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  1. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

    That's reasonable, it's not an actual meme format which might explain it
  2. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

    It's a meme
  3. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

  4. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

    In ancient times incendiary pigs were used against war elephants. History repeats itself
  5. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    HS rework suggestion

    How does that relate to the topic?
  6. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    New Weapon for the German Army

    They aren't deleting anything. The M1919 will still be in the game.
  7. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    HS rework suggestion

    The heavy set badge is pretty BS at this point, i'd even call it gamebreaking, well, maybe. At least it breaks a lot of feelings of the players. People ofc use HS not to get OHKd by BAs, which is reasonable, but HS affects the other guns enough so that it becomes one of the variables which randomize a gun's performance. A lot of whining follows from this, for example gun X not 3HKing even HSS while guns Y and Z 3HK HSG. (you can never guess which ones) I suggest limiting HS to only work against BAs and explosions instead of all weapons as it causes a lot of problems in the overall balance by downgrading the guns' reliability. I wish if some Reto sees this, he'd forward it and you guys would consider doing something like this. I'm sure others have comments on this topic too.
  8. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    German bias and Soviet feebleness

    The Danuvia kinda had a poor choice of ammunition and it was pretty heavy, 4,5 kilos. The Suomi then again is a bit overrated imo. The PPSh has it's own noticeable problems as well but the MAB is quite good with all of it's aspects. Suomi and PPSh are both heavy af, Suomi is like 6 kilos with a loaded drum, you wouldn't want to carry it, especially with as bad ergonomics as it has. Same with PPSh which is a bit over 5 kilos when loaded
  9. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    If you could change your IGN once what would it be?

    Probably K3psu since that's my steam name
  10. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Surpressors: hidden content in HnG

    Oh yeah, idk how i forgot this but the M1895 Nagant revolver had a suppressor too
  11. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    German bias and Soviet feebleness

    M1/M2 like 1000 ROF idk, while in reality around 700. Same with JMG, i don't remember the ROF for that but it's way over the top as the stats are from the M1944 model
  12. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Killcam usefulness

    Me every time i start up my counter sniper mindset. I'm 100% succesful at it. Tbh the camo badge combined with good awareness of your surroundings and some empathy to think like the guy you just shot is an almost unbeatable combination. Suppressors aren't needed with enough brain power to sort out situations.
  13. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Surpressors: hidden content in HnG

    I think the ones described here should be left for a Britsh faction. But not to worry, there still are some options, for pistols at least. For the americans there is th .22 High standard HDM and the M3 grease gun with a suppressor barrel. For the germans there's a suppressed luger. I saw one in a book and it described it being used by some secret service thing. Also a couple of suppressors for the MP40 and K98k exist as well.
  14. After the studio reforming thing i think i've noticed you guys doing stuff in a more "community friendly" way and you have seemed to focus more on things that the community has been talking about and asking for. It's a good thing indeed, keep it up.
  15. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    new superman APC ?

    *122mm HE into the side of a vehicle with 10mm armor *wheel damaged While in reality it would possibly pen and then explode inside the thing reking everything, if not penning, exploding on the outside and reking the armor while at the same time causing enough spalling to murder the entire crew and damage or destroy several components