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  1. Let me tell you a secret, it actually is! It's the recycled remains of what was left after the soldier wearing it had a delicious soup. Since we was denied the holy snail back in the days, this was the next best thing we got our greedy little krautfingers on.
  2. Future of infantry scopes?

    There are actually quite a few GE players here, supporting and awaiting this change in the thread, myself being one of them. Still this would pose a overall nerf to GE and SU and while it will be good for a more balanced game regarding mid and long range the US would still be dominant in cqc. Don't get me wrong, I don't want US guns to be nerfed. I already stated in this thread how i would like to see SU smgs be buffed and reworked and with this change it would be time to get more modding options for the STG, not a straight up buff, just more options ... and of course the FG42 for infantry would be nice, but this will most likely not happen, atleast not untill the SU got something similiar for their paras and inf. But then again this would probably make H&G more and more to a red vs. blue shooter which would suck, so I am not sure if this really would benefit the game ...
  3. I agree, however I am afraid, that they will do exactly that and then after the inevitable rage and shirtstorm conclude that the community wants AR and therefore it will stay
  4. The removal of WFs from the UD Bonus was long overdue, of course it will change nothing regarding SU and US winning every war, but it will level the playing field WFs wise, atleast the possibilities of earning them. The SU needed that boost at the start for sure to get going, but that time has passed quite some time ago. After years of fighting an uphill battle on that front you shouldn't be too harsh for some GE guys to be pleased by the shrieks of panic from (a liiiitle bit exaggerated maybe ) some soviets for loosing their welfare.
  5. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Wenn man ehrlich ist, ist die US Fraktion aber nun mal easy mode auch wenn du es bescheuert findest. Ich rede hier nicht mal vorrangig von den Waffen, die spielen nur ne untergeordnete Rolle. Reto hat, zu Recht, zur der Zeit als die Deutschen alles gewonnen haben, angefangen Maßnahmen zu ergreifen um den anderen auch Chancen zu geben und du bist lange genug hier um das zu wissen. Der Underdogbonus, die Einführung der Warteschlangen, die Überarbeitung der Produktionszahlen, damit GE nicht die Queue einfach aussitzen kann, die Überarbeitung der RTS map etc. das alles wurde gemacht um die Deutschen zu stoppen und den anderen eine Chance zu geben. Wie gesagt zu Recht und bis dahin auch ok, aber hier kommt der Knackpunkt. Diese Änderungen sorgten dafür, dass viele alte GE Spieler aufhörten oder die Fraktion gewechselt haben, weil sie mit ihren ATs ohnehin nicht spielen konnten, ich erinnere mich an Wartezeiten von 1 Woche für Infanterie, mit diesem Abgang von guten Spielern hatten die Amis es noch leichter, was dafür sorgte, dass noch mehr gute GE Spieler wechselten oder gingen und so weiter. Während die Maßnahmen von reto ursprünglich sinnvoll waren, haben sie es, wie schon so oft, verpennt ihre Maßnahmen an geänderte Situationen anzupassen. Das Spiel ist noch immer darauf ausgelegt eine übermächtige Achsenfraktion bekämpf- und besiegbar zu machen die es so aber schon lange nicht mehr gibt. Im Moment gehts im Krieg nur darum ob die Russen oder die Amis schneller autoresolven und gegen wenn die paar verbliebenen Deutschen Clans kämpfen. Aber um wenigstens kurz auf Waffen zu sprechen zu kommen, hier meine Theorie: Ich glaube reto hält die US Spieler für zu blöd sich ein neues Loadout zu überlegen und darum schieben sie ihnen eine highend Waffe nach der anderen mit 6 Ausrüstungspunkten für ihre Infanterie zu. Erst die alte 3hk, 800 rpm laser Thompson (warens 800 rpm? ich glaub es waren 800) dann die Fantasywaffe Koreabine und jetzt die überbuffte, in Europa weder von Infantry noch Paras (nur ein paar wurden von Specialforces verwendet) benutzte Johnson. ((das der letzte Abschnitt nicht ernst gemeint ist, sollte hoffentlich jeder verstehen ))
  6. Future of infantry scopes?

    Ah finally, atleast some kind of argument. It will help the Stg and the Avs for sure, I personally won't use it but there will be a lot of guys who utilize it I am sure. But what's about all the cries and threads of the US how op the higher magnification of the GE and SU scopes are? Are they all of a sudden not op anymore and therefore have no "weight" in the assymetrical weapon balance, that needs to be adressed once this op scopes are gone? PS: I know there was a lot of guys who also claimed that less powerfull scopes are better, that's why I admitted that it will help the STG, the AVS and the FG42 aswell.
  7. It's awesome how so many guys are screaming now how they will be unable to gain any WFs without UD bonus. Welcome to the game GE is playing for years now, maybe stop spamming specialists in every battle and you might even gain a small amount of WFs. I am in full support if this change and with the welfare being over there might be even a few more guys who support a rework of the warfunds economy instead just babbling "git gut, i am fine" while feasting of their noob ... sry underdog bonus.
  8. Future of infantry scopes?

    Well that's why i said the sway on the ppsh should be reduced, even if you consider the drunken soviet noodle arm farmer, it's way too much at the moment
  9. Future of infantry scopes?

    I know it won't happen, but one may dream right? They won't remove the Johnson from infantry, it was wrong to allow them to get it in the first place, but the damage is done we gotta live with it. The SU smgs however are a different story, these should be reworked now! They should just lessen the sway of the ppsh and give it some it's rof back and a tad bit more accuracy + the pps should be reduced in cost, get one more dmg and unlock at the same ribbon lvl then the ppsh, so it would not be a tier 3, but a second tier 2. The SU would then have the choice to go either for the cqc ppsh or the more versatile pps, without having to grind a lot longer and pay a lot more than the other factions for a similiar weapon.
  10. Future of infantry scopes?

    As i said i welcome this change, it's long overdue and i would actually prefer to have inf scopes removed entirely. But it's kinda telling that you just ignore what i was saying and also ignore the need of a weapon balance rework once this goes life. Since the major point of US forum trolls whenever SU or GE asked for buff in their cqc weaponry was "muh 4x/3x times scope". That you didn't come up with any argument is kinda sad though, something you guys should work on, there is still time to find something till this change hits the server hm?
  11. New helmet covers for infantry soldiers in 1.10

    Yay i finally will be able to pay a million credits, just assuming but hey we are talking about reto here, for my GE infantry hugo boss camos. I will be the most fashionable corpse on the battle field
  12. Future of infantry scopes?

    It's a step in the right direction, the removal of inf scopes would be better but ok. This however has to go alongside some buffs for GE and SU cqc weapons since the GE long range, SU middle range and US close range balance will be gone. I am quite curious though how the usuall US trolls will argue that the faction balance will be just fine with this change and the current weapon setup and that no further changes are needed.
  13. So you basically said "too long lol, didn't read" and then just threw the GE whiner and Axis biased "argument"? Wow ... that's low ... *slow clap*
  14. Eigen beschuss

    Alles was du in so nen Fall machen kannst, ist ein Ticket an den Support zu schreiben, dann wird eventuell was unternommen.
  15. Deutscher Forum Mod

    Da hat Dragdown recht, hier sind nur noch ne handvoll Leute unterwegs und am posten, aber auf jeden Fall erstmal willkommen.