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  1. 1.10.1 Micro Sutters

    Sometimes driver updates change just a thing that affects a certain game, and not others. Last summer you couldn't play Hearts of Iron with certain AMD cards for months because something glitched and it was just that one game that didn't work. Not saying it is a driver issue you are having, though.
  2. T-Post sight

    I think it is just the cone, if you look at the footage the lazors obviously don't go where the barrel is pointed.
  3. PTRD's making comeback?

    Sorta underlines the cotton candishness of this ridiculous Soviet elephant gun.
  4. New Weapon for Germany... ONLY GERMANY

    Rising Storm & Tripwire isn't exactly AAA firm. They have a licensed engine though.
  5. New Weapon for Germany... ONLY GERMANY

    Unless they have changed them recently, they were pretty cancerous gameplay element. Flamethrower soldiers were kinda like super-rambos running around like gazelles on speed just spraying and grilling people everywhere, and RS2 luckily had the number capped to two (which ended up meaning that you seldomly got to play them).
  6. New Weapon for Germany... ONLY GERMANY

    How about no. But the video has gif-potential. [ I'm kinda hoping I will never live to see that day as flamethrowers tend to be unrealistic messes even in games that have an engine that can run them properly and battle conditions that actually make sense using them.
  7. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    Yep. The better team dominates and carries the weaker players with poorer guns. Same thing with tankers, easier to grind low tier tanks when you have skilled tankers who you can "help".
  8. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    Yeah, I'm sure they are – and I seriously doubt that they work from a conclusion that nubs just have to git gud with bored top tier vets clubbing them.
  9. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    I agree on that, but how long can it continue? Games like this need to have players and they need new players, especially considering that games tend to grow old. I don't really have a recollection that staged (nor war) was as awfully off balance as it is now when I started, but I'm pretty sure I'd just find some other game if I tried the game out now.
  10. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    Not always, really. You have equal terms FPSes, where you need to learn to play to be successful, but the game isn't inherently loaded against you with HSG badges and top-tier guns, bushwookies with OHK rifles and HE spamming tanks against your crappy 3hk starter rifle. Then you have grind games like many RPGs are, but those games usually tend to prevent griefing by allowing new players to grind in beginner-friendly PVE areas. I guess some games can circumvent this by promising awesome, immersive gameplay as you progress from noob to vet, but if all H&G can offer as a reward for gaming is sealclubbing jamboree, it won't get far.
  11. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    H&G isn't life or a school, it's a game played for entertainment purposes, and even new guys playing it should have fun, otherwise it defeats the purpose of wasting time on it. "Grind this game 100 hours and you'll have the toys to grief nubs" is just fundamentally broken basis to build a FPS computer game.
  12. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    So basically if you wanted to play staged, you'd just queue as a paratrooper or pilot?
  13. Stage Warriors - The cure?

    Better rewards, and easier methods to find good battles, at least a battle listing if not a revamped matchmaker. Currently you either have the matchmaker that puts you to endless one-line Mountain Town matches or have to spend ages to find a good match from the clunky RTS map.
  14. Remove AR

    Would it even work like that? Sounds a bit tedious to babysit AT:s engaged in a battle that might get played in 1-10 hours.
  15. Great Update

    I suppose it is too much to ask that people read things not to mention watch long youtube-clips, but if I'm not mistaken Reto specifically told us that they're working on behind-the-scenes thingies like assets, asset tools and under-the-hood engine tech – and this is why we are not seeing big updates. Especially that asset-thing sounds really good because what this game really needs is more maps.