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  1. The production rate is the same for everyone, and until someone runs out of queue the amount of resources every faction get is the same. Loose or capture more ATs playing is part of the game, it´s about good and bad fps/rts moves. Your idea is to change something in here? The queue exist in this game for a reason, the idea behind it was to give every faction the same chances, yes, didn´t work how well and SU exploited it so much that Reto found a way to fack their exploit play style by implementing the morale warfund black hole. The queue still play a important role in the game that is not let the OP overrun everything, cycling active people resources so you can´t have everything every time you wan´t and i think this is a good thing. I agree that if you have double the queue you need double the time to get that resource, but that doesn´t mean your are getting less resources, because every X time every faction get Y amount of resources doesn´t matter if they are for reinforcements or full ATs.
  2. Read it again, you mist a word on my argument, will give you a tip, it´s the 18th one. Will explain you with other words what i wanted to say there about the amount of ATs deployed, the point is that every 10 minutes everyone get the same amount of resources produced(deployed) on map since everyone has a queue, when someone is out of queue that means that from this point on they have less resources deployed on the battlefield. What happens with the resources once they are on the map it´s about what players do with them, it´s not Reto fault because everyone play with the same rules.
  3. You can skip this part, just spawn and sit somewhere, when you see an enemy tank just shoot, the AIM part you can skip also, it´s not needed. I don´t even play my panther that much because it´s way to easy mode.
  4. Overall i think GE have more ATs in hand of clans then US and SU together is not just overpopulated. If people deploy and go afk is people´s problem, or you think things should work like "Ok Reto, now i will queue my ATs to deploy and when they are deployed you guys shutdown the server and wait for me to come back and play"? With what you guys are doing, A.K.A. keep pushing to the England cost every war when we are playing on Scandinavia in the first days is a lot of fun, because when we are done in Scandinavia we can resupply our ATs with axis ATs that are deployed on Bordeaux and Marseille, you guys get so many towns that is impossible to make them fun and defend. Again, it´s players("clans") choices. This is very similar with what SU was doing before the morale warfund black hole was introduced, but even SU is already adapting and improving and finding other way to properly play. Sometimes is good to look at your own faction instead of crying around and blaming Reto or the other factions for your own faction actions. About the second part... looks like i touch the wound.
  5. Why are you summoning Paratrust or Paramass?
  6. You know that once there is a queue, every faction have the same amount of resources deployed on the map right?! It doesn´t matter if you have a 1k or 7k queue. The queue delay resources individually, it doesn´t make your faction have less resources deployed then the other factions, what makes your faction have less resources then others on the map is if you loose more then the others due to encirclements and warfund black hole called morale. BTW where is your superior communication and team work? did it die with the MG42 nerf? kind of interesting....
  7. I moved one of my mech recons there just to take some screenshots of this. About the queues, US had 3 to 4k infantry queue all the war, queue for queue US was stuck in one also... the excuse is getting old.
  8. Or trying to sink even faster.
  9. Dora, pleeeeeease! Take a look at your own faction actions, you guys need to adapt your RTS play style, you guys need to stop killing your ATs by moral, just do rotate with fresh ATs. You saw some time ago when we played around Berlin, even with my not that big of a deal army you told me that you would need to deploy another set of ATs to cover that area. Now the ATs lose moral in half the speed they did before and this is huge, the only downside is the resources lost if the AT completely morale out(again, this takes twice as much time then before). Not to mention that kill your own ATs no matter what is a play style that only SU uses on RTS.
  10. If i remember correct the resource pool works sorting spawns from the same AT type. I´m not using my main moto and mech army for so long and with the foot infantry i don´t need to bother with the resource pool.
  11. Diretamente não, mas é só controlar o tempo de fila, não fique procurando partida por muito tempo seguido, quando estiver demorando para achar partida, cancele e coloque para procurar partida novamente. Caso não teve alteração em como isso funciona no jogo, tem um tempo limite até que os filtros de ping e mapas sejam abertos.
  12. And why you guys don't do it? It's indeed very basic for US and GE faction cycling ATs, work wonders for people that have the resources to do it. It works the same way that guys that did double deploy, but this is with half of the deployed CPs. Try out.
  13. No, you don't see, and once we both are on queue now, there is no difference on the amount of ATs deployed, the only difference is who manage better the ATs, and this is where SU generals lack because of the easy mode that they always had.
  14. I already give you the answer you guys are trying to find above. And no, a don't dislike him, i like and respect all the effort he did/do for SU and to other idividuals. but that doesn't mean i need to agree with those BS statements and not harvest a bit of salt. You can ask him, we talk about this stuff that is happen some time ago when i switched and play with him and the other SU guys for a war or two.
  15. Will help you given you a tip, doesn't matter if you loose the matches by AR or FPS, even after 3 defeat in a row just switch the low morale ATs with fresh ones that you will keep behind, at this point even winning the enemy ATs will have lost 30 morale, and that is the same as if they had lost 1 battle and won another battle. Can you see my point? Actually is very easy to mitigate the morale hit on the ATs, and the only activity you need is in RTS moving ATs. you're welcome!