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  1. Ivanqff

    Game has a problem

    same here.. i have to restart the game like 3-4 times until it works
  2. Whats the point in nerfing dp28 and mg13 though? They arent overperforming vs other tiers and nerfing them mostly hurts newer players?
  3. Is this update coming tomorrow when snow is removed or?
  4. town map is a abomination, only A line is okay line B4, C4, E4, D4 should all have their spawns on the same side as 02/01. it is already ezmode as def and it is no logic that the attacker needs to travel to mordor from the shire to get to the point. pls fix @Reto.Hades
  5. Ivanqff

    hackers, a lot of them

    Our(my) squad name is purely for funny comments like this one :))) and we got orders from the clannies not to win the battle, we were only supposed to waste ur time and we did that for 168 minutes. Mission completed. This way your clan couldnt queue on randoms for ez wins. Most players on our team laughed at full clan jägers spamming tigers, apcs and AP-mines trying to win this match. Only me and @frassefrolic in discord, no idea what clan/clans were inside this battle except the 5(?) ORB guys. Good to see that the squad name has a psychological effect though! 10/10 would do again! The SU RTS generals/clan people ordered mission "Waste first jägers time as long as possible" .. so we did!
  6. Ivanqff

    SU and US - How's the game experience for you?

    If anyone does not want to play against clans or vets they can go staged.. Reto shouldnt make it harder for clans and premades to play this game and it would actually damage GE the most if Reto made it even harder for premades to queue togheter. If you played war the recent weeks (or past years for that matter) you can see lots of activity from GE vets on map where 20 people are queuing for a battle but when the battle pops like 1/3 gets inside the battle. 2/3 if very lucky and there is no specialist AT's. Meanwhile on SU and US there is a bigger chance of getting more people inside the battle for premades. If it was easier for GE clans (all faction clans for that matter) to get their members inside matches the war would be alot more fun.
  7. Ivanqff

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    Affirmative action is reverse discrimination and it has a lot of negative effects. I don't know what education you have with the mindset of that it is something positive, since it often doesnt solve the "core" problems thats need to be fixed. It can even escalate bigger problems and perceptions, especially if its linked to something like race-ethnicity like ur link. https://www.amazon.com/Affirmative-Action-Puzzle-History-Reconstruction/dp/1101870877 Also, this feels super off topic.
  8. Ivanqff

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    You are using the same "facts" Redbjarne used back in 2015-2016 when he said "avs is the best gun in the game" and when people claimed otherwise he went "muuuhhh stats & facts". Also i remember thompson having the highest headshot ratio of all smgs when you guys shared those stats on devstream, shouldnt you nerf thompson then? Its clearly a OP headshot machine! Its actually a fact. Also, at that time the avs had insane recoil, kinda like this (Franco is even using tight grip gold with sniper bullet). But still bEsT gUn iN tH3 gaME
  9. yeah pretty much agree on everything, but imo old m2 was more like an high RPM smg than an AR, US players did complain that their AR(m2) wasnt compatible with the AVS/StG since it lacks range effectiveness which is prb why Reto made it more like StG. Personally i would rather have seen more mods added to m1/m2 so you could choose to play it like the old fast RPM build or making it slower and more effective for range like the new one is now. Kinda like the URAH barrel we have for avs
  10. Discussing weapon balance with Reto always felt weird imo. AVS was named best gun in the game when it had more recoil than PTRS because also back then, like now, Reto only looks at " statistics". Hades has done a decent job though focusing on the weapons, making most of them usable i give him that, but shouldnt stare to much on stats of usage and instead of the weapon.
  11. Ivanqff

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    SU complaints@Reto-Moto https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AcademicMerryCat-mobile.mp4
  12. Reto could give new players high tier weapons on their first soldier so they dont have to face them with stock SA's in staged. It makes seal clubbing a bit harder , also the game a bit more fun for new players and so on.. it has been in the talks earlier but no idea what @Reto.Hades thinks about it.
  13. Ivanqff

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    dont trust swadians.. only trust rhodoks!!
  14. Ivanqff

    Gun sounds

    Kar98 and BAR sound is almost identical (wait it is identical lul), its just that the BAR is automatic and gets more irritating. Remove the cancer sounds!!