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  1. Reto is trying now, they don't have. And if needed to bet on this, i would bet that they will fail, just like with everything else, because they are good on failing and keep some people(including me) hoping to see better days on the game.
  2. I tryed this, but i can't play a full match anymore. And this game don't have any of this things.
  3. I moved on, because is better have 4.2k hours wasted then 5k hours wasted.
  4. I tried everything, but it's not worth the effort, even when Reto take feedback from the community they derail it so much that they manage to make a bad implementation of a good ideas. Even when i was salt harvesting i was getting mad.
  5. This game is hopeless, unless you can live only with expectations. If you need to see stuff done, this is not the game you want to support.
  6. I just feel bad for Circinus... IMO Reto is hopeless, they proved already so many times being incapable of aknowledge and deliver stuff.that matters along the years.
  7. Yes, i remember, good old times, what i still don't get is "curious coming from you " and also, the TS wouldn't help in any way what we tryed at that time because we can't control randoms. about the right abuse on the TS i can't talk because i didn't see and probably wasn't even on the TS when it probably happen, will just state that personaly o don't comply with this kind of thing.
  8. Why curious? Because i switched factions for two or three times in all this time that i played the game, and when i did it, i played as soviet and went to the soviet TS, at that time GRINGOJS was running the stuff there. And the other one i went there to talk and play with you.... So i don't really know what you're trying to suggest.
  9. This ^ Or if you is invited by someone, there is no need to go on to other factions TS.
  10. There is no matchmaking in this game yet, even Reto state some time ago in a devstream that what they have is some kind of queue to match, and not a proper matchmaking system.
  11. watching it already
  12. We don't have enough bridges and open fields leading to objectives on the game to be camped by useless people with broken scopes, we need more 3 bridges in a new map. Good job.
  13. The community is being trolled for at least one and a half year already... so nothing new really.
  14. Including me on the 4k + hours and negative review. It´s sad but there is nothing left on the game that is decent enough to make a positive review about it anymore.
  15. To be honest, all the updates for almost two years introduced 1 good thing/feature/stuff on the game and also broke other four of five features every update, features that were working fine and didn´t needed to be changed/removed. For the time i was playing this game, i can´t remember one single update with a positive ratio on the introduced good and the broked/bad/poor features ones, IMO.