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  1. Krzysiek5657

    kingtiger cannon/barrel damage

    Jumbo.... tank with medium tank cannon, and medium tank HP pool ....
  2. Krzysiek5657

    New tanks

    in fact... i cannot see big difference between stuart 38t and t70.... all of them need ages to kill ea other so you will die faster due enemy rambo than enemy shot, all of them needs multiple rounds to blow up enemy jeep... Chaffee shines in terms of spawntimer - it's tank with the longest spawntime . You will faster field KT than this stuff. As well its one of the most expensive tank in game. Wont even mention that its glass cannon with low HP and significantly slower ROF thank other cannons of same tier.
  3. Krzysiek5657

    New tanks

    chaffee shining is gone... long time ago
  4. Krzysiek5657

    A fix to the toy spam in War

    Depends - kill radious for HE for light tanks is laughable... cannon is good as sniper rifle, other than that i'm quite enjoying mg tanks i can still draw few more mg tanks advantages... mg tanks have quite good accuracy up to mid range (higher tiers tanks have significantly worse accuracy with mg), mg tanks and 2 ammo racks means infinite ammo moreover doing 2nd tanker, and playing mostly mg means i will relatively fast unlock all tanks that i'm interested - t1 TD, t1 MT, and T1 HT are the way to go
  5. Krzysiek5657

    massive new tanker disadvantage

    I'm not sure with rock-paper-scissor... scenario - i cannot map what could be for scissor... anyone? rock - enemy spawns tank paper - enemy spawns plane scissor - enemy spawns (???) death star which beats every other option - enemy spawns AT rambo skill factor was killed with implementation of armor 2.0
  6. Krzysiek5657

    A fix to the toy spam in War

    Flaw? Imagine me doing 2nd tanker which intention is to play against enemy inf only. Best tanks then are mostly tier 1 ( cheap, fast spawn, doesn't trigger that much rambos). In such scenario I cannot play mine lvl 5 tanker even If mine main is lvl 12 ? Same story is when you decide to finally switch faction...
  7. Indeed 90+ were quite rare... because it's really rare to find skill balanced match, which could last long... Indeed it was one of most memorable battles, the win/ loss was truly enjoyable... I wish it would be more common today to face such skill equal matches....
  8. Krzysiek5657

    US bias (?)

  9. Krzysiek5657

    US bias (?)

    there's literally no 1v1 against FW. There's at least 1v3 always!
  10. Krzysiek5657

    So mouse macros allowed or not ?

    I feel like HG is quite unique game in terms of how recoil works... all weapons are quite unstable, have high recoil by general (even goddamn garand have more difficult recoil to control that other FPS games that i used to play). That's why probably there's 2 separate models - COD/BF like where it's goddamn easy to manage recoil, but you need few shots to kill, ARMA, Rising Storm - where you need only 1-2 good landed shots to kill enemy (even if sometimes recoil is quite high, you are focusing on being on good position, and control area, instead focusing on recoil) Anyway in both cases macro mices are not game changers
  11. Krzysiek5657

    So mouse macros allowed or not ?

    basically it describes why such window is a must in era where every potential player may invest in cheap macro mouses. moreover in mine personal opinion CS go recoil is way more predictable (what means even without macro mouse you can learn it and perform just as good as sb with macro installed)
  12. Krzysiek5657

    So mouse macros allowed or not ?

    good point , if you cannot fight with it, just get over it. Making recoil more controllable, and more 'fun' to play instead 'tryhard" would definitely reduce impact of macros on game overall (even if sb use macro it won't give him big advantage, only will take away... part of fun) Other solutions that basically neglate impact of 'macro' is overall reduce ttk , give more 'suppersion' mechanics etc, which is quite common nowadays.
  13. Krzysiek5657

    So mouse macros allowed or not ?

    i'm suggesting to read title first of this topic, and then read mine comment till the end
  14. Krzysiek5657

    So mouse macros allowed or not ?

    SA rifles, pistols and other semi auto weapons i can believe it is just good timing, but while i'm picking up from the ground STG or AVS which is in semi auto mode, and just before opponent death he played like in full auto, then it's suspicious to me
  15. Krzysiek5657

    NERF AT's

    For me last nail in coffin was armor 2.0, and detracking tanks with single AT weapon shot. It would be OK'ish if ie. damaged track means you have troubles to turn left or right, but still you can go full speed straight and turn to undamaged side, instead doing circles all day long. Now unfortunately only valid tactic seem to be playing the mid, and stay near your infantry = no tactic, no good spots (mostly due map design you do not have good vision , or you are totally exposed), no aggresive gun&run and with recent addition of 'long range AT weapons like US new zooka, or PZB, i'm rather sick of playing tanky instead having fun with it. I wont even mention other flawless like TTK in tank vs tank, and inf vs tank, because i would wrote a book