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  1. Like I said, it probably wouldn't cycle if they were plain blanks. Remember sysäyksenvahvistin?
  2. Heh, after seeing this video linked time after time, I always wondered what the rebel-guy from Ukraine would say if he knew his lil' action flick went so viral on an online gaming forum. Anyway, the cartridges probably ain't completely blank as unmodified semiauto weapons don't usually cycle with blanks. Also, apart from the fact that he probably doesn't hit anything smaller than a vehicle, the real problem would be doing the maneuver against the gravity instead of assisted by it (prone - bang - crouch - bang - standing - bang - barrel up). As noted elsewhere, the weapon accuracy is nerfed across the board - for example all LMGs should fire sustained dead-accurate fire to human-sized target from 300 metres when fired from prone.
  3. PTRD is a sniper rifle again

    Yes, but why did they come practically obsolete, to the point that the US didn't even bother developing one? Clearly the concept had a very short time span when it was thought to be useful. I see a video of Amuricans shooting it through steel plates, but pillboxes were (usually) made out of earth, sandbags and wood. And sure, it punches a hole to a Syrian brickwall, the guys on the other side don't seem to disintegrate in an explosive hell. E: Oh, sorry, I missed your relevant post - well yeah, I think we agree then. Though I'd say bazooka and schreks were vastly superior weapons, as rocket launchers eclipsed anti-tank rifles and relegated them to rare specialist weapons (for example, a heavy machine gun is more useful as an antimateriel weapon than Barrett).
  4. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Yeah, the word filter is pretty unmerciful occasionally, I have a food theme so I tried renaming my AT "Team Meatballs", but "balls" was too much, so I had to suffice with singular Team Meatball.
  5. [RTS] Honestly Reto?

    Well if this is a computer game played for entertainment purposes, why would the generals who quit deploying have some sort of duty to play it?
  6. PTRD is a sniper rifle again

    I'm a bit sceptical of this view of yours about PTRD as some kind of sikret Soviet real-life wonder weapon. I mean, if you could reliably blow up pillboxes and disintegrate everyone inside with just a big rifle, why every other side thought that AT rifles were pretty much obsolete weapons?
  7. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Swastika itself isn't banned in Germany, it is perfectly legal to use swastika-symbol in the context of Eastern Religions, or Etruscan or Baltic or Greco-Roman or whatever usage. The context of National Socialism is banned, the very context present in H&G. The rest of your political diatribe can probably just be ignored, considering the legislation about these symbols was put to effect in as early as 1956.
  8. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Frankly I'm not entirely sure where this debate started from. Your grandpa going to SU uninvited? I admit, that was a bit tacky.
  9. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    I thought the part about being monstrous and earlier post about them killing a few million people kinda settles the cruel part.
  10. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Sure, I just agreed with that right, you didn't read what I wrote?
  11. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Pretty unfair to make a two-pronged statement and then require just yes or no as an answer. The GULAG of Soviet Union was a crime against humanity and stalinist regime of the Soviet Union was monstrous. The nazi war of annihilation, offensive war and program of industrialized extermination was even crueler, and had Generalplan Ost been successful after the military defeat of Soviet Union, some 50 million people would've been exterminated. So yes to the first part, no to the latter part, if you need a clear answer.
  12. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Ah, you jumped back to the GULAGs in general. Yeah, German prisoners were indeed a small portion of prisoners passing through the GULAG but still the soviet labour camps, no matter the fact that they were cruel and brutal places, had a relatively low death rate, e.g. a considerable majority of GULAG prisoners walked out alive. Actually German POWs had relatively high mortality rate compared to earlier (not to talk about postwar) years and the NKVD estimate you cite (381 067) is very likely a low estimate. It all pales with the treatment of Soviet POWs with the current estimate around 3,3 - 3,5 million dead, which is about 57% of the POWs taken, heavily slanted towards the first years as later in the war Germans were desperate to get work force. 14 million, on the other hand (you don't mention that you are talking about deaths, but I assume so since you cite the NKVD victim tally) is exceedingly high, pretty common to the Cold War estimates that weren't properly sourced. Modern estimates of GULAG deaths are in the ballpark of 4-8 million. It was inevitable in the context of those two regimes, indeed, and to the total war of annihilation that was - surprise surprise - started by the Germans. Then again, if speculation is allowed, I doubt the Western Allies had been as lenient with the Germans had Wehrmacht used same bloody methods of slaughter in Western occupied territories. If you look at the numbers, Western allies had very low civilian casualties compared to Germans, not to talk about Soviet citizens who died like flies. I'm not confusing them, the US camps were also labour camps. The Geneva Convention allows working the POWs, except the officers, and German POWs in the US and UK worked in mining, agriculture and construction. And now you are moving the goalposts. You blame me of not reading what you write, yet conveniently ignore what I wrote about US camps already.
  13. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    I don't think this is factual, I'm pretty sure the German prisoners were the largest group of Axis prisoners, their tally in Soviet Union being a bit over three million. Feel free to prove otherwise. That's just a straw man you made . What I meant that it was pretty much inevitable and obvious that German prisoners would be treated like crap in Soviet Union, considering how the entire war on the Eastern Front descended into barbarity. Germans do, however, bear the heaviest of burdens, which is starting the war of conquest. Yeah, I've heard about them. They were very benign camps operating under the Geneva Conventions, but then again, Western Allies POWs in Germany were rather well off as well.
  14. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    I haven't justified anything, just noted that figures like your unsourced 90% are hyperbolic. I'm just a bit puzzled what was expected here - Nazi Germany rolled to Soviet Union with a plan of decimating tens of millions of people, let prisoners they took starve and die of exposure on fields fenced with barbed wire and razed cities & towns. And then they lost the war. What did they expect, that the Russians would serve cupcakes and tea while waiting for repatriation? I think that is non-sense, you are once again making a huge hyperbole for the convenience of your argumentation. The totalitarianism and GULAGs are widely known and there's tons of research about it.
  15. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Actually the Soviet labour camps had much smaller death rates (see, for example Anne Applebaum: Gulag: A History of the Soviet Camps - the death rates topped during the war years as the food situation deteorated, reaching all-time highs of 18% mortality in 1942-43). Not even Nazi concentration camps (vis extermination camps) had ratios of 90%. Sure, Soviet POW camps were horrible places, then again if I had to choose, I'd rather be a German on a Soviet labour camp than a Soviet soldier on a German POW camp.