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  1. Check this post, did you really thought that Reto would give us more credits?
  2. See the latest chengelog
  3. He did 1064xp point and you are telling me this? I will try my sniper today and see if this credit-earning new feature is as stitty as i think
  4. Not only germans, this is an all faction issue, because i got mostly hunted by americans with those stickys that can 3hk any tank, while RGD or panzerwurfmines can bounce. About h3, they can be bought by every faction, not like stickys that are only americans
  5. Chafee is a high risk/high reward tank because it can 2hk any tank, but the spawn is expensive, so you have to kill 2 tanks per every death so you have profit, while stuart is a 4hp any tank, some shells can bounce, but dying is not a problem since it is cheap to spawn
  6. Do you use any kind of special equipment to find those?
  7. Nadie en el foro te va a dar bola, tenes que hacer un ticket. Ingresá con tus datos y contales en ingles sin insultar y lo mejor explicado posible cual es tu situación (cuantos soldados tenias, que armas/vehiculos tenias, cuando fue la ultima vez que jugaste, etc) Link:
  8. You know what would be better? Cheaper camo prices. The most expensive german camo cost 720k, the most expensive soviet and american camos cost 352k. Hell, is this how germany is OP?
  9. Even as someone who have never ever bought gold and as it seem, i won't do it on a near future: +1
  10. "Best weapons can be found in GE faction" "Best weapons can be found in GE faction" "Best weapons can be found in GE faction"
  11. I would like to play this way, but every time i spawn a tank there are those americans spawncamping with their stickys hiding on a bush. Haven't played tankist for a week and won't do it again for the next month. AT rambos are the worst thing in the game right now. If i try to run they get into two jeeps and try to hunt me
  12. The best american gun is FG42 with higher ROF and available for infantry Johnson
  13. Fg42 is the best german gun, buuuut it is not available for infantry, which is outperformed by it counterpart: Johnson STG-44 is a joke, most balanced but worse assault rifle IMO, since it does not outperform on any aspect, but it is decent Pistols have the best ROF but we have a tier 3 pistol which cost 50k more than Luger and have the same stats Kar98k have a nice range but a shirty ironsight, but the best infantry scope MP40 is meh for a tier two SMG, it is cheaper than PPSH-43, easier to unlock and easily beated by a Johnson MG42 is a joke, let's move to the next one MG34 is good, but in order to be competitive to a M1919 or a DP38 you need max ROF, which kill the precision German shovel have the longest range, Reto, give it more sway and conefire to nerf it, and to counter part it add bipod to it MP34 is between Grease gun (first place) and PPD (third place) Over all, americans have the best weapons right now + FG42 with higher ROF Johnson for infantry
  14. What?! this is our lord and savior Pepe the frog, called a hate symbol by Hillary supporters (that is true) Joke aside, with those images i show my reaction when you said that you know the back of your hand = too much masturbation