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  1. Uniforms [Rank based Uniform Unlocks]

    Historically accurate DAK Panzergrenadiers fighting against Soviets with 80's camo in france
  2. About field grey '41 helmet

    It's rather ironic that you say that considering how Stahlhelms were actually repurposed to be kitchen pots and such after the war
  3. About field grey '41 helmet

    It is indeed strange how Reto hasn't made the standard helmet paint a thing in the game
  4. Heavy Tank Destroyers

    We could ofc possibly get some sort of a sub-class for TDs being SPGs. Let's say M12, Hummel and ISU-152, which could only fire HE or something but they'd still have a nice chance of fighting tanks by reducing their armor's durability with HE and with later shots just rekting the tank itself. Just a quick idea i came up with, other ways of making them would be probably better tho
  5. Player base has a case of salt poisoning?

    Shhh... You'll get banned for saying "that." Talking about moderation and Reto is forbidden. You should refer to "them" as "he who must not be named"
  6. Trailers on prime movers.

    Yes pls And you maybe didn't know but the R75 can also have a trailer
  7. Chaffeur ribbon on recon...

    This is so sad. Alexa play Despaci2
  8. US Infantry camoflage

    Get those that come from the 60's and 70's
  9. Heavy Tank Destroyers

    The DShK would be as useful as an M2 is on a hellcat, get in, get shot
  10. soviet faction needs t28 model 1939

    A T-35 would just consume and limit more players of the team, too many.
  11. Are the scope claims accurate?

    Tho people tend to forget that GE has 4x for SA and 4.2x for BA
  12. Is transferring accounts to other people allowed?

    Even if sharing and selling accounts is not allowed it doesn't mean you can't do it. Tbh how would they know who's actually playing on an account.
  13. Weapon Suggestions

    A horror game
  14. Weapon Suggestions

    also a 30 round banana mag like this
  15. Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

    Tbh i do think they're overrated, especially among these "suomi perkele talvisota finns" they just praise how good every finnish piece of equipment is and they don't talk about anything else than winter and continuation wars. For example i dislike the Suomi KP because of it's weight, weights more than the death star. I'm interested in ww2 as a whole and mainly what happened between GE, western allies and the SU. Sadly most of the other finns aren't like that and they talk about our wars so much the overall thing has become quite boring for me Tldr: Finnish equipment is overrated, i dislike how almost all the finns talk only about finnish wars tldr tldr: equipment war boring finland I found a nice gif for us Schwimmwagen lovers