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  1. recon planes health

    If the question is about plane HP, then all planes have 750HP now.
  2. in this case new system to be implemented. To difficult for reto To add a simple message is the most easier way
  3. "Stop destroying allied mines you little bastard! You better destroy yourself!"
  4. Your mine has been destroyed by %nickname%. Press F1 to report the player
  5. Funny Moments #11

    well, ok, I`ve just changed the game render
  6. THIS you have to unlock everything you want to use in any case yes, but it will take infinite amount of time to answer all such questions, answers for which are given in the video. I make videos exactly to answer all players at once. And dont wanna repeat the same for each of them. Hope you understand
  7. you are welcome, my friend. Was it hard to watch the video? - weapon mods - cannot give an equipment isnt unlocked. Or should I show EXACTLY StG to make it more clear?
  8. Oh my god, you are asking stupid questions, answers for which are given in the video.
  9. rewatch the video - you have to unlock StG anyway