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  1. Zwiebelsalat

    AT weapoons are overpriced

    T-38 actually, T-35 is a heavier tank that resembles the parody tank. I also get mixed up with these, and thus thought you had bought the joke because brief googling of T-35 looks like T-28. T-34/85 is okay, but IMO Soviet tanks are poorest of the lot with their crappy gun depression, messy sights and wonky armors (last one being less of a problem now when all tanks suck shells like sponges).
  2. Zwiebelsalat

    AT weapoons are overpriced

    I'd say as basic rules: 1) don't play airfield as inf 2) don't bother with the AT weapons, at least not now, they're almost in all cases waste of money and time unless have a fight that means something & you really really want some tank to die. If you have to, use AT mines. 3) quit matches that seem like just being tank farming, assuming you actually want to enjoy inf gameplay. Sweet jesus you bought the tracked joke called T-35? SU has the shortest stick with the tanks in general, but prolly you'd want to grind lights only matches until you unlock T-34/85. Tanks actually level quite quickly now when you have crapton of targets and get heavy scores.
  3. Zwiebelsalat

    Getting Crushed by Tanks... everytime.

    It's pointless to play them just for credits if he finds them unfun and just dies because of the tank spam, as noted in his initial post. This is a game played for entertainment, after all.
  4. Zwiebelsalat

    M2A2 is OP

    Why not play it? Frankly the game isn't very fun right now apart from goofing around in tanks & then why not goof around in the most hilariously broken tank of them all, M2A2.
  5. Zwiebelsalat

    Feedback Hotfix 23.10.

    That won't fix the tank spam though, as proven by the fact that there were a lot of people queuing to play tankers even in the earlier version where they were cattle for AT rambos. Personally I don't mind the cost so much (though it is sort of an issue), as the fact that ad hoc AT solution panzerfaust is now completely useless even in harassing tanks combined with hordes of tanks everywhere. So the only possibility is combat tank spam is to go either full AT rambo (which, honestly, is pretty damn boring) or switch to tank. Both ways contribute to the most pressing problem of H&G which is having teams where huge majority players are just doing their thing disregarding completely who wins or loses.
  6. Zwiebelsalat

    Getting Crushed by Tanks... everytime.

    Probably. Or perhaps Hill where tanks mainly slog around in the lower field, or fight on Village 02 (forest) cap.
  7. Zwiebelsalat

    Hotfix 23.10

    Well it does, obviously, as the the seemingly random order of spawn list peeps was something truly bizarre.
  8. Zwiebelsalat

    Feedback Hotfix 23.10.

    Indeed, but tbh I don't think tank spam is something that you fix with a mere hotfix.
  9. Zwiebelsalat

    Players leaving the game

    True, perhaps it isn't so surprising that dedicated tankers can't see how utter mess inf gameplay currently is with gazillion specialist running around in every match with specialist resources.
  10. Zwiebelsalat

    StuG 3 needs more shells

    M2A2 could also benefit from some extra ammo.
  11. Zwiebelsalat

    Did they ninja-nerfed the credits income?

    Remember how long it took to change ridiculously high pilot earnings & XP back in the day? At least planes were rare and thus had lower influence to inf gameplay.
  12. Zwiebelsalat

    R.I.P H&G

    If learning to play is making a good score, and in case of tankers excellent, then I've already learned to play - the fact remains that the game is uninspiring specialist mess and even though you can still make good score with inf, it simply isn't very fun or interesting.
  13. Zwiebelsalat

    R.I.P H&G

    Yep, the update certainly has potential, but they really need to fix the huge amount of extremely durable tank spam and no-delay APCs.
  14. Zwiebelsalat

    Make soldier order to follow some logic

    Ok, thanks for the heads up!
  15. This issue has of course been raised before in threads, but if there has been some reaction from the devs, I've missed it. Make the bloody spawn list to follow some order - rank, alphabetical, class etc. Anything else than the currently apparently totally random mess (zodiacal sign, shoe size?) that leaves players like me who have tons of soldiers browsing around for the guy you want.