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  1. Materia

    Is Germany really OP?

    Clan Vs clan, okay, clan vs randoms should be forbidden. I'm already leaving every single game when I'm facing an organized team, because that means certain defeat in couple minutes. Might as well uninstall H&G all together, and remove it completely from Steam account, as introduction of clans to the game will not bring anything good, unless they have different game mode, and just mind their own business.
  2. Materia

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    No sane person would ever write this. They want money? Make a product that is worth paying for, make a product that suits customer needs, make a product that doesn't drive players mad. Make a product that is something, and not tries to be couple things at once, while failing at each category. Read the forums, suggestions, fix what needs fixing, add what needs to be added. It's not like they need to see fairy tale for answers. It's all here, on the forum, lots of posts & topics, you just need to have an attitude to admit "we failed", admit, apologize. Reto doesn't have any idea what to do, they are like a 4 y.o. kid lost in the forest, at 1 a.m. No idea what H&G is supposed to be, no set short/medium/long goals, no priorities, just a mess. Core should be polished before thinking of expansion, a core that is of dubious quality, with all the flaws, bugs and mistakes that exist since beta. It's nearly 2020. No amount of skins will help this game, as what's making it sink is Reto itself. Imaginay, non existing skins that can only appeal to CS fans, and other generic shooters is not how you fix the game.
  3. Materia

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    It's clear now what the target audience is, skins point it out quite easily... 7 y.o. kids, what's next? Loot boxes? All I ever wanted is to make this game more war like, and historical, not the opposite. Keep on nailing the coffin, as that's where H&G is already at.
  4. Materia


    Never bought any, even if it was at 99%, I still wouldn't. Fix the game, if games worth it, money will follow. Read the forum, listen to the players, etc.
  5. Materia


    Yeah... new nation, pacific, while the game is filled with exactly the same issues since closed/open beta, that weren't addressed to this day. When you look at the road map, and see what are they working on, e.g. supressed weapons, that should make you realize, no chance. It's just too much to ask for. Just try to enjoy the game, and forget about anything reasonable.
  6. Materia


    Oh, wow, look... another shovel. It disgusts me to even think of digging a grave with someone inside. Truly disgusting. So many possibilities, but as always terrible execution.
  7. Materia


    It doesn't feel any special to me, bought it, tested it, I'll still use it, untill I got the highest ribbon, at the moment unmodded, and then I'll switch it for MP 40. My all time favorite is FG 42, to me, the best weapon Germany has.
  8. Materia


    I stopped using StG 44 a long time ago, since even completely unmodded default MP 40 feels better, and after using MG 13 for a while, I'm starting to feel the same way about it, sure, it might be good at close range, but that's it, I have MP 40 for it. Not sure if they nerfed the accuracy and increased sway, but it feels like it. Even the PPD is better than MG 13. No accuracy at range, low ammo count, sounds nice, looks nice, has some mods, but meh. Only use it with 2/3 burst, otherwise you won't hit anything.
  9. I don't mind the classes, I'd buy them anyway one day, got Soviet Recon, all US classes [that I'm not even planning to use], I'd rather get refund for scopes. That should be a priority.
  10. Materia

    New Scopes

    This update, or more like a downgrade, makes the game what it used to be, at least when it comes to fire fights, which by no means is a good thing. I took that garbage scope off my gun, at least I have all the classes, and a variety of equipment to use, weaponry, and vehicles... Recon all the way, I pronounce infantry dead, R.I.P. killed by Reto 2k19. /Edit. I'd like a refund fot this garbage, 1 for Karabiner 98 Kurz, 1 for SVT40, credits are fine with me, I'll buy some other guns, no more rifles, unless with Recon.
  11. I can hardly see any point to agree with, you mostly write about the strong points of Heroes & Generals, and call them flaws, poor design choices, etc. If it was up to me, I'd made it even worse while looking from your perspective, and better from mine. Game is repeatitive, you play the same couple maps, either attack, or defense. It can get boring pretty quickly. World map is huge, but it makes no difference between London/Paris/Warsaw/Moscow, it's the same feeling everywhere. There should be different settings, so you know where're you at, same applies to Africa. There are also no seasons in the game. Every game can get boring, and will make players leave if you get to play e.g. 3 maps all over. Battlefield 1942 had only % of what Heroes & Generals has to offer, but what it had, were different settings. DDay invasion map, cities, open fields, entrenchment maps, different season, islands, everything, lots of possibilities, special maps for infantry, tanks, airplanes, different objectives on them, invasion of UK map in an addon, and more, etc. I don't really care what is added to the game by Reto, unless it's: 1. Japan. 2. Pacific. 3. Islands. 4. New maps. 5. Season. They can add as much vehicles they want, and new weapons, but it's all for nothing. As the core is the same.
  12. Materia

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    Poland. Still filled with battlefield remains, mainly dud ammo [which every now, and then kills random diggers], but it's possible to find something, unfortunately quality is rather low on these object. Equipment costs + travelling costs + necessary permit if you want to do it legally, or without it. I was rather thinking of pristine items, there is a difference between finding, and buying. I thought of that, but then decided not to, either all, or nothing. Below in Spoiler you have examples of what I'm talking about. The worst thing in all that, is the fact there are many fakes, you can't really trust anyone, because even well known places sell junk, at least you can return it. There are so many items, that it's in fact impossible to be the all knowing. If you are into VWA Verwundetenabzeichen, then that will take a lot of time to memorize all the dates, makers, variants, and everything else, same applies to EK39 Eisernes Kreuz 1939, and other awards, but to be honest, to everything. To badges, caps, uniforms, SS skulls, buttons, knives, cans, literally everything.
  13. Materia

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    I had medals, got some left, but mostly they're gone now. Collecting only make sense if you have tons of money, if you don't then it's just not worth to bother with that, with anything, because items have a price. Whenever I'm doing something, then I either go full restart, or don't give a damn, and do it, just to be done with it. Pretty much only paper below, but it's just a %, not all, some are already gone. If I had X.000.000 $ or more, I could make it happen. Sum is random, I might as well put a XX there, you know what I mean. Money is needed, no money = no progress. I'm not a magician. What's below? Lots of stuff. Earliest that I have are 18XX. CDV's which stand for Carte de visite. Now, naming all that is quite difficult, knowing the history of Poland, and my city. Short list. 1. Russian Empire. 2. WW1 3. Peace 4. WW2 Postcards in different languages. Most are military. Czech, Russian, German, Hungarian, Polish [Poles serving in foreign armies], some civilian ones [German, Polish, French]. German letters. Sterbebild from when the Soviets started their offensive in the south in 1945. Books, leaflets, photos, birth certificates, ID's, work permit. I don't think that it means anything really, unless you get into details. You can see who wrote, what, and where was a postcard sent to. You can check the stamp. This applies to everything, really. Every single item is simple, but the details matters. Postcards from Stalag, and Oflag, etc. You need to be a fanatic to want to do it, to enjoy doing it, but you also need money. /Edit. Ya, it is what it is. I also did find the places from photos, did combine them then & now. Took me hours to do all of it, translate everything, mark on map, this and that... It doesn't really end, there's so much to do. Once you identify the postcard [place], you go after the printer, the year, the batch, the person that took the photo. Identify the stamp, and what it stands for. Postal stamps, the same. Postcard text, if there's any info there. The sender, the recipient. Address, country, city, find it on the map [if it still exists, applies to both cities, and addresses], if not, then find where it is, what's the new city/street name, where's the building [if it exist], what's the new number. The only thing that I never searched for are the people.
  14. Materia

    Why I am toxic and things could be worse.

    Gaming is business, and business = money, especially when biggest players are supported by investors [people with money], that invest [obviously] for profit, and that's the only thing that matters, money. Making a complex, detailed game, is difficult, takes time, and mostly sells in small numbers, that's why so much cancer is on the market. Arcade clickers, sunday gamers, couch gamers, casuals, that's the main target for companies. People with hardly any taste, skills, and demands, that will buy anything that's being offered, that accept everything. Gaming become worse over the last years, because there is not enough "me" among them. It's never about quality, but quantity. I remember the days were games were sold in cardboard boxes. CD's were inside or multi CD pack, DVD boxes, printed instructions, and something extra. I remember where companies were slowly getting rid of them, making some excuses as "boxes take space", "noone reads instructions", "we're doing it for the environment", or when digitial releases were starting "it's for your own good, without the need for logistics etc. games will be cheaper". Ya, right, BS. DLC cancer came, games started to be released in parts, price was steadily increasing in time, and now is the time, where a fresh release costs as much, as never before. Lots of titules are pure garbage when they get out, tons of patches follow. Many have short life span, are being made like random stuff in factories. Steam came, which is nothing else, but a DRM, that was made to deal with the 2nd hand market of pre owned games. Origin for EA, UPlay for UbiSoft, Bethesda Laucher, Blizzard Launcher, Epic Store, and small others like that. Games lost a lot over the years, you don't even buy a game anymore, but a license, or even not that, but rent it... and who knows how long will that last. Newer generations swallow every bait. Recently I saw a news that UPlay is working on getting rid of CDKeys, and now games after purchase will require an account log in, to activate it, or whatever. It won't get better, seeing how Fortnite and such are popular, knowing how much PUGB is making, seeing how many Battle Royale (+MOBA) copy & paste games are being made... There are still good games being made, but just a few of them, and still far from being perfect. With every year I'm playing less, and less, and I know that one day will come, when I throw my PC through the window.
  15. Materia

    Why I am toxic and things could be worse.

    I used to be banned often, but that changed, mainly because I don't give a F about anything anymore, games, people, no need to pretend, just speak up. Only when I care, I get mad, because people don't listen, and then it get worse, they refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, and ban me, for telling the truth! That's the worst part, *just admit your incompetence, or whatever else there is. I lost 0 $ to H&G. My Steam says 1400 hours, not sure how many were on Stand Alone client pre Steam version. In game stats are quite different: 423 hours 24m 14s. Since closed beta, or whatever that was, it's not that much, I just wonder where that 987 hours are from? Is that the WAR que, or what... I must say, that swapping to SU made me feel better. Majority of players write in cyrilic, and besides certain words I don't understand anything. Just do my thing, get points, free boost. Insults are present [my end], but unlike in Germany, that's a huge decrease in numbers. Win battles, win wars. I could'nt really care about the Reto, since for me H&G is just another titule that If shut down tomorrow, it wouldn't mean anything to me, wouldn't change a thing. I can't respect a company, and people that stay behind Reto, especially if for all these years they couldn't even give a 1 single reason why there's Hammer&Sickle in the game, and no Swastika, just excuses all the time*. /Edit. It's needed. I only post when I care, but I care when I see hope. For all these years I still didn't find a game of my dreams, because it wasn't made yet. I play H&G for its uniqeness, but unfortunately my or ours [players vision] is completely different to what Reto wants to achieve. If I had money I'd buy it, and redo it, shame I couldn't hit that Euro Jack Pot, it was over 200m Euro, I'd play the game alone, but at the same time knowing how much GTA5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Star Citizens cost, It might be a wet dream.