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  1. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    I'd say it's ok
  2. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    M 36 - Jackson

    That doesn't stop flanking, and especially flanking from places where there are no enemies to see you, which kind of is the point.
  3. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    Played yesterday on the Moscow server at 40 ping and started rubberbanding like crazy
  4. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    M 36 - Jackson

    But it can be easily flanked by something with a turret)))
  5. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    Absolutely nothing was changed about accurary or recoil or any stat of any gun, it's just a new animation lmao
  6. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    X that pops up on enemy

    "Can't even see my enemies over how much i'm hitting and killing them"
  7. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Better gun models

    The model is actually the same, just the lighting is different and textures are more bland
  8. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Do you like the Stronghold update?

    I tried the MG42 and at 100 m it was somewhat hard to hit people even when i was laying down, might be because of it being unmodded but i noticed that i have to fire bursts of 2 rounds at a time to hit people which is weird. Not going to rule out my epic skills causing it tho.
  9. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    Well the recoil animations were changed but there's no adjustments to damage.
  10. Destroyed soviet truck that was carrying artillery ammunition to the front to be shared with the other factions (colorized 1943)
  11. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    M 36 - Jackson

    Just noticed that it has the same textures too and the turret is off-colored just slightly which is annoying
  12. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    If you noticed i wasn't going to pay for it))))))))))
  13. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    Which Heavy TD?

    Caliber isn't everything. It's apparently not even very fast, don't know exactly tho. But also if you think of it it only has a gun and some front armor. No other specialities like an MG and speed or a turret. Soviet TDs are overall bad.
  14. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    This civilian vehicle translation thing is pretty funny. But then again, shouldn't it be a human right to own and drive a JagdPanther? Who would even disagree with that? I think the civilian vehicle title suits well))))))))
  15. _Finnish_Gamemaster_

    M 36 - Jackson

    + it has a turret which makes it very good for a TD - thin-ish armor? Also haven't looked too much into it but isn't the hull model just copied from an M10?