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  1. Legitimately Let Down

    dude what do you expect, if you open up RB brain you find a maze.. westworld style. "b..buut when our backend is fixed we can get new players" - No they cant. Its like opening a restaurant serving literally sh_it to customers who pay for food and promise they eventually will get real food and treat them like sh_it while serving it.. And people are actually paying for veteran to play this game (which they say isnt ready for players), when Reto almost should pay people to play their shít game, since its still in alpha/beta state. Mcdonalds job application for the Reto crew is around the corner and they all know it.
  2. Decreased amount of players

    Honestly i think even Harvey Weinstein have a bigger chance of coming back than Reto has. How are they gonna turn all the bad reviews from steam for example? The stench from H&G is way to big.
  3. BALANCED-38

    Hmmm.. +12 hours you say? omg.. StG is OP!
  4. What is wrong with the pc?

    He wrote that 1 year ago, so i guess 2 years and we can get "optimizations"...
  5. BALANCED-38

    Can hold of stack of partizans and other eagles with my grease.. oh sry i meant my StG! StG OP!! https://i.imgur.com/fCbCLTo.png If they cant win against 4-5 inf with p38 spam and fully moded johnsons, how do you think they will play with those nerfed? I'd say buff p-38! Need more competition!
  6. Arent camos a bit pricey?

    Weapon and camo prices suited for new players? Blasphemy! /Reto I honestly don't know any game out there, that has a worse new player experience than H&G. I bet 9/10 new players quit the game when they realize how much they have to grind to even enjoy the game.
  7. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Then whats the point of having super grindy badges for the new players like infantry assault, if reto tries to make people not play with grinded weapons. It's like "well done you grinded for the m1/m2, but we dont want you to spawn to often with it". That grind "reward" or satisfaction they talked about for sooooooo many years makes no sense with the token system. If someone grinded for StG they wanna use it.. They should at least make us able to spawn whatever we want in war mode, in staged the token thingy might have a purpose to counter sealclubbing. Then add more new weapons, not make us able to use less weapons, since if the update takes action the meta will change and everyone will still use the same weapons after a while because of the new meta. In my opinion, more weapons would give us more options and more builds.
  8. Best HnG Players?

    Sorry, i dont understand russian...
  9. Best HnG Players?

    duh.. just look at the comments he gets from people.. obv top 1!
  10. Vehicle Gameplay Update test on Prototype

    Ofc, when the community asks for something Reto give something else near it (not really though) and more. Reto - Hi community want to do you want Community - Hey Reto give me a glass of cola Reto - Instead of giving you a glass of cola, we made cotton candy out of the cola, and we sprinkled some other "magic" stuff on it aswell
  11. Letter from the CEO #4

    Optimizations.. when?? ? ?
  12. The true reason GE Is Hated by US/SU players

    GE answer
  13. Updated Development Overview

    Any upcoming game optimizations(?)? Game drains more cpu than like any other game and feels wonky which shouldnt be a case in 2018.
  14. Nerf Infantry Slaughter Vehicles (known as ISVs)

    you're hired! /Reto