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  1. BuffyMine

    A nerf to the Chaffee

    better no nerf or buff for any weapons
  2. 1. Make NEW MAPS ONLY PLAYABLE IN WAR MODE. Thanks for listening
  3. Why wouldn't you be able to sprint? it's because of a backpack? This is the mentality I am talking about, buff/nerf mentality, always putting limitations....
  4. idiotafilozofus, I wasn't being unfriendly to you or anything , I can understand you like the idea of backpack, but you disagree with me on the drop-in inventory system, that is fine. Even if the alternative system is not suitable for this game, backpack are good addition. my point for "this comment" is players getting a full backpack, not half one, I am against limiting the game by any means. Furthermore, grenade and ammo limitation (2 pouches max) has to be changed before this. I still don't see why this game has to be different than Arma/PUBG/Tarkov, I am not asking H&G to be completely changed , I am asking for certain transfer of features I find in every successful game. This would make the game much better. I am not asking to copy ALL of Arma/PUBG/Tarkov mechanics, just the backpack thing and some extras
  5. So.... you want to NERF backpacks toooo OP N SHIET terminator soldiers?! This is about managing your inventory the way you seem effective. This system is used in multiple of very successful games. My point is about giving players more freedom to customize their soldiers. A drop-in backpack system is becoming part of modern game design. As I said previously, backpack are optional, but if you are going to use them, take all their benefits and draw backs NO NERF!
  6. The combatant tactical vest and backpack can be very useful in creating new personalized inventory system. As you see in PUBG, a drop-in system (in backpacks) allows more personalized inventory. You can stuff your backpack with 6 grenades, of course at the expense of other equipment. This inventory should be "space oriented" NOT weight oriented, of course carrying so many things hinders your overall movement and maneuver. Second point is differentiating between tactical vest and backpack as in: - Make reload from tactical vest faster than from backpack. - You can reload magazine faster X2 if you drop empty magazine on ground rather than return it (this means you replenish less ammo with ammo crates). Plus features to this new system includes: - Players should be able to loot other players weapons, ammo, or grenades and place the loot in backpack. - Players can exchange weapons in game. Like I drop TT pistol I captured with ammo so my teammate can use it. Finally, the core theme of this system is giving players more freedom to create their soldier, more freedom is good And I've forgot, backpack is optional!
  7. Soldier movement is better now! Stiff joints have been oiled and working 100% GREAT JOB BuffyMine approves
  8. Basically you don't see many soldiers in prone. They get down to their knees and aim, bipods would solve this 100%
  9. There is something that I think needs more toning in H&G individual soldier, that is movement. How could it be the soldier run 20 meters and he is breathless? The running distance should be longer and regeneration time faster, I think no point of making soldiers slow, yes they are slow and maybe fat. This is the first aspect of this topic (A.K.A Locomotor movement). We should also look for solution for the second element in soldier movement, that is movement while standing (A.K.A Axial movement). How come soldier cannot peak from the side of a wall AND SHOOT and then recover to safety. This includes movements at neck, shoulders, pelvic girdle and spine, utilizing the available space to produce axial movement. This is very similar to dancing moves while standing in place. I think Reto. should consider the following: 1. Soldier sprint for longer distance without exhausting rest parameter. 2. Rest parameter regenerate faster than before. 3. Soldier in prone position should move slightly faster. 4. Soldier should make a peak from safety of wall or window and shoot enemies. 5. Soldier can snap shoot while charging enemy position. I consider these basics, and while basics these are necessary to make the game much more fun. Finally, it seems at least for me that soldiers arms and legs are glued together. When sprinting, right leg is glued to left leg, right arm is glued to left arm, both arms are glued to gun. Joints seems stiff. I suggest using acetone to unstuck glue, or seeing a regimental hospital for differential diagnoses for stiff joints... or simply following a diet. Away from jokes, doing the aforementioned would greatly enhance gaming experience. We count on you Reto team, thanks guys!
  10. BuffyMine

    stg scope

  11. BuffyMine

    Simple Question about the M24 chaffee

    Actually even with two hits enemy tank is not on fire, that is my experience. I've just finished match with Chaffee, destroyed 14 German tanks, despite the overwhelming German tank players. In any case, it's better to use it from distance, despite the cannon being slightly less accurate on firing on distance.
  12. It says in the wiki to can destroy other ligh tanks usually by two shots. I've recently purchased the chaffee, I've came across lucks, T-70s, skoda tank and even BT-7 and all are destroyed with THREE shots, why? Jeeps are destroyed with one shot, true, the wiki got this right..
  13. BuffyMine

    New Maps Maps?!

    They should add maps from BF2 and 1943
  14. They should consider adding this variety, the game needs it, the players need it, it would be great. You don't see a lot of schutzes carrying Panzershreck, but I am sure a lot of GE schutzes would love this, especially new players! Cheap and effective!
  15. Read my previous comment, not one soldier will carry it, a lot of them. The cumulative power is huuuuge! Maybe Reto could make it very cheap to use, or unlockable at early level.