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  1. Ivanqff


    youtube links not working
  2. Ivanqff


    Dont matter how much Reto polish and change RTS at the moment.. The FPS still being 💩 with all the tank and specialist spam, poor optimizations, shirty servers+hitreg is what is killing the game. They lost like 1/3 of the playerbase since the tanks got buffed. This summer it will be prb 2/3 gone and Reto still wont do any major changes. Except for making the game worse with every downgrade, oops i mean hotfix/update.
  3. Ivanqff

    Why are SU weapons allowed to remain so bad!

    Soviet faction is still in alpha/beta state, tons of things reto promised shortly after adding SU to the game just disappeared. Like for example more guns (lmg, unique para weapon) etc. As always other "unbiased" vets/players from other factions say SU faction is fine, no need to add anything to that faction. Then the next minute they cry about overpopulation and underpopulation... 🤷‍♀️ SU being able to abuse RTS since no battles pop against them is because so few are playing that faction. Especially when SU brings paras since no one wants to play para as SU and we get those 6~ hour long blocks. Wanna solve the underpopulation and RTS problem of SU faction? It's pretty simple. More toys and balancing. More toys = The faction gets more attractive for players. About the tanks not being able to zoom in like other factions, Reto said they were gonna add that after armor 2.0.. 🙄 But i guess that is just some other empty words from Reto.
  4. Ivanqff

    STG Underpowered

    How am i the "camper" for defending the objective and dealing with ur teams APC's? And you a "lemming" for giving up attacking cuz of StG's? 🤔 But from what i know lemmings are often found under rocks, in bushes or hiding in the grass from other animals since they are an easy prey. So, maybe some parts were right? 😜 And if someone would call themself a "badass" attacking animal it should be an badger or something, those things are mental.
  5. Ivanqff

    STG Underpowered

    Likewise. If your belief in killing me "several times" instead of following the facts (that you killed me like once when you camped) limits ur amount of salt and cry go ahead. 😆 Hmmm... coming from camper(s)? But the thing is, you guys couldnt counter the StG when you were at a4 for CQC either so. You say you play thompson most of the time, yet you miss full mag when im coming with bike in front of you, which should be a guaranteed free kill. I guess you got extra salty because i whistled and laughed at you.
  6. Ivanqff

    STG Underpowered

    No, you killed me like once and that was when you were camping as Recon. 😂 I know you are old but you cant have alzheimers already do you? And why did you get wrecked? cuz StG? You complain that you cant see anything with it, which is the most pleb argument of them all. Do you want a scope on the 1919 for it to "work" or what? Its a beast for CQC-mid range and it has like no bullet drop for range either. It is an easy counter against the StG in CQC, espically if its a scope+trigger+ammo mod lol.
  7. Ivanqff

    STG Underpowered

    Yeah man it must be Retos fault of balancing the "underpowered" US weapons.. Because the only time i encountered you when you actually managed to fire your gun in CQQ you missed a whole mag on me with tommy gun. 100% Retos fault! Because it cant be something wrong with ur "skill". Attacking A4 from A3 is not a case of 250 meters, and you guys failed in CQC whenever you got to A4 again and again. We would win the same even without StG only that with StG we could find you campers sitting behind trees. Like you switching to Recon sitting behind a tree in the e4 water crossing forest when you should be attacking. And still clueless about weapon balance, how sad. Any player with decent skill or brain knows that 1919 is ridiculous compared to other weapons. For example in the words of tykjen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0uCjNSuZVg#t=4m10s Then get some glasses or something, this thread purely just feels like a git gud thread.
  8. Ivanqff

    STG Underpowered

    OMEGALUL Why dont you use UP af 1919 like the rest of your team? Or johnson or any CQC weapon when you guys should attack instead of camping in the woods then cry on forums.
  9. Ivanqff

    Current position

    forum users when they get into an argument
  10. Ivanqff

    Motobike unlock

    Hands down one of the stupidest arguments i have read from Reto. Moving car from rank 3 to rank 2 is literally 2000 driving badge exp less, and moving the bike to level 10 the player needs another 17 000 exp to unlock the bike. Which is the slowest grind after heavy set badge. How you can claim that a new player will take about the same time to unlock the motorcycle just show how far away you are from ur own game or the lack of logic. And there is absolutely no logic why the motorcycle is unlocked at ribbon level 10 when it is the most common resource in war whereas jeeps are more uncommon+ AT owners unlock bikes before jeeps. Good new player experience my butt, new players being forced to walk or use the civ truck in war is not a good new player experience. And god forbid if they just wanna farm the idioticly slow driving badge in staged to unlock the bike - if they do that you strike them with the hammer. The driving badge should be giving alot more exp, there is no logic but stupid logic in making it a grindy badge since vehicles are key in this game. It's pretty amazing that you guys at Reto seemlingly are stuck in the same mentality and logic even after being forced to fire half the staff. Like.. have you guys not learnt anything?
  11. Reto reading this thread.. @Reto.Hades
  12. If Retotards had a car with a broken engine they would just repaint it and say that it is working as intended. They are doing the same with H&G.. the core game is a broken, poorly optimized mess and instead of solving it they just polish the 💩.. All games give higher fps than H&G at the moment. I cant think of a single game which runs more poorly than H&G. PUBG is famous for being poorly optimized and i have higher and more stable FPS in that game. Pretty much sums it all up tbh and on top of that we got the classic Reto arrogance saying everything is working, it must something wrong on "our end".
  13. H&G has the worst optimization and Reto has been talking about improving it for years and yet it still gets shittier for every update/hotfix. Optimization for Reto devs is changing the scroll in the soldier tab to be more "smooth" or something else menu related🤦‍♂️ .. and not fixing any ingame related fps problems. I have a higher fps in all games on my computer like BF5 and PUBG which is insane. Especially if we compare H&G graphics to BF5... 😞 Reto also avoids any topic related to solving the fps issues. Any user who reads this thread is prb free to link anything which violate forum rules since Reto wont read this thread anyways.
  14. Ivanqff


    When are we gonna get something that really impact gameplay? Like much needed optimizations you guys promised since 2017~ .. which Reto stated in devstreams that it was an important issue to be solved for the game to be able to grow since most people dont have expensive "nasa computers". But i guess we have scrapped that now? Or like any fixes to making tanks less OP and matches more fun - with less specialist spam? Or perhaps fixing the broken sound we have waited for in almost 6 months now.... heres a challenge.. name one fps game which had broken sound for almost half a year. Yeah.. thats right only H&G.. the future must be bright! Great times ahead!