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  1. You want half of the already depleted 20 v 20 teams to sit somewhere in the borders of the map and lob arty shells to the caps in hopes some poor infantry bastard happened to be outside?
  2. Zwiebelsalat

    King Tiger

    It's not really the KT itself that bothers me, but that there's always 6-7 them in the same place and a new one spawns in seconds after you kill one.
  3. Zwiebelsalat

    M18 Hellcat

    It's kinda understandable that Reto has problems balancing the Kitty. Currently in the game glass cannons don't really work properly. Speed is great, but it is not good enough if your targets can take three hits to their butt, emit some smoke, turn and fire back killing you with a two or three shots. The maps are too limited and too cramped for speed truly trumping armor. IRL isn't very helpful either because real tank combat wasn't ping pong like in H&G, all tanks could potentially be oneshotted - you sideshot a Panther with a 76mm and it took pretty much the same amount of shots to kill it as a Kitty - one.
  4. Zwiebelsalat

    M18 Hellcat

    Offroad speeds in general are just rough estimates though, considering the wide array of off road conditions compared to the game. Good luck driving 30km/h in a real forest.
  5. The game already favours one sided poundings with superior equipment, superior numbers and superior positions. You fight a lone tanker against a pack of four and you are bound to die a lot - a bonus like this would incentivize the pack! I don't think bloodbathing the enemy truly requires an extra bonus. It would also incentivize passive, safe gameplay where for example moving to support a capture with MGs or spurting to destroy an APC would be profit-wise stupid because making a bad move and dying would cost the bonus streak. Like @Vudu_guy noted, you down 20 planes with a single plane -> you already profit nicely because you only pay for the ammo spent.
  6. Yeah, dying is indeed one of the risks that various classes face in combat.
  7. Zwiebelsalat

    Holyshit this game turned bad!

    Yeah, I agree - I'm kinda surprised how some people find sniping so hard because of the sway and cover - IMO you aren't even supposed to be able to clear a cap from the distance. Sure the actual score is often mediocre, but then again it's not like that 400 meter long shot farmer is contributing that much to the team effort either. It's a K/D class, after all.
  8. Zwiebelsalat

    New player experience in HnG

    Good text - as a sidenote, I've been grinding US/Ger SMG tankers to fill missing tank spawner slot and it is interesting to note how skirmish maps have huge differences how they work with tank spam & grinding: - Sawmill is hopeless because tanks can efficiently cover huge areas of the map, especially if you have recons as an extra salt. - Village you avoid tanks only by playing 02 cap. Pretty boring. - Khutor is variable. The tank spam is usually horrible noisy din, but the central village is relatively covered for SMG cqb. - Hill works the best, especially with mediums that usually lock up into endless credit farming ping pong matches on the lower open areas. For some reason, a considerable number of Russians love to play this with colonels and PPS-43es though.
  9. Zwiebelsalat

    Tankas & Tankes

    🤣 I didn't even register that. Well it certainly explain why he wants H3 to cost 2600 cr a pop.
  10. Zwiebelsalat

    Tankas & Tankes

    I'm not psychoanalyzing you, that's just what the numbers tell me. I do not doubt at all that you genuinely think that you are right, you might even actually imagine that you are just "shooting only the AT rambos" because "most dudes have AT weapons". Don't worry, I do the same, I always treat infantry as potential AT rambos, even if they have just spawned to a truck or running across the field towards cap zone. That's what tanks are meant to do. And about ego, success & failure - if you make arguments that AT ramboing is easy, you are making a claim of success. Rather than deride you about it, I would personally be really delighted to see a video how you work your magic with ez-mode AT weapons.
  11. Zwiebelsalat

    Tankas & Tankes

    It's of course impossible as the leaderboard only shows top peeps, but obviously the numbers on tank kills can't be higher than noted there. My hunch is that you play like any other sensible tanker - an inf guy wanders to your sights, you MG him. That's how it works, there's no need to fake some gentlemanly "I only fight tanks" silliness.
  12. Zwiebelsalat

    Tankas & Tankes

    So during the last 30 days with your German tanker, you have met 25+ AT rambos, but only 2 light tanks, 4 tank destroyers and less than 3 medium tanks? That's odd considering the current amount of tanks in matches.
  13. Zwiebelsalat

    Tankas & Tankes

    Sure thing as you never kill other infantry, I forgot that.
  14. Zwiebelsalat

    Tankas & Tankes

    And in the meantime you want to kill him over and over again sitting in your untouchable tank, that is pretty clear.
  15. Judging from the fact that he thinks it's automatic, I'm guessing he hasn't.