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  1. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Next round of weapon balancing

    the dual magazine was stupidly rare and it's still two separate 32 round mags that have to be switched after each magazine
  2. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    pilot to sniper

    you aren't locked to the soldier with which you joined the battle
  3. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Next round of weapon balancing

    Hasn't this been the constant situation regardless of weapon or war balance for the past six years?
  4. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    Guess twice no
  5. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    More melees

    This is literally a flathead screwdriver without a handle. It doesn't have blades.
  6. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    Afaik as of now they have nobody that can use their custom map making tool or something, wouldn't be expecting for new maps
  7. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    Been asked for over six years, guess the answer. Last assault map was in mid-2015
  8. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Snow blindness

    That's how it was last year, don't expect a fix, they don't have the staff for it
  9. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Optimized??? Or not??

    Optimization has only gone downhill. Back in 2015 I used to have 120fps on all high. Upgraded my setup overtime but performance has always been going down, last time I tried H&G maybe a few months ago I had 30-70, and even at over 60 it doesn't feel smooth
  10. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Hades Hyped Me

    Been asked for ~6+ years Been asked for ~6+ years, Reto makes it yet another texture for the wool uniform, but with a luftwaffe padding pattern(???) the soviet one will probably be white and with a telogreika pattern mmhm
  11. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    So mouse macros allowed or not ?

    no macro is allowed. It's just that hardware macros cannot be detected
  12. New PPSh model. How did they do it? Step 1. Make the model and new textures (From Trello about Physical Based Rendering, 2018) Step 2. Wait for a couple of years doing nothing Step 3. Plan texture overhaul, by now you have created two (2) obsolete textures. Step 4. Research Step 5. Use reference. In this case, an airsoft gun Step 6. Probably wait some more Step 7. Release Step 8: Don't profit
  13. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Assault weapon?

    Logged in to see if I still get cancer from doing so and I noticed the STG is now an "Assault Weapon" What kind of a gun is an "assault weapon", this is ww2(not really) not an american gun laws simulator.
  14. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Paratroopers need more slots

    I agree, remove two of their equipment points
  15. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    We need a remastered game, not new weapons

    Stop lying, the NASA supercomputer runs this garbage on 80fps max