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  1. Sumpfe

    Buff STG

    Aaand here we go again ... a new week, a new "buff STG thread". Really dude? No matter what opinion you have on the subject, there are loads of threads dedicated to this topic already out there. If you really feel your opinion on the matter wasn't voiced already a hundred times over please write in one of the existing threads atleast, instead of creating new ones ...
  2. Sumpfe

    How are my favourite SU Generals doing?

    It's kinda funny to see your arguments change within a few postings/hours. First, according to you, SU was winning the war and still kicking GE and US despite AR being turned off, despite you probably knowing that this situation was the result of half a war with AR still turned on. Then Axis and US turned the tide and pushed SU back and without AR they were apparently not able to get the ground they lost back against the clans which wanted to test this out and then suddenly all the SU clans are inactive and only badly geared noobs are playing the faction? 😛 I am not saying SU depends only on AR, this situation now is most likely the result of a lot of factors, GE/US clans getting back to the game, most pushes against SU to punish the faction which was perceived to exploiting AR the most by the majority of players etc. ... still funny
  3. Sumpfe

    New winning town mechanic

    Dude ... it's working as intended. Just buy some gold and deploy again, you are fine. Trust the reto gods!
  4. My Vet has ran out about 5 month ago, the same time i stopped playing. I just made sure to have 600k in case i want to give the game a try once again.
  5. Sumpfe


    Hm too bad, the forum was the last source of fun this game had to offer me, until it pretty much died off, if now people arent't even mocking properly what hope is there still?
  6. Sumpfe


    Not judging at all, if it's fun for you go for it. You could however open a little mocking thread in the GE or SU army section? Something like "SU too bad even for not fighting now" or "Bent you over again GE!" The forum is getting a little stale lately, that could bring some action back again.
  7. Sumpfe


    Congratulations? Looking at the time of the battles , plus adding some waiting and considering the reward, this must have been awesome and fun battles
  8. Sumpfe

    The end of an era

    Good luck in your future endeavors! Sad to see you leave, one of the reto employees who talked with the community and acted on it.
  9. Hey don't cast that update aside so easily, i am certain it will get some players back to the game. Even if will only be players like me, who want to see how bad reto loved up the update, laugh at it, listen to the complaints of the remaining players, laugh some more and then get back to games which are actually fun and worth my time.
  10. Sumpfe

    War is too short

    I am on vacation/stoped playing for some month now, so i can't talk about that timeframe, but the last years GE and US did put up a fight and filled their citys, then the SU AR train, one of the many reasons that led to this situation in the first place, started to roll from war victory to war victory, destroying countless millions of WFs on it's way so telling people which stopped deploying partly due to nonstop SU autoresolve, that you can't help it because no one is deploying and that you wouldn't do it if there were enemy ATs is a little bit ... strange to say it atleast.
  11. Sumpfe


    Eine Stunde Echtzeit sind 4,irgentwas Stunden (warens 4? glaub schon, bin aber grade nicht sicher) ingame, damit man im Spiel auch zu anderen Tageszeiten spielt, auch wenn man im RL immer im gleichen Zeitfenster online ist (wurde zumindest mal als Grund angegeben). Und keine Sorge jeder, außer neue Spieler und die interessierts sowieso nicht, weiß, dass lange und/oder interessante Kriege die Ausnahme sind und praktisch nur zustande kommen, wenns mal wieder ein Event gibt (organisiert sowas eigentlich noch irgentwer?) Mir ist bewusst, dass du lange genug hier bist und das alles weißt, aber ich hatte ein paar Minuten rumzubringen also 😛
  12. Sumpfe

    War is too short

    Looks like GE and US are having a "i will deploy fewer ATs than you"-challenge going on ... and thx to the superior teamwork and communicaten of GE, they are winning of course, US never stood a chance, as expected <. < Btw. is the UD Bonus reflecting the AT situation (probably not, asking nontheless)?
  13. Sumpfe

    About GE Faction

    Probably the same like with the other factions, everybody screaming loving AR abusers, loved up war map favoring the winning faction etc. only about 10 times worse because it would be GE that wins and that would trigger the "ge beta war win streak" flashbacks in the few vocal vets that are still here.
  14. Sumpfe

    What is happening on Asia server battles?!

    Pingbreaker are still a thing i see ...
  15. Sumpfe

    About GE Faction

    This thread becomes really hilarious, but just for shirts and giggles lets actually do it and remove GE, the uproar should be hell a lot of fun. Okay this would mean no more ww2 game, but HnG isn't really ww2 anyway anymore for years now (if it ever was), let's make it a "cold war turned hot" scenario and enjoy the salt and hatred of what's left of this playerbase.