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  1. trash players dont like it when their op toys gets nerfed, how else are they gonna get good kd now? 😂
  2. Ivanqff

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Usually, in real life all it took to disable a tank was one hit with panzerfaust and that was arranaged by infantry hiding in bushes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-EEEUKynVU Ofc IRL no one prb hunted a tank on a bike since if they die they are dead lol. But how much gameplay of H&G would anyone do IRL? And its pretty much double standards to ask about realism on the health on tanks but not for realism handling a tank. Now show us all a ww2 battlefield on a 1 man tanker handling a tank wrecking tons of infantry.
  3. Ivanqff

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Show us any ww2 battlefield when there is 1 tanker crew guy managing a full tank going full punisher on the infantry with HE and all that.
  4. Finally tankers actually have to use the brain when playing
  5. That shiet at 0:50 has gotten way worse after the "recoil animation" update... it happens like every match.. @Reto.Hades i think you guys messed up scoped recoil/gameplay somehow when you released stronghold update.
  6. Ivanqff

    ORCAM (Yeah were back)

    orc cum boys? frodo beware 💍
  7. Ivanqff

    AR is still not gone

  8. Ivanqff

    AR is still not gone

  9. Ivanqff

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    I do not think the recoil is better atm on all weapons. It feels "jagged" on some weapons similar to before 1.12~ update when we got that visual bug. @Reto.Hades I compared AVS(scope+trigger) pattern/handling before stronghold update and the recoil got or feels worse. Same with StG and m1/m2 scoped something just not feel right. I am not alone feeling this change and i surely dont lack experience when it comes to gun patterns. I would suggest you guys to compare AR scope gameplay with earlier patch and you will notice the difference. @Reto.Hades
  10. Ivanqff

    Forums dead too?

    people realised that the forum has almost no use because reto dont care about their opinions or suggestions
  11. Working as intended™
  12. Ivanqff

    Super low FPS, impossible to play

    I have around 100-80fps in H&G, 60~fps when there are planes. And i have constant 160fps(locked) in fortnite and around 90 in pubg. Yeah, it must be bad drivers giving low fps in a game with 2010 graphics. Lmfao stop using Reto employee logic please. This game has one of the worst game engines out there... IF the game was optimized players would not get a massive decrease in fps when there is plane spam.
  13. Ivanqff

    Super low FPS, impossible to play

    Yeah its a huge difference, but Reto have no clue how to fix it. The only one who perhaps could have fixed it probably lost their job when Reto now is "restructuring the studio". Yes, HE shells are broken at the moment. Remember that Reto spent like 1 year on this tank/vehicle update and they didnt improve like anything. Game got more unstable with fps, more bugs, more broken mechanics etc..
  14. Ivanqff

    Super low FPS, impossible to play

    The game is not optimized and is running very poorly. I have around 90-80fps in H&G, 60fps when there are planes. And i have constant 160fps(locked) in fortnite and around 90 in pubg. Only way is getting used to the low fps, because Reto does not have the competence to increase performance/optimization. They said optimizations were in the near future like 1-2 years ago and here we are with same 💩.. 1-2 years is ALOT of time for someone to solve or achieve anything.
  15. Ivanqff

    RETO, do something ....

    Relax, the optimizations are almost there! Near future ™ !