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  1. Theory on why Axis loses.

    Only? ONLY?! Don't you dare talk low about the leader of the church of gaius! His most holy leader of GE faction Natrolleon GaiusBaltar, honoured be his name, shall unleash the holy inquisition upon you, for your heresy shall be purged!
  2. You are reporting something as a bug, that you can do manually as well? Your ATs got encircled/moraled out/or you just want to redeploy them? Unequip the AT, reequip the AT = empty AT (you will loose every ressources that might still be in that AT without a refund) with full morale ready to be deployed again, that is working as intended and acknowledged from reto as far as i know.
  3. Is anyone there ?

    Sry, but Brandon is right on that one heretic. Somebody call the inquisition, Doom, it's even in your name ... heretics these days ... not even trying anymore, here is in dire need of some purging it seems.
  4. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Da stimme ich dir zu, man könnte sicherlich was ganz gutes oder zumindest erträgliches mit dem Tokensystem einführen, wenn auf die Spieler gehört wird und die Umsetzung angepasst wird, ist ja noch early development. Leider habe ich nach so grandiosen Änderungen wie dem Conefire update, Squad2.0, spawn2.0, dem Vietnam update etc. nicht mehr die geringste Hoffnung, dass reto das gebacken kriegt. Naja erstmal das vehicle update abwarten, das werd ich wohl nochmal antesten, gab zwar auch gemischte Rückmeldungen, aber zumindest überwiegend positiv.
  5. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Einfach mal im englischen Forum "Public Test Feedback" nachlesen oder auf dem Prototype Server ausprobieren. In ganz kurz: In Zukunft soll alles Deploytokens kosten (der Soldat, die Waffen, die Mods, die Fahrzeuge, die Abzeichen etc.), die sich langsam wieder auffüllen, wenn du zu schnell stirbst dann gibts halt für dich ne Wartezeit von bis zu ner Minute oder länger bis du die Tokens wieder beisammen hast (die Zeit kann/wird sich noch ändern) oder du spawnst nen Soldaten mit schlechterer Ausrüstung, kostet dann ja auch weniger Token. Also noch mehr Buschcamper die nicht sterben wollen und Token sammeln, noch mehr Vorteile für die Verteidiger (sterben halt seltener) etc. etc. etc. Wie gesagt am besten einfach mal selber nachlesen.
  6. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Ich bezweifle ganz stark das "Rohes C und die anderen Vögel" gebannt worden sind, es ist sehr viel wahrscheinlicher, dass er, wie ne Menge anderer Leute einfach aufgehört hat/ne pause macht, weil das Spiel nach zig Jahren einfach keinen Spaß mehr macht und immer schlechter wird. Wenn du wüsstest was demnächst mit dem Tokensystem online kommst wärst du wahrscheinlich auch schon weg.
  7. Are the scope claims accurate?

    As US inf the 2.2 is indeed the only magnification you can get, switch the 1903 for a m1 abd it's still a viable anti inf build.
  8. Goodbye

    Another one bites the dust. Take care. Are you still be stalking the forum from time to time, like the rest of us, or you just gone gone? Just asking out of curiousity
  9. Germany lost the game

    Do they? I for one am not very keen to get back to the game / start it up again to get force fed a shirtwich and i can't image a lot of people who would enjoy that, although there is a fetish out there somewhere for everything i guess. Maybe if reto manages to hand out something more delicious people would come back again? I know crazy idea ... but you know ... maybe give it a try?
  10. RTS Quickfix 2018

    Agree with that, the size of AT's would need to be decreased quite a bit along that change to avoid overstacking as well. But yet again reto probably won't change that because they think they will get a lot of the players back and new guys as well and my memory might be wrong here, but didn't the last rework, in which they added all the new citys, take quite a lot of time? And back then they considered it important to make that change, while they haven't't even really recognized the problems now. Whenever the playernumber topic gets a reply from reto it was something along the line of "we are aware of that, but we don't want the numbers increased right now, we will deal with this later and then everything will be fine". Again i haven't played lately and wasn't teally activein the forum either, so please forgive me if i missed a change of thinking from reto regarding that topic.
  11. RTS Quickfix 2018

    Ok then i am not completely outdated. I am just wondering why players would return if the queue would be gone, i mean there is no waiting for your ATs now, why should somebody return for that change, that in fact won't change anything at all? I still think the biggest problem are the low player numbers, which reto doesn't want to actively increase as long as they are not done with their backend changes and stuff, atleast that's what they said. Disable fights between SU and US temporarily and turning off AR might help that problem in case of battles being played in the short term, but how are we gonna determine the winner of the war then? The only realistic reason would be to wipe out GE completly, or for GE to wipe out both other factions, but we don't have to discuss the likelyness of that, since US and SU couldn't get capitols of each other in that scenario. GE is already loosing over 90% of the wars, implementing a mechanic that ensures, this number will be at 100% will most likely lead to even more guys saying "love this shirt i'm out" and that is basically something a game with an already constantly shrinking, almost non existent playerbase can't afford at all. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you are trying to find solutions, i just don't think this will work and have even less hopes, that reto would act even if you find the perfect solution here.
  12. RTS Quickfix 2018

    I haven't played for a few weeks now, but does GE even have a queue? Last time i checked there was only a small queue on med fighters and paras everything else was available at the thousands at any given moment. I agree with you that the RTS is in desperate need of fixing, but quite honestly i have no idea what kind of fast and small changes would get me back to deploying, without a complete overhaul there is simply no reason to bother yourself with this bugged warfunds sinkhole called warmap, which reto dares to call real time strategy, when in fact you just sit there drag pixels around, watch them for 70 mins and then do it again. In the end it all comes down to too few players, with less / almost no AR the RTS was atleast bearable despite it's numerous flaws, and since reto stated multiple times new players or getting back guys who previously played isn't what they want right now, i sadly see no easy solution.
  13. I am actually quite suprised that there are still players left invested enough in the game that they bother themselves with this atrocious, flashing, bugged warmap filled with WF blackholes, in which you pull pixels around, watch them for 70 minutes and then rinse and repeat
  14. Beautiful problem

    Obvious bait is obvious ... where are the memes when i need them ...
  15. Arent camos a bit pricey?

    Inbound "camo prices are set up accordingly to demand of said camos", while the prices haven't changed for years and probably wasn't even looked at for the same amount of time. Anyway i agree camos cost too much, however there were very few situations in which i think i died because of the camo of another guy. While they are stupidly expensive, they don't really grant you a huge advantage and are in no way mandatory for playing the game.