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  1. I don't play war, neither i use Assault Teams. I'm a staged player. I dislike having to spend so much time to just get into a war match, so i'm always in staged
  2. Spotting system!!!

    It last for 1 second with ghillie gold. in fact, this is quite useful for tanks
  3. XMAS Skins

    Why people write XMAS instead of christmas? I wonder what they do with that 1 second they saved by not typing the word entirely
  4. When does black Friday sale start?

    Why do people think that? We are living in THE BEST time of all humanity, with knowledge easily accessible, healthcare that allow you to live up to 90yo, the most secure and equal times in history and more. Intelligence is increasing, it's what allowed us to get here, and is what will allow us to get even further. I have a pessimistic view on many topics, but not in how we, as a specie, are doing right now.
  5. Help needed with avatar

    There are multiple ways to reduce the file size. On of those is by removing frames, which ruins the idea of having a slow motion. Other is by reducing the resolution (like converting a 1080p video into a 720p video) Other one is by reducing the colours that the gif uses, but it make it look bad. Or you can do a combination of those. Try this page: You apply a heavy optimization (200), then you download the file, you reupload the file to the same page and apply another optimisation (of other type) And so on until you end up with a 0.50mb gif.
  6. Modmaking tools

    They have said several times that they use a lot of third party tools to make not only the props, but also to make the maps. Many of the companies that made the apps reto uses no longer exist. They can't just share those app. Imagine the lawsuit that Reto would face. They've said that they want to make their own tools to allow players to make maps, but it's not a priority, so don't expect it to happen in this year
  7. Is there even a reason to continue ?

    Just as a reminder...
  8. King Tiger: Why NO MG-42, but MG-34? ...

    Imagine how awesome bad would be if this dude decided to do a mass shooting.
  9. I like seeing people getting angry. I know they get angry because some of the enemy plots them PM me and ask me why i'm a Pilots make XP super easily, they (almost always) are in top of the scoreboard. So denying them getting easy XP is not a bad thing.
  10. m2a2 ,where is the fird type explosive ?

    If the 20mm HE on Luchs is useless, i can't imagine how useless would be the .50 cal HE on M2A2 (.50 cal in metric is 12,7mm)
  11. Today i was the only pilot of the match. I had 20 tank kills, far more kills than my fellow tankers had. I'll keep doing it until reto do something with such broken mechanic.
  12. I like killing myself when i'm a pilot. I'm a, and enjoy denying the enemy from getting any XP at all. This affect my team by wasting resources? Yes, but i don't care about it This annoys the enemy pilot? Yes, and this is what matters. I don't have medium or heavy planes, but if i had them, i would aso commit suicide even if i had to pay a lot. I like trolling with my pilot. he even have H3 to destroy enemy tanks
  13. what's happening reto

    Man, you are the new @abbaqa. Both of you make a daily thread where you both whine about something.
  14. When does black Friday sale start?

    It can't. Since it's black (friday), a police officer wouldn't allow it. ... ... ... ... TBH IDK if reto would do such thing. Black friday is a thing mostly done by americans
  15. If they fight for such a little issue, most likely their [INSERT DOLPHIN SOUND] isn't longer than this