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  1. old pc old old pc bro 2 day for open game :-)
  2. when the game crashes and I don't have time to return, it is impossible for me to continue the game because it blocks me due to inactivity
  3. Thanatos3D

    Please rework the Bloodscreen effect

    completely agree, I often do not see the enemy, even when shooting the smoke effect is not beautiful
  4. Thanatos3D

    Join our live stream - Developer Talk #3

    you are right
  5. Thanatos3D


    this is a game, and it can be improved, limit the class for game it is change, and it will also help the stability of the FPS AC MILAN FOREVER BRO 😎
  6. Thanatos3D


    a dream brother a wonderful dreamπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. Thanatos3D

    Very low fps! How it's possible?

    we are in 2018 !!! and even today, unfortunately "THE PROBLEM FPS LOW AND TOTALLY UNSTABLE" has not been solved RETO: do you understand that this is one of the worst problems you have for so many years? 90% of players have problems with fps "even with powerful PCs" why do not you work on a new, more stable graphic engine? do you understand that many players have unistall for this problem? it's a very serious thing that is causing many players to lose and every new update makes it worse It is a fantastic game that I have been following for many years but in some cases it has become impossible to play in a decent way work for solution PLS I always start with good fps, but these are the drops during the game action
  8. Thanatos3D

    Lag and shooting

    it's true, and it also happens with the graphics because of the bad FPS (hallucinating graphic instability)
  9. salve ragazzi siamo un team italiano e cerchiamo italiani con fazione USA noi giochiamo solo questa fazione raramente qualcuno di noi la cambia io MAI ^,,^ ci potete trovare al server "United States Army H&G Official TeamSpeak" Address: al canale 6Zero. tra le ultime stanze vi aspettiamo BELLAAAAA
  10. Thanatos3D

    Play fair and be friendly

    GoodJob Reto 341 Fake Player Banned Very Very Good.... Hate This kind of ba.....rd players,,,,,, If they use hacks in games, in real life they are sad people
  11. Thanatos3D

    Update 1.07 - Care Package

    Excuse the question. 1) But what did they do with the 2 new maps that were to be included in the game? Why not implemented yet? 2) Have you ever thought about creating snow-covered atmospheres for maps? And create new uniforms for soldiers and vehicles with snow camouflage? WILL IT NOT BE A GOOD IDEA? GG
  12. Thanatos3D

    Reworking the pershing for a better field survability

    10000% GOOD IDEA
  13. Thanatos3D

    More information at your fingertips

    The new update prevents you from seeing which units are in the lines to attack.... this is bad :-(