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  1. Please define "all". By saying that i hope you got ALOT of SU vets names and clans that are against AR which can back up your argument. If not you are just using the ingame army-chat logic which is constantly spammed by the unenlightened. The soviet faction is not a collective with the same opinions, where everyone thinks the same. But, from what i have heard most SU players wants AR OFF but wants Reto to adress and fix the problems of the SU faction as a whole as soon as possible, preferably yesterday, before turning it off. Since many in that faction has waited years for Reto to do something about it. The majority of players dont even care about the outcome of the war.
  2. reto : "we dont think our current game engine is holding us back" community : pls give us snow maps reto : with the current engine we cant add snow/winter maps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Ivanqff

    New Daily Bonus: 50 % extra experience

    What are you talking about? This feature was the most wanted and the key to keep players in H&G the day before BF 5 gets released! FPS optimizations, RTS 2.0, tanks, specialist spam is just things wanted by the loud minority. To fix these topics, before any potential threats of other ww2 games gets released, which might shift the playerbase of H&G to an all time low would simply just be bad business! Yes, i know its a "good change" but playing H&G at the moment is just depressive. A shadow of its former self.
  4. Ivanqff

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Calling people "kids" is pretty acknowledged to be symbolized as an insult or that it's been used when the argument is very weak and the person feels the need to use master suppression techniques. Mostly used by unmature people to tell their opponent is a kid "with a kids mind" and that themself is an adult with an "adult mind". Since behaving or thinking like a kid is not desirable. The "acceptable" term would be son, but to use that you should be atleast 45+.
  5. Ivanqff

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    its a mg34 with better sights
  6. Ivanqff

    where is this weeks hotfix?

    but how is it a surprise if it is expected? 🤔
  7. Ivanqff

    Bad Ping

    Reto servers are 💩, but the Reto member handling the servers part prb signed like a 5 year deal with the supplier.. 🤷‍♀️ Ping jumps and lag spikes constantly, H&G is the only game which have this problem also. PING + 1.12 fps performance issues = cancer
  8. Well said! Hopefully Reto will listen to your suggestions...hopefully. @Reto.Millan @Reto.Hades RTS is so broken at the moment and it is highly demanding some changes. Without RTS/War > Less veterans/clans > less active community > no active community = death of the game. Sadly it doesnt feel like Reto do realise the growing problem and instead of making it easier for clans in all factions to get into battles against/with each other they are making it even harder!
  9. Ivanqff

    Taking a break

    Don't you guys have phones tanks?! 😆
  10. Ivanqff

    Don't become like Soviets, USA.

    Yes and on top of that now all players have to deal with the 1.12 disaster. It is like Reto made their own blizzard move and instead of asking "You dont have phones?" they say "You dont have tanks?"
  11. Ivanqff

    Sneak Peek: M9A1 Bazooka

    Good, hopefully this means time to kill between tankvstank also? It really feels weird that i have to shoot 9-12 times with for example a panther vs light tanks to kill them. At the moment i even prefer the old tankvstank style battles because now they are waaay to slow. It aint even realism at this point, its illegalism.
  12. Has anyone tried using full rpm mod and bind the primary attack button (mouse1) to the scroll instead? Like people did with the dualies on counter strike! 😂
  13. SU needs 2nd lmg and definitely a para weapon, no one wants to play SU para. The faction needs more toys to "attract" more people. The fact is that SU and their addition to H&G still feels to be like something in beta/alpha progress which the overall game development has not adjusted to - broken rts, lack of toys, unbalanced fps and so on. Those are some of the reasons people has fled from that faction or the game itself. But those are things that has been requested for 2~ years.. you shouldnt expect Reto to do anything about it. Or maybe should you? @Reto.Millan Also, i think SU has one of the best weapons in the game.. AVS. But like 80~% of soviets in war does not use nor have it since they are stuck in the ppd/svt state.
  14. Ivanqff

    Too many cheaters lately...

    lmao those screenshots 😆