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  1. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

  2. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    We don't need three factions!!

    Too bad, not gonna happen. Enjoy it as it is because it's not going to change for the better
  3. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    More Maps

    Not in H&G's case
  4. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    More Maps

    Correct, their only full time employees consist of two UI designers and some coder iirc
  5. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    We Have Come a Long Way

  6. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    lower enemy faction gun prices

    Dude you have made many mistakes. You should have one soldier per weapon or weapon type
  7. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    lower enemy faction gun prices

    I hope you aren't implying you only have a single soviet infantryman?
  8. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    gas tank

    That's a myth
  9. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    lower enemy faction gun prices

    Massive mistake
  10. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    I like how the hose channels the fuel from the 17th dimension
  11. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    molotoves and fire

    also to get rid of buildings and people and civilians and partisans
  12. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    No reason to deploy tank assault teams

    No reason to play RTS at all really, it's just a yellow box simulator and you don't get anything concrete from doing it
  13. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    disabling gun names to default

    I don't think my gun names are cool. Other than the "Noobstomper 69" M1/M2
  14. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Should I be concerned?

    Congratulations, your information has been sent to the CCP