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  1. How Long Does Loading Plugin take ?

    next time just close the H&G sync window - it will be reopened and everything should be ok
  2. it looks like you ran cmd not as administrator, but you did as you wrote. Try to go to computer management-local users-administrator user and unckeck "user is disabled" checkbox, reboot, try one more time to execute bcdedit anyway it is related to your PC, not to the game or battle eye
  3. Are weapons bulletproof?

    its not. weapon doesnt have a collision model (except grenades and mines). Tested in mythbusters series
  4. thanks. Firstly I am very thankful for the trip. But it had define purpose - the feedback. And I went there not like "wow, its free trip to CPH!", firstly I went with a lot of feedback, with a goal to get across ideas and suggestions from community and help to make the game much interesting for its community
  5. yep, you right. Its like "yelling into void". But its not nagativity, but reality
  6. actually they can do backend rework for ages. And im pretty sure that even 1 year after we will not get any big changes in the game (except armor 2.0... probably... not sure at all. And we still remember squad 2.0...)
  7. wow, that was so hard to do - edit "0.8" to "0.7" honestly Im completely disappointed with the fact that 6 months passed and we still see NO RESULTS from the summit. New weapons/weapon restrictions? Nope! New maps/maps rework? Nope! Game aspects rework? Nope! Classes rework? Nope! Class limit/balance? Nope! Yeah, tell me "work in progress" or "soon" one more time as usual
  8. It is useless to suggest and discuss anything - cause nothing from all that was discussed at the summit was implemented so far
  9. Snow Command Issue

    For now its kinda broken. No way to fix it from client side.
  10. Repair cost if pick up

    Checked in Mythbusters:
  11. Свободная тема

    Возможно искажал голос + обработка. Получилось отлично
  12. Свободная тема

    Спасибо. Да, текст и сценарий придумывал сам Гаргамель
  13. Xmas Bulletin 2017

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
  14. Как уже ответил Мегамен, в русской версии варфунды - денежные средства. Не стал называть их именно варфундами по причине того, что новым/неопытным игрокам это было бы непонятно. Да и играют большинство на русской версии и слово "варфунды" не найдут в ней никогда.
  15. А кроме этого в русскоязычной ветке и делать-то нечего