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  1. Krzysiek5657

    Fixing the RTS movement bugs

    just let us pull out AT's during preparation stage , without losing resources and morale, that's it. (it is 5 mins). It would be really quality of life improvements as you would have a chance to leave pockets or massive paradrop wont be so lucrative now. But anyway... RTS improvements are like kid dreams - it will never come true.
  2. Krzysiek5657


    well right, it's totally different feeling. It's more slow peaced game, what in fact... i was looking for once i joined HG. grindfest is huge, what worse you don't feel progress at all. Side missions OR your pocket as way to upgrade weapons and soldiers is missed all the way for me - I can imagine that at the later stage it will create room for pay to win, or even paywall, since you can't stop your 'progress' in campaign
  3. Krzysiek5657

    Shooting from vehicles

    Driver with PTRD would look really cool ❤️
  4. GE is on top of k/d ratio US is on top with captured capital SU is on top with WF consumption Sounds balanced to me 😂
  5. Krzysiek5657

    Mines and team killing

    well, you can get out and simply repair your tank for free, watching how he's burning his credits, sounds quite pleasure to me.
  6. Krzysiek5657

    Shooting from vehicles

    yes, if we can shot from car with PTRD
  7. on top of that heavy fighters won't be downgraded medium fighter anymore. Currently only single valid planes are medium fighters top tiers... i wish reto would take a look on planes and make more versality between them. Your proposal basically means removing 'universal' feature from all planes, and create room for ie. strafing bombers (like stuka). Small advise from mine side is leaving recon aircraft as it is (its already harmless, but would give view for newbs about HE rounds and bombs as general).
  8. Krzysiek5657

    Can't Decide on Tanker Uniform

    wait a minute, where he said there are lack of variety? I would say he states opposite, just he can't decide
  9. Krzysiek5657

    How to start making war funds as an RTS beginner?

    basically prepare to go negative in WF income - its standard for lonewolfs. Veteran membership helps to go positive, mostly hardly ever because one pocket will negate all your profits made in previous weeks. To make WF reliably you would have to join clan and follow RTS pushes with your teammates small tip - send units to battles which already started (so ie. queue for battle and as soon as you see it just started - send units), that way you wont be stuck for hours also ignore assault teams with vehicles (bikes / jeeps), because all resources are shared anyway during battle... leech from others!
  10. russia + finland as united faction? Sounds like... adding Brits to axis faction
  11. Krzysiek5657

    Mines and team killing

    you can shot mine first, so you will grief him, before he grief you
  12. Krzysiek5657


    ping and lags is different pretty story, where guy who acutally lags for rest of the players he's teleporting (it's more complicated to play vs sb who has ping ~100 than against sb with good ping...
  13. Krzysiek5657


    hmm it's quite common as inf as well - i cant count how many times i died after doing 2 steps behind wall or ther obscale
  14. Krzysiek5657


    hmm i was wondering if it's only me (and mine potato aim), or indeed mine shells destorys fully randomly internals.
  15. hmm full respect for such proposals. I wish RETO could make so big changes as it used to be in alpha / early beta. Now i guess it will never happen.... what we can ask for is reducing assault team size by half, so we can better manage how many planes which are really expensive WF wise are sent to battle