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  1. Ohh boy, this is getting fun. I will check this out from the front lines
  2. Important to mention also, the casualties are not at the top also.
  3. Ohhh... another salt miner
  4. The salt harvest is real
  5. I like the M3 a lot, even tho i don´t use it that often i have a dedicated tank crew guy just to play with the less expensive tanks like the M2A2, M3 Lee, M10 and the Jumbo. The one that i like the most is the M2A2, that thing is OP and i have gunned down even pz4 and hetzer with it, lots of fun, not to mention that it is a troll tank, so cheap that is not worth a zook shot or any other AT weapon.
  6. ^
  7. WAR

    But this is a really quick queue, is just reinforcements, just take to long to take ats out now.
  8. WAR

    And another encircled town near the ones above Around Copenhagen was even worst, a lot more got encircled.
  9. Trying out some more i find out that this new screen when you click on a city on the map is annoying as fack, the only reason i click on the cities is to see the resources in there, and i think that almost every general with a reasonable amount of ATs click a lot on the cities around he is playing to check resources, time active and people queued. Now we can't see any of this with a click, before we did this with 2 clicks, 1 to open the screen and another to close, now we need facking 4 clicks to have an worst result of the same action, 1 to open, 1 to change to the second tab, 1 to the third tab and 1 to close the screen. I got so annoyed that i can't click on active battles anymore.
  10. I would say that is not just the FPS players, the RTS also is a mess without the old generals.
  11. This could work like the old way, just mouse over the line and the resources on that line can be showed on the resources table. This worked fined for years, there is no reason to chance this.
  12. This ^
  13. They have a feedback thread on this UI changes, they will not even see suggestions and complains in this thread probably. The feedback one:
  14. It´s indeed nice to see changes coming, what worries me is that again they took away some nice and helpful features like the resources on each line, and this is not nice. I did some poor cut, move, replace, resize... to show that we could have the same info that we have actually in one tab, the most important thing when i click in a town is to see the resources, and the time the battle is active, and if it´s being played, the players on it, and this i can´t see without doing a lot o clicks that are not really needed.