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  1. Can I get some assistance?

    not so long lol!
  2. P38s are incredibly stupid

    yeah i hate that pistol either
  3. The Hellkitty - The Spawn of Satan

    definitly its because your main cannon penetration is too low. suggestion is - use starter PZ1 tank to deal with hellcat. even tiger can penetrate that god mode!
  4. A nerf to the Chaffee

    answer is in my opinion they have to fix players (and indeed they are doing that) so far suih left game still talking here. we are close to fixing one problem more
  5. in general right, to avoid problem with all around overspam inf snipers at rambos, headshots with 90% propability is to just do not play. guess why we have such low playerbase...
  6. balance out kubel

    yeah. HE exploded 1m away from my vehicle? no problem - lets pass away and stick it out. wut? gaz can turn around just in place you mean lets make kubel available to us/SU players.
  7. Decreased amount of players

    i call @Reto.Millan to block and warn for using haggard words . otherwise i understand that calling sb "you are f**king crazy" is alright with RETO TOS (original)
  8. A nerf to the Chaffee

    and luchs can 2 clip e8, you se ? 2 clips - its less than three!
  9. do not play with your colonel - problem solved
  10. A nerf to the Chaffee

    panther confirmed! it should be heavy tank!
  11. Decreased amount of players

    yeah yeah, now take your glasses and check topic where i wrote that -> pure cry for nerf to chaffee
  12. Decreased amount of players

    ez mod is chilling in bushes with 4.2scope - as US i dont have such luxury. yep im happy about any player who quits the game, who shout all day long about nerf this and that because cry cry it killed me cry cry
  13. Decreased amount of players

    nah, what makes this game unfun is overspam of inf 4.2 scoped BA/SA rifles havent you said already "bye bye"?
  14. balance out kubel

    Jeep and GAZ are wieldly opened vehicle, by the time kubel has bulletproof doors on sides. Because of that only realistic way to kill driver which passes near you is to headshot him. also because of these doors HE rounds doesnt kill GE players when it explode near him. Only chance is to hit directly soldier at car. RETO for balance purpose please remove hitbox from Kubel doors, and let our bullets pass by this part of vehicle
  15. P38 cancer still here I see, so goodbye again!

    yes i hate that GE pistol. it should be nerfed as its ridiculus to shot as fast as automatic weapon lol!