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  1. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Open the windows again

    It was a non-intended side effect of changing the collision boxes and they tried to make the windows bigger but it caused all other windows to break so they decided not to do it.
  2. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Armor plates

    How so? The point of the armor is to give newbs some sort of an advantage over vets.
  3. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Armor plates

    And how many noobs do that? Noobs having armor gives them much better chances against vets than the current HS system that's not even available to noobs right away
  4. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Armor plates

    Those would literally absorb just a single shot. Also helmets aren't bullet resistant. That's the point, newbs are now harder targets because they are more likely to carry armor. Boohoo i don't like having disadvantages. Seriously come on, i'm starting to believe it's the community being the real assholes here, when we finally get something we've wanted (HS removed etc whatever) everyone starts complaining. I'm really tempted to just say shut the love up to anyone complaining about HS being removed/tweaked How come i don't use HSG on any character and barely ever get OHKd by anything, if i do i go and kill the barista shooting at me. If the people not wearing HS nowadays don't have massive problems now, some nw problems aren't magically just going to appear out of nowhere. Did you forget that getting HSG takes like a hundred hours at least. By the time someone gets HSG they aren't new players anymore.
  5. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    A scope for the Panzerbusche ?

    The Paenserbuschee was a weapon like the Sthyrmgiwaehr used by the german wiermakt History channel pronunciation 5/5
  6. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Equipment points, scopes,

    They didn't yoss Infantry scopes should be removed They aren't even that OP tbh
  7. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Equipment points, scopes,

    Keep the stuff as it is and make infantry scopes cost like 1-2EP
  8. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    A scope for the Panzerbusche ?

    No. It didn't have a scope
  9. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Armor plates

    The result is the body armor blocks 30 dmg from the first shot or two depending if the gun does over 30 damage. It acts just like heavy set but with more protection against the first shot, after that there's no extra protection It will make noobs harder targets for OHKs and vets easier to OHK. It's all dedicated by the player's loadout tho, but you can still get some nice loadouts with just 7EP
  10. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Plane Controls

    Cool necro, and press shift + wasd to control the plane in free look
  11. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Armor plates

    And getting frontally hit with that on your head would just snap your neck even if there was no penetration
  12. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Customisable PDW update

    Bump, ehe
  13. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Armor plates

    Ofc you can stay behind your vehicle but when you get in you're getting sniped
  14. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Armor plates

    1. You're still in an open field and it's easy to kill you regardless if you move around and if you're wearing HS or not 2. Good luck finding cover on an open field somewhere else except behind the tank. All the sniper has to do is wait and shoot
  15. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Sugeestion to save H&G

    Against each other yes, but it they didnvt make other weapons non-competitive either. Adams was put in because reto saw bullets directly following the barrel as a bad thing as some people apparently didn't understand that pointing the gun at a wall while looking over it doesn't make you hit them.