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  1. Sumpfe

    GaiusBaltar won the game

    figured as much, i still keep coming back here reading from time to time, hoping for improvements ... well ... i guess i will be waiting for quite a loooong time still, or to put it in retos words i will be back playing soonTM
  2. Sumpfe

    GaiusBaltar won the game

    This thread was month old and i actually don't have a clue how the game is nowadays, but that's pretty much what i guessed
  3. Sumpfe

    Unable to have fun

    Don't have fun? Then find a game that is fun, it's really that easy.
  4. Sumpfe

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    I could write a wall of text, why i will not give h&g my vote, but just like almost all the other feedback in this forum it would just be ignored and/or deleted. So i will keep it simple. Hell no!
  5. Sumpfe

    Dead Lines

    Are you giving the game another go? I thought you stopped a while ago, anyway is it actually worth to come back? Couldn't force myself to install the game again ... didn't want to polute my new rig with this game to be honest
  6. Sumpfe

    Asset burn off will begin.

    dark times are approching ... if the troll master himself finds no more ways to mine salt and even doesn't appreciate the dying off of overskilled bullies anymore, you know your game is loved up badly.
  7. Sumpfe

    Why german camos so expensive ?

    It's based on demand according to reto ... although the prices haven't changed in years, but you know, that's just reto things.
  8. Sumpfe

    So what did I miss about the game?

    i am gone almost a year too now, but i still tryed to keep up a bit with the game development to see if it's worth to give it a new try, a big nope on that part, for me it got even worse. However the topics concerning the fast wars and nobody deploying died out in the past weeks, or i simply missed them, has anything changed in that regard?
  9. Sumpfe

    H&G Clan Vorstellungs- / Rekrutierungsthread

    Jap McRoth hat Recht, schau einfach aufs faction ts und spiel mit den Leuten, so findest du garantiert schneller Anschluß an ne Gruppe als mit nem Thread im Forum.
  10. Sumpfe

    Sold out...

    ok i am too manipulated. now that this is out of the way can you please explain to me, as you haven't really till now, how the US screwed the no AR wars, you mentioned one bug which got exploited by every faction for sure until it got fixed, and how this was more damaging to the test than SU just refusing to participate at all? I really would like to understand your way of thinking regarding this, i mean this test was meant to collect data, which is rather hard if an entire faction just nopes out of it for whatever reason. As mentioned earlier i have no idea of the current rts map since i moved to greener pastures and am just lurking on the forum to see if this game maybe becomes bearable once again someday in the distant far future + i solely asked about your statement regarding the no AR test not what was happening on the war map after and/or before.
  11. Sumpfe

    Sold out...

    Ok i will ignore your usuall: bad autobUSA, US alts, GE exploiters, innocent SU victims and the obligatory "i do everything, i accused all the other of just a few lines prior, to destroy their armies and brag about it" outburst for now, since we have gone, or atleast have tried to, through this a dozen times already. What i am curious about is how the US screwed the no AR test from your point of view, wasn't it in fact the SU players which decided to not deploy and boykott said test? I am away from the game for some month now so i don't have the amount of insight i'd like to have, but the screenshots of deployed CPs, talks with guys still playing etc. showed pretty clearly who refused to participate in the test and it wasn't US or GE
  12. Wouldn't even increase the headshot rate <. <
  13. Sumpfe

    Where is Reto.Kraken?

    That's what the blasphemy part was for and yes he is gone too, you actually can find his goodbye post here in the off topic section, should be on page 2 or 3 by now
  14. @FTG_Bayonetta don't know if you've seen it, but there are your german lyrics up there. Just tagging you in case you missed it.