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  1. Sumpfe

    Scopes being removed from Soldiers

    Pretty sure a ticket to support will fix that, just open one and explain the situation, since you also have proof it shouldn't be an issue.
  2. Die Antwort von Supermauz sollte so ziemlich alles abdecken, die einzige andere Erklärung die mir noch einfiele, wenn die Flugzeuge nur auf der Map nicht aufscheinen, im AT Reiter rechts aber schon, wäre die Queue, da Flugzeuge prinzipiell Tage brauchen um aus der Warteschlange zu kommen, ist es nicht unwahrscheinlich, dass du sie nicht deployed bekommst bevor der Krieg vorbei ist, wenn du nicht in den ersten 5 Minuten vom neuen Krieg alles einsetzen willst. Anmerkung: Ich bin schon lange nicht mehr aktiv im Spiel unterwegs, habe also keine Ahnung wie die Queue gerade aussieht , aber aus meiner Erfahrung + was ich im Forum gelesen habe + den letzten Änderungen bei der Produktion, gehe ich stark davon aus, dass die Wartezeiten nicht kürzer sondern im Gegenteil länger geworden sind.
  3. But you are saying people should play something they don't want to play, another faction, so shouldn't you step up then and play something you apparently don't want to play, the game? I mean by not playing for SU and GE you are basically contributing to ruining the game by not acting against the underpopulation of SU or GE?! I must admit i am shocked at such selfish behaviour 😮
  4. Sooo with the latest developments US is now the overpopulated faction, have you already made an appointment in your nearest wehrmacht or red army recruitmentpost to switch sides and stop ruining the game? 😛
  5. Sumpfe


    It's basically only really usefull in tank fights over long distances, in my opinion at least, but anyway just ads and while adsing hit space, should do the trick normaly.
  6. Sumpfe

    STG Scope did disapear mid game x)

    The reason for your problem has probably been given in the posts above. However i had a bug once with a somewhat similar effect (even if it wasn't a bug in this case). I picked up a stg with a scope on it, the scope was there while not adsing, the scope was there while adsing, showing the t-post like it should be, everything was fine if it wasn't for one small detail ... it had no zoom, nada niet nothing I have no idea how that happened, have never encountered that bug again in all my years playing this game either, it was just so strange that it stuck in some dark corner of my mind and that post reminded me of it, so i thought i should post it even if it doesn't really have anything to do with this topic
  7. Sumpfe


    Well that's still longer than the 6h wars which were common when i last played 😛
  8. Sumpfe


    It's an event, it will be back to normal soon enough don't worry. Besides the last event was (almost?) exclusive SU victories, so calm down and keep your cool SU will be back to winning wars soon enough. Not mentioning GE here for rather obvious reasons
  9. Sumpfe

    Battle of Dunkirk 2019! War log

    Just out of curiosity, how many wars have ended and how have they ended? I have a suspicion for the second point, but regarding the number of wars played i would appreciate input.
  10. Sumpfe

    Battle of Dunkirk 2019! War log

    Hades did comment from a first person perspective on the battle of berlin from a GE point of view, it was hilarious how hard he tried to get something positive to say about the vicious buttloving GE received during that event ... well ... the last years really, but reto desperately trying to go full propaganda mode on it during the event gave me good chuckle
  11. Sumpfe

    German War Resources

    I never said they do, i just stated, that this amount of resources is entirely adequate for a defense (and infact an attack, if you get additional ATs, transports, apcs, tanks etc. in once they are needed/if they are needed) Besides that: Defenses doesn't win wars, that's true of course, however no defense is loosing you wars. And with that in mind, my previous statement holds even more truth, since overstacked defenses are draining troops that could be used in an attack.
  12. Sumpfe

    German War Resources

    200-300 with a few transports? sounds entirely reasonable, especially on defense. No specialistspam that cause your side to loose in 5 min and a rather good chance to have atleast some people on the caps not bushwanking and as an extra a good change to gain some WFs, or atleast break even due to a light commitment of WFs on the generals end. Back when i was playing, this was basically all i would send and then get the toys in the battle when it was needed/helpfull, my army was just a few thousand soldiers large so i rarely had more than 5 towns active at any given time, so it was possible to keep track, not feasable for bigger/big generals though. But as already suggested, you want toys? Get ATs, deploy them, send them into your battle and enjoy. Problem solved ... atleast until you realize how fast randoms can crash all the planes in your AT, waste paras and sink or suicide tanks with absolute nothing to show for it.
  13. Sumpfe

    fellow generals enlighten me

    Wait a second right here. I am not commenting on the rest since i am way too long away from the game to really know the situation, but guys who push !with! first person battles are loosers? The people that create battles and then, how dare they, play said battles, are the loosers nowadays? Weren't you always complaining about people AR abusing your stuff? You actually did it in that exact same comment (autobUSA rings a bell?) in which you called people playing battles loosers?! I get it, advancing too far never was a good strategic idea, but people tend to do the things that earn them WFs and since GE still seems to be in the shitter loosing war after war, why not atleast earn something while loosing or atleast get a chuckle out of it? Still calling people loosers for playing their battles (or is it because they are pushing SU? A mortal sin as we all know) Really? Either i have totally forgotten how to read doramass (as in the language :p) and completely missunderstood you, or something is rather off here.
  14. You got your quotes mixed up there i guess, never said that, i quoted austin on it.
  15. Holy flying spaghetti with guacamole on toast batman! If you are saying something like that this game must be in even deeper shirt than i thought oO I mean you are joking right? It can't possibly be that bad that you would say something like that and mean it? I've fallen for sarcasm right?