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  1. pitbullgamer

    The Answer with 1 word forum game!

  2. pitbullgamer

    Belgium faction (Updated Frequently)

    They obviously first need to further fix the game before they start adding other big things (especially factions) but I still think it's a valuable topic to discuss (although Belgium is probably a bit too much into the future ;-))
  3. I honestly think applying friendly fire rules for countries of the same faction would be a necessity. Otherwise all these battles would result in one big mess in which none of the competing teams could get the upper hand.
  4. pitbullgamer

    Belgium faction (Updated Frequently)

    Yes it seems that that could also work out quite well. Anyway I would just love to drive around in a FN Tricar, lots of space for everyone!
  5. pitbullgamer

    Belgium faction (Updated Frequently)

    Although being a Belgian myself I don't think it would benefit the game to make Belgium a subfaction. What I do think that might be doable is what Ancolius said, merging Belgium and the Netherlands into one subfaction. We did have paratroopers, although they were only created after we were blitzkrieged. See for yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5th_Special_Air_Service
  6. pitbullgamer

    The Answer with 1 word forum game!

    The Swiss [ Post made via iPad ]
  7. pitbullgamer

    Swiss Faction Confirmed!

    Glad to hear there's going to be another faction. Keep up the good work reto! [ Post made via iPad ]
  8. pitbullgamer

    Found Name - "Churchill" after Mad Jack

    Maybe Alexander Danilovich Charitonov? He was a guards Colonel who lead soviet troops to Torgau. [ Post made via iPad ]