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  1. Zwiebelsalat

    Add more carbines

    Nah, I don't think it's worth my trouble to go order the book from the uni library and copy the data just because of a discussion on a forum of an online first person shooter. It's not like we are doing real research here. Sorry.
  2. Zwiebelsalat

    Add more carbines

    Winter war wasn't, Continuation war was. During Winter War, Germany was in non-aggression pact with Soviet Union and there was no "Eastern Front" before 22 June 1941 when Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarossa. Neither did Soviet Union consider Winter war part of the Great Patriotic War.
  3. If every tanker was just chilling and killing tanks instead of infantry like 100% of the tanker boys on this forum claim they're doing, it'd be walk in the park to play infantry. Unfortunately it isn't. Personally I never entertain pretence of gentlemanly warfare like that. When I tank, I block infantry access to cap zones or from spawn whenever possible, with HEs and MG. And damn it is easy in the mentioned staged. Getting blown up by AT rambo is part of the costs of doing business.
  4. Anyway, I remember how Armor 2.0 came out, every single match with resources was spammed to the brim with tanks, infantry gameplay was absolute cancer (it still is) and Reto & tanker boys were like "It's cool, people just want to try out new toys, it'll settle". So maybe a dose of the same medicine here? 🤣
  5. There has always been tank spam agreed, but it definitely grew worse with armor 2.0. Anyway, the problem is age old, tanker sits on a hill spamming HE, someone gets fed up & goes to blow him up, 3 minutes later the same tanker crawls back on the hill. People go where the fence is lowest.
  6. Exactly the same as AT ramboing the tank spam.
  7. The TOS reads: 4. Specifically, you agree that you will not, under any circumstances except if otherwise explicitly allowed herein: [...] 2.use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Heroes & Generals™ experience Which basically means that you have agreed that Reto can ban you for mouse input macros.
  8. Zwiebelsalat

    Add more carbines

    Obviously you can check the sources from the book cited. That's how academic historical research very commonly works. Though H&G generally has much less rigorous standards when it comes to historical accuracy, take upcoming Ampulomet for example, that will shoot antitank bomblets that nobody seems to know anything, not even if they were ever used. Compared to that SKS test use seems to rest on a firm ground if it is mentioned in detail in a specialised study on Soviet small arms. Not that I'm arguing that Soviets should get the SKS, mind you.
  9. Zwiebelsalat

    Add more carbines

    According to Soviet Small Arms and Ammunition (1995) by D.N.Bolotin, the first batch of SKS prototypes was battlefield tested in 1st Belorussian Front somewhere between late 1944 to end of the War in 1945. It's good to note, though, that early prototypes usually have significant differences to the actual deployed models.
  10. Zwiebelsalat

    Nerf GE now!

    Reintroduce battle listing or at least make a War MM that allows filtering maps. It'd also be helpful if War had any tangible point.
  11. Zwiebelsalat

    Least favorite map and reasons for that?

    I think it kinda sucked and especially Hill is better now. In both maps, B caps underlined how clunky and nade rainy H&G can be at it's worst. Hill B had no true cover on the cap zone, tons of grenades and snipers camping in the bush and on the mystery rock that made one attack direction better. Anyone capping had to deal with extra buggy prone mechanics. And wasn't there even more buggy spawning civil truck if I remember correctly? Speaking of Hill, the capture zone with that tent tarpaulin was even worse because of the ropes that sometimes registered as solid, sometimes not. Ah well, good times though, but I'm not so sure it was because the old versions of maps were so great. 😅
  12. Zwiebelsalat

    "20 vs 20" or is it really?

    It could also help to make war a fun experience, which it currently very seldomly is.
  13. Zwiebelsalat

    Least favorite map and reasons for that?

    I'm thinking about class balance here, good maps being maps where you can situationally switch to special classes and have fun, but the beef is infantry combat. My favourite maps are Town and Forward Airfield, and I'd like Mountain Town also if the War MM didn't insist spamming it. Main problem with factory is that it underlines the clunkiness of H&G indoor combat so it ranks below average in my papers. Sure it's "fun" to troll infantry in Airfield with a recon or a tank, either camping in the sidelines or rolling around the open runway if enemy has no tanks. With planes maps matter less, except that the (defender) AA is usually overwhelming for recon paper planes in Airfield. In a fact I almost always switch to specialist class in this map if possible, but mostly because the usual capping & defending gameplay is so bloody toxic. Would never call it a good map from that perspective.
  14. Zwiebelsalat

    Least favorite map and reasons for that?

    Airfield, it's a damn nightmare of a flat ground with vast distances to run as an infantry and relentless sniper/tank/plane spam.
  15. Zwiebelsalat

    Underpopulation XP bonus

    That would make sense (in War, of course). Anyway, I'm very skeptical this will ever happen.