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  1. I made this

  2. Flat Earth

  3. Flat Earth

    Earth round
  4. H&G; show the Sherman (and T34) some luv?

    Oh okay, i thought the gun would be taken out from this hatch with like the muzzle brake taken out so that the barrel could slide through the mantlet:
  5. H&G; show the Sherman (and T34) some luv?

    Everything through the small hatch on the back of the upper hull?
  6. H&G; show the Sherman (and T34) some luv?

    Not much more reliable than a Panther or a Tiger but as you said they were way easier to fix and thus the tank could be fixed in even hours depending on the damage. If the repair took longer the crew could just be given a new tank to go with. Sherman's transmission breaks -> done in a day Panther's transmission breaks -> the front crew compartment has to be basically emptied of anything else in order to get the transmission out by removing the front roof plate. JagdPanther's transmission breaks -> what the love? remove the entire upper hull? no idea actually
  7. Germany needs some stuff

    It has to be the MAB-38A then. It's way better than the later versions. Another nice SMG would be Suomi KP/-31 which is more justified than the Johnson too. Around 3000 were bought and they were issued to both Wehrmacht and SS.
  8. Let paratroopers have BA, even if unscoped

    I do that in staged and with no camouflaged. The randoms just think that the killcam id broken or i'm hacking. I'm almost never found unless someone directly sees me land on the tree
  9. Question to reto

    Why doesn't he have any gear too?
  10. Zveno project [Soviet plane idea]

    The carbines apparently didn't have much stopping power and people on the field despised them because of it. The bullets would even change directions a bit in the jungles on the pacific islands. In Korea the environment was a bit different.
  11. Hackers

  12. Zveno project [Soviet plane idea]

    How well did let's say AVS or M1/M2 work in real life? Did you forget this is H&G? Still i agree it would be an useless exp piñata
  13. Maxim M1910/33 Plans

    Wish you luck and hope the result will be good
  14. Finland: Tech tree

    Yes i mentioned that SPAAG in an earlier post
  15. Maxim M1910/33 Plans

    So you're trying to manufacture a working M1910/33 from scratch?