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  1. hey hey... how dare you.... of course we did! =D
  2. JP and Jackson confirmed

    Good job, Mr. Holmes
  3. The information updates every X minutes (not in real time). So it shows when was the last update and when the next one will be. Not sure, but I think you can just re-login to update it
  4. С проблемами производительности следует обращаться в тех.поддержку: Основной язык форума - английский. Поэтому вопросы стоит задавать именно на нем.
  5. play with a friend?

    I think It will be considered as multi-account which is not allowed
  6. recon planes health

    If the question is about plane HP, then all planes have 750HP now.
  7. in this case new system to be implemented. To difficult for reto To add a simple message is the most easier way
  8. "Stop destroying allied mines you little bastard! You better destroy yourself!"
  9. Your mine has been destroyed by %nickname%. Press F1 to report the player
  10. Funny Moments #11

    well, ok, I`ve just changed the game render