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  1. My Road to 50K

  2. Old Mountain Town as a 2nd Mountain map

    Even when the game was technically worse back then, playing this old buggy version gave me some of the best moments on the game.
  3. "HnG anti-cheat is working as intended" Kappa

    with what he was playing? I guess he was using a stock G43
  4. Frag Porno #5

    Shovel is OP. Needs nerf
  5. I'm being offended

    Well, if the symbol of luck and prosperity was corrupted by the nazis, so now it's banned, then the "workers rights" symbol should also be banned since it was also corrupted by totalitarian regimes.
  6. BF-D1

    Aren't both planes bombs exactly the same? Or i'm missing something?
  7. Electromagnetic railgun suggestion

    Aren't those things extremely expensive to use? If i remember correctly, this and the anti-drone laser on US navy ships is one of the most expensive weapons they have. Also, after a few shots it tend to overheat and can't be used for long periods of time.
  8. I'm being offended

    Most people who support having the hammer and sickle in game more often than not, they say that it is a symbol of fight for workers rights. I think this is dumb AF.
  9. Was buying the kubelwagen camo worth or you just did it because you have a ton of credits to waste?
  10. Micronation

    He said he is a dictator, so it is not a republic. It's like North Korea, which is called Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Worth watching (and subscribing)
  11. Russian Paratrooper Weapon Idea

    I don't play SU para anymore, so GG from me. However, i know that the Ppsh or PPS are no match to a FG42 or JMG
  12. More saturation to game

    Of Course you can. I won't solve all your problems, watch a YT tutorial on where you can do it
  13. Alt accounting

    I hate the echochamber idea of only hearing one perspective. I hate alex jones, but i love his personality. He is nuts. What i hate of his show is that 40% of the show is time spent trying to sell me something. I also watch Ben Shapiro, Jordan B Peterson, some LGBTQ propaganda channels and more. I even watch RT Have you seen this? This is the bias chart, and it's made by europeans abaout US media (That explains why CNN is center-left instead of more leftist) Or this one
  14. Increase the size of windows.