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  1. Extremely imbalanced game

    now try same with past 50m, you see? american can just giggle you *cry**cry**cry*
  2. Heavy planes

    fix med planes, only us doesnt have cannon *cry**cry**cry*
  3. Burned out

  4. Stopgap measure for AT Rambos until Armor 2.0

    problem is that these players also play as infantry and it looks really dumb when half of your team runs like a prick just to get ez kill with ez exp. there's definitly too much matches where inf's instead playing objective . you are talking about "certain class" yep certain class is tank which suppose to be countered by tanks/planes at first place, certain class is also recon which should shine in long range, now? this "certain class" which you are talking about counter everything BETTER that specialists. if you see that for like 10 matches your team is wrecked by tanks - pick yourself tanker, master it, and help your team! it how this game should look like
  5. Defend and earn more experience

    well im not playing for like 2 months now and moved to other games also. im here just due popcorn taste best reading this crazy forum, also im checking how many vets must leave to let reto understand that they are killing their game, they've made us toxic (due all of these "take off" features which was added over years), as simple examples -> WOT already has some sort of "RTS", saddly only for clans, warthunder is on the way with similar feature... also currently steam charts looks epic also (this month seem to be the worst in terms of activity since 2015? lets see by end of the month, maybe it will raise a bit )
  6. STG44

    please tell me then which weapon feels more accurate (other than AVS and MG42). smg t1, smg t2 (exception mp40),smg t3, AR (except STG) <- all of them are the way less accurate, the way worse bullet velocity, has the way less damage over range, bar + mg34 has one of the worst conefire so even if enemy is clearly on your sight you have high chance to miss (god, forgot about short bursts) DP, MG1919 are questionable
  7. STG44

    im not sure if it needs any buff, as it fits perfectly now between other AR's its simply all-rounder. it can go rampage in cqc scoring few kills, just a bit worse than m2, but definitly way better than AVS, it can do few long range kills just a bit worse than AVS, but definitly the way better than "giggler" m2 buffing its damage would closer it to AVS, leaving still good parameters in CQC so at the end it could become AVS 2.0 with possibilities to do rampages in CQC buffing its rof would closer it to m2, leaving still goods parameters in long range, which would wash away m2. in terms of weaponry i believe only way to do "something" is total overhaul our arsenal, as for now all of them (due broken mechanics) are simply unenjoyable, and over years only factor which reto was looking on "performance" then "nerfs" and then being happy that they've achieved what they wanted. saddly they forgot about "fun factor". only shadow of the past in this game are unmodded SA rifles vs t1 SMG's. difference where they shine is so huge, that 90% wins in CQC would go to smg, while nearly 100% chance wins in mid range would go to SA. also imagine game without conefire (where ultra close combats meant no chance to headshots as all bullets go to torso at best) - then SA rifle simply would have no chance in CQC
  8. Defend and earn more experience

    => defend and earn MORE EXPERIENCE => by the time do huge nerfs to exp (and credit income) by splitting between soldiers win exp, and dodgefight (how irony and du... it is) such irony, ->good luck newcomers with exping your character -> good luck vets which are leaving game -> good luck reto with developing further your game, soon nobody will play that, so nobody will complain about things
  9. i would like to see just stabilizers like gyroscope for tanks, which would let you drive'n shot. some tanks could have better stabilization, some worse... its up to research which tanks had it, and which had better versions
  10. STG44

    hm only 2 automatic weapons i can find which are more accurate than STG - its MG42 (yep if you point your sight on target - there's no way that adams conefire will screw your shot), and AVS (still AVS has huge disadvantages in other places), so if we compare that to all smg's, m1/m2, and rest of lmgs - yep STG is laserbeam
  11. Bye, vacation time.

    last year for april fool made news that in future players will be replaced by bots. in 2019 it'll become true. @GaiusBaltar your trolly posts and tactics will stay in my mind

    solution? 1. realize that jumping from a plane is really lame feature. it should be simply removed (by jumping out, you are at risk to die by accident due too low attlitude, you dont let enemy earn his exp, you let enemy team to outnumber your as you'll run with your pistol or shovel with no reason) 2. realize that only noobs going head to head fight with enemy. all you should do is to try sneak behind, also try mediums/heavies there's not that much accidents like that. about high speeding vehicles - do you really guys expect that getting out from vehicle at really high speed is safe? come on... all what could be done is blocking exitting from vehicles while at high speed, but definitly not "remove suicide" it looks like troll post, but in noob way as its not triggering anyone, but rather facepalming and losing faith for this population
  13. MG-42 Sway?

    hmm, reducing accuracy = higher sway, diffrence is this less accuracy is "invisible sway". comparing accuracy vs sway - worse is bad accuracy. (simply even if you aim well - you'll miss due RNG. with bad sway you can correct that and still be effective) for mg42... reducing range is impossible due its already flat chart reducing do so - you would do mg which is 4-5hk reducing ROF would bring us shitstorm due historical reasons MG42 is amazing weapon, still best of mg's in my opinion, only because most deaths are due mine mistake, or due insta headshot. (and indeed i've used that a lot!)
  14. Remove the objective's !

    read that again, but a bit more carefully. also please think about it for a bit longer. then please fix your replay.
  15. Forum Demands/Suggestion for 2018

    yeah , players exploit due game mechanic's. solution is ban game mechanics