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  1. The steps above were listed for laptop users. Most of them don't have GPUs and those adjustments will usually yeild a small boost in performance. Depending on your GPU you can go into the settings and manually adjust things for individual applications. On top of that I would suggest lowering your game from 1080p to 1440p and using your GPU to upscale things on the backend. Some GPUs can force graphic settings on games that don't even allow you to change those settings. And as for the console commands. I do atleast suggest turning SSAO and tesselation off.
  2. If you, a family member, or a loved one are currently having issues with lag: QUOTE Me POST YOUR HARDWARE SPECS Go to https://www.speedtest.net/ and then Post Your PING, DOWNLOAD, and UPLOAD I need more information in order to help you.
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    The end times are here!

    Was it? I don't remember playing the browser version and I definitely didn't install Reto's game launcher. But my game account was made in 2012... I'm so lost. Either way, I still haven't launched this game on anything but steam since it came to steam. Not going to argue anything; I still appreciate you.
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    The new weather

    So when is this thread getting locked? Its not even about the topic anymore. They're literally discussing another game. P.S. I like the weather btw, but I'm also using my nvidia graphics card to apply my own filters to them in order to make things looks better.
  5. If we use the War Thunder System people will cry because they got killed in 1 shot through their Armor. So we are using a cross breed of the War Thunder and World of Tanks system where Tanks have a health bar, BUT you can disable systems. I personally would rather shoot the Crew out of a tank in 1 shot and make Tank gameplay more Specialized and skill based. Tanks get machine guns with no recoil, no cost for ammo, and an accurate af scope. Along with the ability to destroy infantry vehicles in 1 shot AND a splash damage ammo type (HE) that allows you to obliterate infantry in a 15ft radius without even having to see them. If we gave tanks proper armor systems and penetration then we would have an even harder time dealing with Tanks in the game. I think the best solution is the Battlefront System. Everyone queues as Infantry only and the only way to get into a tank is to have the points to use it in a match. This will limit their spawns and make them feel more dangerous, but to other tanks they will be on a more even scale. Especially if you penetrate and kill the crew. You got outplayed, my guy. Some of us actually protect friendly tanks, but the issue is that you ARE a major threat. Even playing the objective comes second when there is a good tanker on the field. So with that I also want to point out that the engine is the most lightly armored part of that tank. As a tanker you'd rather your crew be better protected than your engine. Which is why lighter tankcrews in War Thunder will usually present their engines to heavier tanks in order to block the round and save the crew. Then use their MG or whatever to spot the enemy for their allies. Is this a racist thing? It sounds like a racist thing... Remove AT weapons from the Tank Crewman class in General. I think AT grenades should work on a penetration value that way we can increase their damage to infantry while reducing their damage to armor. I also want them to stick to people though. I actually like being able to respawn in my tank. But you can't do that while you're under fire or there is an enemy nearby anyway because they DO work like a personal APC. Plus, if you don't destroy the armor after killing the player: thats kind of your fault. You want to destroy armor for EXP anyway... Increment the credit cost of AT Grenades. I DON'T have a ton of Credits lying around and I play every day. I spend credits on new toons and upgrades for weapons, vehicles, and skins all of the time. I also like to run expensive builds. If my AT grenades can't at least be used as sticky grenades against players without being cost effective then there is no point to having them if they can't even track a tank.
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    The end times are here!

    I've been using the Steam Version since 2012.. Agreed. I appreciate you using this old thread instead of creating a new one, but why revive this three year old thread now? We know where this is going. We don't need to talk about it. Agreed. Oof, numbered your points to make it easier to reply to: Yes. This ones very important. Especially the Bandage. No; Stop with the badges already. Yes. Though they don't have anyone that can work the map editor right now. Maybe? Yes. The RTS side needs a lot more depth. Especially from the begging to the end of the war. Right now there isn't really a difference.
  7. Having watched your videos: You are not lagging due to game optimization. You're lagging due to server location. Both matches you've had the lowest connection possible. Secondly, those aren't the lowest Graphics settings you can get. If you're having trouble running this game on your laptop: Stop playing games on a laptop. Especially a laptop that isn't built for gaming. And even then: Stop playing games on a laptop. Laptops overheat very fast/ easily. Overheated CPUs/GPUs drop FPS. Keep your Power mode on "Balanced" so that your internal cooling systems can better manage your laptop's heat. Google and Install "Smart Game Booster 5" Search "This PC" in your "Windows Search Bar" > Right-Click the "This PC" icon > Click "Properties" > Click "Advanced System Settings" > Click "Yes" to allow the program to make changes > Click the "Advanced" Tab > Click "Settings..." under the "Performance" section > Clicl "Adjust for Best Performance" under the "Visual Effects" tab > Click "Apply" > NOW click the "Advanced" tab > look under "Virtual memory" > Click "Change" > Set to your total available RAM in MB. Not GB! > Click "Apply" Launch "Heroes & Generals" > Join a match > Once in a game press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" > Click "Task Manager" > Once in "Task Manager" click the "Processes" tab > Right-Click "Heroes&Generals.exe" > Click "Set Priority" > Click "Set High" or "Set Above Normal" > Close out of Task Manager and Heroes & Generals Follow this thread's instructions to enable console: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/63424-enabling-console/ > Then watch this video to set your ingame graphics to stupid low levels:
  8. Pfft, I backed Enlisted heavily back in 2012 and have been apart of every single inhouse stage of that game's playtesting along with everyone else who payed $250+ for Gaijin's development tier. So go ahead, I'll just ignore you on the forums there too for posting a thread without any helpful information.
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    Optimization of this game

    We're still on about this? Theres already countless threads with the same thing. Didn't we figure out already that its linked to certain CPUs and Antivirus Software? I have a $400 laptop I bought from a Walmart back in 2005 that runs this game with 60 to 80 fps and no stuttering whatsoever. (intel pentium processor, no GPU, maybe 8gb ram) I had to disable the Avast Antivirus and windows firewall to fix it any other oustanding issues, but this game runs on a brick. I think they're going to fix this with the compass system that they're implementing my 1080, 2080, and 3080 all run this game fine?
  10. Hey, Speaking of Unrelated & Unhelpful.. This whole thread is unhelpful. There is no suggestion. Theres no feedback. Nothing. I can sort of relate; Due to my spouse's government job I'm currently living at a hotel. The internet isn't great in my opinion, because I can't stream anything above 720p, BUT I don't get the "Network is trying to catch up" unless im in matches outside of my Region. That being said, how is anyone supposed to help if you don't provide details? What are you queing with? What region do you live in? Hows the quality of your ISP? Are you playing from a McDonalds? Like, Why waste everyone time posting a thread like this to Action Game Feedback & Suggestions when you should really be posting to Technical Issues or Customer Support. Someone needs to lock and/or move these threads...
  11. Pings and a voice command wheel are the way to go.
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    Rejected. Since You Don't Seem To Understand How Suggestions/Feedback Works: Any form of Gameplay Suggestion that Excludes and/or Segregates ANY Player/ Playerbase will not make it to the Block. Sorry, Not Sorry.
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    This has nothing to do with the Action Game. Please post your junk somewhere else. Or not at all. Thank you.
  14. Ooooh, okay. We're excluding the Ladies. Only for the boys. Yikes. I definitely agree. A call out when you spot an enemy soldier, recon, vehicle, armor, pilot, or plane would be nice. 'Q' command callouts would be nice too like "Assault this Position" or "Defend the Objective!!". Maybe even a "Gather up, Men"/ "Rally Here". I could Definitely use a Ping System, both for intersquad communication and on the Map as the squad leader for communicating with other Squad Leaders. I wouldn't say that combat is particularly fast. I definitely wish some of my weapons could kill a little faster. It's more like if you have enough fairly decent players rushing the right spot with the right weapon you can definitely catch people off guard and just Blitz through the points. The Germans are expecially terrifying at doing this because their Assault Rifles and LMGs have very little kick and high stopping power. Having tested comparable loadouts with several friends, Germany definitely has the advantage in most situations. The STG44 is incredible almost any way you build it. Minus the scope, ew. I have no clue why people run the scope on it. Anyway, that's off topic. SUMMARY: The speed of the battles has nothing to do with the lack of communication and more to do with core game design and player experience. Even if players could communicate properly the likely-hood that any helpful communication to come from it, like in Hell Let Loose/ Squad where the more hardcore players go, is very low. And in those games the pace is slower because there IS a sense of danger. I only image there being bickering and complaining from most players. And Racism from the rest. Are you kidding? Actual VOIP? Heroes & Generals Lobbies would be worse than Call of Duty lobbies. Have you been reading weapon/ soldier names? Read the Chat much? People are so openly racist and combative to their OWN teammates on this game I wouldn't be surprised if the "Clans" of this game were actually Klans.. If you know what I mean. I can atleast ignore it in chat; Having to hear it in my ears? No thank you. My take on those factors: As said just above, There is no sense of danger. The time to kill is slightly too low for 95% of the weapons in this game. I only run Heavy Set on 1 of my 40 Troops, and thats only because I designed him to play like the Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2. I fear no man when my weapon is on Full Auto. This is True, but I find that the sacrifice to my stability isn't worth it on any of my Single-Fire or Semi-Auto Troops. My LMG, SMG, and Assault weapon Troops have no issue. It almost Feels like there is no penalty to sprinting indefinitely if I can spray down the enemy. Mounting my LMG or just Drop-shooting with it cancels out the instability of the weapon. This is especially true with the little amount of defensive capabilities you can bring to the game. Land/Anti-personel mines are so expensive that I can only drop 4 a match of each just to break even at the end. And my LMG does so little damage even with a Full Damage build that I can't defend a point against a rush even if I mow 4 or 5 people down. There is nothing we can do with the burn time. There used to be so many stalemates with the older capture times, because I could literally run from spawn to the point and still make it in time to contest it. When you're rushing defenseless points or setting up to back-cap a point before you've even captured the last: Yes, APCs are strong. The Leap-Frog Rush Technique is insane, if not absolute BS. That goes back to core Game-Design, however, and not lack of communication. SUMMARY: Better Communication won't help to counter any of this. There is no sense of danger. No chain of command. No need to fear other players let alone work with them (in the eyes of most Clan-less Randoms). The set rush tactics can't be countered without an equal or stronger defense: That defense being a chokepoint with an unnecissary amount of snipers covering it. The Only Tactic in Heroes & Generals: Send Two Assault Forces - The First to capture the Leading Point. The Second to Set-Up to Capture the Back Point. Once the Lead Point is Captured, Jump Ahead to the Next-Next Capture Point. Repeat Until Match is Over. INCASE OF COMPETENT PLAYERS - Post Snipers on your own Back Line to silently pick off anyone with a brain. EXTRA CREDIT - Add Armor or Planes to Support both your Assault and Defense! If they didn't hate the game before then they definitely will now! Who needs a player-base? Not us... NOT TRY-HARD ENOUGH?! - Substitute your Assault Force with Paratroopers! Cowboys of the Sky~ Yeehaw! *Pew Pew* Total Match Time: 5 minutes. *Clap Clap Clap* So Impressive! Everyones Having Fun Now!! Okay, the Short & Sweet: While I do think adding voice commands and pings to the game would definitely improve it overall; It will not fix the lack of danger or the game-design flaws that are inherant to the current 'open world' gameplay. I do not, however, want VoIP communication. The sheer amount of combative, stuck-up, racist, cry babies in this community is insane. I don't want to talk to any of you. Communication at this point is just Quality of Life. And even then that quality would just go down if you add VoIP to the game.
  15. [Feedback & Suggestions] SnowFall Permanent Place in the Map-Pool with Tweaks - - - - - - - - - - Hey everyone, long time no see. I'm gonna start this off with a light cover and then jump into the topic. Mainly because this years been rough on everyone and I wanted to catch some people up to where I've been this year. Which isnt anything too crazy honestly. I've been stuck away from home for the first half of the year. Missed out on some cool events, didn't get my veteran helmet, but it wasn't all bad. Made some friends. Met a woman. Game-wise, Another one of my suggestions made it into the game! I mean.. It was only the add on suggestion and not even the main part of it, but it's a start. I'm glad that I can suggest some things that are inline with the Developer's views for the games. Speaking of which, I'm hoping that at least one part of this suggestion is easy enough to implament that it makes it in. As always this will be a bit of a read, feel free to skim through I have underlined everything important. Please cast a vote in the Poll; Polls DO infact matter. I've pushed them for all of my suggestion threads and a fair amount of the tweaks and suggestions I have talked about before have made it into the live version of the game. I can only assume it's because you all show up with your support, opinions, and votes. So lets keep that ball rolling. - - - - - Summarized Feedback & Suggestion - - - - - Snowfall is awesome. This one was knocked right out of the park for me. Homerun. Reto.Moto has done it. I love Update 1.21 Snowfall. Visibility couldn't be any better. Camo couldn't be more effective. The atmosphere is great. I'm not usually a holiday person. Heck, I just moved somewhere warmer because I was getting tired of the snow. But I really really love the winter versions of these maps and I think they deserve a Permanent Place in the Heroes & Generals map pool. With a few tweaks to the foliage and snow cover to really change the tactics and gameplay of these maps. - - - - - Feedback - - - - - While I do absolutely love the feel and atmosphere of the winter maps there are some things in general that throw me off and kind of get in the way. For example, the wheat fields. All farmers cull their fields long before the first snow. And while the winter maps are just a white-washed reskin of the originals there still are some fine details that shouldn't be missed. Bare and empty farm-land. Plowed major roads with snowbanks and shoveled paths Ice in rivers where the water is more shallow While I do think that the 'action' part of the game should be more arcady and fun; I do think the maps should have a sense of realism that really grounds people. And with winter maps you have an oportunity to cut out a lot of foliage and change up some of the major routes from their original design without hurting the overall flow of the main game. These SnowFall maps should be your best performance maps in the game because you can use smaller texure files for any asset thats just going to be white. You don't need as much foliage to make the game look natural. On top of that you can add new gameplay mechanics that affect stamina, movement speed, and vehicle performance. It doesn't need to affect everything realistically, but anything you can do to really change the pace of the game makes it really interesting. Its cold outside: Decrease the amount of stamina each player has at the start. (Think of it as an invisible combat badge that the map forces on a player) The water is ice cold: Getting in and out of the water should slow your character down for 15 to 30 seconds. Ice. Its slippery. You should keep your momentum while on ice making stopping or directional changes a little more difficult: on foot or in non tracked vehicles. This one doesn't matter all too much to me because its a little too much. Its also kind of a play on #1, but its cold outside so your character should slowly freeze. Giving you a slow positive tick to your stamina bar that makes aiming harder and harder over time. The only way to make your stamina go down is to be near fire or to go inside where its warm. Getting into covered vehicles should also help with bringing stamina back down. There is one thing I absolutely do not like about SnowFall and the winter holiday maps. Its something very simple. Very easy to change. Don't force equipment on a player unless its a specific gamemode. Remove Snowballs from my inventory. Make a mound of snow that you can interact with that gives you snowballs. The amount of times I've swapped to a snowball instead of my secondary and died per match.... It's frustrating. Imagine five players running at you, you quickly swap to your grenade, go to pull the pin, and realize you're holding a little white ball instead of Captain Pineapple, bringer of death. You die ingame and a little bit on the inside knowing that you could have at least taken those five players with you. - - - - - Suggestion - - - - - This update is basically perfect. There are only a few minor things that really get in the way. But if you think what I posted above are my suggestions for adding to this update then you are wrong. If you follow my feedback and remove any unnecessary foliage then you'll have all that extra power for cooler, probably more unnecessary things like a snow layer: Or a perpendicular layer of ground that the player's character doesn't actually interact with that can be anywhere from one inch to one foot off the ground. This layer's only job is to concave where a person steps or a vehicle drives through to create the effect that you're sunk into something with some depth. The snow layer mentioned above; Its good for tracking, instant camo when you crouch or go prone, and generally just visibly appealing. Visible breathe; That for gameplay reasons you can't see in first person, but everyone else around you emits them. Adding a sense of realism to the cold, but also giving a little more visibility and identity to characters. Especially for those who have the snow camo. This should cut down on the effectiveness of improved camping that snow and snow camo has brought to the game. Snowbanks and Snowdrifts: Snowbanks were in my feedback, but their importance, along with snow drifts, to changing up the map layout on major roads, creating new routes, cover, and concealment for players, and just putting a little twist into your everyday gameplay. Add snowbanks along every major road creating a snake run that players can crouch or crawl behind for cover. Then pick a single direction on a map and add snowdrifts to the side of walls, fences, and houses that cover up doors and windows, but create ramps to other entrances that werent otherwise accessible on normal maps. For example; The back windown on the bottom floor of a house is covered by a drift, but that same drift will take you up to within crouch-jumping distance of the window on the second floor. Or a hole in the wall, etc,. Add currents to rivers: Swimming players and amphibeous/aquatic vehicles should slowly drift down-stream based on the directional flow and depth of the river. I know this one seems a little out of place here, but if you added the ice to the rivers like mentioned in the feedback section then suddenly you have a water hazard that could be terifying and deadly. Imagine jumping off a bridge to escape the enemy into the water below, but before you make it to the surface you've been swept under the ice and can't come back up for air. Players that keep their cool can swim back to safety, or even continue down-river under the ice to hopefully find another way out, but those who panic will just drown. Add fires to the fire places and smoke coming out of the stacks: This comboed with the Freezing affect in the Feedback section could really add to the gameplay, but even without the freezing affect the atmosphere it would add to the game would just be good to look at. Everything mentioned above is just to add a little more depth to the atmosphere and gameplay of the Snowfall maps. Their importance in the grand scheme of things isn't high, but it's all for the sake of adding a little more charm to Heroes & Generals. Which is just as important to me as guns, maps, and gameplay. But I do understand that they aren't as important overall. What is very important is having a little more variance in gameplay and maps. And I feel that Heroes & Generals has truly reached a point where we can move on to more content. The gameplay and gunplay isn't completely there, but its close enough now that we can move on to adding more globably localized maps (UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, etc,). So where does that leave the SnowFall version of the maps? Well, I don't think that they should just be a seasonal changeup. While the hype will remain for the winter holidays there are plenty of higher altitude and snow-covered places in the world that could use these maps permanently. All of the maps along the northern most reagion of the world map and the highest point mountain ranges should recieve permanent SnowFall versions in the live game AFTER the winter holidays. They shouldnt everywhere, but should be accessible at certain points. With the feedback tweaks and suggestions made above they will add a slight change to the pace of the game that will break up the monotony of our current map pool. - - - - - Conclusion - - - - - Yay, Snowmaps! I don't really know what to say here. I just want the snow maps to stick around. Anyway. Comment with suggestions. Creative criticism. Vote above. All that good stuff! Don't be shy. Don't been needlessly rude. Just discuss. Thank you to everyone who read all the way through. And even to those who just skimmed. You're the best.
  16. I drive like a maniac in my Chafee. Always shooting, never stopping, and I've also never hit a boulder; No. I always hear about the "issue", but I've never once experienced it. Nope. I've played on the shittiest wifi, horrible sattelite, okay cable, and I've got fiberoptic internet now. But, yeah no. I have missed on account to horrible ping, though. You sure you guys aren't lagging? Or playing against people with crummy latency? Firing on the move I do tend to miss. I've gotten better at hitting shot off of ramps, though. You know, these all sounds like connection/ networking issues and not the game's issues. It could even just be RAM or processing. It could be the latency on your peripheries. Or all of the above. I've got a decent PC and a decent network setup. When I miss its either because im bad or someone else's connection is choppy. And even then when I get used to it I'm usually dead on. This also is not what my thread is about and should not be taken into consideration towards it.
  17. I'm sorry for your troubles, brother. I don't personally experience any of these issues during my sessions. And when you look at the map for this game. If feels like we're lacking content. We're supposed to be waging war in every theater of WWII. We've only got French and some Russian themed maps.
  18. Hoko. You're a cheater just for advocating cheats. Which is what macros are. Cheats. There is no way than in competitive gaming/ eSports that they will allow any tool mechanical or software based to assist the player. There is only one thing that is allowed in gaming: Response time. The less time for information to reach your eyes and the less time it takes for your input to be recieved in a game. That's it. - - - - - How is this topic not locked yet? Is this the Action Game Feedback & Suggestions folder or the Questions & Answers Folder? I'm confused. Some guy wants to use cheats and posts a random topic in a rondom folder... Read the Terms and Conditions. If you have to ask the answer is probably NO anyway.
  19. We've been in this game for the same amount of time, Odd. They don't completely ignore things. Especially this last whole year and a half. It's been nothing but community suggested fixes, tweaks, and changes. I'm about ready for more content now. I think the games in a decent enough place.
  20. Oh man, Odd. I missed you and how positive you are. The snow version of the maps are there. Instead of hiding them and forgetting about it; What do you need for snow maps to be worth your time? Also, how come you're always getting stuck on something, my dude? I get that you're driving a tank, but even tank crew in real life wouldn't drive their tanks to the places that you do. Especially in winter. You are indeed an Oddball. So what would you suggest, besides removing it or sweeping it under a rug?
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    New Map & Building Concepts

    Pulling Visuals to the Front @RadicalEdward2 Don't make me find you on Discord and drag your butt back here.
  22. A lot of the ideas that they take interest in and that align with their vision for the game make a list. That list gets brought up at their meetings and then ideas that make it get added to the developement process at one stage or another based on their importance. Suggestions that are similar, or fall under the same category as other suggestions, get condensed into one. I'm not too worried about it. Thank you for the support! Haha, While i do like how you can literally pick and choose what maps you play instead of what game type you can play like in other shooters. I do think it slows down the match-making process a little. I could go either way when it comes to filters for playing a map variant. Heck, if there are enough variants to certain maps I'm sure there would be a fair amount of people out there who only queue for one map and all of it's variants.
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    I Want to Apologize

    I'm glad a break helped you see the little things I've been messaging you about over the last couple of years. When you're on every day scanning every inch of every map you tend not to the minor changes with every patch. I think that once these maps get their major issues resolved (like floating trees and needless shrubberies) we should probably start encouraging the creation of newer maps to fill out the world. This game has honestly taken a big break over the last year and a half. I've been incredibly happy with the last three or so major updates. Lets keep that momentum.
  24. The issue isn't the developers. The developers have a vision of what this game is supposed to be: "the ultimate Free-to-Play, large scale, multiplayer, shooter experience. Thousands of players in multiple battles fighting one massive war of nations. The first to capture 15 cities takes the glory." With that they implament things that more closely fit into this vision. They know what this game is. They know what they want it to be and generally where they want it to go. The issue is that we, the community, each play this game for a different reason. We have different visions and opinions on what this game is, what it's about, and whats important to us. It's like organizing a Pizza Party for a bunch of children: You've got the Lactos intolerant kid who also needs glutten-free crusts, the kid who only likes cheese pizza, several kids who like pepperoni but dont like sausage, and then the other serveral kids that like sausage, but not pepperoni, then the couple of kids who will eat cheese, pepperoni, and sausgage pizza. Then theres the twins who like pineapple and olives, and the even weirder kid who likes combination pizza. And to top it all off you've only got like $40. So you spend $20 on the personal gluten-free pizza with non-dairy cheese for that one kid who would die if they ate anything else and get one cheese and two half-pepperoni half-sausage pizzas because thats all the money you've got. No matter what the developers do: Some people are going to be left out and get mad. And if you don't get the Analogy please allow me to break this all down for you: Lactos/Gluten-Free Kid: Brand New Players. Chesse Pizza Lads: The New players that only have access to the Infantry Staged Battles. The Pepperono or Sausage Only Boys: The Not-So-New players who have worked out that you need to put time into a single Faction to really build up assets. Der Junges who will eat any regular pizza: The now seasoned players who got bored of their Faction and swapped. The Pineapple and Olives Twins: The Veterans who swear to the gods of WAR and RTS mode. The really weird kid who eats Combination Pizza: The Veterans of Veterans who used to play this game in their browser and were there from the start. The money: The resources, time, and assets that they can put into the development of the game. The Pizzas: Different aspects of the game. The Pizza Party: The Game Itself. So, to summarize.... I'd love to vote on features near and dear to me, but I already know that the Lactos/Gluten-Free kid is getting his personal pan. The Cheese only kid is also gonna get a pizza because the kids who will eat any regular pizza can share some of it along with the kids who like either Pepperoni or Sausage only Pizza. There simply isnt enough money to cover a whole pizza for the 3 kids who eat the pineapple and olives or combination pizza because none of the other kids will eat it. For those of us who are veterans it comes down to the people who are going to the party because they love pizza and will eat the regular stuff anyway. And those of us who wont go to the party at all even though all of our friends are going.
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    Please Remove Bots