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  1. Tanks still UNPLAYABLE by hand-nukes

    Almost 100% sure that they will release another sh*t that will not solve any of the problems they claim it will. And at least 3 or 4 new problems will be introduced to the game. This is how Reto works.
  2. Servers down... AGAIN!!!

    The best thing to do is uninstall the game and harvest some salt on the forums.
  3. Now I can't take this anymore...

    To simplify things up, this game is not worth the time wasted on it for some really long time. And i think it was Robotron that said some days ago in other thread that they don't even have plans to fix this on the short/med term.
  4. server down !!! .... again

    Looks like the game wasn't loosing enough players every month, so Reto had a nice idea to speed things up. Nice!
  5. Intelligence Bulletin #1

    The defenders spawn 30 m away from the point, the attackers spawn more then 300m away from the objective and have to cross a river that have only points for crossing, not to mention that is open field. Any defense team that are not brain dead win a match like this. If you are playing with a squad of 4 teammates lets say, you can even capture this and as soon the guys your team kill to capture will be back and kill you, the objective is lost, because you need to spawn on the other side of the map, wun for half a day, cross a river with no cover and try to get to the objective again. The travel time difference it's absurd.
  6. Intelligence Bulletin #1

    The spawn still being to close to the main objective, it´s impossible to cap out this map if the last objective you need is O2, the attack team have to spawn so far away and the defenders spawn almost inside the objective. The spawn needs to be moved away from the objective, it´s ridiculous that you need to have a clan vs randoms or tanks spawn camping the objective to be able to win as an assaulting team.
  7. Read this before it's too late!

    This new brilliant Reto idea will just make the game even harder for low tier weapons and make an even huge performance hole between low tier and high tier equipment. Not to mention the problem with the earnings, since you will stay even more time in queues waiting to spawn and play the game. The lack of creativity is real.
  8. The "fun" thing about this shirt 2.0 is that it has almost 2 years in the game right now and shouldn't even get released since even the testers alerted it was bad, Reto even made testers quit the team by releasing this crap. And in almost 2 years almost nothing has being made to fix something that never should be released on the live servers. What Reto have to say about this? "be patience, is being almost 2 years that this got released, but maybe next year someone will look at it ". Please, it's not even fun anymore. --edit-- Not to mention that people already made a lot of good suggestions and easy fixes for this mess, this didn't got fixed yet because people don't want to.
  9. stop with the teasing and give us what we want.

    We might need some clarifications on what is the Reto concept about how much time someone need to be someone with patience, how much time is SOON? how much time is "would like to", "looking at", "it takes time".....
  10. Morale system is broken.

    It´s working as intended. There is no rebuilding time anymore on any ATs. but sometimes you need do unequip and equip it again to be able to deploy it again with full morale.
  11. Letter from the CEO #1

    Basically nothing is being done and is not even going to be worked on SOON to fix the broken, unfinished, bad implementation of good ideas and all the sh*t that gets thrown in the game since forever in every single update. At least now Reto is saying this clearly, maybe having hope that this circus can hold some players that still have some hope in the game for a bit more time..
  12. Massive contributing factor to losing the war

    I can´t agree with this statement, even tho i can just talk for myself, i never stop assaulting, unless i didn't had enough to fill the gaps on the back lines. The way the RTS is working now, assaulting is even more important because doing so you delay the moral hit on the defenders side(that usually is to much over stacked). Now we don't even have the problem with paranukes that we had before, even tho there are others warfund black holes.
  13. Server Issue update - September

  14. Letter from the CEO #1

    And more words that say nothing at all like always, just like Q&A&W, and other stuff, just waste of time for the ones watching. Still no roadmap, still nothing about what is being done and will hit live next (if anything at all), no ETA in anything, Just more of the same "we would like to", "we hope to", "maybe in the future", "small team", "maybe soon", just nothing that says that if i check this game in 2 years the issues from 4 years ago would be solved. I guess i have no ETA on when i would be back to play this game or if i will at all. GJ, keep up with the circus, after all some "food" and circus will make people happy.
  15. Even then, the ping is only set when the match pop and not when you queue even with a 5 man squad. (You can have the ping set even when people dont even get in the match in the start, that is the case when you have 2 big squads, the match starts and the second squad is not even in the match from the begining, but it set the ping)