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  1. Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    Not quite game-ballance inspired but I hope such pieces also have a place here
  2. The user interface need to be upgraded

    He-hey! As a non-designer I made a design you might wanna see regarding the ribbon interface: And as a somewhat lesser newbie, I recommend putting something on display: awaiting change without doing for it won't attract a huge mass
  3. In the recent past the game has gone thourgh a lot of almost invisible UI changes. Since it's such a fashionable thing to do, I'll get in on the fun and suggest a tiny bit of UI chnage to the part of the game that actually needs it. Although it is great to see the pictures of the in-game curencies and the store icon being juggled around, it would also be a good thing to once fix the real issue, which is insufficient space usage. Although it's generally true for the game, probably the most used platform that severly shows this is the ribbon interface. Just look at the amount of nothing in the second row of the COMBAT ribbons: I was bored so I re-worked the interface as seen bellow. Note that the large dark-gray part at the bottom is the amount of space saved by my doings. original: re-worked: And here's an overall decription of what I did for those who wish to rather read what can be seen:
  4. Ammo!!!!!

    Valid point there. I bellieve that clip-tossing and player-carried ammo boxes should co-exist.
  5. Ammo!!!!!

    Nobody thought you were dummies: I just like to color-code stuff :D. I'm the only qualified dumbass over here: I convinced myself that 45*2 is 70, screwing up the calculations at first. Anyways, what do you think?
  6. Ammo!!!!!

    Different idea over here: Each ammo box should have value of capacity, based on a universal faction value*number of equipment point it takes up (because each pouch takes up exactly 1 EP). The universal faction value is the smallest number that can be devided by the ammunition values of all guns's pouches within a faction. Let me try to clarify this: let's say the box takes up 1 EP. To keep stuff simple for the sake of the presentation, let's pretend that the K98K and the G43 are the only rifles the germans have. The K98k's pouch holds 45 rounds, while the G43's does 70. 70 = 7*5*2 45 = 5*3*3 The smallest number which is dividable by both numbers is 2*3*3*5*7 = 630. The box takes up a single EP, thus it has a capacity value of 630*1= 630. Different guns would have different ressuply values which can be caltulated by dividing the universal faction value by the bullet content value of that gun’s pouch. For the K98K it's 630/45 = 14, for the G43 it's 630/70 = 9 .Each time a bullet is handed to a person with a G43, the capacity is reduced by 9 point. However each time somebody with a kurz is supplied, the capacity is decreased by 14/bullet. Identical ammunition values of all guns's pouches could be counted as one: for example all german pistols would have identical values without making the code longer. ’Might be a bit crazy at first, and it means that an ammo box doesn’t contain a fix bullet count. However, this way you have an ammo-output-EP corelation.
  7. Ammo!!!!!

    Well, I guesss it's time to pray to the RETO gods
  8. Ammo!!!!!

    In that case we have oursledves a deal. Last stream, they confirmed that bipods are not worked on right now, but hope dies last: they might have some dumb prototype in storage they can work on. However I'd love to see a properly structured infantry squad. If you have a member with an MG he'll be asigned "MG man": that could give the leader the order option "Provide MG support" similar to the recons' "rally" command. Placing an MG and getting kills with it from like a 5-10 meter radius of the designated point would give additional order bonus to the leader and MG man. I've heard rumors of voice commands coming to the game: it would be sweet to have these all hand in hand, (hope I'm not mistaken with the sounds)
  9. Overhaul equipment/ammo Inventory

    Yeah sure, that's why 2/2 people disagreed with you: nothing wrong with the proposal. Please read this, and add "No sprinting" to it: If we want even more downsides beside woulnerability, good idea would be to give the backpack a hitbox (so it won't glitch through walls again). Depending on the explosive content, you'd have a calculated chance/hit to explode and kill you, every time it gets hit.
  10. Ammo!!!!!

    I know, this was just something I felt to be a bit broken: I just pointed the finger of irony onto a plothole in the hopes to get more detail. Since, we actually have materieal to work with. Sounds pretty good, but I can only imagine it with the addition of some new system. Maybe squad 2.1, where you have different roles within an infantry squad: the player cap would be raised, while internal classifications such as the leader itself, riflemen, MG operator and ammo supplier would be given away depending on rank. The bonus xp for protecting the MG guy sounds sweet but for it to be justified, MGs need to get a more stationary role... now they aren't really in such desperate need of deffense. Without such a system I can only imagine the previously mentioned carriable ammunition boxes, operating similarly to bandages.
  11. Ammo!!!!!

    Clarification for EneCtin Allright, you deffinatelly got me on board! +1
  12. skin p-40n

    I'd be pleased to see such an addition in armor 2.0 as well On a more serious note, I have one suggestion for you: If you wish to see something added for a specific faction, it's also advised to seach for counterparts which the other factions can have. This way you can at least eliminate "Addig [x] for only the [y] faction would be unballanced" kind of charges
  13. Ammo!!!!!

    What key would you bind it to? 'Cause I wanna be sure to hold it really hard on my squamate and vice versa once I emptied my SMG on purpose. Be prepared scoreboard, here we come!
  14. Overhaul equipment/ammo Inventory

    I wouldn't throw the idea of additional utility out of the window, but must agree with you on this one
  15. Overhaul equipment/ammo Inventory

    *sigh* god damn it... 1) I can't nerf backpacks because they aren't a thing yet 2) I can't "nerf backpacks" because I don't even agree with your system: I didn't propose a weaker version of your idea, I presented one that coups with the curent equipment-system. Mine too, ya know... For "loot it up barfight" games. Problem is that H&G is not part of that cluster of games: here we have no looting exept for picking up guns from the ground, which you purosly can't store. Optionality doesn't fix issues and undetailedness. Some people having a significant advantage is even worse than if everybody gets it. You know, if you don't wish to hear what I have to say, why should your words be listened to? You know, you aren't the only one playing the game around here, and thus a larger community might want to see something most of them can agree on. A suggestion rarelly goes through the trial of time without being refined. I'm not giving my views because I wanna show you the middle finger: I do it because I too wish to see backpack added in the future. Good path to chose would be to sensefully communicate your ideas and not get butthurt over people disagreing. Just because I don't support the exact idea doesn't make me a freedom-demoting sociopat. Just realise two things: 1) we are on the same team here: we both wanna have backpacks. 2) You didn't say anything detailed about your "drop-in" system, so I'm gonna say you meant the one from Escape from Tarkov. There a grenade tajes up one square slot. 6 grenades =six slots, meaning that you could stuff a primary in there. See? No details only widens my canvas of interpretation.