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  1. yep but if we consider non-headshot ... - with 30 STG shots you'll most likely kill around 3-4 ppl -with M1/M2 30 shots you'll kill 2 ppl - with AVS 15 bullet you'll kill 2 ppl so per bullet as m2 user you are paying twice as much as with rest guns
  2. soo plane income nerfed to death??

    i doubt that
  3. Pls explain me this

  4. Anti Tank Infantry

    problem that you might cant see is that -in staged resources are equal, so tankers are focused on ea other (none care about HE spamming inf's), - in war - you should suffer hard if enemy general decide to send tank's into battle. fact is that resources should be limited (like 2 tankers per side). it would be more interesting from RTS point of view, and either generals would think twice before sending his resources to 100% wipe(aka sending 400 inf with few bikes/jeeps shouldnt be way to push side which have full, well equipped resources).
  5. Tanks are more weak than a player

    actually its classic match - against noobs / vets no matter what. tankers die more from inf than enemy tanker, no matter what. its in fact pissing off even tanker from your side as there's nothing to shot at.

    talking about banning reason on forum is against rules, please contact support via: rozmawianie o banach/zablokowanych kontach jest niezgodne z zasadami. takze nikt nie moze ci tu pomoc, bo nikt nie ma takich kompetencji - jezeli chcesz uzyskac pomoc pisz do supportu: jezeli masz problem z angielskim - uzyj
  7. Another balance thread by me...

    i found out 2.5 for mosin one time, i think its still "unbalanced" but better than now. in general i like your ideas (maybe because you are not focusing on one weapon like 99% threads here...)
  8. OH MY GOD 5.000.000$ RETO

    holy love!
  9. Cant pen IS 2 with panzershrek ...

    genious, hop on roof, pen him once and die due blast
  10. He did it !! The best vassily wannabe !!

    its not interesting while you have the lowest (or non existent) queue before free deploys i was doing alone around 3-4 battles per day. its not so much, but if we compare to free deploys times where i've did maybe 3-4 battles per month...(+ now as everyone have fulfilled their WF's)
  11. Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    as long as it has no counter (because noone flies ME/PE), you just dont have a clue how good these planes are. ME is propably only one plane which can deal 2 vs 4