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  1. SECONDARY SEATS - Suggest involving limitations.

    I see where you are coming from but paras are kind of the sniper rifle of capturing: accurate and long-range but the reload time is long. If most of the team consists of paratroopers, it is endangered to stong pushes, since the few infantrymen are quickly over run, while the front line might move faster than the speed by which the paras can retake the enemy's left-behind points, leading to one team steamrolling the other: this is why I though of limiting paras.
  2. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    Incorporating them into infantry assault teams is a great idea! I'm also on board with added charges on AT weapons for this new class but 4 wight point AT weapons for regular infantry seems a bit too much for me. Removing rockets is a great idea though and restricting AT rifles to them would be splendid. I would also like to introduce a few low RMP but more accurate SMGs dedicated to them, which fit their combat role of "medium ranged fighter" a bit more. Something I would love to see on them is backpacks for all the gear they carry around... but one with a real hitbox, not glitching through walls
  3. SECONDARY SEATS - Suggest involving limitations.

    Here's my aproach: Let's take 20v20 as the base. I'd say we should have ~13 infantryman and ~7 special classes and here's how it should be: - Each team has 7 points for specialised classes - Each team is restricted to at most have: - 3 paratroopers - 3 recons - 2 tanks - 2 planes So the idea is that you could spawn as a specialised class and then take up one of the 7 points while you are allive. Once you die, the point is returned to the stockpile and you or somebody else can spawn as a special. Untill there are free points, anybody can spawn a special. After the points are all taken, the person who dies after a point was returned to the stockpile is presented the option to either continue as infantry or choose a specialised character: this would establish a somewhat competitive environmnet where good players can keep their specials while worse ones die more often thus have to play mostly as infantry untill they learn the ins and outs of the game. Let's say we have 3 paras, 3 recons and a tank. Jimmy plays the panzer I and dies a horrible death. Since there is no free point before his death, he can only respawn as an infantryman. Then Dave the infantryman dies who is now presented the option of using the free point, and chooses to spawn an ircraft, since his team lacks air-support. The numbers are highly debatebla but I do believe that such a system would limit specials, while at the same time preventing bad players to waste most of the more valuable resources. I personally see this as better aproach of squads, which could give the leading role back to the infantryman.
  4. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    Laugh as much as you want but I confuesed you with the author of the post. I'm terribly sorry, I just strongly function on visual base and your avatars were the same... Allright: Since modules are about to be a thing, this AT class could rather have a/more class specific tool(s) that can open up hatches on tanks in order to take out the driver. In order to not make this a nuke, I'd say this should take time and be audable, so the driver can take countermeasures. I would make it impossible to just steal tanks: you'd need such an AT guy to open it up... you could maybe even reward him for donating it to some teammate and get a share of the xp earned with that vehicle. In addition to that, the AT infantry could sabotage tanks, like clogg the exehaust pipe, which could lead to engine-damage. Now, this idea has some issues to it: First off, there are open-turreted tanks out there. Secondly, if modular damage comes in and you blow off the tracks with an AT nade, the tank driver becomes a sittind duck waiting to be exterminated. Both of these issues can be solved by including all hatches on the tank: main hatch, driver's, escape hatches on the bottom and so on. So if the tank is immobilised the driver can hear which side is being banged on and can choose to get on on the opposite side to neutralise the intruder. For this to be effective, we do need a continous engine sound that doesn't give away the driver's exit.

    Well, in that case good luck never being listened to... Have a nice day, All types!

    @Mort3n Hi there! I can understand your frustration but letting it out this way won't really help your cause. You are not the only one feeling this way so I advise you to use the search option and take part in a debate regarding the issue. Opening up yet one more thread with the same goal is bit pointless Not quite fresh but here's one I found:
  7. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    Look, right now I need ~3 AT nades to take out a medium tank. With your tweaks, If you have some considerate T-34 player rushing B, you'd require at least two people to rap all their AT equipment onto it, not even accounting for misses. Now let's talk real, chances are there won't be any coordination so the tank will start fleeing the scene as soon as the first 1-2 hit. Tough luck, if you have only landed 5: the tank is now lightyears away repairing. This would render the use of AT equipment somewhat useless and far from cost-effective. AT infantry, or "professional AT rambos", as I see fits them better, would indeed be useless. Lack of transportation would deem them strictly defensive units that can't stand their ground against ranged enemies, while sneaking up on them with only a sidearm is more of a death-sentence. Giving them the ability to over-heal is bűllshit, just as handing out armor to soldiers. While resupplying ammo could be a source of xp income but in my opinion wouldn't necessarilly have an impact on the game: I for instance have never run out of ammunition once so far. (this point is open for disagreement) You see, Professional AT rambos won't be around, planes aren't guaranteed, while your tankers might rage-quit if they suck compared to their foes... or just run out of tanks within the first 15 minutes or so. Infantry having competent AT equipment is the last line of defense against tanks: that's why taking it away meets such resistance. Yet the biggest issue with your idea is, that it's the furthest away from future-proof, hence Vehicles 2.0 will drastically divert the game from the state you designed your soldier for. For now, I'd say we should wait and see how the application of AT equipment changes with that patch.
  8. Mind Blown

    Here's a popular joke that revolves around these contradictions During ww2, Hungary declared war on the US. The Hungarian ambassador meets with the minister of foreign affairs in Washington: [US minister of foreign affairs]: What is your form of government? [Hungarian ambassador]: Kingdom [US]: And who is your king? [HU]: We don’t have one, we have a regent [US]: And who is your regent? [HU]: Honorable admiral, Nicolas Horthy [US]: Do you have a sea? [HU]: No [US]: I see. Do you have a claim on US soil? [HU]: No [US]: Do you have any territorial claims against any country? [HU]: Yes. We desire lands of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Romania [US]: I see. Do you intend to declare war on them as well? [HU]: No, they are our allies.
  9. Derpy-est Moments or Pictures?

    This one really sturs up the memories
  10. Derpy-est Moments or Pictures?

  11. Fsjal profile pics (stopped making these for free)

    @Sjf0212 There ya' are Thank you very much, am very glad I could help!
  12. Pershing will be the slowest tank in the game post armor 2.0

    Nobody called you names for taking a different side, good sir! I'm sorry if the game is seemingly taking a turn for the worse for you but as it had been pointed out already, don't jump to conclusions just yet. If the devs wiggle around with the vehicle's specs, they might compensate for the loss in speed. And if not, don't let your head down! In case the Pershing 2.0 is too much of a no-go you can just hop into one of those Sherman Jumbos; haven't seen any of those in a while! "We must overthrow profitable tanks so that all armored vehicles may be used equally!" Please stop spreading communism, thank you
  13. make them pay!

    "Shít boys, after like five rounds I finally found a mine to defuse: now I can fulfill my dream and become recon dinner!" Most reasonable tweak would be to replace the red scull indicator with a green bomb, hence ReD iS bAd AnD gReEn Is GoOd. Back in my noob days I too detonated friendly mines due to this reason. I would help the whole issue with land mine-destruction in a different way: let’s incorporate a shovel into any AT mine because that’s the way it makes sense. Now, with left click you melee, while right clicking would start the planting progress: soldier would dig around a little and put the mine into the hole. Digging would render a 3D crater (could be above land if that’s easier, I don’t know) into which you’d put the land mine. Digging resumes and the crater transforms into the remains of a fresh dig. This would legitimize not rendering the landmine and making it immune to low-caliber rounds, furthermore noobs won’t be taunted by the sight of mysterious sci-fi pancakes.
  14. Fsjal profile pics (stopped making these for free)

    Here you go sir! Commisions still open if anybody is interested
  15. Easy and Effective UI changes

    You can change your key binds at any given time to fit your needs better. As for escaping prone I, for instance like the idea of having a single key for action and counter-action: there goes your "PLAYER BASE" Niether of the two are glitches nor related to UI: it's just the game being unique. Take my advice and plase consult with the PLAYER BASE first because undeveloped or/and unsupported ideas are hardly ever listened to.