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  1. desdequetevi

    1.10 Public Test! Changelog

    I'll wait to see how many RedBjarnes this update gets.
  2. It made sense when you could convert inf to recon, but yeah, its absurd nowadays
  3. Yes, this and the old map select from pre-squad 7.0 would make matchmaking faster.
  4. Title pretty much. Allow us to use the keyboard arrows/wasd to move the campaign map, and another keybind for zoom. I think it's a small change but a good QoL change.
  5. desdequetevi

    Unión Comunidad Hispanohablante

    Busca por aqui: Teamspeak 3 Server : Discord:
  6. desdequetevi

    Unión Comunidad Hispanohablante

    La mayoría de la comunidad hispanohablante juega en TSs internacionales donde se habla ingles, honestamente.
  7. desdequetevi

    Meet the Developers – Reto.Typhon

    Congrats on the job TPD!!! long time fan of your skillz
  8. desdequetevi

    Trolls will save the world.

  9. desdequetevi

    Trolls will save the world.

    can't we build a wall vs SU ?
  10. zvb hackers confirmed, heard here first.
  11. this is actually a good idea. you can also "weight" the vote of each "general" accounting for their account score / ATs in battle / and/or many other rules.
  12. desdequetevi

    Why I support the Axis occupation of Scandinavia.

    soooooo... why are we in Rome yet again?
  13. desdequetevi

    German war...

    I propose they change War mode to give 0%xp , 0% ribbon xp and only the credits to cover the repair bill, maybe then people will understand that staged is for the grind.
  14. desdequetevi

    Stats tracking broken

    strange indeed. my own grain: best acc ever