hundreds of bad ones. Not to mention AFK ats arent being sent to stockpile wich is the true system we need not a increase in production because its useless, the same issue will still be VERY present no matter what amount of production there is.
  3. Paciencia095

    Quick Solution to P38 problem

    Not again with the same old history... It makes the same sense to merge medium and heavy planes than the medium and heavy tanks wich is probably the best idea reto ever had but you know, its reto, so forget about seeing even 1 of 10 matches with both planes.
  4. Paciencia095

    Intelligence Bulletin #5

    Wow so many information... Now getting serious, where is my me262?
  5. Me too but you got the idea. The 5 k/d thing was saying it mostly randomly but looking from a diferent perspective that means cheaters dont will be ever playing with bronze, silver or gold kd matchmaking. There comes the "issue" really, this system good made can work incredible with infantry but for tanks and planes needs to be some diferent kind of k/d system for example using planes being counted only the k/d of planes killed so for example me myself dont get matchmaked with people that just started flying or viceversa. For me its the best system ever made in shooter games, yes it isnt perfect but it is better far by miles than the mess system we have right now wich directly dont even work, also remenber counting AR removed, staged removed and much more matches being played, not to mention more balance = more fun = more players.
  6. You was giving me a new idea! Mostly related about please at the same time people that want AR removed, people that want staged removed and people that complain about queues. Lets say they remove staged, they remove AR and more battles are fought, sounds simple but the trick to make it work ends being more based about for example and the most used kill/deaths ratio for make the matches in the war, for example: Bronze matchmaking: Equal or less than 1 k/d. Silver matchmaking: Between 1 k/d and 2 k/d. Gold matchmaking: Over 2 k/d. As a optional since you had mention about a platinum matchmaking: Gold matchmaking: Over 2 k/d to 5 k/d and Platinum matchmaking: Over 5 k/d. This means reworking completly the matchmaking system but is a change that makes the game overall much better for everyone. It makes everyone have more fun and enjoy the game from the most new players to the most experienced players. Leave you here with my 2 cents.
  7. "what the community wanted" About price LOL
  8. Paciencia095

    more headshot since 1.10?

    See that can explain these annoying headshots of AA at 180º of cockpit and no it isnt new lol.
  9. Was expecting at least one new skin for diferent guns at least, cool for people that dont have it, included me on some of my soldiers but damn at least some new ones for other guns...
  10. "New" the same paintjobs than last year... 10/10 getting even better and better reto...
  11. Paciencia095

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Rs2 feels good now since the last update, try it out.
  12. Solution is simple but reto get too much money of the russians for delete that cancer server
  13. Paciencia095


    They do notice, they are just too ******** for figure out how to fix it, it is that simple as roll back to the no limitation or at least make one of the maps ingame be on staged making tank vs tank only maps but noooo better to let the game broken a couple months or years until 2 crappy tank maps come out...
  14. Paciencia095

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Good joke, seriusly, very good joke...