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  1. Some problems with this game...

    @Baddog666 I'd say we should have some clan exclusive content. Pinning clans against each other won't work wonders, if there is no real goal for them to achieve. I believe that one day we should get stickers for vehicles (maybe even more) as clan-exclusive features. Clans should be structurally integrated into the game and play against one another in special tournaments. best x% gets the right to put a clan sticker on their vehicles for everybody to see their dankness. In the case a clan has obtained the right to bear stickers but doesn't manage to secure their position in the top x% during the next season, they simply loose that right. This is just a simple ide, you could come up with anything else really, the point I'm trying to make is that you need special clan goals to atract the attention of clans and stop them from just stomping regular old folks. How about the two of us start working on some idea to resolve this issu, what do you say?
  2. Some problems with this game...

    There are just so many things wrong here. First off, using any means of verbal communication isn't a cheat so, although I see what you mean, you can't justify making it so that the anti-cheat detects and discriminates against such software. Arguing with "we are the majority" is just completely authoritarian and restarted. Let's say, you are only one of the users with the rest of the users being not you, which makes you the minority from this point of view. Furthermore, the circle of people who are against teamspeak and so on, and the circle of the ones that are against clans don't match so you can't pretend they do. If you draw up a van diagram, you realise that this “majority” is made up of three groups that don’t agree with each other so pretending that everybody is behind your opinion on this one is just foolish: Let’s bring our little story to a finale: I don’t agree with what you suggest. The community is bipolar regarding this issue, since one is either with or against you (I too will ignore that my supporters might disagree with your statement due to different reasons, disagreing with each other too) and just as you ignore that the community isn't split in the same way from the points of is against clans - is for clans and is part of a clan - isn't part of the clan, I will too ignore that the community isn't split the same ways from the poins of agreeing with you and being you, so I'll come to the conclusion that I disagree with you and so does the majority of users, thus the next alteration of the forum should discriminate against you and shouldn't let you post you opinion, if I happen to disagree with it. Enjoy your discrimination! Same logic, man. Now, since you imply that telecommunication should be banned, I assume that is the factor that makes these clans overpowered in your eyes. Let me suggest a solution: do the same. Make a teamspeak room and suggest the address in the chat. Friendly advice: it’s always better to fight back with freedom, than to take it away as a mean of equalization. That's it for me hence my self-proclaimed goal of protecting individual freedom was met. Although I’d note that nerfing the infantry starter weapons will see an increase in specialized classes so if I were you, I would put some more thought into the 5th and 7th points. Have a nice day!
  3. Proximity voice chat

    Fact You can't remove something that was never present in the first place. I recommend you check out this hot new religion, called "chat". It's a great way of conveying information and it actually works. On a more serious note, I get where you are coming from but this fearure would hurt more than it would help: First off, many are experiencing server-related connection issues even without a voice-chat system: adding one would hinder many of enjoying the game, so the idea isn't as black and white as you make it seem. Even in the current alteration of in-game chat you see a lot of messages you don't understand, such as "on roof" without any other clues of the enemy's whereabouts. One flaw of voice-chat is that you can't filter the incoming information just by looking at who wrote it; you'd be forced to either listen to up to 17 players or non; chances are there will be more people you'd rather not hear. The main issue isn't shíttalking but the babel-effect; people from all backgrounds and locations talking at the same time. Let's just ignore possible emotional fibers and simply state that hearing a multitude of people talk in different languages, from their own unknown perspective can get utterly confusing. Now let's count in the human factor in, in the means that there will be the ocasional rager and DJ, ruining this experience for everybody else. If you think about it, voice-chat could potecially even take away from the game experience. I'd argue that conveying messages by whistling and movement can be feally fun, if you take it a little seriously.
  4. I made this

    I believe that, since the body doesn’t resemble anything earthly, the stains of blood are depicting the presence of sustained mental trauma instead of actual physical injuries. The careful construction of the body suggests that the artist feels hurt and left alone without the ability to fight back: facial features leave me to believe that the artist feels unable to get all the accumulated stress of their chest, which is slowly devouring them from the inside. Such a piece belongs into a museum
  5. Signal pistols

    Yes, I understand. I didn't mean it as a reskinned version of the more popular shooters' flashbang: it just partially disturbes view for an extended period of time, which I think would be a cool and rather unique take on the "flash grenade" idea. Smoke grenades are requested every now and then so I though this could be put in the same bundle.
  6. Signal pistols

    I'd also love to see it become the game's flashbang
  7. Ammo price

    Try switching to the "vehicles" tab
  8. Weapon lock in encounter and skirmish battles

    Just because it feels punishing doesn't mean you are actually being punished. You aren't forbidden of using a piece of equipment that you already own, just because you are new, in contrary to the original suggestion's effect on the geared out. Frankly, I dislike this situation just as much as anybody else: it's not like I'm not leveling new recruits as well. I just find this idea unjust, while not even eliminating the root of the problem. There is a need for a better match maker that takes equipment into consideration also, as opposed to only "experience" based on some player lvl.
  9. Face Masks (bring out the gimp)

    First, I was left speechless too, although after a while I did realise how important these are: I can't even see the second picture, so the new attire must be working wonders. Although now that I look, the poor soldier's hands must be cold as well... The part that bugs me the most is how we have uniforms and helmets that don't come hand in hand, and now this. RETO figured out that they can take apart a shoe and try selling each individual component at full price but it's slowly getting really insulting. Well, if we do get these I at least want one in Carbon black™, so I can go full♂master♂
  10. Weapon lock in encounter and skirmish battles

    Hey buddy, I mean, how come you didn't come across this "issue" while playing the soviets? That part seems kinda off but let's roll with it. This all sounds great but sadly these aren't real statistics. Furthermore I don't see the real issue here, since the new players aren't restricted from using the same sort of equipment. Of course they'll be more challenged but that's the point and if the enemy gear is so swell, they can just pick them up from fallen soldiers and use them themselves. Swap around some weapons' names and the statement becomes true for any faction. And even so, why do you want to punish people for playing well and unlocking better equipment? Limiting the use OP weapons also limits the amount of OP weapons newbies can pick up, thus this restriction would make it harder for newbies to defend themselves.
  11. Recon Class Rework

    1) That is useless hence chat is a perfect tool to convey more detail Cloaking people doen't sound good, while I don't see why common infantry men couldn't operate the telecommunication device themselves 2) The "revorked" recon plane is vastly WW I tech, while the playstyle itsels wouldn't be angaging at all. The recons we have are foot soldiers and that's what they will remain Once again, cloacking is búllshit. Nope, we don't need an uindestructibel jeep... I too have been thinking about having some telegraph-action, so here's my take on the idea: A recon squad should get a mobile telecommunication device free of charge, which they could decide on which player to give. It would slow down ground movement by a fair bit but enable its hoarder to communicate positions. These spots should be lvl 2, that would follow the enemy around until they break direct line of sight. To not make this OP as hell, it needs a long cooldown.. like each broadcast should last at max 20 seconds of *beep beep boop*, after which you would have to crank up the batteries for some time in order to use the device again. This intel would be broadcasted to teammates in the direct vicinity of a radio: either in 20m range of a point or 5m range of a vehicle boosting a radio. This could also help improve objective-play. I would appreciate any criticism on this
  12. Spawn Protection For Paraplane and Fighters

    Why so? I mean, if the enemy aircraft are farming you, that means that they are not farming the infantry, which is ultimately a positive thing. And if outnumbered, you are keeping multiple enemies occupied yourself, which is even better. Sometimes we have to decide to either play for our own enjoyment or the benefit of the team... Nah, planes should rather spawn outside of the battlefield, able to enter from two sides of thesquare rather than from one point. This way a concentrated flock of aircraft would not have anything to wait for, thus spawn camping planes would end as opposed to be made harder. But here is a currently working solution: get into an AA gun and help out your pilot buddies.
  13. Getting players to play the objective

    Personally, I think that people are clinging less to points because they are just so boring and easy to capture. Points are just plain buildings with no real purpose and with no real story to tell. I never feel like I’m defending a command centre, or the head of a bridge: it’s just the same old soulless buildings. They are welcoming attackers with dozens of open gates, so the defenders can at most engage in a chaotic whack-a-mole with an endless amount of doorways and windows involved. There is no amount of xp that is going to change that. Objectives are just poorly designed and if that wasn’t enough, the only advantage they give is a jump off point. You don’t actively gain anything from standing at one, and giving more xp won’t cover that up. We need better capture points. The telegraph station should communicates the location of enemy units passing by a certain outpost with a certain view-range (just add some story here and there). Objectives should have adjustable mortars, more powerful artillery or basically something that makes it worth actively controlling them in the first place. Giving more xp is merely bait to follow: it might enhance the game experience but not the game itself. I’d say that we should slower the paste of the game: points should be harder to take and thus conquering them will result in greater joy, and knowing how hard it is to take them would motivate people to defend them more. Maps are just designed stupidly with huge forests everywhere that mask singular advance and thus diminish the need for larger, coordinated attacks. Due to that, troops are stretched: there is no real attack/defend period, everybody is just doing their own thing. That needs to change. We got squad commands, which is nice and all but it won’t change how the maps play. The current rule of taking a point is that you either run around with some RPM monster or spam explosives all over the place. Defending might involve camping at one staircase with a bolt action rifle but is ultimately the same. What we need is buildings with realistic layouts and an environment where the defenders have the upper hand. Let’s start small and get functional doors, some lockable from the inside. This way the attacker has to open up, and either try to win the gunfight in which he drew second or throw in a grenade, securing him the room but making a lot more sound doing so. We should have situations where each team has control over a distinct part of the same larger building. The capture zone should be reduced to a single room, while defending at adjacent corridors and rooms should give xp comparable to that of capping
  14. Does anyone else have this issue with grenades?

    Sometimes even 200% of the time *wink*
  15. Has your ping increased since the last hotfix

    Something also went fishy on my end today. Normally everhing is fine with ping around 30-60 but today, after like three rounds ping started fluctuating to a hilarious extent, where I couldn't even move anymore. I reloaded the game several times, even took a 30 min brake but nothing changed so I called it a day.