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  1. Dashadower

    Ping advantage

    You should see how shirty it is in Asia where Reto shut down the Japan cluster, so 70% of the players in every game have 2 bars or less.
  2. Dashadower

    Faction balancing

    Oh please I wish this was true but no, regardless of faction most games that have clans are vs randoms. It's especially notorious in Asia where you have multiple tryhard clans stomping pubbies.
  3. Dashadower

    Devolution of a once great game

    I happen to be outside those regions and would prefer playing any class but recon and pilot.
  4. Dashadower

    Tank Review #2: M24 Chaffee

    Was only good before armor (negative)2.0 where it was superior to all light tanks. Now there's no reason to play it when you have the Stuart and have to wait 3 and a half minutes sucking your thumb if you happen to get destroyed.
  5. Dashadower

    Devolution of a once great game

    Feels great when matchmaker forces you into a recon squad but you have no intent on playing that god forsaken class so you swap to your infantry character. And after some dufus wastes all the recon tickets, for some magical reason I get kicked from the match, not even bring able to play as infantry.
  6. Dashadower

    Help when you have bad ping?

    Ok we get that you're good but it's undeniable how shirty it is to play with 100+ ping every single darn time and have the character models jerking up and down 3 times a second.
  7. Dashadower

    captured vehicles

    Then 99% of the time everyone's going to play only a specific tank for each class, fighting against that specific tank. Absolute disaster.
  8. Dashadower

    Faction balancing

    Yes the reality is clans or other organized players will stomp pubbies so fast it makes the game unfun. And everyone knows they actively avoid each other LOL by cherrypicking the battles.
  9. Dashadower

    USA Tanks

    Reto needs to make the Chaffee and Pershing actually worth using when cheaper and faster spawning tanks just does their jobs way better.
  10. Dashadower

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    Since I'm bored I'll give you all my soldier loadouts 1. Richard D. Winters My main general purpose infantryman/moneymaker/tryhard character. He has all US weapons unlocked. I use the M1919 but recently swapped it for the captured MG42. I switch them around depending on what I feel like playing. Also a medic crate cuz its OP. Heavy set or tight grip when using MG42 2. Ronald Speirs He's running with a Thompson(ofc, he's Lt. Speirs), a wrench, and medkits. When I play with him I tend to stay around allied armor, mowing down AT rambos and being a repairman. Mechanic badge equipped. 3. Donald Malarkey My AT and SA infantry, Has the garand and M9A1 Bazooka equipped. Pretty self-explanatory, don't play him that often Iron fist badge. 4. George Luz My soldier for dedicated CQB madness. Wields a M2 Carbine, grenades, and a medkit. For assaulting CQC and clearing attics. Heavy set. 5. Gerald Goodman Fresh soldier, planning to grind for the PTRS, but currently has the BAR equipped. If I give up on the PTRS, I'll probably go for the Johnson.
  11. Dashadower

    War battle list (with concept)

    The best ping I ever got was 90, no less than that. And every game all the character models are jerking up and down, like teabagging 3 times a second; combine it with shirt ping and you can't play the game.
  12. Dashadower

    disabling gun names to default

    I'm seeing Adolf hitwer-like soldier names quite often.
  13. Currently it takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to respawn in a chaffee if you get blown up, equating with heavy tanks. If current tank mechanics were the one prior to the armor 2.0 update, in which chaffee had a massive firepower advantage that was actually relevant, I would've probably agreed that it needed such a long timer and cost for balance reasons. However, Chaffee in armor 2.0 has no advantages Reto supposedly believes it has for having a huge spawn time and cost tradeoff. I think Reto should consider lowering it spawn time and cost appropriately, taking into account how it performs after armor mechanics were changed.
  14. I've read the entire thread and am thoroughly shocked by the amount of delusional people denying stats the devs themselves provided and how they demand a one directional way to balance the game.
  15. Dashadower

    The issue of Nazi related names in Chinese.

    I don't find it weird that he would have done that. It's deemed offensive for a reason.