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  1. Rage quit battles in war

    Yep. Forcing people to play every silly one-line hopeless attack and being farmed by the enemy just disincentivizes War even more - a game mode that is already a time-consuming mess full of uninspiring matches. So sure, if you want even less people popping the matches, introduce penalties.
  2. gemany permits swastics

    I can already see an update... -Toilets now have proper toilet paper and when you go to look, it's:
  3. [Recon] BA barrels

    They all have the same sway. The cone is different. Which is better depends of your preferences.
  4. gemany permits swastics

    Interesting legislation in general, and I certainly understand why German lawmakers and courts are not that interested to change it radically just to please a bunch of gamers. Kinda interesting though, if you consider that as far as I'm aware The Man in the High Castle TV-series was not banned in Germany despite the fact that it sure as hell flaunts a lot of swastikas & SS runes & other Third Reich regalia in its dystopian setting.
  5. It'd be historically inaccurate and MG wouldn't even really be worth much against anything else than recon planes that can barely farm a paraplane.
  6. P-38 Lightning Issues

    I suppose so. Though what is exclusive to P-38 is that it is almost invariably uncontested in average matches as neither Pe-2 or Me-410 can hold a card against it (I say average because of course there are excellent pilots and pilots flying in teams who can down staged P-38 pilots who quite frankly include a lot of rather crappy pilots like me flying them).
  7. P-38 Lightning Issues

    Good question, just an anecdotal, experience-based feeling that isn't necessarily true, though I think "nowhere" in my initial post is hyperbolic, since med planes are pretty darn annoying as well. Maybe med pilots are somehow less dedicated ground pounders? Or maybe because heavies are more likely to be uncontested than meds, as noobier pilots queue meds in staged and GE vs SU usually get a fight going on? Dunno.
  8. P-38 Lightning Issues

    Frankly I think one-sided med planes are a decent reason to quit a staged match as any, especially if you are tanking. Meds are nowhere near as annoying as unopposed heavies though.
  9. Frankly I rather have them developing new real usable equipment rather than stuff like this lying around. Especially the planes, I mean it's downright silly to have soldiers commandeering civilian planes just sitting on a military airbase and flying around. Yeah, sry, not very positive contribution to the subject.
  10. M4A1 Sherman unplayable on long range

    Well, yeah, if we are to trust Chamberlain&Ellis (and why wouldn't we, they are specifically describing the logic why M3 was developed) that can't be correct. If M3 was developed as a stopgap to house a 75mm because 37mm was considered obsolete, why would they intend to tank fight with that very outdated gun and just slap on a 75mm gun for HE spam.
  11. M4A1 Sherman unplayable on long range

    You might want to skip that in this case, as you might simply be mistaken in this. Lengthy quotations from British and American Tanks of World War Two by Peter Chamberlain & Chris Ellis (2000) follow: (about developing M3 from M2): "However, the PzKw III and PzKw IV, the latter with a 75mm gun, which the Germans had been using in the invasion of France and the Low Countries, had already rendered the M2A1 medium tank, with its 37mm gun technically obsolete. On June 5, 1940, the Chief of Infantry suggested to the Ordnance Department that US medium tanks should also mount 75mm guns. Just after the M2A1 had been ordered, General Chaffee, Chief of the Armored Force (newly-formed on July 10, 1940) held a meeting with Ordnance Department representatives at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Ma, to finalise future requirements. At this important August meeting the main point agreed was the urgent need for a 75mm gun, but this could not be fitted in the small turret of the M2A1 and time would be required for development work on mounting a weapon of this calibre in a new turret. It was therefore resolved to compromise in view of the urgency of the matter and design an interim vehicle, based closely on the hull, layout, and mechanical specification of the M2A1, but with a 75 mm gun in a limited traverse mounting in the right side of the hull" (p.105) (about M3 Grant in British use): "For the first time the British had a tank in service which could out-range the German panzers and had the added feature of a "dual purpose" capability with a 75mm gun which could fire AP or HE as necessary, the latter in the close support and indirect fire roles. The M3 Grant gave a welcome boost to the morale of British tankmen, helped to inflict a big reverse in the fortunes of the Afrika Korps, swung the balance of tank power both qualitatively and quantitatively in favour of the British from then on, and, as an after effect, started the British off on the quest to design a similar 75mm dual purpose gun for mounting in British-built tanks. It was, indeed, at that time, the most important new addition to the British armoury." (p.112)
  12. M4A1 Sherman unplayable on long range

    Do you have a source for this? Because all sources I can currently find state that the 75mm gun that Lee had could and would fire both HE and AP ammo, and that the reason why it was rather obsoletely (contrary to being a new dual design - HE gun & smaller AP gun was at least as old as Char B1 from the 1930s which had a hull howitzer and a 47mm smaller turret gun) sponson-mounted was that the US didn't have expertise to build a turret that could fit it. The Chieftain's Hatch-guy claims in his tank review that the 37mm gun was something that the infantry branch just wanted there for god knows what while the ordnance department would've just made it a turretless assault gun instead (about from 1:10 ->).
  13. Being teamkilled

    Isn't that a good reason to speak English in the chat?
  14. Camouflage prices aren't really going by their popularity

    I think it is just because Germs are chronically overpopulated. Underpopulated factions, cheaper vanity gear.
  15. Scho-ka-kola

    Scho-ka-kola never really had methamphetamine in it. I can only imagine that this myth raises from the notions how some German troops in extended battle conditions used to eat the amphetamine pep pills like candy and that pervitin tablets were nicknamed "panzerschokolade". Then again, so did US pilots etc.