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  1. sergeantrockxtc

    Weapon enhancements

    Ok guys, while I'm in the mood to have a moan, here is an other issue that I've picked up on. I've noticed again that the Russians have had improvement on their SMG's, not only the well familiar high round capacity magazines but the RPM increase, why? What did the USA get? apart from the reduction in the RPM of the M1 / M2 carbine, which pains me, as this was very useful for close quarter combat. The Thompson could de with an increase in RPM along with the grease gun. It appears the RETO always favour the Russians, I really don't know why?
  2. sergeantrockxtc

    I hate BOTS

    The bots are ruining the game for me big time, trying to covertly approach a spawn is useless as the human players can't see you but a Bot will. Even trying to unlock an enemy span vehicle is a joke now as a Bot will find you through bushes and trees and begins firing at you! I don't like to moan about this game, but are they serious about Bots? Is just a way to make up the numbers of players? Reto if you are reading this, then listen to the players and get rid of these nonhuman players before you loose your human players.
  3. sergeantrockxtc

    I hate BOTS

    Hello all, Ok, so where do I begin, well plain and simple, what's with these BOTS? they roam aimlessly over the terrain, getting in your way or even pushing you out of cover! The enemy BOTS can see you hidden behind trees and in the desist of foliage. They give away your spawn vehicles with ease, in fact they are a waste of time. Sometimes you come across one just standing in a doorway blocking your entry or exit. They are very accurate at firing at you through dense bushes and seem to have weapons well adapted. For me they are but a waste of time and a huge annoyance. Your thoughts on BOTS would be appreciated. Signing out, Serg.
  4. Why does RETO match a noob pilot up against a Mustang, it's no contest and utterly boring?
  5. sergeantrockxtc

    New Pilot

    ok thanks
  6. sergeantrockxtc

    New Pilot

    Hello to all, I have a question concerning the E button for getting out of aircraft when landed. Seveal times I have landed to make repairs and cannot get of plane, why is this, a bug? TTFN Serg
  7. sergeantrockxtc

    E button Panzerfaust jeep

    I'm fed up with the E button to obtain a Panzerfaust from the jeep, in times of stress and a need to help your tank buddies the bloody Panzerfaust remains in place as you jump back in the jeep! anyone else have the same problem? Serg
  8. sergeantrockxtc

    Disorienting weapon sounds

    Hi All, I would like to have a moan about an update concerning weapon sounds when being fired. I am have great difficulty now locating the shooter, before it was more realistic, you could follow the sound. Is anyone else experiencing this? or are RETO building towards a new medal enhancement "acute hearing abilities". The weapon sounds are good, but the actual location is ridiculous. An example, I was closing in on where I thought a Russian sniper was only to find he was in the distance but the sound was as though he was next to a bush near to my location. Frustrating would be putting it mildly. SGTROCKXTC
  9. sergeantrockxtc

    Higher your credits the less you earn

    Played 3/4 of an hour 2 caps and 20 kills and earned Naff all, so yep its a con when you reach a high level of credits. I finished with the same amount before and after the game?
  10. sergeantrockxtc

    Higher your credits the less you earn

    Ok thank you, then I'll have to work harder then!
  11. sergeantrockxtc

    Higher your credits the less you earn

    Hi all, Just a question about credits. I can earn a lot quick playing Capture and Hold battles if I begin low, say at about 15000 credits. But as the amount rises to 615.000 then I earn less per game? Why is this? is this some kind of ploy to but gold? I am grinding towards what I think is a ridiculous cost for a uniform colour. Any answers well appreciated. Thanks guys.
  12. sergeantrockxtc

    Vehicle colours are awful

    Well either way, lets hope this is not a change for the worst!
  13. sergeantrockxtc

    Vehicle colours are awful

    Hi all, What is going on with the vehicle colours? Red Russian jeep, light blue Kübelwagen, puke greed US jeep. Why these colours, I look for authenticity in this game, are we to start seeing a more Fortnight look to this game to attract the younger player? If that's the case then I'll go back to minecraft, lol. Seriously anyone know the reason for the colour change or is the CGI engineer colour blind? Answers on a post card as usual. ATB, TTFN, Serg
  14. sergeantrockxtc

    New method of spawning, good or bad?

    As usual help is there when you need it, thanks guys.
  15. sergeantrockxtc

    New method of spawning, good or bad?

    Hi all, Looks like another lot of updates from RETO that will need some work on, in particular the change to how we spawn into a game. I am not happy with this update! I spawned into a game with an APC then tried to spawn back in again and I ended up in a lorry at another location (my APC was not stolen or being stolen)? Before spawning back in no vehicles were on the live gaming map. I want to choose where I spawn to not to have to press a number, which I might add I have pressed the wrong one only to spawn in with a jeep when I initially wanted to spawn back in on foot! To spawn back into areas at random is ruining the game for me. If I have missed the point on how to spawn back to a desired location I'm all ears. Oh and by the way what have they done to the Sd Kfz 250, it looks rubbish with that shiny paint job!