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  1. I<3Supra

    Reward Players For Spotting

    I didnt suggest to implement a new spotting system (although it would be nice) because i agree that it would probably bring more harm than good to all the new players just trying to hide somewhere in a bush, resulting in more "hack" claims and ragequits. Thats why my suggestion is to just keep spotting as it is but add a small XP bonus which wouldnt hurt anybody but instead motivate people to spot more often.
  2. I<3Supra

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    I agree 100% about smoke reduction, it is has been annoying ever since i remember this game. About the new weather... the clear sky day one is looking very good, the afternoon and night ones are wayyy too dark and im playing on max brightness. I was trying to shoot down some planes with an AA and the night darkness combined with the insane amount of smoke made it almost impossible to see where im shooting. We need atleast 50% less smoke or maybe a way more transparent smoke from all kinds of weapons. These tweaks should be top priority right now.
  3. I<3Supra

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    gg SU won and Axis had 1000+ more wins than SU thinking about switching to axis now.
  4. We have all been in a situation were an enemy blew our cover by spotting us, resulting in many many bullets coming our way and sending us back to spawn. A lot of times the spotter is not the one who gets the kill but one of his teammates that sprayed his gun in the spotted direction. Yes somebody else killed him and got the points, but the guy that spotted the enemy and helped the team get a kill in the first place, gets nothing in return. (lets say he didnt do enough damage for kill assist points). My suggestion would be that if you spot an enemy and he gets killed by your teammates within a certain time frame, you get a small amount of XP called the Spotting Assist, like maybe 2-3xp. The same thing could also be done for spotting a tank or an enemy vehicle but with higher XP rewards like 5-10xp. That would actually put some light on the spotting system, which in my opinion is neglected by many new players. The bonus is small but spotting is imo an important aspect of the game, and being rewarded for it would motivate players to spot enemies more often. I got this idea from bf3, let me know what you guys think about this.
  5. I<3Supra

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    I would rather be called a "whiner" than keep my mouth closed and try to act as if everything is alright.Not everything i say is correct but someone has to speak up eventually. #BalanceForEverybody PS my lost post was a joke no need to get mad @cromandero goofy 😂
  6. I<3Supra

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    Thats why i started by saying theres nothing we can do. I just let the topic starter know that this is how things are and have been. Get your beloved revenge then,and yes you are right, we should give 14 capitals to help the poor axis vets so they can recover their mental health from those 2 rough years🙄
  7. I<3Supra

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    The thing is i dont mind axis winning 10 wars straight or more because a couple months ago SU was in that same position and then US did the same, etc. All i want to see is for all factions to have equal chances of winning a war, im not picking a side on this matter. I havent seen those arguments you are mentioning because i dont rly be in the forums a lot, i will try to find them. I do agree that i have heard a lot of bs ingame by my side about axis losing tho.
  8. I<3Supra

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    Reto will keep acting like everything is fine till the next starting capitals switch. It seems as if people actually want the game to be unfair and unbalanced at this point. Of course players that switch side every war wont complain because they always pick the ez side, but for people that play only 1 faction like me its just frustrating. Axis already has the playerbase advantage and now they get twice that with their starting position. Everybody should have the same chance at winning, but at the end of the day we are still talking about h&g, the most unbalanced game ever created. 🤡
  9. I<3Supra

    AVS 36 Not playable

    i totally agree with this... the avs right now is not even comparable to the GE and US counteparts. I used to use the avs quite a lot a couple months ago but the last weapon balance killed this weapon (it already was in a bad state). As pepe said, it is usable but not competitive. Either lower the recoil or give it a bigger mag. Full rpm stg44 is more stable than avs🤡
  10. Because they can,im sure germans would start whining and crying if devs gave apcr to t-34/85
  11. I<3Supra

    Spotting system must be removed.

    Nice idea,lets make the tree fairies even happier by removing the spotting system... [ Post made via Android ]
  12. I<3Supra

    Twitch.tv – Devstream #45: Ask your questions here!

    Will we see any new maps in the future? [ Post made via Android ]
  13. I<3Supra

    pretty sad

    Teams like that one are common... [ Post made via Android ]
  14. This^ [ Post made via Android ]
  15. I<3Supra

    Avs-36 Fears Confirmed

    Time for semi auto sniper,im sure it wont be that useless [ Post made via Android ]