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  1. Kelvisleung

    New use for Schwimmwagen

    Can at least reduce damage, or just be there to make aiming a tiny more difficult.
  2. Kelvisleung

    New use for Schwimmwagen

    Or add a canopy on top at least, that act the same as the one on the blitz truck.
  3. Kelvisleung

    New Badge for AT grenates

    Well, you still get to equip infantry first gold (best partner with AT weapons) if you learn the locations. So either you learn the locations or you deal less damage. +1
  4. Kelvisleung

    New use for Schwimmwagen

    Yes, that's why I was saying that this is not the best solution. I am fine with people not agreeing with that, but I am not fine with people just disregarding the issue as a whole. Either you give a better solution, or you don't. Not trying to be rude.
  5. Kelvisleung

    New use for Schwimmwagen

    How is this pay to win? Either you bring less equipment, or you buy a car. And you can always use the bridge. I have suggested this long ago and people at that time told me this would make defense easier as there will be no any other way to get through a river, not at least until something like a schwimmwagon is added. Now it is added, and so? No one uses the bloody car. Cause It has no use at all, but it costs a sh*tload to buy one. This is why I brought up the issue again so that this development time used for adding the amphibious cars can be put to good use. I am not saying this is the best solution. If you aren't even bothered to think the matter through, there is no real reason to try and act like a jerk regarding the matter, unless you are doing so to keep your mental health under check.
  6. No, handheld AT weapons are in fact very weak against armour IRL, as the rockets, AT rifle bullets or grenades don't carry the same amount of kinetic energy for destruction as a tank round or anti tank gun shell. All power comes only from the blast (except for AT rifle bullets). And sometimes they just won't detonate due to the mud and faulty manufacturing, and for cases where it did work, the blast from the AT grenade would just create a spalling effect inside the tank interior, which would injure one or two crewmembers (not totalling killing them), or damage some internals. The reason they were still used was because that it may cause some small fires inside the tank when it hits the engine, ammunition or fuel tank, which may make the crew abandon the tank (a higher tendency to happen when they were injured). It is very hot inside a tank due to the engine exhaust, so the heat becomes even more unbearable when there is a fire going on and dense smoke all around trapped inside from the explosion. The tanks are also abandoned when the tank is mobility killed (destroyed tracks, transmission or engine) as these are hard to fix without support (especially german panzers with complicated suspension and wheels). However, these just don't fit in heroes and generals as soldiers in this game are supermen and will not abandon a tank under the aforementioned circumstances, and can also repair a tank in short amounts of time with their superior ingenuity. To balance this out, thus AT weapons have higher damage and effect. Edit: The tank fight in this game is actually realistic. I have read somewhere before when a 38t tank commander recounts how he abandoned his tank somewhere on the Eastern Front just because a single T34 round struck the hull and took off the radio operator's arm. He mentioned how the fragments from the armour came flying everywhere (this is czech armour, unlike german armour which has hardened surface but buttery soft steel below to prevent fragmentation). All of the crew were lightly injured, except for the radioman, but this is enough reason to abandon the tank. There aren't even any damage to the tank internals. Tank shells are devastating, but it takes a lot of them to COMPLETELY destroy a tank (not its crew). If WW2 crewmen were working like H&G soldiers IRL, I am pretty sure they would have fought on till the last bullet or man as the tank is still usable. Tanks don't work like how they do in warthunder. Tank ammunition don't just explode everytime some fragment strikes it. Yes, there is a chance it may, but that chance isn't 100% like in WT, unless the incoming shell has lots of TNT filler inside. The shell, most of the time, would just create sparks and fire like in H&G, shocking and stunning, sometimes injuring the crew in the meantime.
  7. The schwimmwagen currently has no practical use in the game at all, due to soldiers being able to swim across rivers anyway (and harder to hit comparatively meanwhile), and that the schwimmwagen can't carry any crates at all. I suggest that soldiers with more than 7 equipment points lose the ability to swim. I, for one, absolutely won't be able to swim, after carrying an mg and 250 rounds of ammo, plus a few medkits on my back. This will make schwimmwagen more useful, and will limit the number of mg and assault rifle users on the field.
  8. Kelvisleung

    3 H3s to blow up a spawn truck ?

    Destroy the fuel tank between the driving compartment and the engine. It is located behind the tyre hanging on the engine for the Soviet one. If you destroy that, the health will drop to below half, and by destroying the engine as well, the spawn truck will be destroyed. Tested this by having to only fire 5 shots of panzerbuechse to completely destroy a full health spawn truck. For terrain vehicles, I have been one shot by tanks before if they managed to take out my fuel tank. So fuel tanks (not engine) are what you want to aim for when destroying soft vehicles.
  9. What I propose is a new morale system for Assault teams on the RTS map, which will make it more interesting. In the new system, morale of an AT will decrease less than now when winning a battle and losing one (-5 for winning, -10 for losing). The rate of regenerating morale is determined by the distance of that AT to the nearest Capitol. E.g. If AT is 20 cities away, then the rate will be 20 morale per hour. If AT is 50 cities away, then rate will be 10 morale per hour. The distance is not the direct distance between the two, it is the shortest path that needs to be taken to link the AT up with the Capitol, i.e. if there are enemy controlled cities in between the two, the path will be longer. The morale will not regenerate at all if AT is not even connected to any Capitol, aka being encircled. If AT is under encirclement and there is no Capitol inside the encirclement, then AT will lose 50 morale per day. Any AT that has a morale below 25 will surrender if it meets an enemy force. So to make lots of captures, one can encircle a large pocket of enemies, and prevent any attempts to breakthrough, and holdout until their morale drop below 25, then proceed to enter the pocket and clear out the enemy forces. This will not work on Capitols. And this will also encourage tactical play of retreat to prevent encirclement. This will make RTS focus more on logistics, which is something most RTS games don't do. It's always tactical stuff, but never logistics.
  10. Or just simply make it so that friendly detonated mines don't cost you money? I do sometimes detonate mines in areas which have netted more than one friendly kills, and mines just outside spawn. I don't want to cost the player who have deployed them, but it is just plain annoying when I died to a tank HE spam across the bridge, waited for one and a half minute to spawn, only to find out I would die again immediately to a friendly mine and have to wait another 1 minute (happened to me quite a few times). Or sometimes I just die in spawn by having a friendly tank spawn on top of me while I was driving my kuebelwagon. Unrelated to topic, but I think the spawn system needs to be fixed as well.
  11. I think the best way to limit tank spam is to move the queue timer from being personal to being team based, meaning something like 2 tanks will arrive on the battlefield every 5 minutes. Numbers will build up and players can spawn their special units if they have already arrived, but will have to wait for the next batch to come when they have used up existing ones. The number of special units to arrive at every interval could be determined by the number of assault teams deployed, like 5 tanks will arrive per 5 mins if 10 tank ATs are in the match, and only 1 tank will arrive every 10 mins when there is only 1 tank AT. This will make tank users more cautious in using their tanks, and stop people from deploying tanks all at once, but will not limit the players freedom of choice to play whatever he wants. If he wants to play tanker while others are already playing it, he will have to wait for his, unless the game has gone long enough and nobody really used any tank at the beginning. (copied from another post of mine)
  12. 1. If the tanks sideways, doesn't it give you more of an advantage? And just a tip, the moment you know you won't win an engagement or have your breech destroyed, especially when you already have one of your tracks destroyed, retreat immediately behind cover. You will survive much longer. I had many experiences where I would die if I received one more shot from the enemy but somehow I just made it back. And don't engage tanks in the open. Always find cover behind a building, an elevation on the ground, or just behind some sandbags or trees. 3. No, there are already too many players that play as tankers, wrenchers, snipers and AT rambos. We don't need the sapper to draw more people away from the objectives, for we only have at most 20 players per team. And most of the mines have anti handling devices once they are activated. Most demining job IRL were not done during battle, but before the battle. 4. Actually, if you put three mines on the same spot, and have grenadier gold, it should be able to destroy a tank, at least a light one. Just don't die before your mine explodes or your badge won't work. Putting mines on the same spot is so that they all damage the same armour instead of having the damage spread over different parts of the tanks armour, and that they will all be triggered by being stepped on instead of explosion. 5. I'm confused here. You talking about war or staged? Cause if its staged you should have the same stuff as the enemy, while if its war, its meant to be unbalanced, or else what's the point of sending in a tank AT? FYI, reinforcing a tank AT is bloody expensive. AAs are spread all over the battlefield, and you can also spawn AA trucks, so I don't know what you're trying to say? And most of the time, the side with lots of pilots in the air loses, cause of the lack of players to defend their points on the ground. And if none of you has a tanker character, which I find hard to believe, just save up and buy one, its cheaper than a Pzb, and only needs minimal leveling up before you get a tier 1 medium, which is much more powerful and economical against enemy armour than any infantry AT weapon. And according to German ww2 archives, most of the infantry tank kills are with pak guns, which are not even in this game (but I believe reto will add them soon enough), much more than mines, panzerfausts or panzerschrecks, which goes on to explain handheld AT weapons aren't that effective in dealing with enemy armour IRL anyway. The only weapon I think needs a buff are the AT rifles, I mean it takes 3 shots to even destroy a track, that's more than 15 seconds. By the time I land a second shot, the tank has probably realized whats going on and would drive away. And this problem further complicates when hits just don't register at all sometimes.
  13. Kelvisleung

    Voice commands.

    I think I would like it more if I can shout "Uraaaaa" every time I rush into a building with my PPSH, rather than just voice commands.
  14. 1. No. Just shoot HE shells behind the tank and you'll be fine. 2. Agreed. 3. You can detonate them far away with a rifle. Why risk yourself with a wrench? 4. I'll agree with that if mines take longer to deploy. 5. No, that will make tanks invincible when there's an infantry behind wrenching his tank. The current AT system is plausible considering tanks should always be the main counter for enemy tanks. Infantry should only use AT when assisting friendly tanks. Tanks IRL will have viewports everywhere and will possibly notice you and fire on you through a gunport before you can even plant a single H3 on it. What we need to work on is the damage tanks cause to other tanks. Damage should be greater when the calibre of the shell is obviously overwhelming for the comparatively thin armour it strikes.
  15. No, just no. We don’t need more solo tankers. Just get someone on ur team to repair your tank. At least they are killable.