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  1. Zwiebelsalat

    Heavy set replaced with "body armor"

    Yupp, it's fair and square. Spend a lot of time playing the game or skip the grind, both are a possibility. Remove perks and both are a little bit more pointless.
  2. Zwiebelsalat

    Heavy set replaced with "body armor"

    It depends of the point of view. I can do without paying for perks, the gaming company probably can't.
  3. Zwiebelsalat

    Heavy set replaced with "body armor"

    I'm all for removing it, one less reason to actually pay for vet. 🙄
  4. Zwiebelsalat

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Or captures empty lines!
  5. Zwiebelsalat

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    I'm pretty sure that can be programmed.
  6. Zwiebelsalat

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    It'd be cool to have the brits as a subfaction. New uniforms, iconic guns and equipment. Partisans...not so much. But it is true that it simply isn't worth the trouble at this phase of the development (though to be fair, we have been getting a lot of irrelevant vehicles'n'stuff lately).
  7. Zwiebelsalat

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Pretty sure they don't want to open the Balkan can of worms.
  8. Zwiebelsalat

    GE = Spam based faction (Air combat)

    To be fair, the current execution is rather poor. Tank vs tank is boring light-med-heavy mess with off-limit areas patrolled by zooka-bots. Inf only assaults are stale one-liner battles. But yeah, you are right, you can't really have it all - I think the main problem is that there's absolutely no benefits for any other class to play in a match with pilots outside farming poor bastards with recon planes.
  9. If that's the plan, it'd certainly be interesting to hear the current win-loss ratios per faction in staged...
  10. I'd say 95% of recon pilots are armed with a pocket pistol if even that, and wouldn't really survive the first encounter on the capture zone... Anyway, the cut production sucks. As Rdanzer notes, no AT's & nothing to play with. It simply isn't interesting to move scraps around the map while waiting for 20h queue to finish, so one just quits and goes to play something else.
  11. Zwiebelsalat

    New vehicle: HORSE

    I'm pretty sure it'd take huge amount of work to animate them properly so they don't look utterly stupid, just slightly so. And for what, having clowns riding around the combat zone on horseback? No thanks. I'd rather just have bicycles made great again.
  12. Zwiebelsalat

    GE Aircraft Overpopulation

    My favourite moment of realism is when you are driving a spawn truck and someone strafes you with 6x .50 cal spitting a hailstorm of lead and you are like: Wheel damaged, ah well, better have James take a look at it.
  13. Zwiebelsalat

    GE Aircraft Overpopulation

    Or maybe they should just do something to .50 cal damage. If it was as lame in real life as in the game, surely the US would've put cannons to their planes.
  14. Zwiebelsalat

    noob pilot

    Personally I'd just pick up E-4. Takes ages to grind up to FW with recon planes and during that time you are not honing your real flying skills. The fact that GE wings usually overwhelm and outperform the enemy means that only a handful of matches actually have real risks of high repair bill (unless you count greedy wingmen cutting in front of you).
  15. Zwiebelsalat

    WTF have done with the sound

    It's awful. So many unnecessary deaths because no idea if the guy shooting with an SMG is behind the corner or two blocks away.