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    Volksgrenadier-Division is now Recruiting!

    Volksgrenadier-Division is recruiting now! Do you want to join our clan: Volksgrenadier-Division? We are German/English speakers with TeamSpeak. / Sucht jemand einen Clan? Wir suchen motivierte Mitspieler. Bitte melden. Come and join our brotherhood! Rules for recruiting: + You must have Teamspeak3/Microphone + You must play German Faction + You must speak ENG/GER That’s all you need for joining our brotherhood! Teamspeak IP: You can contact with me or Wilfrith in TS
  2. MustafaVonKarayel

    Volksgrenadier-Division is now Recruiting! Jump this TS server and try to contact with us mate or you can try to contact us in game
  3. MustafaVonKarayel

    Clan pages on the wiki

    Hey Dave! Whats up? I send my clan informations in message to you. Can you check please? Thx!
  4. Etkin, caydırıcı, saygın Effective, deterrent, reputable Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri(Turkish Armed Forces) is now recruiting. -We are looking for new Turkish players that plays Heroes & Generals often. On our journey, join us to win wars and improve our prestige. -Our main aim is make Germany great again as Turkish Armed Forces. And being at Axis side we will be reputable army with your participation. -You need to join us on Teamspeak and communicate with us on applying. -New players in the clan wil be tested for 3 days on War battles, and need to satisfy expectations(orders) of our leaders. -Needs to apply: 1) Teamspeak with microphone, 2) Being older than 18, 3) Being selected only German faction in-game, 4) Can speak Turkish (if you understand Turkish orders you are welcome) Teamspeak Adress: (Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri's Channel) PM me for more information. MEMBERS MustafaVonKarayel (Clan Leader, Co-Founder) CR4ZYTURK (Clan Co-Leader, Founder) AtsızFedai (Officer, Co-Founder) M-E-T (War Coordinator) SelmanTurgut (Diplomat) fasisturk Rangereles S0ulsilencer ibrahimkaraman67 K@BUS Chartoon GxEL
  5. MustafaVonKarayel

    57th Turkish Infantry Regiment

    57th TURKISH INFANTRY REGIMENT: We are new and Turkish speaking clan in Axis Headquarter Community. This is WW1 Regiment in Turkey. 57th Infantry Regiment created by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in February 1st 1915. 57th name of the regimental commander is "Huseyin Avni". This soldiers fought against Anzacs in Gallipoli and after,they fought against British soldiers in Sina,Galicia,Palestine. Many 57th's soldiers died on the field or in prisons by British soldiers. That's the 57th Turkish Infantry Regiment's history... Necessary things about to be member for 57th Tur.Inf.Reg: +Play Axis Side. +Teamspeak 3. +Microphone. +Dont be troll player. +15 years old or older. +You do not have to but you need to speak a bit English. +Be effective/teamplayer and respect other members! EDIT I: We are still learning RTS moving. We are progressing slowly... EDIT II: Thanks for help guys! Im very appreciate it! [Pikrate,AxeHeadSlam,Afrika-Korps,Thorspain8] Greetings, MustafaVonKarayel [Clan Leader]
  6. MustafaVonKarayel

    5th Panzer Division Wiking [Axis]

    Hey gents! I want to join too 5th Panzer ''Wiking'' Division. Nickname: MustafaVonKarayel Age: 18 Class/Level: Infantry/6 AT's: - Microphone: + (But I have some issues about my mic.) Teamspeak 3: + Speaking English: Yea,I can speak but not very well. Reason: I like moving with a clan. I cant play with rookies. They are makes me angry. I want to move with a clan and killin with a clan. :
  7. MustafaVonKarayel

    BAUER chosen - Name for next update!

    Name: Micheal ''The Black Baron'' Wittman RANK: SS-Hauptsturmführer Class: Tank Crewman. Tiger I Division: 1st SS Panzer "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" Division and 101st SS Heavy Tank Battalion Awards: Iron Cross 2nd Class,Iron Cross 1st Class,Knight Cross witk Oak Leaves and Swords,Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz,Eastern Front Medal 1941/1942,Sudetenland Medal
  8. MustafaVonKarayel

    Cannot load in game as a pilot

    Servers are down atm. Oh,for Maintenance? Okey. Thx mate. Cheers.
  9. MustafaVonKarayel

    Cannot load in game as a pilot

    My game is stuck in ''Loading Plugin''. I cant open the game