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  1. Spotting gives extra XP?

    I would add that if a sniper spot a tank/APC/IFV and it gets destroyed, the sniper should get 1/3 of the experience received by whoever destroyed the vehicle. So... Light tank: 10xp Medium tank/TD: 13xp Heavy tank: 20xp APC: 7xp IFV: 12xp
  2. pistol C 96 blocks the view

    I don't know if this is shaming, but this guy is complaining in forums about everything recently. He makes at least 1 thread per day, so taking his "C96 sight block enemies" serious is difficult
  3. I did it boiz

    With credits or gold?
  4. Reduce guns smoke effects.

    I don't get the poll. It ask "DO YOU WANT RETO-MOTO TO REDUCE THE SMOKE EFFECTS ON ALL GUNS SO WE CAN ACTUALLY SEE WHEN FIRING?" but the answer are percentages. The real question should be "How much reto should reduce smoke effects?" or something alike
  5. Did you left forum for a long time and now returned, or you got banned again (but for a long period)?
  6. Soviet Pride - AVS and T-70 Gameplay

    A stuart also have to hit 4 times to kill any tank A 38(t) also have to hit 4 times to kill any tank T70, Stuart and 38(t) are all battle tanks Luchs and Chaffee are special tanks that fulfil a specific role (Although Chaffee is more versatile than Luchs)
  7. pistol C 96 blocks the view

    C96 is OK. Annoying is M1919 sight or Johnson sight, not C96
  8. Soldier Filter Suggestion

    in this case suggestion=feedback
  9. Is JoyToKey safe to use and won't trigger any Anti-Cheat?

    See, now you are using emojis...
  10. Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    Thanks for the answer
  11. Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    IDK, i'm an FPS prostitute, so i deactivate everything so i can play fluently. if this work i would activate it @Reto.Robotron3000 could you ask whoever know what does activating Fast particles do?
  12. why the PTRD has trigger mods?

    Make it shot vodka
  13. ¿Clan Aleman?

    Los clanes más grandes de los alemanes ya no se ven porque muchos de sus miembros abandonaron, y los miembros que aún están juegan como lobos solitarios o formaron un nuevo clan. Por cierto, acá en el foro hay clanes reclutando (incluido alemanes), por si estás interesado. Aquí te paso el link Si te referís a que no ves clanes alemanes en guerra, es porque jugar guerra como alemán es permitir ser violado y no imponer resistencia alguna. No hay manera de ganar como alemán la guerra, por eso casi todos los clanes aun existentes están fuera del modo guerra
  14. Can you shoot down planes with AT?

    I can relate. I played as a sniper last friday, hunting everything that was moving. I finished with +60 kills and 3 deaths (almost all of them with the long shot bonus), but i made less than the P38's that died 8 times and only destroyed empty cars near capture points. I made near 1,8k points, but the pilot made 4k points, because balance