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  1. Temporary solution for snow maps

    I'd just prefer new (assault) maps, no need to diddle with work-intensive stuff like snow.
  2. Grease gun sights are garbage

    It is still because aperture sights don't work like they work in H&G, so it'd be downright silly to have "real" sights.
  3. Grease gun sights are garbage

    SMGs were made in a number of factories, but there isn't anything very special in it. You have a factory with milling and stamping equipment, and you can produce firearms in it. Same with General Motors, if you can make engine parts, you can pretty much make gun parts if you reorganize the production. It is not like early 20th century factories were like modern super specialized automated factories.
  4. Grease gun sights are garbage

    Is wikipedia enough? It is pretty telling that the vast majority of post-WW2 assault rifles use aperture sights, nowadays replaced by more modern reflex sights. Wikipedia article also has photos that more closely resemble what you see with aperture sight - the point is that you don't actually look at the rear sight (see how the camera has focused to the rear sight in the photo above), you look through it at the target.
  5. This is starting to become a joke

    Ah, I thought you revised the whole suggestion. I stand corrected then.
  6. Grease gun sights are garbage

    No they are not, aperture sights are more accurate than open sights. And of course referring to the image, nobody would obviously look through an aperture sight like portrayed in the picture.
  7. This is starting to become a joke

    While I approve hard caps, I could see certain problems if auxes are removed. The nightmare of having six useless recon campers lock the specialist positions when enemy has pilots without counters and tanks.
  8. Poor, sick, ugly. T28

    Not to mention that H&G version of T-28 drives like a sports car compared to the real thing.
  9. [idea] Competitive Clan Matches

    I was thinking more about scoped SA-rifles.
  10. Grease gun sights are garbage

    Human eye resolution is higher than attainable in H&G, though.
  11. From the ashes of salty tears of banned jokers, rise the Soviet Onion and the Glorious Traktor adorned with the Emblem of the Vodka Order.
  12. Which is Suihkuunkusija got banned and is pissed?
  13. E: Actually scratch that, I just realized that what I wrote might be construed as armchair lawyering which is against the forum rules.
  14. Yupp, there are lots of examples. There is actually a wide array of scholarly research dealing specifically with Wehrmacht participation.
  15. If we are accurate, Wehrmacht actively participated to the genocidal war waged on the Eastern Front.