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  1. Seems like i can't run older versions of teamspeak, and the last one doesn't work for me
  2. FLO___RYN

    US brave warriors

    i have one from last war too guess what same hero https://imgur.com/a/u37bc
  3. FLO___RYN

    US brave warriors

    i have few pictuers as well from our friends waran with their al.... oh wait they dont use alts FacePalm. No point anyway reto will show's up "name and shame not allowed" but seems like alts are allowed to "win the wars" and they need few months to ban those accounts
  4. FLO___RYN

    US faction is totally caput!!!

    he just said he played against waran and kgb FacePalm
  5. FLO___RYN

    rebalancing the m18 hellcat

    not in any case after all gold badges make a huge difference for a tanker and is all about how you position the tank if you waiting the hellcat he wont have a chance because you just (panther tanker) dont need to aim for weak spots so you dont lose that 1 second to doing that if you are even a much better tanker you can cover 1 of 2 weak spots of the panther and will be even more hard to get rekt by a hellcat. Also as a hellcat tanker you are using the speed to flank more but you can kill him. Idk in my opinion both panther and hellcat are balanced for their class TD and Medium and 1 against other make a nice battle between them
  6. nice and balanced post i kinda agree with 98% of what you said
  7. FLO___RYN

    rebalancing the m18 hellcat

    i dont think so, hellcat has low armour and the velocity is not that great on long range which make you very hard to hit a panther on weak spots, while you can sit in a panther from 500m and kill the hellcat without any problem because of 15mm armour or w/e
  8. FLO___RYN

    rebalancing the m18 hellcat

    is the fastest but with the lowest armour in the game, is a 2 hit kill because is a TD like stug or su 85. Do you even own 3 tankers 1 for each faction, do you ever played against all type of tanks? all TDS can penetrate a heavy "in other places that other heavy cannot" lmao did you saw a hellcat penetrate from front a tiger2 armour? i dont think so. Anyway tanks are useless in this game like the tankers who actually for them is more important to spam HE against infantry then come up on the forum and cry about anti tank weapons are op.
  9. FLO___RYN

    Super USA SMGs Class

    lmao hahaha =)))O
  10. FLO___RYN

    SU war losses

    you decided to not switch the server, ok fine but what about make a 50-50 chance to get the EU-RU server? Don't tell me that i'm wrong cause that's the truth 90% they get the ping, same with Asian servers, why you dont try to be fair to everyone insted of fighting a team with 50 ping and one with 300 why you are not fixing this with some server in the middle with 150 ping for both sides?
  11. FLO___RYN


    yes yes and ez 6 min battles <3
  12. FLO___RYN


    if they join us again we will be too op and then reto need to nerf our clan
  13. FLO___RYN


    db,pib,4th,fog,bob,ffl,aaa didnt switched with us last time, btw where were you at when kgb start pushing from north of buda? oh wait you were busy flying in stage let BAD playing against them with "underpowered" weapons righttttttttt but still we manage to defend against them somehow pleb BAD non skilled clan