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  1. I really like this since i can learn your tank tactics. Some other HnG channels upload edited videos, and for some kind of content like showing killing sprees it really fit, but for tanking or sniping i think raw material is OK
  2. Why don't you upload vids more often?
  3. +1 If my R75 flip once every 2 minutes for no reason, now it will every 30 seconds.
  4. They are nice to handle, but really expensive to use
  5. ADs are getting smarter
  6. This won't get good any time soon.
  7. Sorry, this is a love (harassment) relationship
  8. Feelings doesn't matter on our world. BTW, are getting kinda off topic.
  9. Stop necroing! This post is old AF.
  10. Stop being this way. I hate useless notifications, and now my mailbox is full or your notifications
  11. You are wasting your daily 10 reputation post mo me? So romantic (#NoHomo)
  12. Error 404: Life/girlfriend/friend/reasons to live not found. *Processing* Match found: Right hand found... Here i go again
  13. Did i found a 9gagger? ... Get a life loser! (I need friends)
  14. Why you quoted the .gif god (obviously me) into such thread?