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  1. Servers down... AGAIN!!!

    There is an issue that is still affecting parts of the game, we had to take the servers offline, should be back up in a few //Reto.Eric <- their tweet. Noticed how he wrote "hat to take down" so nope, appears not be a crash. Just some veeeery quick 15 mins ... i also like how he had no time, or clue?, to write in a few what (mins? hours? days?) the servers will be back up.
  2. You can count yourself to the lucky ones ... i haven't been able to log in today due to all that crahses and limited time (stupid RL stuff ... always getting in the way), you got to play a game atleast, a shirty noob infested game ... hmm ... thinking about it ... forget what i said, i guess i am the luckier one of us two Somewhat on topic: they should reintroduce that nice 60xp defenders bonus ... would be a start atleast.
  3. Servers down... AGAIN!!!

    Well servers are still/again down ... all this crashes saved me a lot of vet time, since i can't really play during the week. But being unable to fight the one or two fights a day i actually would have time to, let's just say it's getting boring. Appears this game is going down the drain even faster then i have expected?
  4. Warum im Krieg so verschwenderisch ?

    Was ich hin und wieder beobachtet habe sind Piloten, die ihre Bombe/Bomben werfen und direkt danach freiwillig abstürzen damit sie sofort mit der nächsten reinspawnen können ohne auf den refill zu warten, wenn du ein oder zwei solche im Match hast, kommen die Verlustzahlen von oben schnell zustande.
  5. Reto buffed the P40

    So was he apparently, just continued your trolliness....trolliness, is that actually a word?!
  6. Buff STG 44

    Okay i resisted to type anything regarding the idea of putting more rof on yet another weapon, rate of fire isn't the solution for the STG ffs, but after that sentence about the weight ... i hope you are aware of the fact, that the STG has exactly the same high weigth as a mg in this game with both using 7 points (no movement penalty though, which doesn't do much really, since you never want to hipfire that thing). Sadly enough the US is the only fraction to get a 6 point AR (m1m2 still nerved a bit too hard) and mg (johnnyboy) for infantry, i am not suggesting to nerf this US gear, but i say get SU and GE ARs at 6 points as well. Regarding the rest there were enough good suggestions made for reto to pick something, but as their stats say nope to that, we will have to work with what we got and can stop this threads as reto won't listen anyway.
  7. US, best faction.

    Well you better watch out, we Axis have dicovered the secret to your war victories and now that we took over the trollhattan bicycle factories the tides of war shall turn! There will be no stopping mighty Axis Bicyclebrigades! *insert insane scientist laughter here*
  8. War 508 3-Faction event

    I actually don't know what you are talking about, obviously i can't talk about the entire war, but atleast the last push yesterday, made by the us, was mostly softcapping and actually fighting, not autoresolving. I am sure there were ARs, but to think that there was significantly more than in a "normal" war of this length is probably false. Could it be that you are a bit salty because scandi was denied to you this time, combined with some flashbacks to the last war axis was in the north and you couldn't get in, despite your claims to unleash the autoresolvetrain and the SU clans? And be honest, how often have you claimed you want to fight against clans, not stomp newbies and that berlin area should be for grinding wfs, this time there were clans of all factions there grinding and upping their income, yet you were strangely missing. Edit: just noticed, that i sounded harsher the intended. To clarify: i don't want to attack you personally, you are doing a good job for SU on the map, but your constant accusations of autobusa and autoresolving axis and stuff gets old, especially when SU and you personally are "guilty" of the same stuff. Even more after you stated, in this war, that using bugged lines to trap and destroy ATs is totally legit and you use this as "commandos".
  9. Tipps und tricks für die SA Gewehre

    Die Gewehre an sich sind sehr ähnlich, es gibt Unterschiede bei der Schussgeschwindigkeit, Rückstoß, Magazingröße aber im großen und ganzen ziemlich gebalanced. Der Unterschied kommt mit den Zielfernrohren, die Deutschen haben einen 4fach, die Russen einen 3fach und die Amis einen 2fach Zoom. Es kommt also drauf an was du damit machen willst. Hast du vor zu snipen? Dann spiel die Achse. Willst du in den Nahkampf? Dann bist du bei den Amis daheim. Ein bischen von beidem? Sovjets. Was die Moddung angeht ist es bei allen Fraktionen gleich, der Scout II Lauf und die Patronen sind zum Snipen ein muss, wenn du näher ran willst kannst du die Patronen weglassen und dir etwas Rückstoß sparen, die Rofmods sind Geschmackssache aber sehr zu empfehlen. Abzeichen brauchst du eigentlich kein spezielles da die SA Gewehre sehr gut zu handhaben sind, hier empfiehlt sich also, wie bei den meisten Waffen, "Schwer geschützt" um zu verhindern, dass dich gegnerische Sniper mit einem Schuss töten (silber blockt den 1hk von allen Infanteristen und gold blockt auch sämtliche echten Scharfschützen).
  10. Bughunter Deutschland- Sammelthread

    Hm woran der Rest liegt kann ich nicht sagen, aber die Paras werden, egal welche Einstellung du benutzt, Ninjas bleiben, dass die beim Laden kein Geräusch von sich geben ist scheinbar "working as intended".
  11. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Beim Jumbo war es schon immer so, dass man bei der Frontpanzerung Probleme hatte, ich weiß nicht was da jetzt neu sein soll. Wenn du mit jedem Schuss penetriert wirst und das von einem Panzer mit viel schwächerer Kanone, dann tut dein Gegner das was ich dir auch rate, auf die Schwachstellen zielen und nicht einfach mittig auf den Panzer.
  12. Player [REMOVED] Cheater

    New guy on the forum and probably game accuses another guy of hacking without any proof whatsoever. Sure sounds just about right 1. Naming and shaming (naming and throwing accusations would fit better in this case but well) isn't allowed on the forum. 2. If you are sure someone is hacking, send a report to reto with all the evidence you migth have. Posting here will do nothing, but produce another locked/deleted thread.
  13. Underdog needs to go...

    So we are to blame, that reto isn't willing to lock GE for new players? We should just throw our soldiers and armies out the window and start from scratch in the US (bandwaggoning) or the SU (cyka blyat cyrrilic) faction because the devs made mistakes? Once again you just ignore what was written, nobody asked for a nerf to US and SU. We asked to get rid off the underdogbonus AND to rework the warfund economy, which is broken for everyone, so all factions can actually earn something and not only one or two. But after typing this again, i guess all i get in response is some angry cry how bad GE is and that we deserve no warfunds, since in your last post wasn't any constructive / didn't contain any arguments either.
  14. Underdog needs to go...

    You do understand that he said twice that he's playing all factions right? So your "go play soviets" advise is probably wasted because he does/did. He also said he wants the underdogbonus gone and the warfund economy reworked, so everyone can earn warfunds. There is no word of nerfing the US and SU, as you assumed, since they would also profit from it, that's only a request to rework a seriously broken feature in this game, but of course you can just ignore that, scream "wehraboo! learn to play!" and walk away sipping your vodka. Also your argument depending on the most wins is flawed, GE is winning most battles every war that's right, but as you said GE is also fighting more battles due to being sandwiched and both US and SU are prefering to fight against Axis since the battles actually pop. More battles of course results in more wins, but it also results in more lost battles, which we don't see in the war report, the only way to really see which faction is the most effective would be a battle win/lose ratio which we don't have. Besides the fact that the war report is only counting sucessfull attacks (no defences) as a victory and it most likely includes staged matches, using this numbers in an argument isn't very reliable/helpfull to determine anything.
  15. People asked long enough for this. Let's just hope reto doesn't need as much time to rework it, in case it's overperforming, which it most likely will if everyone starts to use it because the main downside gets removed (balancing through sights is bullshirt), as they did with the mg42. Although i am looking forward for the new excuses for not reworking it some of the "US love yeah!"-guys will find. Just to clarify with rework i actually mean a proper rework and not that shirt that happened to the m1m2 and the mg42 before they backpedaled a bit.