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  1. but no HSG, which most vets are uses
  2. it does 29 dmg to non-hsg, so m2 not at all
  3. mp40 with ammo is 4hk, so no - its not considered as 5hk weapon
  4. Krzysiek5657

    Test release candidate of update 1.12 and win prizes NOW!

    no matter what there's a lot of players which prefer to wait 2 mins than spawning with different loadout
  5. Krzysiek5657

    Remove scopes for infantry class

    currently SA rifles are difficult to master, but if mastered they are most deadly weapon - high rof, 2hk, really accurate weapon. What do you need more for beiing killing machine? nerfing a bit SA rifles, and inf BA scopes definitly wont be bad idea.
  6. Neither you have 5hk weapons except pocket pistol
  7. Krzysiek5657

    Retos hitdetection *explained*

    You've made my day!
  8. Krzysiek5657

    Please release the granatbuchse.

    It's why I nearly do not use any other weapons. You forgot to mention that luckily this weapon is badge specific. It mean my smile is wider than ever when enemy picks that toy to struggle with ohking Gaz
  9. Krzysiek5657

    So how will the AT Rambo's deal with armor 2.0?

    Technically yes, you should be in advantage over enemy inf only team. (Still sending 100 planes is risky at it may lead to situation where noone would cap ) .saying 'like AR' is overreaction. Also I believe RTS playstyle would change as soon as 'support' resources would actually mean something ( nobody would like to send their inf only against tons of tanks because it would be simply pointless waiste of money)
  10. Krzysiek5657

    So how will the AT Rambo's deal with armor 2.0?

    in fact i ignore that fact. enemy team has hunderd of tanks, because generals sent into that battle a lot of this specific resources. if you have only infs - blame generals (or send your tankers/planes to counter that) or in other way - why general which sends all time only inf with bikes should be more profitable (also has more chace to win) than fully resourced side
  11. Krzysiek5657

    STG44 nerf

    not when you face MG42 full rof with tight grip
  12. RETO could implement simple simulation for battles, where some ammount of tickets are lost as time passes (ofc for generals it would mean WF earns and losses, also experience grained for troops)
  13. Krzysiek5657

    Karabiner's sights

    gib it worse sights!
  14. Krzysiek5657

    Karabiner's sights

    are you really focuses on sights that much? maybe im crazy, but im focusing more on target than sights (only bad made sights are that cover half of my screen, as then i simply cant see enemy after while)