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  1. Krzysiek5657

    Thoughts on Soviet Tanks

    nerf SU tanks now!
  2. Krzysiek5657

    GE in staged VS GE in war

    or nerf GE strong enough to let US/SU newcomers wreck GE vets, then they'll play war to play a bit more balanced matches
  3. what did you expect with 2 previous flame points?
  4. its illogical that with any kind of tanks you have to shot at least twice to destroy that vehicle. It makes AT rambos extremly powerful! nerf it now!
  5. Krzysiek5657

    How TF am I supposed to use AT?

    Shh small tip, you can use tanks to take down enemy tanks, and that's profitable. I'm totally fine with being on negative as AT Rambo, as this shouldn't be your main target to do so. Also there's s no more point with running your 'standard' soldier, and from time to time take down tank. Only where we may agree is that this feature is poorly made, as dedicated soldier should be done on a bit different way
  6. Krzysiek5657

    How TF am I supposed to use AT?

    Too much colored, everybody knows that 8 h3 is enough to take down every tanks. Literally at inf should have 2x h3 boundless with proper badge. And... That is good! To be effective at Rambo, you have to do at focused soldier
  7. Krzysiek5657

    Hellcat is the God now

    Yeah it does circles the way faster...
  8. Krzysiek5657

    Strange, hmmm, I wonder

    Solution? Fallow battles which I participate, and play against me, why? I am headshot magnet. I can guarantee that you'll experience epic headshot to me, and all you'll think will be" damn! How I managed that!" Sometimes I'm wondering how would look like mine deaths ratio: headshot/nonheadshot
  9. Krzysiek5657


    So much love ❤️
  10. @Twildion I'm wondering what you think about that GE faction have to play against 2 allied factions... where's 2nd axis power??!! For real, I've already heard such statements for serious! @_Finnish_Gamemaster_ Thanks, it blow my mind
  11. Krzysiek5657

    Matchmaking Rules

    Before reto decided to give all players specialists near for free (60k), and before reto decided to remove carrier paths, there wasn't as much specialists Worse is 20 Vs 15, where team of 20 players are able to spawn in without queue
  12. Krzysiek5657

    Getting Kicked to Spectator Despite Having Resources

    its just RETO LOGIC
  13. but this game is also dedicated for german players (literally otherwise RETO would have to do 2 different games - one for GE, one for rest world). I wont even mention that other smaller countries might have same ban for swastika as GE