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  1. ... is it plane? NO! its LSknight
  2. psst all you have to do is spread fake news that IS2 was able to drive under the water
  3. but look how he loves you , i guess thats the most important from his replay
  4. how about simply no?
  5. 1. 200k credits 2. yep (as far as i guess - its BA rifle, with inf based scope - US2.2, SU 3.5 GE 4.2) 3. most logic is to play as recon as US - their low magnification inf scopes leave you field to be sniper (GE/SU is able to snipe with their inf scopes). Have in mind that then you'll have hard times, as you have to deal with few enemy snipers AND few enemy inf snipers. You are simply outnumbered most of the time. 4. mods for sniper rifle are rather expensive - its not way to earn credits. you'll end up with equal earns/repair bill most of the time 5. enjoy your game with bronze matchmaker. higher matchmaker will be awful for you. Im recommend you to stay with SA rifles for first character, with scope, dont mod for ROF. 6. in general no have in mind, that @karenin is right - snipers (recons) are most useless class in game, as most of the time they need 2 hits to kill (heavy set gold badge neutralize One Hit Kill effect) their usefullness is only as defender (and IFV vehicle - here i would suggest GE one, as its simly best IFV)
  6. im looking for this hard armor for few years - had small success, but oh well
  7. yeah keep looking for problems everywhere butnot in GE - typical noob bs...
  8. 1) is not important 2) its effect, not reason @edit your science thoughts sounds right, and reasonable - but it doesnt affect for clans which if they leave, or at least clans broke up, you have no more coordinated teams. if we take that we have in general low number of clans, which are extremly effective - losing 2 of the biggest one pushes whole GE faction in trouble your thoughts works fine for randoms vs randoms only... (so its mean most likely randoms vs randoms -defender one will most likely win)
  9. for past years (even after RTS changes) GE was doing fine, turtling up near italy keep looking for imaginated problems
  10. reason is: GE clans left after mg42 nerf (they cry now in their mother hands, as they was always winning - it was simply surprise for them) GE is losing because they have no coordination in RTS its problem not in balance, but rather how much 1 clan can do during 1 night (so my statement clans are not controlled, and they are in fact OP)
  11. what i would say... times ago, players asked for APCR rounds - reto statement was it would be too OP, finally RETO added APCR, now IS2 and Pershing is simply broken (weakspots on KT doesnt changed, Tiger I is penetratable on flat places but hey - tiger I was never such problem...) both of these tanks simply have no chance to bounce enemy shots remember - removing Copula as weakspots will affect rest of tanks also. Imagine KT without weakspots on copula - it would be totally impenetratable frontally (unless you are capable to aim for lower plate)
  12. Try to pen t34 turret, t34 op
  13. but E8 is still not buffed
  14. if you missed pershing, then indeed you need 3 shots (pershing never bounces APCR's so definitly you had to miss)