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    why is this game so dark?

    Are you sure?
  2. Krzysiek5657

    why is this game so dark?

    you know, spotting enemy is quite OP. According to RETO stats it's one of main reason why enemy dies. No wonder why it was finally nerfed.
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    idk... run as admin? basically as @b.j.blazkovitch mentioned - scroll a bit to see if there are any errors
  4. Krzysiek5657

    its alive and well

    well, i cannot see anything special here 🤔
  5. i stopped reading here, because at least you can kill hellcat with 30 rounds (so roughly 3 reloads... its rather dark scenario where you missed fuel or ammo spot), indeed all light tanks are good in killing infantry, or recon plane. it is not 'dedicated' to luchs. But in luchs you can use main cannon (which has good bullet velocity ) in paralell with your mg weapon (which is in fact not the case for rest of the tanks, especially chaffeee). Basically bounce is indeed terrible, but i can same story about spawn time and basically non-existing armor about chaffee (which supposedly be simirar thing to KT in HT, Difference is KT is still shines in it's class,but chaffee has been nerfed to the goround) Still your points i cannot understand why 'luchs' cound be considered as underperformig (especially vs rest of top tier light tanks). I would be grateful if you could let me know here.
  6. oh rly, RETO managed to make staged unbalanced as well?
  7. but its war ...
  8. indeed we can doubts only because noone spawns chaffee these days. Small tip - Chaffee is glass cannon, so you can easily destroy its gun breach as well, as front turret is penetratable almost anything (except mg tanks), moreover with a bit of luck, with 1 clip you will most likely destroy fuel tank + ammo rack, so there's high possibility to take it down with 1 clip. your feeling that chaffee sucks is because you are facing most armored light tank on US side - stuart (or maybe most armored light tank in general?, difficult to say now because noone spawns t70...) If we would have a chance to spawn chaffee in reasonable time you would find out that luchsie is quite usefull in some moments, against that tank.
  9. its still better situation than with chaffee , at least you can spawn instead wait 5 mins
  10. only problem to me is that AT rambo is more effective (in terms of speed of taking out armor, but as well spawning time), than countering enemy tanks by using your own. Means - i hardly ever die because enemy tanker was better, but because of pesky rambo spawned on side line to flank you, even if both sides (i mean tankers) are focused on playing anti tank, than HE shelling all day. You've mentioned extreme picture (which is indeed quite common), where for unknown reason tankers decide to make awkward things like spawning over and over tank while he's clarly spawncamped or running with head pop out, but many of players don't behave like that. There's simply no fun, no reward, no purpose to play as tank. Even your 'difference' is bullsht, because if your team have higher IQ than potato and play to win, then most likely you dont need tanks at all to win battle, or at least tank won't change that much. From decent tanker point of view - i spawn recenlty mostly mg tanks only because rambos focus first on 'bigger boys' and seems like they are ignoring at first place these tanks and mg tanks are doing pretty good job in defending points. (supporting pushes is basically no go because mostly you will be dead in the middle of your target. Else if there's no room for mg tanks (enemy has tanks, or rambos are doing too much damage.... i prefer to play infantry defending, pushing or repairing friendly tanks.... As mentioned earlier, there's no fun anymore and no purpose at all to play tank no matter if you are decent or not...
  11. Krzysiek5657

    Reward Players For Spotting

    its the same story like getting xp for kill assist as infantry, even if you just slightly damaged enemy. In fact this 1-2 xp for spot wont be 'exploitable' meantime it could be symbolic reward for doing so.
  12. Krzysiek5657

    Fixing the RTS movement bugs

    just let us pull out AT's during preparation stage , without losing resources and morale, that's it. (it is 5 mins). It would be really quality of life improvements as you would have a chance to leave pockets or massive paradrop wont be so lucrative now. But anyway... RTS improvements are like kid dreams - it will never come true.
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    well right, it's totally different feeling. It's more slow peaced game, what in fact... i was looking for once i joined HG. grindfest is huge, what worse you don't feel progress at all. Side missions OR your pocket as way to upgrade weapons and soldiers is missed all the way for me - I can imagine that at the later stage it will create room for pay to win, or even paywall, since you can't stop your 'progress' in campaign
  14. Krzysiek5657

    Shooting from vehicles

    Driver with PTRD would look really cool ❤️
  15. GE is on top of k/d ratio US is on top with captured capital SU is on top with WF consumption Sounds balanced to me 😂
  16. Krzysiek5657

    Mines and team killing

    well, you can get out and simply repair your tank for free, watching how he's burning his credits, sounds quite pleasure to me.
  17. Krzysiek5657

    Shooting from vehicles

    yes, if we can shot from car with PTRD
  18. on top of that heavy fighters won't be downgraded medium fighter anymore. Currently only single valid planes are medium fighters top tiers... i wish reto would take a look on planes and make more versality between them. Your proposal basically means removing 'universal' feature from all planes, and create room for ie. strafing bombers (like stuka). Small advise from mine side is leaving recon aircraft as it is (its already harmless, but would give view for newbs about HE rounds and bombs as general).
  19. Krzysiek5657

    Can't Decide on Tanker Uniform

    wait a minute, where he said there are lack of variety? I would say he states opposite, just he can't decide
  20. Krzysiek5657

    How to start making war funds as an RTS beginner?

    basically prepare to go negative in WF income - its standard for lonewolfs. Veteran membership helps to go positive, mostly hardly ever because one pocket will negate all your profits made in previous weeks. To make WF reliably you would have to join clan and follow RTS pushes with your teammates small tip - send units to battles which already started (so ie. queue for battle and as soon as you see it just started - send units), that way you wont be stuck for hours also ignore assault teams with vehicles (bikes / jeeps), because all resources are shared anyway during battle... leech from others!
  21. russia + finland as united faction? Sounds like... adding Brits to axis faction
  22. Krzysiek5657

    Mines and team killing

    you can shot mine first, so you will grief him, before he grief you
  23. Krzysiek5657


    ping and lags is different pretty story, where guy who acutally lags for rest of the players he's teleporting (it's more complicated to play vs sb who has ping ~100 than against sb with good ping...
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    hmm it's quite common as inf as well - i cant count how many times i died after doing 2 steps behind wall or ther obscale
  25. Krzysiek5657


    hmm i was wondering if it's only me (and mine potato aim), or indeed mine shells destorys fully randomly internals.