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  1. Darky23

    Germany > to US&RU

    modding... whatever . you know that STG got the avantage don't get me wrong. And US quality, hmm not sure because i can't win a match even if i capture and defend everything and doing 50+/10 kills because US new/veterans players don't know what it means to defend.
  2. Darky23

    Germany > to US&RU

    LMAO of course germany is better than US & SU.. don't need any example because everyone knew it ... GE have more players
  3. Darky23

    Germany > to US&RU

    so what ? im not a new player who complain about GE. i have played a lot and men this faction is OP as f*ck. this is a pain to play as US or RU when germans have everything.. Anyway the best way to bring these factions back is too add special things for US and RU. Like rifle grenade for US, special things for russians like molotov , and germans nothing... simply The german stuff is historically accurate, what is the point of M1/M2 Carbine IRL this gun shoot slower than a STG upgraded and deal more damage than STG but yes less range. RU needs something like the FEDEROV AVTOMAT. A gun used during WW1 and WW2, the first assault rifle with some features of the STG. The AVS is simply too bad...
  4. Darky23

    Germany > to US&RU

    Germany got the best stuff in this game... that's why people play as german. I saw the new puma, and this poor greyhound, and i got to say that germans have again the best stuff. don't get me wrong : US have the best medium planes and heavy but unplayed because of the air superiority of germans... US have the best SMG in my opinion. US have the best Bazooka US have the best light tank US have the best paratroopers in term of player US have the best starter rifle in my opinion : sights, damages... RU have the best AT rifle RU have the best sniper rifle but this is pretty the same as kar and m1903 RU have good SMG's but grease gun is way better than PPD and the PPSH is good but same for thompson GE have the best Assault rifle of course GE have the best tank (medium.., heavy tiger2...) GE have the best recon vehicle (PUMA AND SDKFZ 222) The SDKFZ 222>M8greyhound GE have the best LMG : FG42/MG42 GE have the best infantry vehicle.. all types : APC's, bikes, jeeps... US and russian APC's are not done.. the mg is unplayable because of the smoke... just remove it. You can be killed by the front or by the side (M3) GE have the best pistol of the game : p38 para GE have the best antitank weapon : H3,PzMine,Pzschreck GE have the best Skins : include vehicle and soldiers.. GE have best Planes in term of superiority GE have best players : veterans... GE have everything
  5. Darky23

    Community Hotfix

    ST GRENADE STILL UNPLAYABLE, this kind of grenade is too expensive and don't give any damage !
  6. Darky23

    ST GRENADES too bad

    H3 is a good grenade and it can defeat a tank with a low price. ST grenade is expensive and useless
  7. Darky23

    ST GRENADES too bad

    the price of these grenades is too high. this grenade can't even kill a tank, it should be cheaper. im using this grenade only for destroying tracks, turret ring because of the low power, and the expensive price. pls RETO, decrease the price of this grenade, because we can't even use it.
  8. Darky23


    HEY i have a big problem, im ribbon rank 12 and i can't buy the GB 39 because it is locked .. big problem
  9. i don't know if you ever noticed that playing as US fighter is impossible because of good matcmaking. Making a game with 12 GE fighter vs YOU only.... i played a game with my new p51 and i was with a squad member but in front of us 7 GE planes, so put a plane limit FFS or refund all my account .... this is unplayable really! i think a plane limit should be a good solution, like if a team got some planes, the team members as infantry for exemple, cannot switch to fighter pilot in this game. FRUSTATING is the name of this game !
  10. The map : i like the new buildings, maps on wall, lights ... but inside it looks empty, you can add more props in all rooms. the middle of the map need some changes because it looks like no one want to fight at this place , it is too open... concerning the recoil system, it is cool, clearly better but looks lagging when we are using a scope on the AVS 36 for exemple. i don't if it is a bug but you removed the flash of the .50 and that is a good think because we can't shoot with the sight (pls add an ammo box or an ammo belt). no water in the river by the way, but i know you noticed it in general i have seen new stuff like a new lighting system and it will be cool to have this in others maps like city map, on the past in night battles you added floor lamp in the city and it was great. and you know the group of house near the point (at your right) need more interresting features because no one will play it. that's it and yes for the 1.12, it is cool but i think, it need to take less time to destroy a tank, just increase a little bit the damage of all types.
  11. Darky23

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    So my feedback : -PTRD (useless) -endless combat against tank -bike and vehicle speed esp while they try to climb a side of a river (reverse speed is horrible), by the way vehicle can't cross the river on the skirmish village at the EAST crossing 03 to 01 -time to spawn (mods) i think it will be better to increase the time to spawn by type of weapon you are using not mod of the weapon)... -AT grenades (rework damage, price 280C per units...and it can't destroy nothink) -explosion bug, like mine explosion -some sound bugs like weapon fire closed to me and that's it, it's a good update need now to balance everythink. i enjoyed the new sound of all gun, and this update is really, i know you are doing your best.
  12. Darky23

    Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    put an ammo belt or ammobox on every machine guns of jeeps, tanks ... pls
  13. Darky23

    Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    yeah , it's a good update , where the weasel is now good ... but still somethink weird, i know the job is not done , but damaged part in tank like a fuel tank should put the tank in fire and gives damages until reparation ... cause we need like 7 rockets from bazooka to destroy a tank, and 15 tank shells to destroy it too. the system is good, need now to balance it. (damage/armor size/type of shells used)... and i tried to destroy a tank with a AT mine and the tank did a backflip ... weasel must be faster in forest and field , than jeeps and same think for the T20
  14. Reto@ Can we have ammo box on M2 browning available on vehicles .... and on the M1919 on the jeep.. Do you already think about animation when reloading ammobelt on jeep or APC ?
  15. Darky23

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    thank you for giving us the choice about the interface of capture points, it was really annoying when we can't see through the interface because any enemy could be behind the interface thanks a lot, it was just what i wanted to asking for .