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  1. *when you are dead and someone tags you in a dead game's forum*
  2. SilvaRodrigo

    What's in a Name

    Mine is literally my IRL lastname+my name. I know, very original. I was going for RodrigoSilva, but it was already used.
  3. The poll is as biased as this one He didn't include any negative option. Of Course his official approval rating is high with those kinds of polls.
  4. SilvaRodrigo

    Best of MCbl4 Part 5

    Why it's only 480p?
  5. SilvaRodrigo

    Offensive Names

    I know this is beating a dead horse, but it's incredible that a thing such as "gulags" in the name is permitted but not "holocaust". Either ban all communist and nazi related stuff or don't ban any.
  6. SilvaRodrigo

    A meme tankers will understand

    You can still kill the tanker if you trow one and the tanker peaks out, so he dies because of the blast
  7. SilvaRodrigo

    Portrait for @RedBjarne, thanks for your efforts

    *RedBjarne after seeing this fanart*
  8. SilvaRodrigo

    IR light?

    Since you said it doesn't work, how about this? Sometimes trying to be a cheap person ends up getting expensive. IDK why you want one, but you can get one pretty cheaply on a electronics store
  9. SilvaRodrigo

    IR light?

    You could start here
  10. SilvaRodrigo

    I burned my taste buds

    Real men don't even cook food. They eat their peas right from the plant
  11. SilvaRodrigo

    T-28 Sights Misaligned?

    For a SU secondary tanker i have my T34-76. It's fast, good, can kill tank reliably.
  12. SilvaRodrigo

    Yankye con PPSh-41

    Antes de la actualización en la cual se introdujeron los soviéticos (hace ya más de 2 años), Reto dejó que los alemanes y americanos comprar la PPSH y la DP28. Estas fueron caras, la ventana de tiempo para comprarlas fue muy pequeña y no pueden ser modeadas.
  13. SilvaRodrigo

    T-28 Sights Misaligned?

    First of all, why would you buy the T-28 in the first place?
  14. SilvaRodrigo

    I made this

    Why are you using fancy fonts?