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  1. Sumpfe

    H&G Clan Vorstellungs- / Rekrutierungsthread

    Jap McRoth hat Recht, schau einfach aufs faction ts und spiel mit den Leuten, so findest du garantiert schneller Anschluß an ne Gruppe als mit nem Thread im Forum.
  2. Sumpfe

    Sold out...

    ok i am too manipulated. now that this is out of the way can you please explain to me, as you haven't really till now, how the US screwed the no AR wars, you mentioned one bug which got exploited by every faction for sure until it got fixed, and how this was more damaging to the test than SU just refusing to participate at all? I really would like to understand your way of thinking regarding this, i mean this test was meant to collect data, which is rather hard if an entire faction just nopes out of it for whatever reason. As mentioned earlier i have no idea of the current rts map since i moved to greener pastures and am just lurking on the forum to see if this game maybe becomes bearable once again someday in the distant far future + i solely asked about your statement regarding the no AR test not what was happening on the war map after and/or before.
  3. Sumpfe

    Sold out...

    Ok i will ignore your usuall: bad autobUSA, US alts, GE exploiters, innocent SU victims and the obligatory "i do everything, i accused all the other of just a few lines prior, to destroy their armies and brag about it" outburst for now, since we have gone, or atleast have tried to, through this a dozen times already. What i am curious about is how the US screwed the no AR test from your point of view, wasn't it in fact the SU players which decided to not deploy and boykott said test? I am away from the game for some month now so i don't have the amount of insight i'd like to have, but the screenshots of deployed CPs, talks with guys still playing etc. showed pretty clearly who refused to participate in the test and it wasn't US or GE
  4. Wouldn't even increase the headshot rate <. <
  5. Sumpfe

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Bitte was?!
  6. Sumpfe

    Where is Reto.Kraken?

    That's what the blasphemy part was for and yes he is gone too, you actually can find his goodbye post here in the off topic section, should be on page 2 or 3 by now
  7. @FTG_Bayonetta don't know if you've seen it, but there are your german lyrics up there. Just tagging you in case you missed it.
  8. Sumpfe


    Actually that looks fun, maybe i should reinstall and fill a few cities with walklings ... you know get the old gauis vibe going, while watching them getting destroyed, with the new tank meta this should be even more fun
  9. Sumpfe

    What will change, Reto?

    Most likely reto doesn't know what to tweak and change to fix this mess, since everything is working as intended, the only problem is the players hate it (mostly), so he just can't tell you, even if he would want to My guess: There will be some minor tweaks that will basically change nothing and everyone will be pissed, more players will leave, yet again, the rest will adapt and find a new meta to play along and still hope for better days to come. Anyway you are supposed to have left the game weeks ago, you shouldn't care anymore. 😛 Get in the lifeboats and leave this burning wreckage behind, while giving your last salute to Mr. Baltar and the band, still playing their music ... maybe even start singing along "trollol troll trollol trolltrolltroll troooooll troll" Sadly i can't link the titanic vid and yes that's my shot at what GaiusBaltar would choose as text.
  10. Sumpfe

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Also von dem was ich bis jetzt mitgekriegt habe, hat reto so ziemlich alles von dem ich gedacht habe, dass sie es in den Sand setzen werden mit vollm Einsatz versaut und zu meiner Überraschung sogar noch Möglichkeiten gefunden Mist zu bauen die ich nicht auf dem Schirm hatte, angesichts meiner unterirdischen und pessimistischen Erwartungen an das Update eine beachtliche Leistung. An dieser Stelle danke für die Rückmeldungen, ich wart mal auf den nächsten größeren patch/hotfix ... vielleicht test ich das Spiel dann doch nochmal an, im Moment machts keinen Sinn.
  11. Sumpfe

    Where is Reto.Kraken?

    Announcing a minute of silence for the fallen without mentioning reto.vashu? Blasphemy!
  12. Sumpfe

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Also hat reto das update wirklich so grandios an die wand gefahren wie erwartet? Ich hab ein bischen was gelesen und das klingt ganz nach reto2.0 gemurkse, konnt mich aber noch nicht dazu durchringen es auszuprobieren.
  13. I was not saying a button like that shouldn't be implemented, in fact i haven't commented on that part of his post at all, i was just pointing out the possibility for him to get his credits/gold back, since he complained about having lost them and seemed not to be aware of the option to get refunded.
  14. you are aware that in case something like that happens, you can just write a ticket to support and if you haven't used the gun/vehicle/items, chanches are very good you will get your credits/gold refunded and the item deleted ... right?!
  15. Sumpfe

    Buff STG

    Aaand here we go again ... a new week, a new "buff STG thread". Really dude? No matter what opinion you have on the subject, there are loads of threads dedicated to this topic already out there. If you really feel your opinion on the matter wasn't voiced already a hundred times over please write in one of the existing threads atleast, instead of creating new ones ...