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  1. AngryPixelHunter

    Why doesn't reto just delete Staged already

    for WAR, obviously.
  2. AngryPixelHunter

    Why doesn't reto just delete Staged already

    It's a fair argument, but most games I play don't really have a "training ground". Now people are right in saying they don't attract a big audience since one of my examples would be Red Orchestra.But still, I don't find HnG a hard game that requires me to train on a safe space before using someone's ATs. That is more an account on the generals part, who don't want people wasting their resources and actually playing the game. Bruh forget the MM. I will continue to defend a battle list until the death of this game arrives.
  3. AngryPixelHunter

    My thoughts on the bots

    T bagging bots would be perfect
  4. AngryPixelHunter

    Please Remove Bots

    bruh you can find battles with 150 to 200 ping now
  5. AngryPixelHunter

    Guarding objectives XP

    It will probably be as effective as the Armor Support XP. aka people will continue braindead playing and not caring for XP.
  6. I have mixed feelings about the bots. Here they are: NEGATIVE: Bots are dumb. They get stuck through the map. But they have superb aimbot capabilities. It's not fun to fight bots...I mean c'mon it's a multiplayer game. "Red Army Man"...really Reto? They encourage camping and just farming XP by "Heroes". Cheap way to pretend specialist spam isn't a thing POSITIVE: It kinda made possible for you to blend in with the bots and surprise enemy players when they think it's easy kill time. Bots cap points and therefore create new metas for the game. Makes battles more active.
  7. AngryPixelHunter

    Better matchmaking filters

    could be cool. But why people keep ignoring my suggestion for server/battle list
  8. AngryPixelHunter

    Latency seems good now

    2 weeks? seems compatible with me. I remember it was sometime last month. interesting. I don't play on Moscow server since I am in LA. So I play on the NA and EU servers mostly. I think Moscow server gives me 300+ latency. I haven't tried them for obvious reasons. 300 ms is where things start getting REALLY noticeable.
  9. AngryPixelHunter

    Latency seems good now

    Interesting. But is it more stable? Ping difference means they moved server location, but packet loss is associated with connection quality. In my experience, playing on 60+ ms servers meant immediate packet loss for some reason. I could see enemies and friendlies teleporting everywhere. The reason was unknown, and that was why I resorted to playing Staged matches most of the time since I knew the game handled poor latency really badly. In this past month, seeing some "server service" changes in Reto dev list a couple of times, I decided to try out playing on 100+ ms matches after a long time and my experience was super smooth. Sure, I still experienced latency (impossible to get rid of it), but there was no teleporting and hit detection was actually working. Then I said to myself: well this is nice. But how about those 200+ servers? tried them also...and had a smooth experience as well - no teleporting, not a lot of peekers advantage, no twitchy movement.
  10. AngryPixelHunter

    Latency seems good now

    well it could be. But I really feel a difference. I can actually shoot people playing at 200 ping. I couldn't before, they kept teleporting. That was my experience since I started playing tbh. Right now it feels nice.
  11. I don't know what you have done in the past month, Reto, but I must I am quite impressed with network quality right now. Back in the day, it used to be impossible for me to play with anything beyond than 30-40 ms of latency. The game was twitchy and hit detection was abysmal. I was a huge critic of it, especially when I compared to War Thunder, that I could play games up to 200 ms of latency without feeling a huge difference. Right now, and I don't know what you did, I am able to play war on servers with 150 and even 215 ms of latency and still have a good experience. Maybe that is just me, but I really can see the difference here. Btw I didn't do major changes with my ISP in the last month before anybody says it could have been on my end (and I wasn't the only one with those complaints). This is what I would call positive changes. Being able to play on higher pings makes the game much more populated for me since now I am more comfortable finding battles on the map and just going in. I have been playing more War (MUCH more War). For a more action-oriented player like myself, I can also see how much better the War experience would be if only we had a list of active battles (like we used to have). Reto pls. But beyond that, good job with the network.
  12. AngryPixelHunter

    Why doesn't reto just delete Staged already

    I see nothing wrong with that. War only game.
  13. Delete the concept of staged battles and add a battle list back in. Make the game war centric again.
  14. AngryPixelHunter

    BOTS in WAR

    Just add a server list so players can properly direct themselves to populated battles. We used to have it but again Reto in its infinite wisdom removed it. Adding Bots will just make the game 10x more boring. I just imagine the 3v3 matches with a bunch of bots running around. Please, the idea of Bots needs to be scrapped, we don't need them. I have an easier time finding battles in Red Orchestra 2 compared to HnG, and trust me it isn't because Red Orchestra has more active players.
  15. Please, Reto. War is dying we need a server list immediately. So many empty battles and I am forced to sort through by clicking points on a map or be subject to the horrendous matchmaking system. Add it for staged also. Thank you very much. edit: I'll add an example of why I think it's the best move. I also play Red Orchestra 2 - a game with far less active players than HnG. BUT, Red Orchestra has a server list, so I know exactly at what time I can log in to find my favourite servers populated, and everybody has fun (or at least as much as you can have with Red Orchestra). The same thing goes for battlefield 1. Tons of dead servers. If we were forced to use the matchmaker, we would never find battles. BUT, thankfully, EA built a server list. So now I have all my favourite populated servers pre-selected.