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  1. yeah... i'll only belibe if i see any
  2. I'm subscibed to mugic_mushy and his 2-3 minutes videos are too short to enjoy the content. For me (and many other) the sweet spot for a video is 7-10 minutes, so you can watch a lot of youtubers on a really small amount of time.
  3. Vulcan has shown better benchmarks on most games even when Vulcan is a fairly new API and DX12 has been used for 2 years more than Vulcan. An example is Doom with vulcan and dx12, the benchmarchs speak by themselves
  4. Bueno, se queja de los tanques pero los americanos tienen el Chaffee (el único ligero capaz de destruir un pesado) y el Hellcat (que es una auto de F1 con un caños que vaporiza enemigos). Y sobre aviones tienen el asqueroso P-38 que es inmortal, los alemanis ya ni se enfrentan a él porque saben que es una derrota segura. Y sobre armas de juego, los americanos brillan con la M1919, la Johnson y la M1/M2 (que por suerte fue nerfeada, pero ahora es una escopeta poco más) Creo que los únicos que se pueden quejarse acá son los soviéticos, que no destacan con los tanques, ni con los aviones (igual el yak sabe defenderse), pero que con las armas sobresalen con la belleza de el AVS36 y con el PTRD, que si bien ahora es una escopeta de feria, aún puede destruir coches/APCs/Tanques ligeros.
  5. For the shovel for those steady hits
  6. Crap? It's a really nice weapon, not OP like M1919 or pre-nerf MG42, but still quite competitive
  7. Wonna watch it later....
  8. But when i play recon i don't squad with any of my friends since this day i'm going to be a lone wolf, so the matchmakee put me into a squad where i'm not the leader, and the leader is a jerk so even if i put my 222 as "Squad Only" he can fire me, so now i won't get extra xp and he'll be able to access to my 222 gunseat even if i don't want. I would like a "Driver Only" that is independent of the squad, so even if he fires me i can still have the gunseat for myself
  9. April fool is near and you post this!? Even with Reto "support", i won't believe this just like i didn't believe on Swiss army last year even when they showed screenshots on a devstream (when devstreams were cool and interesting, unlike now)
  10. UH, las de tres bandos en Airfield son las mejores si vos sos una de las lineas atacantes. Hace dos semanas tuve una partida que duro casi dos horas como a vos y fue genial. Jugué con mi recon y gané como 30k, y solo 5k de reparación (y eso que usé varias veces el Sfdk. 222). Hacía tiempo que no disfrutaba así.
  11. The idea behind veteran membership FOR ME is to cover your repair cost like the post above me show.
  12. Ads are getting smarter...
  13. Finally a non aggressive post from dexter! And your suggestion is really interesting, i hope it get implemented