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  1. when new factions will be added?

    If you compare the war effort made by Brazil to the other allies, you can see how insignificant they were. If reto decides to add brazil before any other faction i will plant a seed and when it grow into a tree i will hang from it. This is an stereotype that is actually true. I live in Uruguay, so i always play in brazilian server. When they start winning they span HUEHUEHUE in chat. This is in the game files
  2. @Kmeto WTF with your profile pic? Is this a game or what? I'm interested.
  3. when new factions will be added?

    Brazil was quite insignificant to the war. They didn't do much
  4. Track types

    It would be hilarious to see this in the game
  5. [Forum Game] Granting wishes with drawbacks

    There will be new seasons of the animes you like, but all of them are now a mixed with some yaoi I wish i always have an idea to wish here. (I'm running out of ideas)
  6. binoculars for pilot

    It's not possible to do that for tankers (who are the ones that need this the most), so why would pilots be able to do that?
  7. Take a look at all my soviet loadouts <3

    I hate the font you use to name your weapons/soldiers.
  8. Bertie Clay vs Match M72

    I love those images.
  9. Intelligence Bulletin #5

    *If Reto had Donald Trump as their spokesman*
  10. Intelligence Bulletin #5

  11. G43

  12. SU Women in aviation

    Why add women? Reto can say that the soldier identify as girls, and this is the best way to satisfy people who support gender ideology and also introduce women in the game, without 3d modeling anything.
  13. Bertie Clay vs Match M72

    So if reto gave you a lot of data and help you to calculate results, would you for one last time update your web app? or you are done with the game?