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  1. US/GE right now : KGB/Waran found a bug and rigged the prize system
  2. 10/10 🤣 When will update be live?
  3. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Not a warfund bonus (dont want back AT spam) but Reto should sit down and think of a remodel for the underdog factions.. or like i would suggest making the allies.
  4. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Giving new players a smg and some other equipment wont make them stay on SU. There must be some kind of "reward" making them to stick to the underpopulated faction(s) of the game.
  5. Ivanqff

    Soviet faction

    SU players have complained about SU weaknesses for years. Most SU players dont care about war wins they just want balance and changes, and Reto is like 1,5-2 years late of doing something about this faction. RA died and most of the oldschool SU vets just jump around factions playing casual or simply left the game. No one wants AR except maybe a handful of plebs since you dont get exp nor warfunds for it. It is just some main GE/US peeps who spams army chat and forum who thinks the main complain is about AR. The simplest solution for Reto would be Axis vs Allies (US&SU) or actually make changes to SU which makes more people join that faction.
  6. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    How much time do Reto need after this test before you know what do to do with RTS? Like, when can we expect AR to be removed permanently if the test proves RTS is better without AR?
  7. Ivanqff

    How are my favourite SU Generals doing?

    That statement is right though. atleast on KGB. Dont know about waran but i guess it's the same. Hopefully more SU clans becomes more active with the new patch, since matches vs 18~ clan members are the most fun. 😊 Matches vs SU randoms are just.. meh... even if you are defending as GE/US you have to assault or go super aggressive to find those hiding soviets. Atleast vs US some US randoms always try to push and go for the objective.
  8. Ivanqff

    How are my favourite SU Generals doing?

    SU generals when Axis strikes back
  9. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    There is like 1 "active" SU clan with like 35% its numbers, rest of the clans are pretty much dead so that "strength" dont matter since the majority of matches will be popped by randoms anyway. Just look at the Win/Loss ratio for SU faction, its so bad even with AR. If low player base was a " strength" like most opposite clan members claims, how come the stats of war doesnt back that up? The only reason SU has won most wars is because of AR and everyone knows it.
  10. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Yes, it makes soviet para unfun and they lack that "special" thing. SU players has been saying that since start.
  11. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    There is some yes, and if they are in a match they ruin all the fun for other players. Driving around in cars farming driver ribbon or just walking around clueless. Past days i have seen people in war with 1-25 in stats with unmodded g43's screaming "cheaters!!" in chat, do you think after some matches like that they stick to the game? Ofc they can have these stats in staged also, but that is something Reto has to fix obv. Most of them in staged are not "over skilled" just "over equipped" and that is something Reto should look into, and im pretty sure they are. If Reto would make it easier for new players to get their hands on decent weapons and faster badges they could strike back. Make staged unfun for veterans - but fun for new players. The point is that Reto should keep staged and make it a place to level soldiers to a certain point.
  12. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Do you want people who are new to the game/still grinding stuff in war matches? Turning off staged will throw unexperienced players against veterans and with unbalanced resources. Yes, there is veterans sealclubbing new players in staged also, but new/unexperienced players will have a harder time in war. Also, its a higher chance of players spamming resources like tanks/planes since they need to grind badges.
  13. Ivanqff

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    The sun is falling in the east, the rise of the hero is what US needs. TrumpPowder, with no AR, Reto summons thee! 🗽 btw, why no heads up?
  14. Ivanqff

    New winning town mechanic

    Yeah, i made a ticket some weeks ago about this issue, i lost 80% of my AT's in a battle that bugged out, and i got no warfunds nor exp and they were 100% used. I wasnt playing the battle but watched the battle on that german US streamer and also watched RTS. Since i didnt have "matchid" from the bugged match, i couldnt receive ANY compensation.. Like how am i supposed to get matchid if im a general?? It's such a robbery...⚠️