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  1. New Update cause fps drops ?

    funny is that technically dx 1 2 is straight upgrade to prev versions in terms of gpu performance (technically you should have better FPS using dx12 than dx11), but knowing HG reality... it might be solution
  2. broken up to date

    against su? right, against GE? false thankfully to squad 2.0 which adds feature to rely on your (most likely unskilled) squad leader
  3. broken tankers

    bias confirmed
  4. US Schooled GE on how to RTS

    but remember, US weapon is OP
  5. pershing

    against EZ mode best is using EZ mode - at nades as long as its effective tactic against KT, first thing that im doing is focusing on that tanker, no matter if he pissed me off due HE shells or not.doing it simply to wreck KT as much as possible
  6. How to balance problem weapons

    its as legit ideas as his ones
  7. for me headshot multipler can be x5 as before - it guarantee that all weapon can OHK headshot in CQC, but still not guarantee OHK mid range (tommy etc wont kill you by one random hit from far distance). So i can see logic of having such multipler. in the other hand, multipler x2 can be considered as fair, and logic enough... why? its guarantee OHK to headshot only for SA/BA rifles, while rest of the weapon (its mean all automatic ones, and pistols) mean no luck headshots in cqc. reducing multipler to x4 mean buffing GE faction as its only one faction, which all automatic weapons can OHK headshot in cqc range. as we can see - their win/loss FPS ratio is the highest (mostly its only one faction with highly positive that ratio). The Same how a 1919 can 3 HK HSG stock while no other LMG can at least all lmg's can be modded to 3hk HSG, while tommy,ppsh,m1/m2 cant be modded high enough to headshot OHK HSG . main problem with headshot is adams conefire which: 1. rng shots are sooner or later score you headshot, without skill 2. with same update RETO decided to give you possibilitiy to shot via your eyes, instead your weapon - extreme close hits shouldnt allow you to aim for head (as was before)
  8. Great Update

    saddly it looks like they've impproved UI memory usage in cost of FPS performance...
  9. ETA of RTS Changes?

    i must think a bit more, to find out how to paste that statement to H&G reality
  10. thank you for that perfect update, i can feel fully balanced now with 6-15 FPS, bye bye 30-80 FPS
  11. ETA of RTS Changes?

    so in general we have angry person because he's stuck in traffic jam, while busdriver take him over. he has broken engine, but fine car.
  12. Heavy Spring

    so in general its mean win-win-win, only what is throw me away from such mods is cost. you forgot also to mention, that there's a lot of fun to chill out with such mod's scope isnt a problem, i can maintain full modded weapon, and be on 0 - its fine problem is that heavy spring is too expensive, and im on -. technically using weapon in such way, and dont attach scope on it simply miss the purpose of mod combo
  13. ETA of RTS Changes?

    sorry, my bad then. FPS then... its like complaining that bus which took over me via buspas passed by, and is first on the lights.
  14. ETA of RTS Changes?

  15. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    i can see good point here. saying about point and click tanks, and for such statement using worst armored tanks in game (ok, they are equal, or slighty better than mg tanks in terms of armor), which can be easily penetrated by anything what shots