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  1. man, it's is existing here for few years already, only now it can be easier to do, right @geschlittert?
  2. Krzysiek5657

    Badge for Extra Equipment Point

    can't wait m2 +3xH3
  3. Krzysiek5657


    i can't find m1919a4 in shop. @Reto.Hades please book one for me.
  4. Krzysiek5657

    Flying US Fighter Planes

    in general destroying single module in any plane is guuranteed kill. Correct me if i'm wrong but all planes with cannons destroy single module (guarantee kill) with 2-3 shots, while p35, p40, mustang - all of them are just giggling enemy plane
  5. Krzysiek5657

    Flying US Fighter Planes

    just to correct a bit 4th and 5th point. 4) GE justifies this unbalance with the fact that previously heavy fighters was unbalanced, yet they were more unbalanced in medium fighters for longer 5) I should continue to fly the owl since its the only thing I have that usually stands a chance. Grinding the mustang is pointless because it has maneuverability of p35, and speed of p40 - that's nothing what would let you effectively kill anything (in sky or on ground), or the heavy fighter because with recent update you will face 6 or more fw's in every match.
  6. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

  7. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    Again it is not broken how tank vs inf gameplay looks like. Broken is spam of special resources. Worth to note is that it's easier to limit tanks on the map, than to balance Rambo Vs tanks ( and in aspect at Rambo Vs tank I can say last updates fixed that balance a bit) Before that update it was dumb when half of your team gave shot to objective and instead of that they preferred at ramboing. Now at least Rambo number is limited. Personally I'm not playing often as tanker. I prefer GG over all recently, just 4fun... This topic looks to me like butthurt of at Rambos that can't farm tanks that easy
  8. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    to explain that to randoms i have to stop, write it down and press enter. during that time i'm defenceless
  9. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    shh, im not talking with you
  10. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    yes it boost your skill a lot due way better communication, and higher avg skill (it's mean you do not die in stupid way, like because all doors were not covered, or you can agree which way to rush...) yes i am, finally i've met you once when you played in smaller squad than 18 clanmates, and actually you've did negative score. So you are worse than avg while playing solo
  11. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    you are bad player then when you play without clan. is it fortuity? i don't think so
  12. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    benefits - enemy tanks are focused on your tanks, enemy tanks do not spend whole match on the bridges (its deathtrap), funny - correct me if im wrong but .... finally enemy AT rambos are threat to your tanks, but your AT rambos are not strong enough to deal with enemy tanks? you talk about costs as well.. so at ramboing is cheapper than tank vs tank? or enemy do not pay for their tanks to spawn? maybe good idea would be think twice about topic next time, and ask for free tanks, and OHK AT stuff just for @HobosAndGerbils , just like enemy do. now you are talking about spam of cheapper tanks, but cheapper tanks are not as effective against other tanks, so enemy can spam them and what... they win? mine mind just blowed. To be serious - yes there's an issue with overspam specialists, but it's thankfully for evolution of squad 1.0 to 2.0, then to 3.0. Squad 1.0 was perfect, but for unknown reasons reto decided to change that and here we are with specialists spam. Still its issue with that mechanic, not with balance between at rambos vs tanks.
  13. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    so do not point me out that im going negative while you chill in clan lol, if doing nothing is getting in matter of second to AT ramboing enemy tanks, then whole playing is basically doing nothing
  14. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    i was detracked once, so maybe it wanst me if you not gonna bother, then do not complain wired that i'm doing negative from time to time, when most of the time when we met, you were hero following an clans, which were slaughering randoms riight. btw you you are a hypocrite as last match you did negative score
  15. Krzysiek5657

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    funny is that you were ramboing without successes even if i wasnt on the bridge most of a game. yes, you wanted to counter me? send tanks yourself and do tank vs tank combat so i couldnt HE spam on your inf