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  1. When somebody say reto logic:
  2. That's what come up to people mind when they have power, they start doing nosense
  3. You have over 1,4k posts here and you are caring about any mistake?
  4. Most of us here speak english as our second language. You did managed to communicate your ideas, so you speak english OKish, and any gramatical mistake only matter to grammarnazis
  5. Have you seen when a war end and show a report of what faction won, the losses and battles won. Under that there are 2 buttons, one say CHOOSE SERVER and other say CONTINUE TO NEXT WAR. If you click CHOOSE SERVER there is only one possibility, but for atway and other testers there are other options. There is a test server, and a streaming server, and the normal one as far as i know. The right to use the test server is only available when your account is qualified as tester
  6. First of all, did anybody found anything hidden in those monitors? After that... Bro, you did a questionable work so far This sount too good to be true, and this is how it actually happend:
  7. I'm not your bro, pal
  8. Is it a completely different vehicle or it is just the T20 chassis with a huge gun over it?
  9. There is a guy who used to spawn APC a lot, and he is well known here on forums, yet i can't remember his name
  10. Wow, i already knew that some were possible (i did at least 1/3 of all) but those with a teammate are much better
  11. No, not until a big update is drop and if fixes already game braking problems
  12. Weird that you left this thread open when you - most of the times - close them (when they name/shame)