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  1. Selfish Germans

    well half true half false - its suppose to be added to US, while nerfing GE ones. it would be great buff to gameplay (if we consiider that half of GE are campers, and rest are snipers/tankers/pilots).
  2. i guess you mean all around snipers ( which are somehow fine for staged, as newcomers are wrecked by them. its simply goal for them to be "as good as these slaughters)
  3. better zoom E2 jumbo

    which is faster by few km/h, also you dont have to stick it like KT (which is hard to penetrate using zooka/shreck's)-pershing you can penetrate even with panzerfausts
  4. Return of 1hk Boltactions (Kinda)

    in general having OHK BA rifle wont be a problem, unless we bring back mechanics from early beta - accurate weapon (even automatic ones), - no scopes for inf - amazing sways when trying to aim and move left/right (it prevent especially BA/SA rifles to be monsters in clearing buildings, but definitly wont be a problem while being outside)
  5. Return of 1hk Boltactions (Kinda)

    now it would be nightmare with all around scoped infantry
  6. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    as i see most of GE pilots try to turn in such moment. i've met only few of them who were doing like i described, and indeed p38 can do shirt. also i dont know why, but most of pilots doing wired thing: if using mf/hf against recon - they are keep trying to fight in circles (alternatively head to head). which is here the worst possible tactic - its similar as most of pilots dont use their advantages (what is the easiest thing to do? fly up in such scenario - recon's will stall after few seconds)
  7. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    these times when you were not playing yet this game... everything was better. simply if you cant fly ME - its not because this plane is weak, but you are nub. heh looks like hipocrisy in one topic
  8. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    well he have equal time to take you down. also if you dont turn but fly away he dont have a chance to chase you.
  9. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    i smell biased biaser here
  10. better zoom E2 jumbo

    like pershing t2 HT, genius
  11. 42 buff not enough

    same damn story with STG smoke - its subjective optinion that it has too much smoke, same for handling mg42 - its subjective opinion...
  12. Mg42 and carbine m1m2 are OP again...

    reto did that - with announcing that m2 was buffed
  13. 42 buff not enough

    here, not before bufor up a bit more data's
  14. 42 buff not enough

    no comment here, as your statement is out of logic
  15. Request on reducing GE Camo Prices

    price is depend of needs, nothing more to add here. you see a LOT more GE with camos than other faction. other topic is that GE standard camo is BEST in cqc (its dark), so even if demand is biggest, is less needed than for other factions.... in mid range there's no difference at all...